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Welcome to Voronwe (vohr-ahn-way), a breedables shop offering pets called, you guessed it: Voronwe! Don't know what they are? Take a gander at the posts below, they should tell you all you need to know ;3

Feel free to have a look around, post whatever you like (so long as you keep to the rules), and enjoy your visit! We currently have familiars, humans, and new templates in the works!

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||Page One - World of the Voronwe||
[1] Navigation
[2] News
[3] Story
[4] Rules & FAQ
[5] Stages
[6] Humans
[7] Ordering/Customs
[8] Roleplay
[9] Breeding
[10] Item Shop
[11] Staff
[12] Links
[13] Pick Up

||Page Two - Availability||
[1] Sales Rules
[2] Flat Sales
[3] Raffles
[4] Auctions
[5] Events

Please ignore the dust. Slowly re-working thread; see Page 1593


Werebit - Harassment
OooLa - Werebit's Mule
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4th February '13: Voronwe slowly gets a new Facelift & Staff. Several edits occur.

7th April '10: Ruxan Kikilin has been Promoted to Event & Colorist Manager, she is also now our official Certist! This is some mighty tasks but we feel that she can do it!
3rd April '10: Easter Event!! See page 2 for details. Come and enjoy!
25th March '10: Hallucinogenishawhatever! (Cinny) has been hired and the hiring thread has been closed. Thank you all who participated.
18th March '10: GlassTears has been hired in as Part Time!
10th March '10: Hiring Opens! Limited Spots. X

7th March '10: Caustic would like to let you know that the shop has passed to some new owners recently: Lita Maxwell and Jaded Sunset. ^^

6th July '09: eep. Caustic would like to apologize for her old laptop HD dying. D: Some things had to be postponed. This month we will have a Human FS, Voronwe FS and perhaps start the bonding plot finally! Also, Summer gifting season opens. The Gaia items Event will now be pushed back until the end of July most likely. Sorry guys! Caustic is back with a new computer though. :]

12th June '09: We will try to hold our Human FS again soon! Very soon we will introduce Bonding with the metaplot. The Summer gifting season opens in July along with our Gaia Items Events! <3

7th April '09: Humans are here! :] Our first flatsale went well, we will have more humans for you by May. April is going to be a little quiet since Caustic and others are super busy. :c But May will get things rolling. We'll have a normal voronwe flatsale or two in april, then in May we should have both more humans and the Lagos! In May, also look out for the community White Ribbon event. :0 We will have several pets in the event.

The Gifting season is still open for one more month! Please check that out if you would like your voronwe to start developing its elemental abilities.
The metaplot will start to develop as well, so get your roleplay self into gear! xD<3 We will be working up to the Bonded. More roleplay activity definitely speeds things along! Please post here in the main thread if you have any questions, or any suggestions about what you think would help you get involved with roleplay. We have a RP guide to the world of Voronwe and a new map coming soon. :]

Summary on RP incentives

9th March '09: Lots of stuff going on. Oriental event is underway with first set of pack items available! :0
Humans will be arriving soon. Lagos are coming up this spring too. We also have the mature adult/elder Voronwe available now, as well as a start on re-vamping our current templates thanks to Falcon! <3

29th November '08:More news for staff! Big update/summary, see guild news in the crew forum.

26th November '08: Please visit our Hiring thread! ALL COLORISTS MUST RE-APPLY! Our managers (Falcon, Mauser, and I) are exempt. A lot of people are inactive so this is also a way for you to choose if you want to stay or not.

25th November '08: Caustic 0_0 is now the Voronwe owner and Falcon is staying as a co-owner! Feel free to post or PM (this account or caustic 0_0 ) if you are waiting on anything (growings, etc) from us.
Look forward to a Winter Holiday event to start on December 15th!

20th August '08: Further edits to the packs post- it's now complete, and VERY important. Please give it a read if you intend to RP your pets. Additionally, we've chosen a selection of pets from the beginning games to be of "the Bloodline"- read the packs post to understand what that means. We won't TELL you if your pet is one of these- the only way to find out is to RP and look for anything you didn't expect!
Onto the news which has our owner very excited- the familiars, the "lagos", have been announced! They're essentially large, sentient rabbits; capable of talking with each other much as the Voronwe have. Very exciting stuff, I can't wait to get these inked so I can template them! (Have to reign in my excitement- the Voronwe is our priority.)
Final thing- for those STILL waiting on the Demonic female- we have some VERY nice wing edits waiting to be inked and templated. Unfortunately, that will come after ALL other lines and templates- but it hasn't been forgotten, and will still happen!

