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A summary of the manuscript dictates that to be considered a law-abiding citizen, one must...
1. Not steal the art. Do not edit, redistribute or sell any art provided by or contained within the shop. Do not enter it in contests.
2. Not beg, whine, flame, spam or otherwise causing trouble in the thread.
3. Not speak in chatspeak, and take care to use spelling and grammar correctly.
4. Not harrass the staff or other Dewi owners.
5. Obey the Gaia ToS and all shop staff members.

It should be noted that staff can and will deny sales, remove pets, demand a user leave permanently, or report a user for poor behaviour. As a general rule, removed pets are refunded at half the standard flatsale price, regardless of how they were acquired. This can and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This has never occurred in the past.

How can I get a Dewi?
You can get one through a flatsale, special event, or by purchasing a custom. See the Market Square post for details.

How much do Dewis cost?
The Market Square post below has the cost prices and custom guide lines. Event pets vary wildly in price based on their method of sale.

How many species of Dewis are there?
There are currently 4 species of Dewis: Common, Hybrid, Aquatic & Feral
There are also 2 species of Kittens: Common EverKittens & AquaKittens

How many stages are there?
Dewis originally had an Egg stage, but eggs are no longer sold.
Dewis have 2 main stages, Child & Adult.
Through use of a rare potion, a Dewi may evolve into an Evolved Dewi.
Through very extensive RP, adult and evolved Dewis may reach an Elder stage.
On extremely rare occasions, an Elder may ascend into Godhood.

Aquatic Dewis cannot evolve or reach Elder stage.

So, do I have to RP my dewi?
No, but the Elder stage Dewis will be inaccessible to you.

How long does it take my dewi to grow?
The Dewis grow to adult after about a week, but the colourists are forgetful people, so if it's been a while and your pet seems to have been forgotten, you can post in the thread with your pet to remind us.

Can I change my dewi's colour or gender?
No. Can you change your colour or gender?

The price for the custom I want is too high, and I don't want to change my order. What can I do?
Well, you could always try to bribe Dragon_Bluey with items. Bluey loves sealed envelopes, premium items and things like that.

Do you do art/pet trades?
Maybe. It would have to be a decent pet or art, though. Dewis take a lot of work! PM Dragon_Bluey if you wish for your offer to be considered.

Can I work in your shop?
No, we already have some long-time customers in colourist positions to keep things moving.

Who are you, anyway?
Tribaldragons is a shop account created by Dragon_Bluey and Harperking. In early-mid 2006, Harperking decided to let Bluey take over. She is still part-owner though, so if the shop account posts in green, it's Harperking. If it's in blue or black, Bluey's in it. 3nodding

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You may choose between a day or night cert for your new Dewis.
There is also an Aquatic cert which can have its background colour customised.
Familiars have special certs.

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Flatsale Information
1. One Dewi per owner per flatsale. No mule accounts. Proxying is allowed.
2. Once the flatsale is declared to be open (it will be explicitly stated), you may claim any Dewi not already claimed by someone else.
3. After claiming your Dewi, you must send the correct gold amount to the colourist hosting the flatsale. You must also post the name of the Dewi, and if you have a preference, which cert you would like.
4. No editing or deleting posts during flatsales. If you claim the wrong Dewi, post again and hope no one else got the one you wanted.

Flatsale Price List
3,000g - Land & Hybrid Dewis
4,000g - Aquatic & Feral Dewis
1,500g - EverKittens, AquaKittens & Minis
2,000g - Grey Bonder Kittens

Prices may be adjusted at time of sale.

Customs Information
Bluey will quote your customs, but they are negotiable. Multiple staged Dewis with large amounts of edits will cost a lot, because they exhaust Bluey. Custom Elders are only available to thread regulars that roleplay. Thread regulars with sizeable roleplayer records can receive a large discount on their first Elder. There is a limit of 2 custom Elders per person.

When ordering a custom, you get to choose gender, tribe, colours and coat design in as little or as much detail as you want. If you want something specific, please provide a lot of detail. Please give details about any custom items or edits you want. Providing sketches or reference pictures for more complex or specific items is helpful.

