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Welcome to Forest of Secrets. A Warrior cat b/c thread.

We used to be Warriors: Into the Wild.
All art used here is by SilverPelt

Thread Index
I - Welcome / Index
II - Shop News
III - Rules
V - Roleplaying
VI - Clans (territory, history)
VII - Stages
VIII - Sales
IX - Customs
X - Breeding
XI- IC Updates
XII - Owner's Lists
XIII - Staff Members
XIV - Credits
XV - Affiliates

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Shop story:
It’s been 50 years since the cats had to run from their homes. 50 years since the virus came through and wiped out most of the clan cats. The Clans had to pull together in a last chance ditch to survive. Even Bratva and Bloodclan set aside their differences and came to the clans for help. Since then the forest cats have repopulated. But it couldn’t be helped that the remaining cats had to find a new way to bring in genes to play in their gene pool. Many of the females wandered off o the city where two-legs had been doing tests on the cats that prowled the streets. It was a real shock for the medicine cats, when the babies came out blue and green. But that’s what was needed to repopulate their beloved forest.

However, their sacrifice would end up for naught. The cat’s sacred places, such as moonstone and four trees, were demolished and made into houses for two-legs and their prissy pets. With this being the terrible end the cats had to do something quickly.

They did the only thing that was logical. They moved from the forest they cherished and headed for parts unknown. And they found what they needed. Far past the mountains and toward the place where the sun sets in the sky, they found a forest bigger than any they had ever seen.
However, that was 50 years ago. Even the oldest tom cat has no recollection of the forest their ancestors had come from. Sure they know the story of the virus that swept in and killed so many strong and healthy warriors. But they can’t remember the smell of the pine trees or the babbling of the small brook. Now, however they have a new home, one with territories for everyone. The cats separated and went their own ways. Breaking up into 5 clans, WindClan, Thunderclan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and BloodClan. Bratva worked themselves back into Bloodclan by setting aside the harsh training that Bloodclan had put into place.

Since that happened the years have flown by, The cats are sporting colors not seen before and the bloodlines are so mixed no one knows who came from where anymore. But now that they are separated they are determined to keep it that way. Borders have been setup and are patrolled regularly. And once every month when the moon is full the clans gather to hold meetings and see loved ones in other clans.

So far this system is working. This is the world of Warrior cats… and the Forest of Secrets they protect.

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Shop Rules:

1- Do not borrow or steal any of the shop lineart, graphics, or other staff created content. Silverpelt made this line art for this shop’s use. (This was once Warriors: Into the Wild)

2- ITW Pets may be displayed on Gaia in journals and signatures. They may also be displayed on personal websites with a link to Gaia and the shop. (Make sure to credit the art to silverpelt)

3- You may not resell or trade any Forest of Secrets pet on Gaia or any other site without a Staff's permission. If you do not want your pet any longer please contact Starclan to give it to a friend or raffle it off.

4- Forest of Secrets’ pets are not roleplay required, but there are perks if you do roleplay your cat.

5- Do not slander or flame staff, owners or non-owners in this thread. If there is a problem please PM staff and hopefully we will be able to settle any problem civilly.

6- Messages should be directed to Starclan, with the exception of problems with a staff member which may be sent to Caffeinecraving. Please do not PM SilverPelt unless she is currently active and accepting customs. If you have an issue with Caffe, please send her a pm as she would like to know about it and will do her best to resolve any problems.

7- Please be kind to everyone in the thread, new and old. Do not PM other owners asking for their pet or their pets' offspring. If I find out about this…you will be grey listed.

8- There are no refunds. If your pet is taken away due to breaking any of the rules above or rules of the TOS then you cannot ask for your gold or items back. I know that general B/c rules say this is unfair and unjust…however, you have been sufficiently warned.

9- Staff reserves the right to add or change the rules at any given time.

Warrior Code:
1 - The Clan must be fed first before yourself! Never hunt for yourself when sent out to hunt prey for the clan, you must wait until the rest of the clan is fed. The only time one is allowed to break this rule is if they are on patrol.

2 - You must fight to prove ones strength and defend your territory, not kill each other in battles.

3 - Your clan is above all others!

4 - You must never tell secrets of your clan to another clan.

