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Oops, no, Alice and Theron, I think! Bonding over mutual 'not sure if want' of the royal recognition xD And it is fun! But planning is so crazy. Both of my parents are completely disinterested in planning this one, meaning it's on me to do all the advance stuff.

Ah! That's the one. It's all very fun, but difficult to keep straight. I'll get that set up soon. :3

Ooo. Planning outings is a pain. But at least that means you're in charge of the itinerary! 8D Good luck with it, and have lots and lots of fun for me. ;;


Tag! Forgot to quote you in-RP. >_>'
*needs a partner* Dancing in the corner alone is rather lonely... ;_;
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thank you! c8
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iStoleYurVamps is dancing with Blade Kuroda!

aw yea
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Somebody dance with silvr! *is taken otherwise would* ; ; <3
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-sniffs for a little more rp herself- 8D <3
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*needs a partner* Dancing in the corner alone is rather lonely... ;_;

thyPOPE is dancing with [.Silvr-Moon.]!
//takes you for a spin across the floor C8
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Aww silvr D: I wish to dance with you too! I dance with you all the time. We should totally dance away next time if you want <3

*dances around happily with you* 4laugh

Awwww Ashtiel! <33333

Edit: Awwww thank you so much, too, angel! <333
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Somnium x Willow Dropoffs!
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eeeee 8D -scoops up totem-
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_crown gaia_nitemareright

Ooooh, such pretties~! Congrats to the owners! 4laugh

*Continues to work on bunnies*
emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

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Lovely totems! <3

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