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Shop in it's entirety drawn for and created by Shad-O 1315

Note: This shop has nothing to do with putting down or dismissing religion. Please do not discuss beliefs in here as it is not a comfortable subject for everyone.

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1|| Introduction & Contents [YOU ARE HERE]
2|| News
3|| Story
4|| Rules
5|| Demon Information
6|| Availability Information
7|| Map & RP Information
8|| Item Shop
9|| Customs & Breeding Information
10|| Q & A
11|| Black/White/Grey lists
12|| Affiliates

1|| Flatsales
2|| Raffles
3|| Free Games
4|| RP Contests
5|| Advertising Contests
6|| Auctions
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2/15/2013: Well now, the Valentine's event was a complete fail. XD But i'm not giving up that easily! Be on the look out for an Elements event coming soon!

2/4/2013: Shop is now OPEN! There is a PROMPTED FLATSALE now open on page two!!! Please come in and feel free to chat. The RP guide is still under construction but will be completed over the next day or two.
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"Once upon a time... no, no that's not true..." *ahem* "Just a little while ago... no, damn! It's happening right now! Ok, ok here we go.." *cough gag cough cough*

"Hell, as you very well know, was a feared place by many. what with the torture and the fire and the screaming.... hm? Oh sorry, lost myself there for a moment. You see I remember that hell, good times! At least until the end of humanity came. (Eh, how? Well wouldn't you like to know!) Without souls to torture hell has sort of.. devolved. No longer the "dark empire of the underworld. is once was, no. Now this hell is truly a hell, so little we knew how to do that didn't involve tormenting the damned that we could barely feed ourselves without the abundant human prey that once scurried timidly across these lands. We demons left to our own devices had to survive in the barren damned wasteland and we've done a good job of it if I do say so myself! Today demons thrive across the lands, but in this land of little there is always competition. Nothing like good old anger and bloodshed to bring back sweet memories... oh there I go again..

Well now, what will your demon make of itself? Born into a hell that dosn't need it anymore and left to survive of it's own accord. It will make it if it's strong enough, but weakness is dangerous in this god forsaken land and the underworld is not kind to the lazy..

Good luck!

-Bell Z. Bub, Last remaining Arch Demon of Hell.
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Please read this entire post so that you are not confused about anything! If you still are after reading then please don't hesitate to send the mule a PM and your inquiry will be answered asap.

Main Thread Rules

1|| Please be polite while you are here. I know this is a demon shop but we are all human here and should treat each other decent.

2|| Please do not steal or copy the art in this shop in anyway and claim as your own.

3|| Please do not whine or complain if something doesn't go your way. If you have a problem feel free to PM the mule.

4|| Please do not direct link you cert files. I will move the certs from one album page to another and the link will break if you direct link it so please save all images to your own photobucket.

5|| Please do not beg for pets, breedings, or pester anyone to RP with you.

Sale & Event Rules

1|| Please read all event posts completely and ask questions if you need to know something.

2|| Please do not whine or complain if you do not win a demon you wanted and never try to discourage or guilt people in to either not participating or giving you their prize.

3|| Do not constantly ask for events to happen, they will happen in their own good time.

4|| Please do not alter posts unless it specifically says you can.

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There are four stages to a demon's life: Egg, Cub, Beast, and Demon. Demon mothers lay anywhere from 2 to 4 eggs and the eggs are placed in the Clan Rookery where the weaker or injured demons care for them until they hatch into cubs.

( NOTE: information after this part contains info such as testing that is only applicable to eggs obtained through breeding and not demons obtained through other means. You can use the tests in your demon's back story but they are automatically assumed to have passed unless you want to RP them in exile.)

A cub is then taken to the clan hall where it is determined whether or not the cub is strong enough to survive and become a productive member of the clan. If the cub is determined to be strong enough they are taken to the training grounds of the clan where they are taught by the eldest of the clan of their ways and means of surviving. If they cub is determined to be weak or sickly it is abandoned and must scrounge around on it's own within the clan, shunned and unwanted. If the cubs survive their ordeals they will mature into beasts in about a year in character. As beasts they hunt out in the open lands of their clan's territory and work in packs to ensure clan survival, as they grow they learn who to trust and who to battle, friends and enemies alike are made and sometimes at this stage a beast may even find love.