19th August '08: We've finished renovating the shop! Please tell me what you think. ;3 Also, we've had a HUGE edit to the Packs post- please check it out on page two, it's going to be important to the shop.
The majority of the growings have been done- the rest should hopefully be done within a week or so.
Finally, there's a new cert by Zsabrina- done a while ago, but I've not put it up yet.

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Pheidren, Goddess of a small land not known to men, had the small task of watching over the few animals that thrived there. In this unknown place, she was master and commander of all life. She could take life in an instant; she could bring one of her more favored creatures back from the jaws of death.

But she angered easily.

One day, while enjoying the silence of her favorite spot--it was only an old tree, but she felt strangely calm around it--two warring creatures came tumbling into a forest clearing. On their own, they were kind, gentle creatures, but they had undergone a feud for centuries. Their war was, to be put simply, a battle between good and evil. A battle between angels and demons. But they weren't so different. Pheidren had had enough with their quarrelling, and exacted punishment.

"Foolish creatures." She muttered in an icy tone, "from henceforth you shall be forced to be one, and suffer for your idiocy." She cast a hand toward the two warring animals, and they merged into one being with a blast of brilliant light, then disappeared. Banished, no doubt, to Gaia, where Pheidren would not have to worry about them and their silly feud any more.

However, unbeknownst to the goddess, since it was her primary duty to watch over the very creatures she had banished, she, too, was banished to the realm of Gaia. Finally realizing what she had done, Pheidren could not take her curse back. She could, however, watch over the very creatures she had cursed. The angels and demons that were now Voronwe were forced to interbreed, and be one and the same. The feud was over, and a new age could begin.

Thus, Pheidren and the Voronwe she cursed were forced to dwell in the land of Gaia, where Pheidren's powers as goddess slowly began to diminish. In the hundreds of years that followed, however, she began to grow kind and wished to help the Voronwe in any way she could, and the Voronwe erected a sanctuary in her honor. She was their goddess, after all, and time had made her grow wiser.

The goddess can, however, bestow powerful Gifts upon the Voronwe who come at certain times of the year to her sanctuary and ask for The Gift. The Gift, if Pheidren decides the Voronwe is worthy enough to receive it, gives its host amazing powers depending on gender. Males receive powers over the elements (most likely in regards to their name or physical appearance), while females gain powers of the psychic type. Only special Voronwe can receive this Gift, however, but many try.

But Voronwe have since forgotten what befell them centuries ago, and live their lives day to day with strong bonds of loyalty and kinship. Thus, in a sense, Pheidren didn't really curse them. She gave them peace.

However, humans have recently made a settlement in the heart of Voronwe lands...
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General Rules

[1] No Stealing, altering, or editing of any kind. The artists worked very hard on the pets, and deserve some credit.

[2] Please, be nice to everyone! Just Follow the TOS! We don't want any bullying to take place in our shop.

[3] No Begging for a Voronwe.

[4] Direct-link until your Voronwe is an adult! Then it is preferred you host on your own.

[5] Please send the trade for anything you order ASAP; preferably within 24 hours.
[5.1] There will be 24-48 hours to claim prizes.
[5.2] 24 hours if Game/Sale ends around the weekend.
[5.3] 48 hours if on the weekday.
[5.4] Unclaimed prizes will be rerolled or entered into a quick sale/auction/game.

[6] If you have questions, ASK! Don’t be shy! We don’t bite! ;3

[7] You have full rights to keep and RP Voronwe you bought in the old shop. They were legally bought; and when they were bought there was nothing anyone could do to take them away. Therefore, they are YOURS.

[8] Please try to keep your posts readable. Moderate chatspeak is okay but keep it in control.

[9] Any questions can be asked in the thread or PMed to Goddess Pheidren, the shop mule. Also check out our FAQ.

