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Model: Samsung Galaxy 4

Provider: Verizon Wireless

Version: 4.4.2


Keep getting the following message: The page Gaiaonline.com says App is here... Try it out...
For the following pages:
1. Trying to read a private message
2. My store
3. Forms
4. Announcements
5. Notifications
Possibly more pages other than that.

Also I just downloaded it today.

*If any additional info is needed I can provide such. Any and all help is welcome. I'm just slightly tech challenged when it comes to apps ^^;
*Also everything is up to date.
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Can I ask why anyone even bothers to keep this page updated with all the bugs? It's pretty obvious that Gaia gave up on the app a long time ago.
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Uncle Kenny

I am reporting a bug/glitch for the website.
Sorry for posting here, but I could not find an alive thread...

This is about marketplace searches with apostrophes.
User Image

Whenever one advances in the searching by clicking on another page number, more "/////" appear before the apostrophe.

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Model: Droid 4
OS: 4.1.2
Problem: Gaia app seems to only authenticate part way. The app lets me post to forums and send PMs, but if I try to subscribe to threads, a message pops up saying I need to log in. Using the app does not seem to count towards Loyal's Bazzar. I cannot complete trades. This happens every time I try to subsribe or unsubscribe to a thread.
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I just purchased an HTC One M8 and the Gaia App won't let me log in. It gives an error message that reads: "Failed to login. Please check your username and password." Which I did. I am sure that I have the correct info and I am able to login fine if I use the regular web browser on the phone. Is there a way to fix this?
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If I log in and claim my daily prize and then another friend logs in after me she will not be taken to the scratch off screen, she will be takes immediately to the prize I got but she isnt really getting it. Have to log out, end all processes, log back in and attempt to claim the daily prize again.
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Phone: Samsung galaxy s4Mini
Android: Kitkat? (I just know it's updated T.T)

Bug: Notification numbers on Announcements, Notifications, and Private Messages never change. Have to exit app (either by forcequit or using the logout> just exit feature) to clear numbers and get the current ones.

Bug: Quotation marks change to ascii symbols instead of retaining actual punctuation mark. This happens only in submit forms (especily when quoting in PMs or Forums).
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Can I ask why anyone even bothers to keep this page updated with all the bugs? It's pretty obvious that Gaia gave up on the app a long time ago.
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I just got an HTC One (M cool About a couple of months ago, and I have been using the app for about just as long. Until Last night it says to use to app, while I'm in the app. It bugs up with my announcements and my notices. Allowing me to only see or use the status part of my notices page or to use the daily chance. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled and nothing happened. I think in a few days if this doesn't get fixed I'll just uninstall it for good.
I use an HTC First phone. Carrier is At&T.

My issue is that it doesn't show me my new notices, I can't access shops (not a bug, I know. But it would be nice to upgrade it), every time I use my phones back button it shows an error, my keyboard doesn't autocorrect in PMs.
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Uncle Kenny

Every time I go in town I have to go to options and re-edit them, they will not save permanently nor do my own personal items show animations. I see animations for everyone else items except mine. In the main site I can see the animations just not in towns2, rally, or any other game related thing. The editing of my preferences/setting in towns 2 or rally every time I go in gets highly annoying, also I did go to my main account preferences and allow animation items to be seen, I also unchecked saved then rechecked it and nothing seemed to work. Please help me fix these problems and I'd be really appreciative.

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