5 - You must never fall in love or breed with another clan. You may only breed within your clan. ((Though there has been known of a couple cats of doing this and one clan keeping the kits, or the other changing clans. They never blame the kits. Though that is not always the case on personal views of each cat.))

6 - You must never hunt on another's territory ((this rule gets broken many times when prey is low in ones area.))

7 - Protect and defend your territory not just from other clans but from rogue cats and house cats.

8 - Always respect your elders!

Medicine Cat Laws:

1 - Medicine Cats can not breed, their family is the clan. ((Though on a very rare occasion an accident can happen here or there with this XD as long as it is rped out))

2 - They should not fall in love. There love is to the whole clan.

3 - They must travel to HiddenPool, beyond MoonLake every half moon to communicate with star clan

4 - They must protect all cats, not those just of there clan with the knowledge given to them by star clan to heal those that are sick or hurt.

5 - They must learn basic warrior skills to protect themselves in battle. Though while in battle they must heal and help and only fight if attacked.

6 - All cures are shared among all clan medicine cats.

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1- Can I have one for free?
On occasion if we see a dedicated newbie or owner in the shop who we feel deserves a new cat we may gift one to them, but please don't beg for anything! There will always be ways to receive a free cat during the events. There will likely be a rp contest or something similar.

2- There's another cat that looks just like mine!

We now have opened all types of coloring so original ideas should not be copied but if you are picking common cat colors or markings then there will be most likely some others like it. Grey tabbies are common, so if your cat is a grey tabby with blue eyes, chances are someone may want something similar… If it becomes a problem and you would like to report it feel free to pm Starclan.

3- I have a kitten, how long does it take to grow?

Our estimated growth timeline is as follows:
Newborn-Kitten: 1 week, Kitten-Adolescent: 2 weeks, Adolescent to Adult: 3 weeks
Colorists may take up to an extra week on each stage, but after that you may inquire as to why your cat is not growing.
*You may RP at earlier stages if you wish, but once you have had them gain their new rank IC you should not go backwards. (Exceptions to this can be made.)

4- Can I RP before I have a cat?
If you wish to RP cats you do not currently own you must do so in the OOC subforum.

5- My pet is too big for the sig limit!
Though some colorists will save your cert as a .jpg for you, others post in .png format because it has better quality. Be sure to check and resave your pet in another format if you want it in your signature!

6- How old does my cat have to be to breed?
Your cat may begin to develop romantic relationships at the adolesent stage, but it should be an adult when it breeds.

7- Once my cat finds a mate do they have to stay together forever?
They're cats, silly! Of course they don't have to, but they are welcome to it.

8- Where can I RP?
You can RP right here in the thread! Or in the guild.

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Roleplaying is probably the best part about the b/c forum. You not only get a picture of a pet... but then you can bring it to life. While there are some restrictions... we love seeing just what people can come up with so please do rp with us.

Rp happens mostly between the cats of similar clans... however thats not always the case. Border patrols meet up with other patrols and then like everywhere there is that forbidden temptation of love across the border.

However, all meetings aren't always friendly. Some times cats don't like each other... then they fight. We now have a battle system for that. Look below for that.

So you want to know what you get from roleplaying? You get extra kits in breeding. 3 or more rps get you an unaffected kitten (look at breeding for more info.) Another perk is that you get experience points. 2 points per completed roleplay. You start with your base points and then get the points added on. (I will be keeping a running tally... no need to apply for it... i shall simply update your points when i see a completed rp)

A Completed Rp: 2 pgs with at minimum 4 sentences per post. There is obviously give and take on this... if you have one page full of novels im not gonna say... nope doesn't count.

Battle System
Now, we have a battle system.
Each cat rank is given a level of Exp points.
Kitten: 5 exp
Apprentice: +15 exp
Adult: +15 exp
Deputy: +5 exp
Leader: +5 exp
Med. Cat: -10 exp
Elder: -20 exp

How this will work is with the exp points you will have to try to get the other to run out first. Say we have two warriors facing off.

Adult 1 and Adult 2
Whoever initiates the battle rolls a 1-10 number. Whatever comes up is subtracted from the other cat's total exp points. Then the next warrior attacks.
This works on all levels of cat. ie: if an adult attacks a kitten and gets a ten... the kitten loses without getting a turn. So I would pick your battles.