[10] Roleplay will be required on all heavily edited pets. Recent example would be such as Ruxans Ghost Voronwe and Kitty's Dracula Voronwe. Unless, of course, otherwise stated. This may exclude AB'ed Auctions, Customs, and special exclusion Sales.


Q: ...What do I do with my Voronwe?
A: You just show it off or roleplay with it! You can also keep a journal.

Q: Do the Voronwe do anything special? Like, do they have special powers?
A: Weellll...they can acquire powers if you roleplay with them. Once a season, we'll hold an event in which adult Voronwe can go to the Goddess' Sanctuary (in the guild) and ask for powers. If they're deemed worthy, they are given special rp privileges (meaning they get powers). Otherwise, with the exception of "mutations", the males are immensely strong and the females can fly.
Also, read about the Bonded to find about the abilities that are gained with them.

Q: Are Voronwe RP required?
A: See Rule #10 please. Any questions at all, feel free to ask!

Q: Can I have my pet from the old shop put onto new lines?
A: Yes. If your pet needs to grow, we will finish growing it for free on the new lines.
If your pet is already an adult, it'll be the same price or lower than a normal custom to transfer it to the new lines- you'll have to ask your colorist of choice.

Q: My Voronwe from the old shop never reached adulthood!
A: Oh no! Let us know and we'll color it and grow it for you ASAP!

Q: How do I get the Mature/Elder stage?
A: PM Goddess Pheidren with links to roleplay examples (minimum 4 with at least 1 pg each). Your pet must first stay at the adult stage for minimum one month.

Q: How do I join a pack?
A: It's easy! Request here. You will roleplay to get involved.

Q: How does my Voronwe receive their elemental Gift/powers?
A: For several months each season, a thread will be open for your request here.

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User Image
User Image
Male Stages on the left; Female Stages on the right.

Kitts -

Kitts! Aww! A little baby Voronwe, all for you! They're cute and cuddly, but watch out for their inquisitive nature! Leave them alone for one minute and they'll be bouncing around and exploring. They are very vulnerable at this stage, however, and need constant protection and care.

Kitts can't speak at birth; they learn how to speak from their early experiences, like any other infant. Thus, be sure to teach them and nurture them so they can mature into intelligent little individuals. Notice that males are marked by their horns and females by their forehead gems, wings and tail orbs!

Oh, boy! Your kitt has grown into a full-fledged teenager! Teenaged Voronwes can be ripe with emotional drama and newfound independence. No need to worry; they're still cute! Even if you want to strangle them to shut them up, they're still adorable.

But they still haven't tapped into their powers yet, and are on what seems to be a neverending path of self-discovery. They may seem to be over-rebellious at times, and may be eyeing a certain special-someone, so this stage is one you need to keep an eye on.

Young Adults -
Finally, an adult! No more drama (or so you hope)! An adult has developed its own personality and thoughts by this time, and is ready to mate with that special someone. Voronwes can life-mate, so some begin courting by the teen stage.

The adult stage opens many new roleplaying possibilities. Not only can adult Voronwe breed and maybe even life-mate, but they can also form clans with their mate and start a large family to roam the land with.

In addition to the forming of clans/packs (You can read about Packs in the guild), the Voronwe can also gain special powers once they reach the adult stage. Once a season, an event will be held in which adult Voronwe can ask the Goddess for the Gift of Power. If she deems the Voronwe worthy, it will be blessed with magnificent powers. If the Voronwe is male, elemental powers are to be expected; if female, psychic powers are received.

Regardless of if the Voronwe receive the Gift, males will still have exceptional strength, and all females will still have the gift of flight.

Mature Adults/ Elder-
If you're active in your Voronwe's path- or blessed with fortune- your Voronwe will mature fully into a wise Voronwe who has experienced life and can handle it's ups and downs. This is often reached once a Voronwe has fully developed their Gift and know how to handle it.
They must be sure in themselves and comfortable with who they are. Their breedings have the potential to be larger and they can be the leader of their own pack.

How do you get your Voronwe to this stage? Check out the FAQ!

Voronwe Availability

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User ImageUser Image
Male Stages on the left; Female Stages on the right.

