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Do you like the Warrior Cat books?

Yes! 0.64772727272727 64.8% [ 57 ]
No 0.045454545454545 4.5% [ 4 ]
Never read them! 0.30681818181818 30.7% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 88 ]
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is every one dead i havent seen any post on here lately... made a new account on gpx because my old one was all messed up... All those shinys are gone crying
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Merry (late) Christmas and happy New Year! I've been busy working and playing a lot of video games lately, haha.

Does anyone here play Minecraft?
I do, but I only have the free account so i cant play online.
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*derps around*

RP anyone?
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Wow. I just made it back to gaia again and managed to find this thread. I'll have to subscribe so I don't lose it. I'm trying to be on gaia more, so maybe I'll end up being around?
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The thread's been pretty dead lately, though I've love if it picked up again.
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So I was looking around the guild some. Are people still rping with the old cats, or all new ones? Just curious. ^^
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Currently old cats are rp'd as starclan... as the new shop is based 50 years in the future so all in cannon in forest rp is done between strictly new cats...

-Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.
-Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend.
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Okay. I wanted to check. :3
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I found a link to this place, but it seems dead in here! Gah, I was really hoping for a wonderful Warriors-themed rp/pet community!
*punches thread* D: NO, LIVE.
/defibs the thread/
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*Rolls around*

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