Here are some helpful definitions of words you can use in rp or if you do not understand something being used.

Flea Bitten:This is a insult to another cat. It means a dirty uncared for cat.
Two Leg:Human being.
Two Leg place:Humans house.
Tom:Male cat that is intact.
Queen:Female cat that is carrying or has kits.
The Cutter:The vet where one gets neutered or spayed.
Fear Scent:A smell off of a cat that indicates he/she is afraid. Other animals as well as other cats can catch this scent and tell when you are afraid.
Cat Scent:Each cat has their own scent that another cat within the clan can identify another without having to see the other first.
Sharing Tongues:This is when cats clean each other after meals of before bed and share news, stores and things of interest. This is a custom that binds the members of the clan together.
Dirt:Cat droppings
SilverPelt:A thick band of stars you see each night stretching across the sky. Each star is a star clan warrior. (Milkyway)
Spray Scent:Cats spray the edgy of their territory to keep other cats away. It is done when patrolling their borders.
Thunder Path:Highway or paved road.
Loner:Is a cat that isn't a part of a clan or cared for by two legs.
Kitty Pet:A cat cared for by two legs.
Mouse brained:An insult meaning stupid or idiot.
HiddenPool:Its a rock deep underground that shines when the moonlight hits it. All clan leaders spend one night there when they are first choosen. They share with star clan and are given the gift of nine lives. They also take the name of star. It is in a cave called Mother mouth in Highstones.
Apprentices must visit the stone at least once before becoming a warrior. You can not eat the night of visiting the moonstone if you wish to share dreams with star clan.
Fresh Kill:Food caught to eat that day.
Crow food:Rotten food, old food or food not worth eating.
Burial place: Place where they bury their dead. They share tongues as well as sit vigil all night with the dead before burying them.
Hunts with Star Clan:When names are mentioned of the dead they usually say they hunt with star clan now.
Star Clan Forbid:
Just a saying, similar when we use God Forbid.
Maggot Gut:Feeling of sickness in the stomach.
May you have star clans protection:A common farewell.
White Cough:a common cough that is cured easily and caught anytime. Can turn to green cough if left untreated.
Green Cough:A cough that usually comes about in winter, it takes a long time to cure, the weak can die from it.
Black Cough:A bad cough that has originated from green cough and is not curable and leads to death.

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Thunderclan: Fierce, courageous and loyal are all traits that thunderclan cats share.Thunder clan are well built cats, due to there lush area abundant with prey. They are a clan that is always there to help another clan but still obeying the warrior laws.
Thunder Clan cats rule over the lush forest, its most desired by surrounding clans because it is the territory with the most prey. Thunder Clan must be strong to defend and keep this territory.They love the forest and are excellent climbers and forest hunters. Voles, Mice, Birds are there main prey, however when desperate some warriors know how to fish...however they aren't very good at it. They are a very loving clan and family oriented.

Their camp is up against the face of the cliff. The wall makes a great protection on two sides. The highest ledge the cats can safely reach has a small crevice which makes a very nice leaders den. There are other breaks in the rock where the nursery and the medicine cat dens are. They are on the opposite side of the camp from the entrance. There is a large hollowed out tree that fell many years before the clan arrived this is the warriors den is housed, this is near the entrance in case of a night attack. The senior warrior sleeps nearest to the center of the nest where it is the warmest. Sometimes the young warriors are invited to join the senior warriors for eating, which is a great honor. The Queens share Warrior quarters when they work as warriors, but when they are expecting kits or nursing them they stay in a nest in or near the nursery. Near the entrance however well protected in a large hollow break in the cliff is the Elders den. The elders are well looked after by the warriors and apprentices. Its an apprentice job to clean the moss bedding, fetch food for them, clear away ticks and other medical things given by the medicine cat. You are considered an elder when a cat can no longer care or hunt for itself.