Lagos is short for lago sapien, which means wise rabbit. The Lagos are, quite simply, very large wise rabbits.

A warren of normal rabbits lived and died for generations next to where Goddess Pheidren chose to live once she descended upon Gaia; and where her temple now stands. As the lands nearby changed with her magic, producing plants which are used in strange potions, the warren too changed- and as they ate of the plants and berries which held such power, they grew large, and fearless, and wise.

The Lagos have little to fear in these lands. The Voronwe are the only predators large enough to pose them any threat; but the two species reached an understanding that they were as equals; although verbally unable to communicate. Taking a Lagos as food is viewed as a form of cannibalism, as they are as sentient as the Voronwe are, and in some ways are wiser.

The Lagos are able to feel intentions; although they are not defenseless, they dislike to fight other species', and instead use their abilities to gauge the best course of action to avoid fighting.

It has become perfectly acceptable for a Lagos to keep a Voronwe company; and use their ability to read their companions moods and cheer them when necessary.

Lagos Availability
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Plot Summary of Humans & Bonded

User Image
Humans have lived for a while now in a settlement on Voronwe lands. These humans recognize and worship a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. Unfortunately for the Voronwe, many humans have hunted Voronwe for their pelts.

The Goddess Pheidren, worried about the future as the human population grew, decided to appear amongst them in their settlement. Stories quickly spread about the Goddess they call the Lady of the Woods. Some humans now recognize Pheidren as a Goddess, but they are still unsure of what the Voronwe are.

Just because Pheidren gained recognition herself does not mean that her sacred creatures the Voronwe did. Still seeing a threat to peace within her lands, the Goddess Pheidren tried something new. Pheidren offered an opportunity to both Voronwe and Humans who would hear her call. A human and a Voronwe can now become 'bonded' to each other in order to serve as a force for peace.

The Bonded are able to speak to each other telepathically. Their abilities strengthen each other. A human benefits from a Voronwe's strength, agility and speed. The Voronwe benefits from an increase in their mental powers, one possibility being the ability to read thoughts of other humans and voronwe. Together the pair is wiser. They gain important knowledge about each other's world and slowly can develop a feeling for how the other thinks.
Even without being bonded, some normal humans who worship Pheidren are capable of friendship with Voronwe.

Check out these links for the full information about Humans and Bonded!
+Human Subforum in Guild
+Human & Bonded Guide
+Human Custom Ordering

  • Customs: Closed
  • See page two for all sales!

User Image

Ordering Voronwe & Lagos Customs
Have you read all the posts and decided you'd like to order a pet? You've arrived at the right post!

    1. Check here to see which colorist you want to commission and if he or she is available. Follow the link- each artist has a profile thread with examples!
    2. Read this post and fill out the form given. You can PM the colorist the form directly unless their profile thread says otherwise! You could also PM this account and we will send it on to the artist.
    3. Send trade to this account, Goddess Pheidren! <3

    - Human Customs are CLOSED

    • Option one
      Option one includes your choice of name, gender, two colors, or a theme (like swirls, fire, designs, etcetc). This is for those who don't have enough gold for the higher options, or simply don't care what their pet looks like, they just know they want one.

      Voronwe Cost: 20k adult-only stage; 40k full three stages.
      Lagos Cost: 10k adult-only stage; 20k full two stages.

    • Option Two
      Option two is the more customizable of the two options. You know exactly what you want? Then buy this option ;3. You get your choice of any colors, designs, whatever. Quite frankly, anything short of cosplays and lineart edits are fine.

      Voronwe Cost: 40k adult-only; 65k full three stages.
      Lagos Cost: 15k adult-only; 25k full two stages.

    • Option Three
      Sooo, you want something lineart-edited or a cosplay, or else you would have purchased one of the previous options. Be warned; you'll have to check with the colorist you have in mind before you order your cosplay or line edit, as not all colorists will be willing. Cosplays are really hard, mmk, and we don't all like doing them. That's why price is up to the colorist.

    We may be able to work something out! If you're interested in a trade, PM the offer to this account and we'll ensure the artist sees it. Or PM directly to your artist of choice. :3 We all looove pets, and will take a look at your shop. Don't be TOO disappointed if we say no, though; we all have individual tastes!

