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Sad day?

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I just need to find a way to get one. Q_Q I have no way of getting to Gamestop and my dad doesnt want me blowing my money on games.

Any ideas?
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Blessed Prophet

Order online? Or you can always try to work something out with your parentals. Birthday coming up, doing something nice around the house, ...etc. Probably better to go with the latter. More rewarding IMO.
My birthday is in November. sad

I was thinking the online route, is slightly cheaper
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Blessed Prophet

Could be. LoL And they bring it to you.
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Omnipresent Noob

Or, you can always say: 'my money, I worked for it I. I do what I want.' -shot- (snipe could you imgain if i said that to my mom? Bahaha)lol but seriously if not that, make a agreement about putting away the same amount of money you spend on games awy for savings. Parents like it when their kid is saving. Win/win ya?
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Blessed Prophet

Dreamer, I dare not think it... D,:
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Versatile Wrangler

I know a thing or two about pissed off parents (I got myself an IPad for school, when I told my dad he didn't talk to me for practically a day), I was able to convince them that if I saved a portion of my paychecks until I paid back the cost of the IPad that it would be ok. That being said at minimum wage making around a thousand dollars by only saving part of the check is going to take a while... So I won't be doing anything expensive, aside driving and going to college, for a while. (I did however put $5 down on AC III so when that comes out I'm getting it)

On a side note the wolf Organoids look pretty spiffy.
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Blessed Prophet

Some tough stuff. D: But sounds like you handled it very nicely.

So many good games coming out soon... I'm just getting into the AC games. AND I -have- to pre-order Resident Evil 6. Pre-ordered MG: Rising Revengence... um... yeah. XD

and thank ya. :3
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Omnipresent Noob

Saving and working hard is where it is at, -points to mustang and Harley- achieved most of it on mimium wage. Just got to save, and be paitaint at it. Though school another thing all together. That is a investment all in it's self. Different route then me, it pays out in the long run better. So, school is a good idea. I just like work lol and doing it hard all my life, then not when my breath stops. Lol, so not the best idea. So save and invest!!!
-tags in meta-
-is saving too- :3
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Thieving Pumpkin

Its so hard to save sometimes....Everything awesome is coming out this year. /sighs and looks longingly at the giant list of games/

Ah well... >__>
I want a DS. Q.Q Pokemon Conquest is coming out and I have YET to play Black and White versions.

Not to mention AC3 and Darksiders 2.....-crysob-
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Omnipresent Noob

Lols I haven't had time for games really at all...sadly. Blake and white, I have yet to play it. And even Haven't finished Mass effect 3. I still have LA Noir, AC 1,2 ect, and have pre-ordered 3...

lol yeah....

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