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General rules

    • Follow Gaia's ToS and respect other members at all times! Avoid inciting OOC drama to the best of your ability and familiarize yourself with the shop's policies.
    • If you're experiencing a serious problem, please try to PM a staff member before the situation gets out of hand.
    • Avoid using post styles—it is much easier for us to record event data and highlight staff announcements if the thread is kept clean!
    • Don't steal, copy, or modify Wardwood's artwork. Doing so will get you reported! If you're unsure about the specifics, always ask a staff member.
    • RP isn't required, but it's strongly encouraged. Roleplaying grants major perks like free edits, extra totems in breedings, and growth to our "elder" stag/hind stage.
    • Make sure you've read the front page and browsed through the archives in the guild before posting a question in the thread.
    • If you want a pet, don't beg, hint, or whine. Instead, check for updates and become engaged in the shop's community!

Sale information

    • Guardians are not to be resold under any circumstances!
    • Growing guardians cost 7k gold and non-growing guardians cost 4k. Companions pets and familiars cost 2k.
    • Free game pets are eligible for rehoming if they are not claimed in certing within 48 hours of being won.
    • Have a good attitude! If you don't win anything, there will always be more chances in the future.
    • We do not allow co-owning at this time.

Naming rules

    • Guardians, companions, and familiars have very flexible naming options. Please just don't give them common/modern human names (ex, Bob), names that are derived from technology or concepts that do not exist yet in Wardwood's setting (ex, Ultraviolet), or extremely silly or nonsensical names.
    • Human characters should have names that appear English and are suitable to Wardwood's time period, unless they are a foreigner, in which case their name should reflect their native language (analogous to a RL language like French, Russian, etc). Made-up names are fine, but they should still have a realistic English—or other RL language—feel to them. Please avoid "high fantasy" type names (examples of these that would be inappropriate: Bella Darkraven, Damien Moonstorm).

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New to the meta? Don't panic! You can read everything you need to know about past plot updates here.
And if human RP isn't your thing, check out our animal-only roleplay area,
The Dreaming.

It is said that Wolves once roamed these hills...
They had eyes of flame and spoke not in the howling of beasts but in the tongues of men. It is said that the struggle between the people of Sunderland and the Wolves became so terrible that the spirits of the great forest, the Wardwood, grew weary of the blood soaking into the roots of their home. They took pity on the furless, fangless humans and granted them spirit guardians in the shape of deer. At first the people cried out against this strange magic, but as more and more of them fell to the Wolves they grew desperate and put aside their mistrust. The spirit-chosen and their guardians became known as Wardens, after their place of origin, and in time they were the greatest weapons of the crown. They chased the Wolves from Sunderland back to their own domain, the frozen reaches of the north, where the beasts lost their knowledge of words. To this day it is said that their terrible howling can be heard in the frigid mountain winds that bear down on Sunderland in the coldest weeks of winter.

Hundreds of years have passed since that great war between Wolves and men. A Wolf has not been seen in Sunderland for centuries, and man's only reminders are the giant Wolf-stones deep in the forest — their purpose unknown, ancient and grown over with moss and earth — and the stories told to children at night to make them fear the darkness of the woods. Sunderland is safe. The spirits in the Wardwood have grown so quiet that many no longer believe that they exist, and people have even dared to cut down the Wardwood's trees to clear for farmland and fuel the growth of the nation's cities. The legends of the Wardens have faded until most consider them, too, to be only myths.

But now things are beginning to change. Choosings, almost nonexistent since the great war, are starting to happen again in curious numbers. People have seen and heard strange things in the forest, and dimly, the Wolf-stones' eyes have begun to glow…
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Wardwood takes place in the country Sunderland, which is similar to England at the turn of the 19th century (for comparison purposes, Pride and Prejudice is set during this time). It is a nation poised at the brink of scientific and technological breakthroughs that will soon herald an industrial revolution, but its atmosphere still hearkens back to older times; sailing vessels rule the seas, horse-drawn carriages are the preferred method of overland travel, and guns are clumsy, difficult-to-obtain weapons best supplemented by swords.

To read more about Sunderland, its customs, and the various locations within it, visit the setting information page in our guild.
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Totem (1 week) • Fawn (2 weeks) • Yearling (3 weeks) • Buck/Doe
Guardians are able to breed once they reach the buck/doe stage!

The Choosing
No one is quite sure how choosings happen; only that they are nearly impossible to resist. The human chosen is filled with an immense longing to wander off alone into the Wardwood, and upon doing so is drawn, after a day or two's journey, to an immense ward-tree in the forest. Runes glow on its trunk and its branches are heavy with small, deer-shaped totem stones. One seems more important than the rest, and its chosen takes it. It remains inert, its whorls glowing faintly, for anywhere between a week to several months before its energies manifest into a small fawn. At this point the guardian is already about as intelligent as a dog, and the mental bond between it and its chosen begins to solidify. This experience can be wonderful, troubling, or both, as the chosen begins to receive sensations and emotions that do not belong to them—and are anything but human. As the guardian grows, its vague, erratic mental sendings gradually become strong and controlled. By the time it is a young adult buck or doe, it's able to transmit clear images, emotions, and sensory input to its chosen over great distances and can communicate on a complex emotional level, though it cannot yet speak using words. A grown guardian is about the size of a small horse and can easily carry its chosen.
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It has been hundreds of years since the last awakened guardian walked the earth... now, they walk again.
These great stags and hinds of legend are able to speak the languages of men and are larger and more powerful than unawakened guardians.

Awakened guardians are an RP-only stage. Obtaining one requires patience and dedication!
Please visit this page for information about awakening your guardian.
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The mystical energies of the Wardwood affect certain animals in unusual ways, rendering them larger, smarter, and longer-lived than normal creatures...
We have two types of minipets in Wardwood: companions and familiars, the latter of which is a companion that is bonded to a hedge witch.
Familiars are distinguishable from regular companions by their glowing eyes and certs with blue instead of yellow backgrounds.
While all characters can own an unlimited number of companion pets, familiars are limited to one per hedge witch.

Visit the bestiary for more information!
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The motley crew of the goodship Wardwood
Umbrology Captain - Owner, artist, colorist
Amorpheous Pirate trick monkey - Colorist
Chrystali Barrel of salt pork - Colorist
Cynnybun Crotchety, Foul-Mouthed Parrot - Certist

On hiatus
Rejam Albatross - Consultant, guest colorist
Hybridic First mate - RP manager
phoenix kiss Cabin boy - Colorist
Samuel Carlin Barnacle - Certist
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We accept 200x40 banners.
Currently we only affiliate with other b/c shops and interest threads!
Please PM the mule or post in the thread to swap banners.

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