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Good morning, or evening, mine peeps!

I guess it's not much of a surprise, and I should have made a post like this a long while ago. The shop ZOIDS DC is more or less CLOSED. If in the future I get time to re-open it and actually do good work on it (to include art), it will open again. There are just a lot of things to work on and I don't have time.

-Puddles and Blade; I will still do art for the Evolved ZOIDs and the two organoids. I haven't forgotten. Sorry it is taking so long to do.

-Even though this shop portion is closed, I am still keeping the guild open. RP will still be going on, hopefully, if you guys still would like to.

Thank you guys for hanging in so long, even though there was a severe lack of anything going on. I still love this story and adore all of your characters. They are and will continue to be a hoot and a half. This was one on of the things I looked forward to, working on the story line for this place.

Best wishes,

Introduction: Welcome to the Dark Century of Zoids. This shop is a heavy RP based off of Hasbro's robotic life forms known as Zoids. Be sure to read everything on the front as it is important and will help lessen confusion.

[This Add brought to you by our Resident Puddles]
(Thank you Indecent_Puddle! <3 )

Guild Directory:

*OOC = Out Of Charater
*IC = In Charater

Guild Home

Main [OOC]:
-Guild Rules ( Must read ) {X}
-Suggestion box {X}
-Chat {X}
-Questing: {X}

-Imperial {X}
-Republic {X}
-Rouge {X}
-Unknown {X}

RP areas [IC]:
-Free Lands
-Imperial Territory
> Status
-Republic Territory
> Status
-Rouge Territory
> Status
-Unknown Territory
> Status
Table of Contents:

Page 1-
*Table of Contents
*Chanel 42 News
*History of the Century
*The Republic
*The Empire
*The Rouges/Mercenaries
*The unknown
*Becoming Part of a Group
*Order Listing/Event Listing
*Staff/NPC Listing

Page 2-
*Custom/ Bribe Slot
*GunSniper's Corner

Rule above all: Respect the staff and non staff. Respect others! Not complying to this rule will end up in a black list or a grey list depending on the offense. The staff here works hard and they do not need disrespect from anyone. If you can care less about what we do than that is fine, but respect us none the less.
Also respect those around you. Even though they are not staff they do just as much work keeping this place alive, if not more. If you want respect give it to others.

1. DO NOT STEAL! Theft of any kind will get you on the black list and you WILL be reported to a mod.

2. Please respect everyone staff and non staff alike. ( I post it again because we are full of love )

3. Don't talk L33t... Use your vocabulary! Please!

4. Keep everything PG-13

5. If you have a Zoid and haven't posted within the thread in approx. 2 months a warning PM will be sent to you. You have one week to respond before action is taken. Your Zoid will be re-sold with no refunds and you will also be gray listed until further notice.

6. If you plan to go on hiatus, Post in the Hiatus thread in the guild, or if the guild is not up pm the mule.

7. No PMing staff for shop related issues. (unless it's very urgent and not found on the front)

8. Please refrain from Yaoi/Yuri conversations in this thread. Some people are not very comfortable reading about this topic. If you feel the need to talk about it go to the chatter box or PMs.
This also includes politics or religion guys. We want this to be a comfortable environments for all yes?

9. It is fine if you have an opinion about something, but don't go out of your way to post something just to piss someone off. If you want respect you have to get it.

10. It's pretty much common sense guys, but please do not advertise in this thread. It's pretty rude.


Channel 42 News:

-Event soon-

[August 21- 2012] Nothing much to report on. Republic meta is officially over. I'm working on some banners for the front of the shop. And lastly I will be go through our members once more for another purge.
Rogue Meta is on the way next!

[March 23- 2012]Republic Military Raffle/Murder Mystery~
News: [X]
Meta Thread: [X]

This is a non-mandatory military event. (Meaning you don't have to participate, but it would be nice...) If you don't have a pilot to play you can get a quest thread set up [HERE] And play with that character. (Keep in mind a character still needs to be critiqued in-order to get a journal and be fully apart of the guild. Also Keep in mind this is a REPUBLIC event. All pilots going for any of these ZOIDs need to be in the Republic army) But RPing is a good way to character develop. :3

There will be four ZOIDs that will be given away (I know it says raffle, but all of them -may- not be given in that way. We'll see how this goes) The two very special Command-Wolves will be given via special means as the do come with Organoids. There is also a Pteras and a Snipe Master. Only one was given away.

