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Since the counters were added to the daily log-on achievements, I have not had a problem until now.

Yesterday my counter for Perfect Attendance said 6/90, which is wrong. It appeared to not be counting Saturday, 2/9, but I knew I had logged in as it was the first day of the Valentines/Anniversary Event.
I had to go to lunch, so I logged out and planned to post in this forum when I got back and had time. Later that day, as I was typing my post I opened another page to double check the achievement and then it said 28/90, so I figured it was some sort of temporary glitch and backed out of my post.

Today it says I have 7/90. I have logged out and back on and it still says the same thing.

The only possible reason I can think of for the counter to not be counting last Saturday, 2/9/13, might be because I logged into Gaia after midnight EST, but every single thing I've seen on Gaia resets daily at 3am my time, as Gaia runs on Pacific Time.

Also, the time variance does not explain why the counter corrected itself, even temporarily.

Can someone PLEASE look into this issue and fix my counter? I have posts to prove I've logged on, if necessary.

Thanks! cat_cool