Eventually the demon's strength grows even more and it is able to become it's final form, a humanoid creature with the dexterity of a man and the cunning of an animal. Full grown demons are now tested by the clan to determine if they are worthy of remaining part of it. If they pass they are rewarded with a high rank and can now go forth and help take more land for their clan. Failure is punished by exile and the demon is banished with the threat of death should they ever return to the place they once called home. Full grown demons can now find a mate and start a family though some choose to do so to form a clan of their own far from the one they called their own.

[The tests are determined via RNG and more information can be found out about these tests in the guild.]


There are two types of demon known to Hell today, the Normal Demons and the Freeze Demons.

You will find info and images for these two types below. There may also be more types lurking in the shadows... only the future will tell!

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Normal demons stand about six feet tall when fully grown though some bay be a bit taller. They posses sharp teeth and razor claws and are very formidable. Normal beasts are very quick and nimble, able to sprint across the open plains and over take prey in a matter of seconds. These demons live everywhere but do not like the frozen lands unless they manage to obtain a pelt from a freeze demon they've managed to kill.

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Freeze Demons are taller then their normal cousins and covered in a soft, fluffy coat of fur that keeps them warm and allows them to live deep within the frozen lands where few of any other demons can reach. They gather in caverns high in the frozen mountains and can build grand clan halls out of the stone with their stronger then average claws. This species is more rugged and hearty then the norms but are also hunted for their pelts by them as their warm fluff enables the norms to travel the frozen lands to reap the rewards the land offers in rare food. Freeze demons are not as fast as a normal demon due to their fur and tend to remain in closer communities then the normal demons.
[Freeze demons do not undergo tests in their clans and few of them ever face exile.]

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This is not a sale post! Sales will be posted on page 2. Here you will find information about each type of sale/game/ect. Please read this so you will know how to participate in each type of sale/game/ect.

Flatsale [prompted and non prompted]

Flatsales are one of the most common ways to get a demon. In a flatsale you fill out a form and post it before sending trades to the mule. Forms must be filled out COMPLETELY or you will not be able to participate in the sale. Flatsale demons go for 5K each for Adults and 8K for eggs! Flatsales may be edited or normal.

Raffle [free and pay]

In a raffle you are given a form to post to purchase tickets. There are always unlimited tickets and the price is either free or 100g a ticket. Raffles run for a set amount of time and then a winner is drawn from the ticket holders and they can then claim their demon and have it certed. Raffles are used for common demons and rare or edited ones alike.

Advertising Contest

Advertising can win you neat stuff! When WTH needs to spread the word we will hold Advertising contests. They run for a set amount of time and you gain points by having our banner in your sig and referring people to us. Prizes for advertising contests can be anything from a free pre-colored demon to a free custom lineart demon completely drawn from scratch!

RP Contest

RP contests are like prompted flatsales only are for rare or unique demons. A prompt is given along with a set of guidelines such as paragraph count. These contests run for a set amount of time ans at the end a winner is chosen for the most creativity and valid response to the prompt.


Auctions are reserved for heavily edited or special demons. There is always an autobuy of 5million and a starting bid of ten thousand. Items are not allowed. A bidding form is provided for each auction.

Free games

Occasionally there will be free games played in thread such as rock, paper, scissors and RNGs. These games are always free and anyone can participate.

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This is a map of the area of hell this shop is set in. There are many neat and interesting places you can RP your demon in and you can also make up little places you think would be found there. (ex: lava pools, stone caverns, their clan home...etc)

There are three main zones of this land: The Desolate lands, the livable lands, and the frozen lands. The Desolate lands are full of mountains with the odd canyon or two, on the edge of these lands there's the start of a dead forest that lead into the livable lands. Most of the Desolate lands are wasteland with little food and harsh weather so very few demons choose to live there willingly. Demons may wander these lands after being driven out of the livable lands by a stronger clan.