[March 21- 2012] I've removed anyone who did not respond to the Guild Announcement within the time limit. Next step will be to move character journals to the "Deceased/Discharged/MIA" thread. (Thank you Deadly Nonchalance for the idea for that thread. <3)
If you've noticed that you have been removed from the guild and realize you still want to participate you have until your character is in that thread to respond. Once "deceased" is by your characters name they are no longer alive in this setting and their ZOIDs will be re-homed or destroyed. (( All journals have been moved)) Once all inactive member Journals have been moved I'll go through my files to see how many still have a PSD file still... and we'll go from there. I did not remove anyone who had a "*" by their name in the owners list. None of those ZOIDs will be given away.
Thank you guys for sticking with us. We're getting there slowly.

[March 14- 2012] Okay, done some cleaning on the front page and will be moving to the guild next. If you have time could you guys check out the "How are we doing?" thread and let me know of any suggestions you have for making this place better? I'm needing some help organizing thoughts, ideas, and what not... Thank you much for the time! :3

[Febuary 10- 2010] A good friend was able to get my computer back up and running. However I still need to rely on Thalion for any art projects. Because of this I have limited art access, but RPing will hopefully still be a regular thing for me.

[January 16- 2010] Due to GunSniper's Computer having major issues, to the point she cannot even get the thing started, ZOIDs will be on hiatus until something can be solved with it.

[December 14- 2009]Take Command, An Elite Command Wolf Odd auction. [Here]

[December 13- 2009]RPs (not just the ones with Staff Members) Can lead to missions without any warning. Which means prizes. Minis, ZOIDs, and possibly even Organoids. A Mod will let you know (in your RP thread) when an RP has turned into a mission. We will not post in the shop thread or PM you when this has happened. It is up to you guys to keep track.

Also, missions might be posted in the thread for people to grab. (Depending on what side your character is on.) Be on the look out. Be sure to read the posts carefully, some might have restrictions. Anything from Dr, Fox is for any pilot regardless of side.

Lastly, Command Wolves, We now have them. Thank you to Dreamer for Sketching for us.

[September 21- 2009]Small note regarding the Rogue and Formal RP p.342. [Here]

[August 18- 2009] Rogue and Republic Open RPs are now going on in the guild. If you haven't yet be sure to check the announcement on page 303.[Here] as it is very important.

[August 10- 2009] ZOIDS DC is officially on Hiatus now until further notice.

[March 7- 2009] Trying to catch up now with everything. Just work on developing characters. :3 Thank you for the three month opening event. LOL It was fun.

[December 10- 2008] ThisOpening Event that never was![HERE]

[November 11- 2008] What Opening Event that never was?[HERE] (Not open yet, but feel free to take a lookie)

[October 27- 2008] Customs, go [HERE]

[October 10- 2008] So this place has been a bit quiet. And I'm thinking something needs to happen.
<3 Anyways, also keep your eyes peeled for customs to open. That should be happening some froggy night. Thank you guys.

[August 2- 2008] Thinking of ZOID Evolutions!? And a pick up for [LightWolf]. All on this page. [X]

[August 2- 2008] Customs. Information here [X]. We also have journal guidelines up. So you may now start to work on your journals. The links have been added to the owner's lists.

[June 24- 2008] The Dice game is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun to read what you guys posted.

[June 15- 2008] The Dice game for the first Shield Ligers has started. Go here: [X] For Rules and numbers that need be rolled.

[May 23- 2008] So the vote goes to Shield Liger and Saber Tiger. Keep your eyes peeled. :3

[March 27- 2008] Announcement on Page 76. -UPDATED-

[March 27- 2008] Announcement and a zoid pick up for the King on Page 70.

[March 5- 2008] Stuff is going on. Bare with us while we get it all sorted out. Thank you so much for sticking with us guys.

[January 29- 2008] Pick up for Poetical Rain and a teaser for the opening event on Page 48. We are unclear of the official opening as RL is very busy, but just so you know we are moving along.

[January 28- 2008] Things are moving very slow, but we are making progress.

[December 13- 2007] Grats to Saoshyant for our RP manager. Link to page where this is posted. {X}

[December 10- 2007] Hiring is now closed. We're taking a look at the entries now.

[December 4- 2007] Just looking for the RP manager now... The rest is being taken care of. Bare with us guys, we are trying to get this place up and running. We need an RP manager before the guild can be set up.

[December 1- 2007] RP Manager applications will be closed 12/10/2007. So, if you plan on applying you have until 11:59pm on that day to get it in. Good Luck guys. Banner and Cert design will still be open as I have yet to think of a closing date for them.

[November 15- 2007] GunSniper will be gone until the 18th or 19th. Be good guys and have fun. I do have peeps keeping an eye on the thread, so be nice and follow the rules.