    User Image

    Custom Slots - All colorist names below are linked to staff profiles. Please check their thread, the custom status listed there is to be trusted as accurate over what is listed here!

Order Form
Okay, so you've figured out which type of order you'd like to place? Fill out the form below and PM it to your colorist of choice or to Goddess Pheidren! Immediately send the trade to this account as well and it will be accepted after the pet is finished.

Once you receive a preview of your pet, take it off to the naming thread to get it certed<3

[color=green][b]Ordering a Custom![/b]
Voronwe or Lagos?:
Which Option:
Which colorist:
Colors (horns, wings, claws, fur.. Etc.):
User Image

Link to Guild

Roleplaying is not required, but HIGHLY recommended. Roleplaying can take place in the guild or in the thread. Guild roleplay will earn you RP points that you can cash in to the item shop! If you'd like to have a journal for your Voronwe spelling out its personality and relationships, then that can be placed in the guild as well.

A map of the world can be found below. Check out the guild for more in-depth information about Voronwe. The Human and Packs subforums also contain more information that is helpful. :]

And, please, keep RP's PG-13. What you do in PM's and Messengers is your own business. @.@ Most of you probably don't need this warning, but it needs to be here nonetheless.

Earning Points
(It is always the staff's judgment on what counts)
  • Journal set up: 5 points, random additional points for activity & quality
  • 1x1 RP: 5 points per page
  • Group RP: 3 points per page
  • Outstanding RP: if a staff member is impressed, you might earn a random point

  • RP and Map Guide!
  • RP Incentives & RPP Totals-- Go here to read a summary of RP perks, and check up on your RP points!

User Image

User Image

Voronwe are social creatures; and often form "packs"; a group of Voronwe who wander the land together. They often have certain things in common; personality traits, or physical mutations. Packs are an ancient tradition; which go back to before the Voronwe were one species, and were in fact two.

The Elemental Packs are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Chaos and Order. Voronwe of each element can develop special gifts, whether or not they belong to the pack. Owners can also create their own packs, for whatever reasons they come up with from traveling families to something more complex! Creating your own pack is pretty easy and you can eventually earn a special item and a subforum.

Please visit this forum to read the full information about Packs!
User Image

Once two adult Voronwe decide to mate, and BOTH owners agree, the option for breeding is finally open!

If you do not choose to keep all of your kitts, you may give the rest away or we can give them away through the shop. If you want to get a cheaper breeding, you can allow us to sell the unwanted kitts! You cannot sell them yourself however.

  • Normal Breeding- Voronwe or Lagos
    A litter can yield 2-4 kitts, depending on the random number chosen once the mule announces that the female Voronwe is expecting. If you provide us RP evidence between the Voronwe couple, you will get a guaranteed 3 or 4 kitts!

    Regular couples that are not life mated can breed together only twice. An individual can breed any number of times, but their children must reach the adult stage before they can gain another breeding slot.

    2 kitts: 20k total
    3 kitts: 30k total
    4 kitts: 40k total

    +Edits? Discuss with your colorist.

    LAGOS PRICING>>Lagos breeding works the same way. Cost is 9k if two kits, 18k if three and 27k if four.

  • Life-Mating Voronwe
    If two Voronwe choose to life-mate, both owners must say so- and we need RP evidence for this! Simply PM Goddess Pheidren to announce their status as Life-mates. Each owner should PM so we know that it is mutual.

    Life-mating is a common thing in the world of Voronwe; they tend to be an affectionate species. Life-mates can pray to the Goddess to grant them extra young as their wisdom has increased their ability to raise them well. This increases the chance of having a large litter, up to 5 kitts!

    However, life-mating is similar to our marriage- it really is for "life", and can only be broken in special circumstances such as if one Voronwe significantly changes in personality or disappears. If you wish to break a life-mating due to absence of your partnered owner, you must request such by PM to this account. Then the Goddess will alert the owner that they have one month to return their Voronwe to our world. If they do not return or if they agree to end it, the life-mating can be declared over.

    Life-Mating may occur in male-male, female-female, or male-female pairs.

    Breeding Life-Mate pairs must be actively Roleplayed before and during Gestation.