Please note that the prices below are a rough guide, and are typically for single-stage Dewis only. Thread regulars can get discounts if they ask nicely.

Customs Guide
10-20k = simple dewi, single or multiple stages
20-40k = minor edits/items
40-60k = moderate edits/items
60-80k = major edits/items

There is a 10k surcharge on Feral & Evolved Dewis.
There is a 20k surcharge on Aquatic & Elder Dewis.
Expect double the price for multiple stages, particularly for heavily edited Dewis.

250k for 1 God
500k for 2 Gods
700k for a God Family of 3 (2 parents, 1 child)
900k for a God Family of 4 (2 parents, 2 children)

God Breedings:
200k for 1 child
350k for 2 children
500k for 3 children

All Gods are done by Dragon_Bluey, so PM her about them. All come with lineart edits, custom gifts, often intricate coat designs, items, a special God cert, and a Domain.

Everkittens & AquaKittens:
Each: 5k, 10k for edits and items.
For 2: 8k, 15k for edits and items.
More expensive for more complex edits/items.

PM all custom orders/orders to be quoted to Dragon_Bluey. You can mention if you have any monthly collectables or premium items that you might like to offer, although Bluey can be picky. If you would like a custom done by someone else, such as Lady Aria Starstone, you may PM her instead.

Aria Custom Slots:
1. Open
2. Open
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Dewi breeding is a magical ritual that involves 2 parents of any gender. They must be adults, evolved, elders or Gods. Any combination of these stages may breed. Any combination of Dewi species my breed. The offspring may be kept or given away. There are costs involved to book the Crystal Caverns for breeding, and these should be sent directly to the breed guardian (colourist that has announced there are open breeding slots).

5k for 2 offspring
8k for 3 offspring

100k surcharge per God involved in the breeding. The number of babies that grow into Gods will never exceed the amount of parents that are Gods.

3k for 2 offspring
4k for 3 offspring

EverKittens & AquaKittens can also breed. They do not have to be the same species. They also do not have to be in the evolved stage. If a parent is evolved, the offspring is also likely to evolve. The kittens require Dewis to bond with, or can bond with the Dewi their parent has.

~*Crystal Caverns Booking Form*~
Breed Guardian: Dragon_Bluey
Parent 1:
Parent 2:
Parent 1's owner:
Parent 2's owner:
Number of Offspring:
Total Cost:

The Book of Dewi

Chapter 1: Land Species - Common, Feral
Chapter 2: Water Species - Hybrid, Aquatic
Chapter 3: Evolved & Elders
Chapter 4: The Gods
Chapter 5: Tribes

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Domains, Gifts, Ascension

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Examples of Gifts:
Fissure: causes the ground to open.
Earthquake: can cause small earth tremors
Growth: can cause plants to grow and revive dying vegetation
Golem: can summon small short lived creatures made of wood
Rock Throw: can levitate small rocks and hurl them
Stone Gaze: temporarily turns creatures to solid stone!
Metal Shield: forms a temporary metal shield to hover in front of the dewi
Touch of Midas: temporarily turns inanimate objects to metal
Sparkle: entrances others and makes the dewi look very attractive to them
Hoard: can create gems

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Examples of Gifts:
Ignite: can turn to flames for short periods of time
Heat Wave: greatly increases the air temperature around it
Cold Flame: turns fire cold so it doesn't burn you
Soul Flame: incites the anger of those around
Rock Melt: turns solid stone to liquid
Volcanic Eruption: forms a small temporary volcano, or causes existing volcanoes to erupt
Ash Rain: makes a soft ash fall from the sky
Imp Summon: summons small temporary creatures of flame
Awaken: revives the energy of tired or hurt dewis
Solar Whip: a whip of flame that can be used in many ways