[November 1- 2007] This shop is in need of some staff. So there is a hiring thread. The ending date is unknown, but as soon as teh information for one thing is up it's open for entries. :3
the link is [ Here ]
History of the Century:

(( Re-vamping )) .
The Helic Republic:

User Image
(All information Gathered here is from Wikipedia.com )

Government: The Republic's government is based around a representative senate, but the president is not elected directly by the population. This is evidenced by the fact that the first president, Helic Muaroa II, served for at least 78 years.

Current President: Pres. Michal B. Coleman

Current Senate: (A bunch of people)

Current General: Gen. Nicodemous E. Whitebane. [Journal]

Uniform Zoids: The Republic's Zoids are usually grey or blue in colour, with dull grey or black parts and smoke-coloured or orange canopies. Earlier Republican Zoids had canopy-style cockpit covers, while later ones had eye-like canopies.



Cert/ Soldier/ User name / Zoid / Rank / Journal

(*= Exempt from 2 Month No activity Repossession rule (Pet trades/Gifts) )

[X] / Kasia Belmont / Poetical Rain / Koning Fox / --- / Journal

[X] / Shora Stromsten / Ani_Rocks / Snipe Master / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Jennifer Walker / Duelist of Pokemon / Barigator / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Lorna Morice / Ice_Dragon_Demon / GunSniper LT / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Angelina Solaris / Ice_Dragon_Demon / Blade Liger / Private / Journal

[X] / Thera / Deadly Nonchalance / Shield Liger / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Lewis Freeman / EmoThunder / Shield Liger / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Chase Warner / Blade Kuroda / Shield Liger / Cadet / Journal

[X] / "Kai" / Kairosewolf / Zero Jager Mirage / Special Ops. / Journal

[X] / Dinah Michaels / Irridecent_Puddle /Command Wolf / In training / Journal

[X] / Severin Delmar / Blade Kuroda / Command Wolf / In Training / Journal

[X] / Aika / Umi-Chan / Command Wolf / In Training / Journal
The Guylos Empire:

User Image
(All information Gathered here is from Wikipedia.com )

Government: Guylos Empire is ruled by a monarch, with a senate below the Emperor.

Current Emporor
: Emperor Zeppelin A. Guylos II

Current Council Members:
( A lot of people)

Current General: General Rish Pendragon [Journal]

Uniform Zoids: Guylos Zoids are red and silver or black, with red, green or smoke-coloured canopies. Guylos Zoids either have closed, armoured canopies or very animal-like heads.



Cert / Soldier/ Username/ Zoid / Rank / Journal

(*= Exempt from 2 Month No activity Repossession rule (Pet trades/Gifts) )

[X] / Jacob Hydman / Dulest of Pokemon / Rev Raptor / In training / Journal

[X] / John Kelly / Komitadjie / Rev Raptor / In training / Journal

[X] / Talon Beauregard / Irridecent_Puddle / Rev Raptor / In training / Journal

[X] / Marilyn Bishop / Emothunder / Zaber Fang / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Vivika August / Saedusk / Rev Raptor / Cadet / Journal

[X] / Shun Kuroda / Blade Kuroda / Zaber Fang / Private First Class / Journal

[X] / Urania Glaston / Irridecent_Puddle / Zaber Fang / Cadet / Journal

/ "Ice Dragon" / Ice_DragonDemon / Redlerr / Cadet / Journal
The Rogue and Mercenaries:

User Image
Government: -None-

King of Rogues/Mercenaries: "Ander"

Uniform Zoids:
Rogues and Mercenaries have no uniform zoids. Most of them are either stolen from the Republic or Empire, or custom built by some independent developer.

Information: Rogues and Mercenaries are a neutral group. They may go to aid one side or the other depending on pay, but most of them are not trusted by the Republic or Empire. Hiring one is a desperate move by either side. They are often referred to as Pirates by both sides and highly looked down upon by both side's government.
Some develop gangs or groups with an appointed leader, but over all there is no one person controlling them.

They are usually located in small villages or in camps just in the desert.


Cert / Pilot/ Username / Zoid / Rank / Journal

(*= Exempt from 2 Month No activity Repossession rule (Pet trades/Gifts) )

[X] / N/A / King Inversitle / Cloverfield / Wild Zoid / -None-

[X] / Ryn / Duelist of Pokemon / Shield Liger / Scum / Journal

[X] /Blade / Blade Kuroda / Lightning Saix Blade / Scum / Journal

[X] /Marcia Rao / Ice_Dragon_Demon / SkullGreyMon / Loner / Journal

[X] /Captain Eski / Eskimo / Blade Liger / Veteran / Journal
The Unknown:

Government: -Unknown-

Uniform Zoids: Strange groups of terrifying zoids with bio armor. Little of them are actually seen.

