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Bug Reports and Technical Support: Not a Bug (NaB)

Welcome to the Bug Reports and Technical Support forum. This forum and subsequent subforums are here for users to report and describe problems with features on Gaia.

In this thread is a list of commonly posted topics that are not considered bugs with Gaia, so they should not be posted in here. Before you create a bug report please read this list to see if your issue isn't already answered, also make sure to read the Rules and Guidelines of this forum.

Threads that are covered by what's mentioned below will be removed from this forum as they do not require developer assistance.

If you are reporting a bug with any one of Gaia's games then you should post in the Games Bugs subforum.
  • My Trading Pass is disabled!
    While using Gaia you may find that you cannot trade, use the marketplace or gift items and when you attempt to you get a message about a disabled trading pass. If your trading pass has been disabled for more than a few weeks you can inquire about it by filing a ticket through the help ticket page.

    A disabled trading pass isn't a bug it is something that is done by a staff member when something needs looking into. Because this isn't a bug we ask that you do not create threads about a disabled trading pass here, any threads will be recycled.

  • I was hacked!/Some items are missing!
    If you think you've been hacked and still have access to you account, change your password through the account preferences page. Once you've done that then you should logout from Gaia (this will forcibly kick anyone on your account at that time).

    If you are unable to access your account you need to create a mule account (if you don't already have one). Then using your mule account you need to fill out a hacking report. This form can be found by clicking on Community and then Forum on the navigation menu above and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Please be as detailed as possible, don't leave anything blank, and be patient. It may take some time before you hear anything.

    If you think your account has only recently been accessed you can send a PM to any site moderator to ask them to freeze trading on the hacked account (which will prevent any gold or items from being sent to another account).

    Please don't create threads here about being hacked; if you report it correctly it will be looked into.

  • I've been scammed!
    Scamming is when another member of Gaia takes your gold or items, or tries to take your gold or items, by making false promises of giving you rare items, get-rich-quick schemes, or by any other deceptive means.

    Scamming generally involves a situation in which two members of Gaia make an arrangement to trade gold, items, or a Gaia approved service (e.g. avatar art commission) with each other and then one of the parties involved in the arrangement fails to live up to his or her promise of an exchange.

    If this is the case for you then you should report it through the scamming report form. This form can be found by clicking on Community and then Forum on the navigation menu above and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Please be as detailed as possible, don't leave anything blank, and be patient. It may take some time before you hear a response.

    Please don't create threads here about being scammed; if you report it correctly it will be looked into.

  • I can't redeem my card!/I have a problem relating to Gaia Cash!
    If you have an issue relating to Gaia Cash (such as the cash shop granted you an extra item or perhaps you couldn't redeem your cash card) then please will out a Billing Inquiry ticket through our help centre.

  • I'm told my account was blocked! What does this mean?
    If you log in and you get a message saying your account has been blocked, then it means you've been banned from Gaia.

    If the message mentions a length of time (either 3 days or 14 days) then the ban is temporary and will be lifted once the time has passed. If no length is specified then the ban is permanent.

    Check your accounts email first as you will be sent a message with the reason for the ban. If for any reason you did not receive the email or would like it explained a bit further you can then contact any moderator on Gaia. Please only contact one moderator at a time.

    After talking to a moderator and you feel that a ban was placed in error then you should fill out a General Account Inquiry ticket politely asking for it to be looked into.

    Please do not create threads here about an account being banned or asking for an account to be unbanned as they will be recycled.

  • This guy asked me for my password!
    Nobody should be asking you for your password on Gaia; it is known as password phishing. If anyone tries to get you to give them your password you need to report it immediately through whatever medium it happened in.

    That means if it was sent in a PM to you, then click the "report" link at the bottom of the PM. If it was posted in a thread or post then click the "Report Post" or "Report Thread" button. If it was in one of Gaia's flash areas (towns, zOMG, rally etc..) then click the person's avatar and select the "report" option.

    If you're given a little popup box that asks for your password make sure to report the PM, post or thread it happens in. It isn't Gaia wanting your password, but a user triggering it to try and steal your account password. Cancel out of the box and report where it happened.

    In all cases when you are reporting someone stealing your password, report it as "password phishing".

  • I got a PM/comment/message about a virus/hacker!
    Sometimes you may get a message from a user telling all sorts of horrible stories about someone else. They could be stories about how this user is actually a virus, and by being their friend your account can be hacked and viruses downloaded to your computer. Or it could be stories how they're a horrible hacker who will destroy anything and everything they touch.

    Sample Chainletter
    If someone by the name of _____ wants to add you to their list dont accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. It is a hard drive killer and is a quite nasty. Please pass this on to everyone on your list.

    Of course this is false, and instead was created in order to harass the named user. On Gaia spreading chainletters is against the rules. If you do receive a message likes this please click the User Image button to report it to Gaia. Please do not pass them on.

    Some people also spread messages about how _____ user is a hacker, asking you to report them. In those cases we ask you User Image as well. Remember, you cause more harm than good by publicly accusing people of being hackers or viruses.

    If you have been hacked or scammed, you can report it to Gaia directly. The instructions are listed towards the top of this thread.

    If you do receive a chainletter, please report it. Threads reporting chainletters or scams will be removed, and the creator will be directed to the report form.

  • I bought a fish from the marketplace and it died immediately/too soon!
    This is a known issue and if you file a General Account Inquiry ticket with the details about the fish we can grant you a brand new one to replace the dead one.

  • I'm asking a question!
    When you type your thread out if it comes out in the form of a question (such as "Can you help me fix my profile?") then you should first ask in the Questions and Assistance forum as the users there may be able to help you faster.

    If it is indeed a bug you are reporting, make sure you have read the Rules and Guidelines sticky to learn how to post a meaningful bug report. The better the bug report the easier it is for a developer to understand the problem you're having. ("My page isn't working" would be a bad bug report.)

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