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I was bored and wanted to change my avatar's gender just to see what it would look like as the opposite sex.

However, something got messed up along the way. Originally, I was a female, and changed it to a male. I didn't like how male turned out to look, so I wanted to change back to a female.

However, when I attempted to change back into female- the create character screen still showed me as a male. I tried again, and still no success. Still a male somehow! So far, I've lost around 30k trying to switch back, and they want another 30k for another attempt!

Here's the weirdest part. When I go to the salon...ALL THE HAIRSTYLES ARE FOR FEMALE AVATARS- when mine is still clearly listed and shown as a male.

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To make matters worse- when I try things on in the marketplace...

User Image

It seems to think I DO actually have the hair and am a female. When I clearly am not.

I tried saving and re-saving. It seems gaia thinks I'm a female, but I am, in fact...not.

I don't mind being stuck looking like a male avatar- BUT I CAN'T CHANGE MY HAIR! I've also am unable to revert back to female, and am only given the option to change to male (since it seems to think I am female already)


Any suggestions?
UPDATE- (after I was told to delete/reset my avatar)

I deleted my avatar and was told that the Experiment 105 would see on my account info that my base was a grombie and should switch me back upon deletion.


Not only have I not been able to turn back into a grombie, but I can't use ANY of the skin change potions. They ALL say;

The base model for your avatar does not exist. please reconfigure your avatar

I have deleted and re-saved the avatar at least 5-6 times now! Still the same problem!

My avatar doesn't even appear when I attempt to try on items.

User Image


The salon still only offers female hairstyle and my profile preferences lists me as a FEMALE avatar.

I'm at a loss! What can I do to remedy this and return to my actual female avatar and grombie skin! gonk

I've had this grombie skin for 5 years on gaia now. It was my identity here. To lose it due to an error/glitch in the gender change...

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Hey y'all, this really needs fixing.
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Ceylon Tae
Hey y'all, this really needs fixing.

Thanks for the support. I'm trying to call attention to the glitch- I think it really stems from the gender change option- and need to be looked at.
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As a Level 5 Grombie, I wish you luck. I always wanted to play around with a female base but was terrified of this very thing. Hopefully this will all get straightened out. User Image
This is hapening to me to.
I didn't read the topic, and made my own.
But still, glad to know I'm not the only one.
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Suckyyy. Hope it gets resolved soon..
La Nausee
I've been told that a developer has been alerted to the problem, and perhaps they can do something to resolve it.

In the meantime, this is a major issue, but I'm glad to see it's not just a single case.

I do hope this issue is able to be addressed.

Losing something that has been a part of my gaia life for 5 years...


Hopefully my issue can be fix'd up too.
Good luck. I've seen the gender problem happen with someone else before.

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