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I see that the doors thing has been posted before me, but I also wanted to make mention that the Faktori Shopping tabs don't have the right items in it. Trying to find a lamp that was in the All category but it wasn't in the lighting.
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Hey thanks for fixing the "sweeping" glitch, I was able to get into my house.

Now I know this isn't imperative, but when I try walking inside my house, the avatars movement is incredibly erratic. I hope somewhere down the line you'll be able to "normalize" it with the rest of towns, or zOMG (diagonal movement works better in zOMG than in towns or friends chat)

But, again, this isn't a first priority thing. I'd just like to be able to move around and not look like I've had a few too many Omnidrinks. XD
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I'm finally able to get into my house, but where's my floor and walls and furniture? There's nothing but the original grey!
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I can get into my house now, but the chatbox cuts off the end of a sentence rather than wrapping like it did before. Also, the lag is rediculous!
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My furnishings are back! cat_biggrin Time to shop for some new interactive stuff! I wonder if I can buy a portrait with eyes that follow me around the room.....
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Lagging Houses after visiting in towns. The transition is not as smooth, as the adobe one was. You enter you house and a big white screen grows over your towns, then the loading screen.(not really a problem, but makes it look choppy)
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Seriously? I thought they fixed the houses. D:
Another thing; once I get in my house, the way my avatar moves look so laggy and it barely goes anywhere when I click somewhere or use the arrows. WTF crying
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Problems I've encountered:
arrow The checkerboard tiles for the floor are stuck on "all black" for me
arrow Items no longer stack on tables properly
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I still get stuck at the 100% Sweeping Floors glitch. :/ I don't know why.
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Ive been getting this weird issue when i attempt to place shoji lamps i've recently bought.
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ive got ghost lamps. the only time i can see them is when i turn the lights off.
sorry if the pictures too large ._.;
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I still get stuck on "sweeping the floor" when I attempt to arrange items. I can visit my completely empty grey box, however.

When I go to my inventory arranger, it will not allow me to remove items from the housing section as it informs me these items are equipped in my house. I won't bother to try again for a few days as this is getting really annoying.

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I like the new housing update, but I am having a couple of problems. I paid to upgrade my house ages ago and upgraded it fully. Now that housing has been updated, it's really small again. Also, when I try to visit my home, it's still stuck on 100% loaded and I waited with it minimized for two and a half hours.
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two things that were bugging me

1. counter tops no longer line up
2. put a picture on the wall and everything in the house went back into the inventory.
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I still get stuck at the 100% Sweeping Floors glitch. :/ I don't know why.

Same here and I tried FireFox and Chrome.
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Walking animations are messed up now, and they're all around glitchy.

:c The update made things worse for me, and there's really nothing I can see that was improved?

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