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Examples of Gifts:
Mirage: creates illusions
Tornado: causes the air to spiral into a small tornado that they control the path of
Cloud Solidify: causes clouds to become solid so they can walk on them
Mystify: shrouds the area around it in mist
Dust Devil: Summons a devil made of dust
Dust Tornado: invokes a choking tornado made of dust
Smog Cloud: summons a cloud of smog to choke others
Smog Release: squirts smog like a squid squirting ink
Slumber: calms and relaxes anxious dewis, and can cause creatures to fall asleep
Were-Dewi: summons a full moon that glows an eerie blue, turning the dewi into a large, vicious, Were-Dewi

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Examples of Gifts:
Gill Growth: gills form which allows the dewi to breath underwater
Undine Summon: summons water sprites that last a short while
Calm Mind: can calm creatures that are nearby
Whirlpool: forms a spinning vortex of water that sucks things into it - never to be seen again!
Freeze: causes nearby water to freeze
Blizzard: calls forth a short blizzard
Weather Control: can control the weather in a small area surrounding the dewi, only lasts a short time
Lightening Pulse: a percussive wave of electricity that lasts a few seconds
Frenzy: sends creatures around it into a panic
Gravity Pulse: negates the force of gravity for the immediate area that the dewi is in

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Examples of Gifts:
Rainbow Glow: produces a rainbowy aura around themselves
Purify: cleanses poisons from water, earth or living things
Dark Glow: makes a pool of darkness that surrounds the dewi
Shade: causes the illusion of lifeless area around the dewi; any creature that enters this area will be drained of energy
Refraction: makes things very shiny and reflective - even things that are not usually so!
Omniscience: allows the dewi to know the thoughts of someone he is touching
Numb: numbs part of the body & makes wounds not hurt; this does NOT heal them, just removes all feeling
Aurora Rage: allows the dewi to cause others around them to go into an uncontrolled rage. Can also send brilliantly coloured beams of power when feeling extremely wrathful.
Comet Call: sends sparkling rays shooting in many directions
Revive: The most powerful and rare of gifts. The dewi can bring back to life a creature that has just died.

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Examples of Gifts:
Sweet Song - the Dewi can sing in a gentle voice that calms all around them, causing opponents to cease their attack unless they have great mental stamina. Useful for calming young dewis or putting dewis to sleep.
Sand Solidify - can summon small clouds of sand, which can be made solid for a few moments
Sand Monster - a range of sand gifts. The Dewi can cause sand storms, quick sand, summon a sand monster and create sand armour
Chaos - can create a feeling of chaos in individuals, or the world around it
Fierce Strike - the Dewi strikes out ferociously with their claws
Double Strike - the Dewi is fast enough to strike out with their claws twice in quick succession
Dash - when using this gift, the Dewi can move with incredible speed for short distances
Reflect - the Dewi creates a temporary shield in front of them that reflects part of other gifts
Card Shuriken - the Dewi can throw shurikens accurately, and often has cards with them to use
Maniacal Laughter - maniacal laughter rings through the air, and all that hear it cower in fear. This ability also goes with minor mind control abilities. The Dewi can control a creature with a weak mind for up to 30 minutes.
Maul: The Dewi mauls its opponents with its unusually sharp claws, and can throw claw attacks from a short distance.
Stomp: The Dewi crashes down upon the enemy with its feet.
Animal Shapeshift: the dewi can shapeshift into the animal they are based on. Useful for being ignored by enemies, getting to places easier, confusing, fighting, playing tricks or hiding.
Ultimate Mania - the ability to use all Holiday Mania gifts, however they are often slightly weaker.
Easter Mania - a variety of minor Easter-related gifts. The Dewi can turn eggs into chocolate eggs, understand and speak basic rabbit language and adjust the colour of egg shells.
Christmas Mania - a variety of minor Christmas-related gifts. The Dewi can create tinsel, telekinetically move holly/mistletoe, create the sound of jingling bells, understand and speak basic deer language and light up it's nose.
Easter Mania - a variety of minor Easter-related gifts. The Dewi can turn eggs into chocolate eggs, understand and speak basic rabbit language and adjust the colour of egg shells.
Cobweb - the ability to create a sticky cobweb substance and touch it without being stuck to it, thus allowing the Dewi to build webs, wrap items (or sleeping Dewis) up in it, and touch spiderwebs without getting stuck.
Valentine Mania - a variety of minor Valentines Day-related gifts. The Dewi can cause others to fall in love if it is meant to be. They can also create boxes of chocolates, and floating pink love hearts that calm spectators. When upset, they can also cause a Dewi to feel heartbroken.

