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*Username: Jbadbaby06
*When this occurred: October 18 2012
*Which potion you used: Vampire potion
* Description of the issue: Can't save avatar at all says i don't own the base that i have on...
*Username Fayelia
*When this occurred Nov. 23rd
*Which potion you used Potion A
* Description of the issue I just came back from a break and didn't know of the skin potion issue, now I can't put on my items or save my avatar...
I really need this to be open! stressed

*Username: MelanieThorn
*When this occurred: I am not sure but I do know it was not between the times listed, I think!
*Which potion you used: I had used the Dark elf potion and a couple weeks later I used the Human potion thinking it would help
* Description of the issue: Won't let me change my avvie
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Hilarious Noob

*Username- CrashBandicoot naughtydog
*When this occurred Oct. 31st
*Which potion you used- Gender Bender
* Description of the issue- after using the second potion I bought eyes and hair but it didnt save on my displayed avatar just in the dressing room
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*Username Disturbing Tale Teller
*When this occurred Around the Halloween Event
*Which potion you used Dark Elf Potion
* Description of the issue Cannot save avatar. Changed skin to a human one, still no change.
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Has there been an update on how to fix our avatars? sad
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*Username: Raefuun
*When this occurred: Oct 18th
*Which potion you used: Light skin potion
* Description of the issue: Same as everyone else, I can't save after changing outfit or get nekkid and save. sad
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I can't believe I just noticed this. crying

*Username: Len-Lan
*When this occurred: I can't remember the exact time, but it was right around the Halloween event.
*Which potion you used: Human Skin Potion F
*Description of the issue: My avatar was an Angel Imp, and I wanted to make it human so I could wear black and orange without it looking strange.. I was able to save the Halloween Outfit I wanted and then when I tried to use the potion, I got the saving error telling me that the base model for my avatar does not exist.
*Username: Rin_scarlet94
*When this occurred: before 20th december, i think..
*Which potion you used: vampire potion
*Description of the issue: it's says save failed. and same thing happened.
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*Username Tenshi Neko Oni Miki
*When this occurred on the 19th of October I think
*Which potion you used Vampire
* Description of the issue I was going to change into a vampire to look like the team I was on then I got this message: Save failed, please try again.
Reason: The base model for your avatar does not exist. please reconfigure your avatar
If the problem persists, click on "Get Nekkid", save your avatar, and try again.
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*Username: JackFlap
*When this occurred: October 20-something i guess
*Which potion you used: Skin potion A
* Description of the issue: Still can't save my avi sad I'm really sorry that i only posted today because i only saw this, today, after logging in. :/
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Hello everyone!

Thanks for posting in this thread. We left it open for a little bit longer (we said we close it on November 20th!), and will assist anyone who posted in the thread up until this post. Since this is now closed, I'll be locking this thread.

At this point, if you need to fix the avatar saving issue, please read the first post of this thread to learn how to get your avatar back on track.

Take care! biggrin

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