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Much to do and nobody online to sort things with. >.>;
YAY! Drama - free *nestles back into shiny new thread*
...Oh noes! Zsabby has no blankie! POTENTIAL DRAMA!

*tucks a blanckie around Zsabby so she's all snuggled* 8D

...Yes, Falfal is going to be making drama jokes a fair bit. xp Mostly about trivial things and having no tea.
Don't mix the two up. Lack of tea is so not trivial. whee
Falcon heard MacDonald's is hiring; and apparently their management course rocks. So she's going to apply.

Can you imagine the DRAMA?!
She walks in; and all the obese people who eat there for every meal see she needs a belt to hold up a men's pair of shorts size small. The glower; one or two crack their knuckles.
"How dare you come onto our turf", each knuckle crack seems to say.

Filled with trepadition, she goes up to the counter and asks about a job. All around realise she's trying to apply at McDonald's and Falcon's cool reputation is DRAMATICALLY ruined, with roaring thunder and blinding flashes of lightening!

Hmm, that won't happen. It's too sunny. whee
Falfal hopes Zsabby is about when she returns. She been drawin'!

*skitters out the door*
LMAO! Yay! Blankie! *cuddles into blankie* ~sings~ my blankie, my blankie... hehe

I don't know hwo McDonald's is over there, but the ones here suck now... >.>;; lol I worked there and it was the shortest job I ever stayed at O_O I got tired of the morons within 2 weeks and stayed on only b/c my ex-boyfriend's brother was the manager and had hired me so I wouldn't be bored that summer and we were going to quit together but he ditched me... that arse. LOL

Oooo *wants to see drawings!!*
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Hey everyone, drama free thread is good ^^"
YAY! Hiya Ace ^_^
I don't know what Mcdonald's is like to work for; but if I get it, it'll just be a temporary thing, unless I can see a way of getting on the management training course. If it's not too bad I may stick with it for that reason.

*starts yanking her scanner out from under piles of paper*
Aaah... Well I hope it's better where you are. It's not difficult, just you have to be fast and accurate.

I use to hate getting glares from people when the ice cream machine was broken O_o Like by giving me mean looks it was my fault and it would fix itself xp lol

I did a beginning of the management training, it's not bad, you just have to learn alot of temperatures for different foods and lots of food safety, aside from how to manage a crew...
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Hey Zsa ^^"

Oh man I could never work in a fast food place, I would end up throwin stuph at people XDD

However my current job at the moment isn't much better >< I'm so close to just leaving it at the moment.
Leslie keeps raving about it, saying he had a friend who went to McDonald's just for the manager training and went on to get a great job. *shrug*

User Image

Feel free to critique- as long as you do it properly! No saying, "the hand looks wierd." Say WHY.

And yeah, the left (as you look at it) hand was meant to be lightly resting on the Delcatty's ear, but I realised I had to move it down, so now the hand is in mid-air doing nothing. whee

Things Falcon dislikes:
The furthest eye
The hand cradling the Dragonair's head/neck
The way the Delcatty looks masculine

Oh yeah, she IS wearing a skirt- in fact dressed very like my avvie- I just draw the full body first to try to make it at least not anatomically too bad. ninja
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*ish talking to you already about it* XPP
Awesome! I love the pokemon, they're done very well ^_^ And the avi. The feet are the right size too as far as I can see. lol The only thing that looks kind of skewed is the chest is at a funny angle towards the right. The pose has the shoulders rounded looking almost like she should be slouching but they're too high in comparison to the chest to be doing that I think?

The shoulder on the left, the avi's right, is a bit too high I think. Then again since the concept of that hand was changed, maybe rework the pose of the arm entirely? Up to you.
The eye on the right.. I would look at some of Rose's modeling sites and see if you can get it shaped better. Other than that and the hands (try shaped fingers instead of individual) she looks great!

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