Tribe: Dia
Element: The Gods
Predominant Colours: All

Dia Dewis are mystical, powerful and explosive. Their callings are of all elements. Each God has a domain that he or she watches over.

Examples of Gifts:
Hades' Judgement - He bowed his head, and his red eyes began to glow. Suddenly, he flung his head towards the sky as he emitted an almighty roar, causing the ground to shake, and the ground, grass and trees around the God immediately erupted into flames. The Devil God has risen.
Midnight Sun - Anytime during the night, the Twilight Goddess can summon a sun, however it's strength is weak and twilight is created. During these fake twilights, the Goddess the power to adjust the light and darkness around it to create shadows and the appearance of movement, often creating confusion and fear, and allowing her to slip away.
Armageddon - The Dewi can take away peace so that creatures will fight each other. He and his powers grow stronger around battles that he did not cause, but weaker around true love and close family members, who are not affected by his power.
Black Hole - The Dewi can summon a small black hole that sucks in and destroys everything, including light. Live creatures that enter the black hole will be transported to the domain of Set, the Dark Realm, a void-like place in the underworld. They are trapped there unless he sets them free, or a light Dewi enters and takes them home. Only the Underworld God and the Light Goddess can enter and exit without Set's permission. Light Dewis can only exit at will, they cannot enter without a black hole.
Sprout of Life - This gift allows the Dewi to create plant life wherever it goes, resulting in many plants and flowers sprouting up around it. The Dewi can also bring life to small creatures that recently died, and can heal to an extent.
Illumination - A brilliant light shines down and causes destruction to the darkness, and can heal all that is light.
Golden Flame - The surrounding area erupts into a golden flame that burns the dark and impure.
Rising Sun - The Dewi can force a premature dawn that drags on until the Sun is meant to rise and day can continue. This can only be used in the early hours of the morning.
Rising Moon - The Dewi can force a permature dusk that drags on until the Moon is meant to rise and night can continue. This can only be used in the late hours of the afternoon.
Implode - The surrounding area of rocks and rubble implodes, causing chaos. With concentration, the Dewi can implode entire structures.

Angelic Staff - the Dewi can power up their staff and send a beam of energy that harms and/or destroys all evil. The staff will only work if a creature of purity holds it. This is indicated by the blue glow of the staff. The staff will also make a good physical weapon, and will fly to its owner when summoned.
Demonic Pitchfork - the Dewi can power up their pitchfork and send a bolt of energy that harms and/or destroys all good. The pitchfork will only work if a creature of evil holds it. This is indicated by the red glow of the pitchfork. The pitchforkwill also make a good physical weapon and eating utensil, and will fly to its owner when summoned.
Angelic Pitchfork - the Dewi can power up their pitchfork and send either a bolt of light or a beam of darkness. The pitchfork will only work if a creature of pure goodness or evil holds it, or a creature that is completely neutral. If a being of purity uses the pitchfork, it can only send dark attacks, and vice-versa. The pitchfork will also make a good physical weapon and eating utensil, and will fly to its owner when summoned.
Flaming Sword - a sword alight with the flame of the Sun. There is a myth that the Sword will only cease to burn if the Sun is extinguished.
Cupid's Arrow - the ability to shoot one of Cupid's arrows, causing two Dewis or other creatures to temporarily fall in love.
Arrows of Hate - the ability to shoot one an arrow of hate, causing two Dewis or other creatures to temporarily hate each other.
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EverKittens were originally named because even in adulthood, they retained their kitten forms, and could even breed as adult kittens. A few years after their discovery, a potion was developed that could evolve EverKittens into a more adult form. These creatures were named Evolved EverKittens, as they changed in a similar manner to the Evolved Dewis. The males of the species tend to have smaller eyes, longer snouts, and thicker legs and paws. Otherwise, there is no real difference between a male and female EverKitten. EverKittens are believed to be the work of the creator Fiain. EverKittens must bond to a land Dewi of some sort. Special EverKittens named Grey Bonders are pure grey until they meet their Dewi, whereupon they take on the colours of their Dewi.