Information: Not much is known about this group. Not even what they call themselves. It is extremely rare to encounter of of these "Ghost Zoids". Even so it is also deadly. Only one has had an encounter with one of these strange persons and survived.

One thing that is noted about this group is that they despise the previous groups and have an alignment with no one.

Their location is also unknown at this time.


Cert / Reaper/ Username/ Zoid / Rank / Journal

(*= Exempt from 2 Month No activity Repossession rule (Pet trades/Gifts) )

[X] / Seth Morrigan / Poetical Rain / Bio Volcano / Lesser / Journal*
Becoming Part of a Group:

This goes along with the custom order form. You will get to pick your side, but only if they are open. This is just to keep from everyone crowding to the Rouges/Mercenaries, the Repubic, etc.

You may switch alignments after you have bought a zoid, but there is a re-certing fee AND you have to have a very good reason... This means you have to have an RP and everything. We will look for the switch being a reasonable one.

Unknown group is closed until we get to that point in the main story line.

Republic: -Open- (Unlimited)

Empire: -Open- (Unlimited)

Rouges/Mercenaries: -Open- (Unlimited)

Unkown: -Closed- ( 0 slots )
Order listings:


Set Lineart-
common Zoid: 50k
Demantis - Molga - Pteras - Command Wolf - Guysack - Godos - Cannon Tortoise - Braigator - Stealth Viper - Saicurtis - Megaleon - Maccurtis - Reddra - Imperial Command Wolf - Hammer Rock - Double Sworder - Gator - Sinker - Redler - Diloforce - Grounchar - Iguan - Glaive Quama - Brachios - Double Sworder - Gun Tiger - Saber Lion

Uncommon Zoid: 100k
Irvine Command Wolf - Shield Liger - Raynos - Gun Sniper - Rev Raptor - Zabat - Wardick(Warshark) - Command Wolf AC - Snipe Master - Heldigunner - Helcat - Spino Sapper - Scout Fox - Saber Tiger (Zaber Fang) - Alosaur - Dark Horn - Red Horn -Dibison - Gordos

Hard to come by Zoid: 200k
BearFighter - Lightning Saix - Shadow Fox - Blade Liger - GunSniper LT (Leena Type) - Storm Sworder - Glow Fox - Hammer Head - Storm Sworder A1 - Storm Sworder F1 - Konig Wolf - Gun Blaster - Iron Kong - Pierce Sniper - Great Sabre - Snipe Liger - Crystal Saurer
Elephander - Geno Saurer - Black Rhimos - Slash Liger - Dark Spiner - Iron Kong MKII - Gojulas - Shield Liger DCS-J (LeoMaster) - Dark Horn MKII - Salamander - Storm Sworder (Guylos Stealth Type)

Unique Lineart-
common Zoid: 400k

uncommon Zoid: 800k

Hard to come by Zoid: 1000k

Rare Zoid: 1500k
-All rare+ zoids are unique line art-

EXOTIC Zoid: 3000k
-All rare+ zoids are unique line art-

EXOTIC Zoid Availability:
-All exotic zoids are a powered down and smaller versions of the real deal. Dr. Fox only releases very few of these at a time.-
Gylvader: 0
Death Saurer: 0
Ultra Saurus: 0
Mad Thunder: 0
King Gojulas: 0
Death Meateor: 0
Death Stinger: 0
Gunguyarados: 0
Rayse Tiger: 0
Bio Volcaino: 0
Energy Liger: 0
Geno Breaker Psychosis: 0

Hybrid Zoid: Coast of base Zoid + 75% of combined Zoid cost.
( EX: Base-Koning Wolf (1000k ) + Added parts-Reddra (75% of 400k) = 1300k )
or (Base-Reddra (400k) + Added parts of Koning Wolf (75% of 1000k) = 1150k )

Complete Made up Zoid: Price may very. Depending on Size/Strength/Complexity. All Prices start at 400k

Here is your chance to get the zoid you have been looking for! And for little to no cost! Every month there will be a special on either a certain ZOID or a type of ZOID. Sometimes there will be slots and sometimes it will be open all month long. It all depends on the special.

Special of the Month: n/a
Slot 1: Closed

Slot open: TBA
The Staff:

GunSniper: Manager/ Zoid Artist/ Pilot Artist/ Local ID Nazi

NPC: Dr. Richard Fox
User Image

Credit for ZOIDs goes to Takara-Tomy and Sho-Pro.

------------- GunSniper

Pilot Art:
------------- GunSniper

Keeping this thread and shop alive: Members and active lurkers of this guild/shop. Thank you. :3

The Lists:

White List: Moderators

Grey List: ( Cannot participate in shop activities )
Black List:
Affiliate with us:

User Image


Interest thread:

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