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Do you like the Warrior Cat books?

Yes! 0.64772727272727 64.8% [ 57 ]
No 0.045454545454545 4.5% [ 4 ]
Never read them! 0.30681818181818 30.7% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 88 ]
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I probably have a cuter pic some where but oh well xD
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Man-Hungry Fatcat

-pauses and eyes your bats hungrily- emotion_8c
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Dangerous Capitalist

      LOL porn and the like in fanfiction bore me. I usually end up skimming those scenes and eagerly awaiting the finish line. XD
Ryuukishin's avatar

Man-Hungry Fatcat

Heaaatthhhhhyyyyy? emotion_kirakira
Ryuukishin's avatar

Man-Hungry Fatcat

But those are the funniest parts. 8'c
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Good try all! I think i like Raven's~


Next one: Something yummy!

-Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.
-Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend.
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Tipsy Shapeshifter

Assfghkll I have a supercool picture for "deep down" but nooooo I was eating crying
Yes ryuu that is heathyface x3 <3

I probably have a cuter one out of the 90 something pics i have in his photobucket album xD but he's just so daaaw all the time
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Man-Hungry Fatcat

Ugh food pictures my weakness. /loses self for hours nooOOoOoOoOoo

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Man-Hungry Fatcat

Never enough Heathypics! emotion_kirakira He looked so adorable in the recent one you posted, too. HIS TAILLLL. TT____________TT <33

@firelord: Ahhh can we see it anyway? *u*
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Dangerous Capitalist

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Feral Kitten

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Sooo hard to decide.

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Man-Hungry Fatcat

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Witty Explorer

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Good luck, guys <3 Love the cat. o uo Reminds me of my plague doctor. <3

-gaia is lagging like ten times of the sun-

Speaking of cats, would anyone be willing to proxy the auction for me, tomorrow? It ends while I am at work. :C

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