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Windclan: WindClan loves wide open spaces, These cats are fast and are very loyal. In their new territory there is just that.Open spaces where rabbits and crows play. Wind blows across this flat area in cold blasts. Usually from the south, and it continues straight into shadowclan. Windclan tends to stay to themselves on their property. Windclan cats rule over these moors, they have thick fur and can make it through the coldest of winters. They are used to wind and are able to keep there eyes open while it blows in there faces. They are the fastest of all clan cats due to the type of prey they have to chase after. They hunt mostly rabbit, some birds, mice and voles. They are kind and do not mind helping out other clans in need, usually.
The camp is in a sunken piece of land that protects them from the wind as well other clans. There is a Large tree in the middle of this sunken out area where the clan cats are called to meeting.
The clan leader has a den in this tree where they sleep and eat. Against this tree is another fallen one...it is rotted out from both ends but supports weight in the middle. The apprentices climb up and sleep in the top part while the elders sleep in the bottom part. The Warriors nests are down in an old badger burro the nests are dug out and filled with soft moss inside. The nursery is a dug out burrow in the side of the sunken piece of land and is well protected from other clan cats by rocks moved over.The Medicine cats den is made out of strong but flexible sticks... most were pulled as drift wood out of the river. The floor of the sunken earth is grainy and not much grass grows within the camp. Though the camp is well hidden with the long grass that grows around the area. They only problems they have is in the winter which sometimes requires them to dig the snow from the camp.
They don't like confrontation and will back down in a fight if they are out numbered. They are a clan that keeps tradition and will protect their tradition, they care well for there elders and love to share stories.
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Riverclan: Riverclan are happy cats, they tend to be well off with their mainly fish diet. They are usually calm cool and collected. Since they tend to stay to themselves and leave the other clans alone, they aren't usually in the midst of fighting however they will defend what they decide is there. Riverclan have access to all types of prey however they tend to stay toward fish and water voles. In this new territory the camp is located behind the waterfall. There are two stepping stones in front of the entrance and a short swim is required to actually get inside. River Clan cats can swim in deep water and the fast moving river with ease, their coats are oily from all the fish they eat, which in turn protects them from water getting to their skin causing chills. They are the only clan that knows how to catch the fish by knowing how to keep there shadow off the water and quickly snagging a fish with their claws.Because of the coming together there are cats in other clans that know the trick as well...however they haven't figured out its their shadow that causes the catch... they think its just easier to catch the fish at noon.
Their camp is behind the waterfall in a cave only accessible by a small swim from the riverclan bank. The leader sleeps in the highest den. Its small but is big enough to have two leaders inside to sleep. Right out side is a large ledge that is great for making announcements. There is another den much bigger that is the nursery. The Warriors have their own den that has a small entrance but opens up inside the rock wall. The apprentice den is next to the warriors den. The medicine cat den houses the elders den inside of it.
River Clan cats tend to have a distinct scent of the water and fish that they eat. They will help other clans but hesitate if they have to, they will only if they are really the last resort to help the other clans. They are secretive and keep strictly to the warriors code.
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Shadowclan: "Battle Hungry, aggressive, ambitious,and greedy for land." While each cat within the clan is different these are some of the things they have in common. Its not unheard of for shadowclan to cross their borders however their neighbors in this new forest are Thunderclan and Windclan. Both clans who don't take kindly to trespassers. Shadowclan somehow always gets the worst properties. Its no different here.The winds blowing over windclan territory settles in shadowclan. The prey that runs in there property are mice and voles. However they aren't above eating the frogs and salamanders that they find on the far corner of their territory. They are really secretive and very rarely will help the other clans with anything. They tend to be the ones to want to take more territory for hunting. They live in the swamp lands and are immune to the toxins of the swamps at the edge of the area. They don't have many trees, so they are not the best climbers. They are excellent at hiding there scents, as well as hiding themselves, they enjoy manipulating others and have no use for weakness. They are a strong clan but lack compassion. They are merciless when it comes to catching other cats on there territory and if taken prisoner you might not survive the night.
Their camp is hidden far back in their territory. There is an old Fox den that has been converted into the shadowclan warrior's den. Off to its right there is a dug out hole for the apprentices. It is protected by rocks stacked up. Next to the Fox den there is a giant rock that has a small den below for the leader. Next to the rock is a built up den out of sticks. It is the medicine cat den, with another apartment for the elders... if there are no elders it serves as an overflow for sick cats.
It truly is not the best of territories but cats that survive there are strong and built up to the cold.
The wall surrounding the camp has to be well kept in order to keep things out as once winter comes the camp is more in the open. They eat mostly frogs, mice and rats from the swamp.
The saying that all other clans have given this clan is that the cold wind blows over their hearts making them cruel and mean.

