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Q: The Bug
Try to explain in your problem detail.
- Q: where it happened – A: Resort World
- Q: how did it happen -- A: I would go to each of my neighbors or friend’s world to open pirates chests. One of the chests gave me a Unique Offer to paint 3 of my facilities for free.
- Q: what were you doing when it happened -- A: When I clicked on the Paint icon on the top left of the screen it pop up…
“A unique offer!
Only today will you have the opportunity to repaint THREE facilities
on your island for free!
3 paintings left.
After I click on OK, nothing happens.

- Q: provide links if needed -- A: http://www.gaiaonline.com/viximo?v_selected=resortworld&v_source=gaia_games_pulldown
- Q: screen shots can be very helpful -- A: User Image
Q: Operating System
Specify for the computer used when you experienced the issue.
- Windows (95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista),
- Mac
- Linux/Unix.
A: Windows 7
Q: Internet/Web Browser
The program/application in what you use to view gaiaonline.com.
- Internet Explorer
-Safari and many more.
A: I used Google Chrome on my PC.

Q: Flash version
The version of Adobe Flash Player you are using;
A: Adobe Flash Player


Thanks for your help and troubleshooting in advance!