The Livable lands have plenty of food and many demons choose to make their clan homes here either in the dead forests, at the bottom of the few canyons or high in the mountains to the north or south. The rest of this land is flat, rocky wastes where food wanders timidly in the open.

The frozen lands are just that. Hell did indeed freeze over and only demons who are well adapted to the cold dare to make their homes here. Snow and ice cover this land and even the lava around it has solidified into rock that will never thaw. Think of an arctic wasteland with mountains, glaciers, and lots of snow. In the mild north there's a small dead forest that some demons have found to be tolerable.

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^^ Click to go to our RP Guide! [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
[ Reserved for Item shop info ]
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Want a demon colored just how you want? Want more horns, wings, eyes, etc? Well then consider getting a custom. Custom demons are made to your specifications and you can even have a demon drawn up from scratch! Customs only open every once in a while but there will be an announcement when they do!


+++ Random colored [ 10K Adult || 25K Growing ] you pick three colors and the gender we will color a demon using that info. What you get is completely up to the colorist.

+++ Custom colored [ 30K Adult || 50K Growing ] you pick the colors and the gender we will color a demon using that info.

+++ Edits [ Add 25K- 100K depending on difficulty ] you can request edits such as wings, extra tails, animal tails, estra or different horns/eyes. The price depends on the difficulty and complexity of the edits. No Cosplays.

+++ Unique lined [ 5 Million, Adult only ] you describe to me exactly how you want your demon to look and I draw it up from scratch. Please note that the pose must be able to fit on the cert! No cosplays.

( Not open right now. There will be an announcement made when they are open!)


Has your demon found the one for them? Do they want to go forth and start a family together? Demon breedings have a fee of 15K and the result is 2 to 4 eggs. While demons have unlimited times they can breed you may only keep ONE egg per owner per breeding and any extra must be given away. If two different types of demon breed the resulting eggs will be one or the other. Demons owned by the same person can breed but you will only be able to keep one egg per breeding.

[Breeding slots open on occasion and will be raffled off when they do.]
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No. While this shop is indeed set up to be RP centered there is no requirement to RP. Your demon simply won't be able to participate in any metaplots or special RP events and will never be able to gain the rank specific lineart that will be introduced in the future. I know the RP seems complex but I try to keep things as simple as i can.

Can I get a demon with hooves like Belle?
Belle Z. Bub is an arch demon, one of the kings of old and a different species altogether. Chances are if you demon does have hooves it's a mutation or they are from a line that was once mixed with the blood of an arch demon. You can custom hooves but you won't find a hooved demon through normal means.

Can I make my own clan?
Yes, there is no real complex clan system your clan is your demons and they can inhabit any area you see on the map or you can make one up that fits the environment (e.g. no hot deserts in the frozen lands.) The only thing you have to include it the clan rests for demons you plan to RP. Information about these test and how to perform them will be made available in the guild once the system can be fully worked out.

What do they eat?
Lesser demon creatures that roam hell, little monsters small enough for them to catch and devour.

Why don't they have mouths?
They do, but they remain hidden until a demon opens it's mouth to eat. their mouths are able to open to the size of their head and torso and have multiple rows of very sharp teeth.

Do Demons talk?
Demons talk with psychic telepathy, meaning with their minds. They also make cries and animal noises to each other during hunting to communicate with each other over distances too great to be reached by telepathy.

[If you have any questions please PM them to the mule and I will answer them here! ]
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White list
( These individuals have shown dedication to the shop and are worthy of applause for their helpfulness. )

Hero Rarehart : For being there for me and giving me the motivation to complete this shop and go through with making it.

Grey list
( This is a thirty day ban for rule breaking or general inappropriate behavior. You can post here but you may nor participate in events or sales until you time is up.)

Black List
( You are BANNED from the shop. You may no longer RP your demons and you may never participate in events or games again. in character any demons you have actively RPed will be considered dead.)

Let's try to keep this empty ok?
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Wanna affiliate with us? No problem! Just post or PM me your banner and take ours in exchange!

(please 200X40 or similar size banners only)

Our Banner

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