    PRICING>>Normal life mates are guaranteed 3 kitts, with a discounted price from normal breeding.
    Give us roleplay evidence of the expecting couple and when rolling to decide litter size we will roll 3-5!

    3 kitts: 18k total
    4 kitts: 26k total
    5 kitts: 40k total

  • Rogue Voronwe Breeding-
    Sometimes a female or male voronwe have some fun while you aren't looking! A Rogue breeding means that only one of the parents is known (Part of the shop, with an owner) while the other is up to the colorists imagination! You are allowed to make a simple request as to the appearance of the Rogue parent if you desire. We will only roll for 1-2 kitts.

    Rogue breeding cost:
    1 kitt: 8k
    2 kitts: 16k

  • Recessive Genes- The gene pool is a complex thing; made up of dominant and recessive genes. When a Voronwe- or any creature- has offspring, they can carry characteristics neither parents have- from aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even further back!

    You have two options- one is to use the recessive genes which are known, if the pet has blood family which have been colored. The second is to choose to have recessive genes which nobody knows about- it'll make the kitts a lot more interesting! Don't worry- recessive genes don't tend to make a vast difference to the offspring unless you choose to as a semi-custom option.

    Semi-custom: If you would like to use the idea of recessive genes to make a specific request about the appearance of your kitts, it will cost you an extra 10k.
    Free: If you leave the appearance of recessive genes up to the colorist. Or it is also free if your Voronwe has known relatives in the shop from previous breedings. Or of course there is the default of not having any recessive genes appear at all!

    Line Edits
    Does one or both of the adults have line art edits? You can chose to have no line edits in the kitts or we can come to an agreement about how to include them! A small extra fee can be worked out depending on the extent of the edits you desire, please PM your colorist if interested.

User Image

Breeding Slots - All colorist names below are linked to staff profiles. Please check their threads, their slot status listed there is to be trusted as accurate!

    • Jaded Sunset[Open]

      Now just fill out the form below and PM it to your colorist of choice!<3

      We ask BOTH owners to confirm the breeding somehow: either PM or post in the shop thread here that you each agree to the breeding.

[color=green][b]Goddess Pheidren, Grant Our Wish![/b]
Breeding Type: (Normal or Lifemate or Rogue)
Which colorist/s:

Parent One: (link to cert please)
Owner of Parent One:

Parent Two: (link to cert please)
Owner of Parent Two:

RP Evidence: (Required for Lifemates or optional for Normal)
Recessive Genes: (Colorist's choice or Relatives or Semi-custom)

Rogue?: ('Colorist's choice' or include a simple request for Rogue parent appearance here)

Additional Requests:
User Image

Items! <33 The humans at the settlement have so many curious items, so some Voronwe craftsmen have taken it upon themselves to re-create the items for their fellow Voronwe to wear! Have some gold and want to accessorize? Saved up RP Points to spend? Here's the place!

If you want something that's not kept in stock, maybe you should place an order via PM? One of the staffers might be able to make you a custom deal.

Item shop contains accessories for your Voronwe to wear, special potions for things like growth, and more!

Ordering custom accessories is CLOSED! :]

User Image

  • Pack Items -Pack items are available for FREE to Pack members only!
    To request a pack item for your Voronwe, please PM Goddess Pheidren! They are free as is to members of the appropriate pack, so include a link to a roleplay where we can see your pet as part of the pack.

    Do not own a Pack member Voronwe? You can purchase these items for 10k.

  • User Image

    Jaded Sunset. Owner, colorist, editor, RPer, story writer and much more.

    Lineart by Lever Puller.
    Inking by Mausoleum.
    Original concept by Nyamh.
    Developments by Ren Jase, caustic 0_0, Lita Maxwell and Jaded Sunset.
    Templating by MaeflowerJ, some new templates by Ren Jase.
    Colouring by many people.

    User Image

    Want to affiliate with us? Send a PM to Jaded Sunset with a link to your shop and one of the staffers will look into it! Affiliates are most welcome, so don't be shy!

    Small or medium banners please. We will use text links if your image breaks or if the banner is too large.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    User Image

    Links out

    User Image

    Please see the Certing Thread for your Pick Ups.

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