User ImageBloodclan: Bloodclan rule the two leg place on the other side of the Thunderpath. They tend to stay out of the clans' way. They run their own clan by a tough sink or swim kind of approach. Weaklings are not allowed. This has lead to the saying "Go rot in Bloodclan" Their territory is the city. Their prey is what ever they can find. They will even fight with dogs if the mood comes over them. If they win, and they usually do... they steal the dog's teeth. The first dog they beat, the cat will steal the dogs collar. This tends to happen when a kitten gets away from its mother... it will find a puppy and start its collection.

So you don't fit into any of the above. Then carve your way into the world. Make your own clan. Its actually quite easy... well in the shop, not necessarily in rp. But all you need to do is fill out the form and send it to Starclan.

While applying for a clan is simple you still need to fill the requirements.
-Chose a place to make and establish your clan.
- Get 8 cats to follow you. That's 9 cats. (If you want to establish your clan in the heart of thunderclan territory, you're gonna need more so you can defend it. But thats news for later.)
-Pick a Deputy,Leader, and you will probably want a medicine cat.
-Contemplate the fact that if you do form your own clan, you will need to sustain it for multiple generations... This means you do need members of the opposite sex. Good luck convincing a queen to leave the comfort of a trained medicine cat to have your babies alone.
-Also consider why you are leaving and what will make your clan different.
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-If accepted your cats can be transferred to loner lines.

Clan opening status: Closed

I want to join a clan
[b]Info to come[/b]

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User Image

Newborns are kept in the nursery at all times unless the medicine cat takes the kitten to cure it. Otherwise the mother is constantly with the newborn and only leaves to relieve herself; food and water is brought to her. Water is brought by soaking moss.

Kittens spend almost all of their time near or in the nursery. They do not stray from their mothers and are constantly on watch. They love to play outside the nursery and are learning to eat real food.

Once the kitten reaches six months they have to leave the nursery and join the other training apprentices in the apprentice dens. The mother is then able to go back to the warrior den and resume her duties. This is when they are given the last part of their name paw instead of kit and are trained to become a warrior. They spend their time training with their mentor and taking care of the elders.

Once named a warrior, the clan leader gives the apprentice the last part of their name. It can be anything that is recognized by cats, such as pelt, fur and claw are popular ones.
As a warrior they spend their time patrolling the borders, marking their territory, catching prey for the clan and attending to important tasks.

Deputy: This is a Second in command type thing. If you are here then it means you are leader material and are now being groomed to takeover... Yes you still have things to do like monitoring patrols and normal warrior duties... but one day you will be the leader.

Medicine Cat/Apprentice: These cats are the ones who will take care of you when you get a boo-boo. They are smart, they do know a bit about fighting but they are meant to put the cats back together not take them apart. These are rp required. It takes 3 rp's with another medicine cat of the same clan's permission.

Leader: Being leader means being at the top. You 'run the clan'. You have the responsibility of your clan's actions and you get to deal with more...'paperwork' then when you were deputy. Being here means you are strong and wise. But don't let it give you a big head. A clan wont follow an evil ruler.

Loner: A loner is a cat that doesn't live with a Clan or Twolegs. They sometimes, however, live in pairs or small groups.3 Roleplays. These can be heading toward a loner life... or simply toward life in general. Say you have a cat you have rp'd a lot and then something happens and you say..hey! I want my cat to be a loner.... You can post a request... all you need is 3 completed rps.

KittyPet: Ah...the life of a kittypet. So soft... so... well taken care of. However... since we were supposed to be getting lines for it... There currently are none... We have changed this to make it easier on the artist... If you achieve a rank of kitty pet... then you will get a collar added to your pet... However, since i want to keep this rare... you need 5 rps... all designated toward getting the cat in question to kittypetdom

Once an elder you spend most of your time telling stories, resting and eating. They stay mostly in the camp and barely leave to go anywhere. This is the time for cats to relax and wait to join StarClan. By no means does this mean they lose status! Elders are well looked after and are remembered as warriors and well respected by all warriors; maybe not as much by apprentices because they usually are hard on 'em, but they learn.

