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Grunnygeddon: Grunny Harvester -achievement.

I have way over 1000 grunnies by now but still didn't get the achievement.
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For the Easter 2012 Event, I've collected over 1000 grunnies for the "Grunny Harvester" achievement. It seems to be glitched as it is listed as still available in the achievement page.
Grunny Harvester is not granting for me either.
At my last count I had collected 1,033 and still had not received the achievemet
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I sold 20 Strawberry Chocolate Eggs in a row in the marketplace. I've waited about 15 minutes and I have yet to receive the Overstocked achievement. >:

Edit: Nevermind, got it.
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The 'Grunny Rainbow' achievement hasn't been award to me yet, thought I have more than one of each grunny.
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hey i am having problems with my aquarium it wont let me add anymore fish
kenapa saya di banned ? saya ingin bermain monster galaxy lagi.. ini permainan kesukaan saya yg saya berusaha menaikkan levelnya dulu walau saya pernah menggunakan beberapa link yang saya dapat di sebuah grup tapi saya tidak tahu itu melanggar peraturan.. maafkan saya ? tolong kembalikan aku saya !! facebook saya ini :
saya mohon kepada pengembang gaiaonline untuk mengaktifkan monster galaxy saya lagi :'( tolonglahhhhhhh !! :'(
tolong kembalikan :'(
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my jigsaw wont work plz help this has been going on for about 2 1/2 days
Somebody Likes You
Awarded to anyone who receives a gift.

i have received multiple gifts, yet i still have not completed this achievement.
Somebody Likes You
Awarded to anyone who receives a gift.

i have received multiple gifts, yet i still have not completed this achievement.

can i get this achievement forced through?
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Challenge I
Hangout in Rally for 2 mins
Not working, been there for like 30 mins but nothing happens.
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Possible bug with the Overstocked achievement. I've sold 22 different Blue Pink Dragon Torso Tattoos in a row, one at a time, seperately, and haven't recieved it.
I havent received ANY market related achievments and I do vend a lot. As a matter of fact I think that I havent got any achievment since I switched to Chrome from Firefox.
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I haven't been able to get the "threadkiller" achievement. Anyone know how to complete this?
I have the Tycoon achievement but can't sell more than ten items at a time. Help? o-e

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