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Do you like the Warrior Cat books?

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Yeah :< -snuggles mintpaw and her other kitties-

I cant wait for the GO even and all the new kitties though x3
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Yeah c:

I have some ideas puttering around in my head, mainly for a descendent of Freespirit. <3
I dunno who to get descendants of xD I have so many that are pretty. Sadly it would be aqward if i got descendants of the ones that only made it to the kit stage xD they are so pretty though.

edit: Good night! /flees to bed.
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♪ I'm a fool with dreams, and not a lot of things ♫

I'm so glad to see the shop coming back! I will definitely have to contemplate which cats bloodlines I want to have continue on in the new shop. I am pretty attached to most of my cats here, even the ones that I didn't get to RP much (or at all).

♫ I swear that I will be all you need, don't give up on me ♪
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*Waves to everyone before heading back to school*

Bucati you should try for the RNG cat xD

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*wanders in*

Ok, so, hang on.

It's been 50 years, so all the cats from the old shop are dead.
So... this is a fresh start? None of the pets transfer?

And what about the pelted cats, Tribeclan or what were they called xD;
I was talking about it in another shop, sky clan and clan of spirit pelt where apparently drawn by some one else and they're to in this shop. There was talk of a spin off shop with them by the person who made the lines I'm assuming. Back when the shop died but it's been years so I have no idea if it will happen.

Nope but I think a few pages back it was said that we can rp them as starclanners ovo and we can get descendants of them somehow x3

but that's all I've read, I'm sure the staff can give you a better answer rose.
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Yea, TehTwi did those lines x3
Didn't know there was talk of a spin off, she pretty much disappeared off of Gaia over a year ago.

And hmm... interesting. Thank you Shadi!
I only had two cats, both were pelted, so I don't know what I'd do with them. Wait and see, I guess xD

captcha: let me know

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*has an idea for some of her old pet's descendants* ;3
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SkyClan and the tribe cats are...*tries to remember* on the far side of starclan or something... idk... but for this shop those pets just went to general starclan. So you would be ably to rp those ones in the starclan thread. *tries to remember if i made that rp area...*

And since they all came together your decedent would simply be on clan line art and just know they had ancestry somewhere along there that was tribe cats. I would have brought sky and tribe over but i don't have permission to use them where as i do have permission from silver for her lines *nods*

So what we are shooting for is a fresh start.

The decedents are to be a reward to the oldbies that come back... These will be given away probably during the main event << Don't quote me on that though~ Cause that is likely to change.

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-Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend.

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oh i didnt realize the second dice game was going 8D; oops..

*may have already thought of names fdjhkg*

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*Gives it another go*

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