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User Image


I - Please make clear which pet you are interested in getting. By number or description.
II - Please do not edit posts. If found out, you will be Grey listed.
III - Please be kind to everyone, no fighting or sulking over the results.
IV - The cost of flatsales are 5K per pet.
V - You may only receive one pet per flatsale.
VI - You may proxy for another person but this will void your own chance to try at the flatsale.
VII - Flatsales will consist of speed sales and flaffles.
VIII - Flatsale kits may have parents who are RPed cats in existence within the clan. Owners of the cats having the kittens for flatsale may try out for one of the kittens that goes for flatsale.

I - Tickets are unlimited
II - Tickets are 100g each
III - You may not choose your ticket numbers.
IV - Please only buy tickets you can afford.
V - If you purchase tickets you must pay for them even if you have not won the raffle prize.
VI - Please be kind to everyone, no fighting or sulking over results. Results will be posted in a random number Gaia post.

I- Please be kind to each other, no fighting or bragging about bids or how much one has.
II - Please do not discourage anyone from bidding.
III - Please do not bid what you do not have.
IV - Starting bids are 10K.
V - Snipe guards may vary.
VI - You must send payment within 24 hours.

User Image
User Image

Base Prices
100k- non growing
500k- Growing

Minor Edits, a torn ear a scar or two, are 50k per stage
Larger Edits are 100k per stage (Collars, bows etc...)
Anything larger then that are consider cosplay edits are Bribe only.

Medicine cats are currently not available through customs. The position is still available through a substantial amount of roleplay of an apprentice arranged with an existing medicine cat. Free RP contests will also be held for custom medicine cats if a clan begins to run low on actively roleplayed ones.

If you are ordering a Thunderclan cat, please specify which pose you would like for the adult, standing or sitting.

Please send the form directly to the colorist you are ordering from (after checking if their customs are open!), since the mule may not be checked regularly.

exclaim Semi-customs are now available! You can choose up to three colors and the clan of the cat and the colorist decides the markings with those colors. You can also give the colorist a name and a gender with the order, so they *might* make a cat that fits the name and gender. Otherwise, give that info when the colorist shows you the finished product. The prices are as follows:

50k colored adult semi-custom
100k growing semi-custom

Semi-customs can be edited, but it's 100k+ per stage, whether or not the edits are allowed is up to the colorist or not. When filling out the form, the order of the colors convey its dominance in terms of markings. For example, if your colors are black, grey, and white, then your cat would have a black base with large grey markings and small white markings.

Custom Status

Caffeinecraving: Closed

All Pokemon Cosplays, All Lion King Cosplays, All CATS (the Musical) Cosplays are reserved

Order Form:

Starting Stage:

Semi-custom Order Form:

Starting Stage:

For Pet Trade, Art Trade, and RL Commissions Information please check Colorist's Workshops

User Image
User Image


General Breeding Rules

I - You must complete at least 3 roleplays between the couple. You should include meeting, falling in love, and simply hanging out together, if you are applying for a role play breeding slot. There are no requirements for a non roleplay breeding slot.

***Rp breeding slots are special since they give you 1 extra kitten per 3 rps. These kittens are not subject to mortality rates.

II - You may do many things with your kits. You may keep them, give them away, or host your own contests. You are responsible for your own contests, the shop will not hold them for you. You also may trade your kits for other pets in other shops, for their customs, or offer a flat rate for your kits to others. 100% of the earnings is yours, like how breedables once worked! If this gets out of hand t will have to change.

Ill - Non roleplay are now offered, this is up to the breeder on if they wish to open non roleplay slots. Non roleplayers will have to pay a much higher price for breedings.

lV - No fighting or arguing over breedings. Know how you will split the kits and who will pick first before you request a breeding.

V - Same sex couples are not able to breed.

VI - Full time colorists will have 3 breeding slots a month, if they wish to open all. Part time colorists will have 1 breeding slot a month and may choose to open it or not.

VII - Random rolls are held for breedings, number from 1 to 3. If you are a roleplayer you will receive an extra kit after all rolls have been taken.

VIII- If your cats are apprentices and breeding they will have a 50% mortality rate.

