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Hunter valkir starseeker
with the new gaia arranger/ home thing, when we try to go into our home w/o using the arranger (which btw i love) but goign into our home we get stuck on the 100% loaded "sweepign the floor" i've been waiting for 15 mins now. suggestions?

Alot of us are having that same issue Hunter. Its being looked into. Main issue Im having is the items in my house itself. I hate how they are layering and over laping eachother now...
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Same as them. My 'house' (ahemArea51baseofoperations) must have a seriously dirty floor or something, because sweeping's taking a hellova long time.

And this isn't just my Base, it's all the houses that I've tried. And I've tried both Chrome and Firefox, and emptied both of their caches.
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My house stops loading at 100% too. Granted I haven't been in my home for awhile sweatdrop but it really shouldn't take THAT long to sweep the floor
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The housing editor works perfectly fine for me (surprise surprise) but when I try to go into any actual home in Towns, it'll load to "100%" but I never actually get into the house. What's up with that.

( Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0 )

Also, just for awesomeness
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Yogurt Man
Also, just for awesomeness

That is seriously awesome! yum_puddi

Before the fixes, all the stuff in my house disappeared. My inventory shows walls, floors, and furniture being in the house, but nothing buy grey floors and walls appeared. Now I can't get past the "sweeping the floor" stage despite the fixes. Will I ever see my beloved floating constellation of pancakes again?
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STILL getting the hang at 100%

windows 7
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Still stuck on sweeping the floors.

Windows 7
Internet Explorer.
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mine loaded but why are all the items i had equipped suddenly missing?

edit: it seems to work in towns... shouldn't it all still be there in design mode?
My house loaded and I got my home fine, but when it came time to moving the avie and all, it glitched also making an odd poping like sound. My avie couldn't move to any location.
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I am also getting stuck at 100%
I've tried clearing the cache but nothing.

From the bottom of the page:
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0
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Starwind Silvermoon
My house stops loading at 100% too. Granted I haven't been in my home for awhile sweatdrop but it really shouldn't take THAT long to sweep the floor

This is the same for me. When homes first came out, the laptop I used would crash just having the program on it that homes required, so I haven't used it for years. So now I go to use it, and I can't get it to finish loading, though it says it's 100%.
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Minor Accessibility Bugs:

If an item is placed too far up on the screen, and the user wants to Remove it, the Remove icon is inaccessible. The user must use Move to move the item lower down, so that the Remove icon becomes visible.

If I want to rotate an item more than one turn, the Rotate icon disappears after one click. This is annoying. I don't want to have to activate the popup each time for each quarter turn.

Design Save Bug:
The Save button, once pressed, turns transparent and does not return to solid to indicate home design has been saved. The Save button should return to solid and possibly a message should pop up on screen saying something like "Home successfully saved."
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My issue is that, well it just isn't letting me place some items. Like this door, no matter where I place it, it is always red. The few times it gets a green outline and I click to place it, it flies across the screen and back into my inventory. A bit frustrating to be honest.

OH YEA! Google Chrome with Windows 7 is what im running.
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I'm one of those people whose house won't load. Apparently, sweeping the floors takes a long time.
my house was a large i could have sworn it was. some of my items are haning in the air as they would for a large house

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