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For some odd reason, I'm already logged in to the GaiaOnline.com site, but when it comes to logging into the Gaia On The Go App, all of a sudden I get this error message telling me, "invalid user name and or password" I've been using the same user name and password every single time and I've always been able to log in without a problem, now I'm having a problem with logging in with my same user name and password because I keep getting that same error message, I just don't know what to do, I deleted the app and reinstalled it again and I tried logging in and even still I get that same error message, I really don't know what's the problem.
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You're not the only one having the issue, I am having it too and it's annoying considering I am always on my phone now and not on my laptop.
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gonk I nearly died of a heart attack when I thought I had been banned or hacked. ; -; I have so much to accomplish, I cant be banned or hacked. <<;; Then i got on here to make sure the app hadn't glitched or something and then i logged on and I felt like the pope.
=3= scared the s**t out of me and thought if I was banned I might cry.
I'm wondering when they'll actually fix that little annoying bug problem, I don't think I'm being banned or hacked, I think it's something else
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There are a lot of people having issues with this, the original thread I posted in was created on the 18th when this started happening. Gaia hasn't even said a word about this even being in existence. I don't know if they know, or if they're just not saying anything because they don't know what the problem is with the app.
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Same issue, been like this for a couple days now. Any idea how to get in touch with a Mod to fix this?
I'm having the same issue as well. It's good to know it's not just me, even though this situation stinks. I hope it gets fixed soon!
I agree with Catalina, I hope this problem gets fixed too, I'm getting sick and tired of this stupid problem with the Gaia On The Go App not working properly.
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Likewise having the problem. Getting annoying. Glad it's not just me.
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I panicked last night because of this. Thought I was hacked or something and was losing all the gold I am worth. But I sIgned in on my computer and it's all fine though I am on safari on my iPod now so my guess is that the app is broken
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The application is having issues at the moment, but I submitted a bug report yesterday about it. The Devs are looking into the problem, so all we can really do now is wait until they find out whats going on and fix it. ^^
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Let's hope so <<
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Thank god it's not just me
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► No wonder. At first I was trying to log in my college campus wi-fi which I put on my verified IP list. Then I try to log in at home and still a no go. Glad I found this topic and issue is among other users, not just myself.
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I'm having the same issue.

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