Alright, to explain this issue simply: Any time you go into any town base sever on gaia on Google Chrome *only it seems*, you can't use your arrow keys and move around like you would normally do. The issue seems to be with Adobe Flash Player only.

I had this issue before on gaia and at this time I disabled one of the plugins *I believe* and soon the issue was fixed. Now that isn't the case. Last night around 1-2am, such popular sites like Photobucket and Youtube told me I needed to download Flash. I did and the error continued. I enabled my plugins that we're disabled and now in towns I can't use the arrow keys any more. My issues with Youtube and Photobucket became fixed, but now town severs is an issue and gaia is the only site I encounter these problems on.

People have brought these issues in the past dealing with gaia using google chrome and it seems no "real" workable solution has been found. I want to bring this up in case there is a solution and or to let gaia mods know/re-know about the problem.

Thank to any one who replies or finds a solution,


Generous Rarity