Raffle Breedings

I - You do not need roleplay for these slots. It is free to enter but if you win you must pay 10k to claim your breeding.

II - For this breeding slot type you may not sell any extra kits, you must give them away. Only one kit per owner may be kept.

III - You can enter two cats that you own, but you only get one kit from the breeding.

VI - You may enter as many pairs as you want.

Cross Clan Kits

From now on cross clan kits will have a 50% mortality rate. We'll attribute it to stress and the lack of Starclan's blessing. First kits will be randomized as usual. Secondly, a number will be randomized for each kit. See below. A cat may end up with the whole litter, or none. We don't want to forbid cross clan relationships entirely, but we felt this was a fair consequence.

Medicine cats (whether one or two are involved) will have an even harsher consequence, with a 75% mortality rate, same type of randomizing as last time.

Parents will have to decide who gets first choice before asking for a breeding, in case only one kit is born healthy.

Mortality Rates

There is a new system in place. Below are the reasons that a mortality rate would take place.

Cross-Clan breeding: 50%, random number 1-4 per kit.
1. Still born, 2. Healthy, 3. Alive, but must have something wrong with it. 4. Born alive, dies a few days later.(Kit will not be colored.)
If a three is rolled. Another number will be rolled. 1-10
1. Blind, 2. Owner Choice, 3. Deaf 4. Owner Choice, 5. Dumb, 6. Owner Choice, 7. Mental issues, 8. Owners choice, 9. Deformity, 10. Owner Choice

Apprentice Breeding: 50%, random number 1-4 per kit.
Same as above

Medicine Cat breeding: 75% random number 1-8 per kit
1. Still Born, 2. Healthy, 3. Still Born, 4. Alive, but something is wrong. 5. Still Born , 6. Born alive but dies later. 7.Still Born 8. Alive with something wrong.

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Season: End of LeafFall beginning of LeafBare

Food: Scarce but not horribly low.

In the clan there is unrest, Warriors want to get out and some of the more zealous think it has been quiet too long. The medicine cats are getting worried as the warriors aren't getting enough to eat and the herbs are running low. The trees are making the ground remain warm so the ground is always damp and good for hunting but the prey refuse to come out.

Food: Rabbits still run. But their large paws verses the cat's smaller ones makes catching them hard.

Windclan has taken a lot of stuff from other clans. But stealing prey they will not take. It seems that shadowclan has been stepping into their land once more. So its only fair that they would take back, but there isn't anything to take. You may wanna think about bringing it up at the next gathering?

Food: Running.

The river never froze. It has been a warm winter. The fish keep moving. They are closer to the bottom settling into the mud, but they are there. Many of the warriors are choosing to chase squirrels and water voles instead of brave the river though. Thankfully the medicine cats have enough herbs to fix an army and they may just have to when the small game run out and the cats have to go into the water.

Food: Gone.

Things are not looking good. Cats have been hanging around the swamp for a frog or too, even though it sometimes means fighting off rats. At first there was enough food for the elders and kits, but now everyone is at the end of their ropes. The catmint is gone. Illness will come, the only question is when.

Food: Only from hand outs and Rats

There is nothing much to report most the cats stay inside or even in boxes to stay off the cold concrete. The forest is looking loads better.

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This is the link to the owner list.

Make sure to check out the ranks of StarClan

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SilverPelt: Shop Owner
About: I am a mother, a worker, a wife, and an artist. (Currently: Everything)

Caffeinecraving: Co-owner/Manager, Colorist
About: Hey Guys i just got back to gaia after a year long hiatus... I was proving to myself that i could live with out gaia. But i decided that i enjoy gaia and the rp as well as the friends you make. That said This shop, in its previous glory was my absolute favorite shop. So we are going to see if we can bring it back.


WE ARE Going to be HIRING!

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Warrior Cats Books and Ideas (C) Erin Hunter

Creator/ Lineartist/ Templatest: SilverPelt
Shorthaired Windclan Adult Lineart/Template: Chinchillie

Thread Graphics: Caffeinecraving

Color: To their respective colorists.
Rp: To the respective writer.

Text's used throughout the Shop
Morpheus, Cat Csp, Cats vs Dogs

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If you want to affiliate with us, pm the mule... do not post in this thread! And we expect to see our banner up first ^^

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