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Welcome to Whispers in the Wind.

Feel free to hang around and chat, we're friendly here. =3

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June 2012 - Shop is slowly being reworked. Will be an ongoing process.

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These rules are identical to those found at our sister shops Flauna's Fae and Stymphalians.

*Gaia ToS at ALL times.

*Stealing anything from this shop; Certs, Pets, Banners, ect will not be tolerated. You will be reported promptly and placed on the blacklist.

*ANY pets unclaimed after 2 weeks are forfeited back to the shop with no refund. The only exceptions are PAID auctions, FS's and Customs; that's it. Paid means the trade is COMPLETED. Not that you've STARTED a trade. If you won a game pet, a FS pet, a Raffle pet, it's your job to claim it. I'm not going to chase after you to remind you to post certing info.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

*There is to be no flaming, whining, or otherwise acting inappropriately in this thread. This includes foul language.

*These pets are meant to be used in Gaia signatures, toyboxes, and journals. They are not to be used outside of Gaia or in any other way (example making a profile background with them) unless given explicit permission from this account.

*Don't pm any staff about availability. Ask in the thread or look over the 1st few pages.

*We're not going to hunt you down to inform you of a growing. They're dropped off in thread and the files updated on PB. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of it. Save the url! Stick around the thread!

*If we don't see you around the shop, your pet may take a long time to grow if you have a growing pet; priority is given to people who STICK AROUND. Not people that run off after they get a pet.

*DO NOT repeatedly pm the staff about an issue. WAIT PATIENTLY for a response. Irritating us is no way to get an answer. We have lives.

*RESPECT all staff and thread-goers.

*Non-growing pets need to be saved to your own computer. We will not be hosting them. After a pet has finished growing, you are required to host it on your own server. Ample time to do so will be given and you may always ask for the link if you forgot to save it.

* Do not advertise in this shop. You may ask to affiliate, but blatant advertising will get you blacklisted.

*Follow all ordering procedures outlined in each individual section. Failure to do so will result in you not getting what you want.

* This rule applies to colorists of ANY sort. If we do not feel your colorings are to the quality we expect here, they WILL NOT be sold or certed. You will be required to redo them until quality standards are met.

*New rules may be added at any time.

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Coming soon

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There are various ways to obtain a pet from this shop. Below is a list of them. For more information on each type, please see the appropriate posts. There is no set times for these events to appear. Rather they are simply whenever we decide to color some wolves and put them up for sale.

* Flatsale
* Raffle
* Auction
* Custom
* Breeding
* Game
* Gram
* Pet Trade

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Stages of the Whisper pets:

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Other type previews coming soon.


Previews coming soon.

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Pending a rewrite.


New Pricing TBA.

Breeding Slots-


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Occasionally we'll open slots for customs wolves. These prices vary depending on what you wish to have done and if it's a single or multiple stage wolf.

Current Availability

Fayt's offering wolves in exchange for items on her most wanted wishlist.


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Own a breedable shop or color at one and want a pet from this one? We can trade providing I like the pets you have to offer. Simply pm this account with the title "Pet Trade?" with a link to your shop/shop you color for.

Pet trades are open!!!

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Q. Who is the owner of this shop?
A. Fayt_of_Redemption is the current owner. Lady_Ivy_1983 owned it previously.

Q. How do I get a pet?
A. Best way is to stick around. Pets are put up for sale at random times. Follow given instructions that accompany pet sales.

Q. Do all pets grow?
A. No. Only pets that state that they grow will grow. All others are permas. Later however you may be able to purchase a growth for them.

Q. How long until they grow?
A. Usually a month between each stage but it can take longer depending on rl. Also, your pet will take longer to grow if I don't see you around.

Q. Is there more than 3 stages?
A. Not currently.

Q. Is there any special lines?
A. Yes, a few. But they only appear rarely.

Q. Can I sell or give away my pets?
A. No. All unwanted pets must be returned to the shop. You are not allowed to sell or give them away.

Q. Do we have to roleplay?
A. No. This shop is not rp required.

Q. I think I missed a growing...
A. If you believe you missed a growing, please pm the mule. There's a chance you missed it or we haven't done it yet. So just ask and we'll find out.

More to be added if needed.

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* Whispering WolfSong- Shop mule
* Fayt_of_Redemption- Owner/Colorist/Shop Manager
* Gameroo- Guest Colorist

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Other Links:

More coming soon.

Old Whisper Shop
Older Whisper Shop

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* Fenrir-Feros- Creator/Concept Idea
* Bouncy_Pineapple, Lady Piamette, soraxcloud, Kierei star, DJ Snowkat & EvilMadness666- Lineart
* Gameroo- Cleaning up the lines/Some Certs
* Presca- Some Certs
* Fayt_of_Redemption- Banners/Some Certs/Some Templates
* obsidiandawn.com- Brushes used in banners/some wolves and certs
* This shop was purchased from Captain Wolfe on May 2nd 2009.

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White List

* All Staff.

* purrrplekitty
* OrliDeppgrl1526
* Lady Stray
* milly17


Black List

Anyone here is not welcome in this shop or any thread/guild associated with it.

Vampire Demon Rena
Azreal Soothsayer

*imported from previous thread(s)*


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