EverKittens can communicate with each other using meows (and hisses and spitting if they are upset). They can also telephathically communicate with their bonded dewi. They can meow to others, but cannot speak with anyone other than EverKittens and their bonded dewis.

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AquaKittens were discovered shortly after the discovery of Aquatic Dewis, leading Elder Dewis to believe that the creator Uisce is blessing their world with new creations. Evolution Potions designed for EverKittens do not seem to work on AquaKittens. Interestingly, AquaKittens can breed with EverKittens. The produced offspring are not hybrids, taking strictly after one parent or another form-wise. AquaKittens tend to only bond to Aquatic Dewis.

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These miniature Dewis are like the fairies of the Dewi world, and until recently were thought to be mere fairytales. Mini Dewis are very rare, and little is known about them. They don't grow or breed.

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The six creators are Talamh, Tine, Gaoth, Uisce, Spiorad and Fiain. The Maps of the Gods reveal a number of areas that, given the beliefs of the Dewis, appear to be the domains of these creators. The old scriptures refer to the creators in numerous ways, and these names provide an insight into the roles, and sometimes genders, of the creators.

Earth Mother Talamh, Talamh the Life Giver.
Bright Star Tine, Tine the Burning.
Cloud Runner Gaoth, Gaoth the Wind Walker.
Ocean Weaver Uisce, Uisce the Ice Binder.
Spirit Lord Spiorad, Spiorad the Guardian.
Fiain the Free, Fiain the Spirited.

It is notable that Fiain is the only creator without a preceeding title. The names indicate the Talamh is female and Spiorad male. It is believed that Tine is male, Uisce is female and Fiain androgynous, but this may be incorrect. Gaoth's gender is completely unknown. There is a rumour that the creators were in turn created by the God of all Gods, Dia. It is possible that Spiorad is in fact Dia, or that Dia is simply the tribal name given to the Gods that work under the creators.

Creator Relations
Spiorad is believed to be the most powerful of the creators for a number of reasons, including his titles as Lord and Guardian. The Maps of the Gods reveal numerous extensive domains believed to be under the control of Spiorad, whereas the other Gods seem to only have a single domain. According to the maps, Spiorad controls at least three complete realms. Additionally, a large portion of the Dewi Gods are currently affiliated with Spiorad, and a number of Gods affiliated with other creators appear to reside within Spiorad's territory.

This supports a theory that Spiorad is the father of some of the other creators, notably Tine and Fiain. Fiain is believed to be the child of Talamh, as the texts reveal that Fiain gave wildness to the life of Talamh. Additionally, Fiain is the only creator without a domain, with the scriptures stating Fiain roams the world itself as a spirited beast. Tine may also be Talamh's child as he resides in the lava within Talamh's domain. Very little is known about the origins of Gaoth and Uisce.

User Image

The world's center is believed to be the work of Talamh. Talamh has control over Earth and Nature, and is represented as kind and nurturing. Talamh's form may possibly be that of a Dewi-beast made from rock, trees and life itself. Talamh is sometimes associated with butterflies, which makes her affiliation to the Goddess Zanna intriguing, as Zanna's flighty form is more suited to the likes of Gaoth. Talamh's power is that of life, which makes her the perfect mate to Spiorad, whose power includes that of death.

Tine's element is fire and all things burning. He is thought to reside in the lava near the world's center. A number of his affiliated Gods are located in Spiorad's territory rather than his own, including Diablos, God of Hell Fire, who controls a large portion of one of Spiorad's numerous realms. In fact, the only Gods affiliated with Tine that are currently found in his domain are Eithnara and Balthazar, and both of their regions are shared with Spiorad. Even one of Tine's names, Bright Star Tine, is related to Spiorad, who controls the stars. Tine is represented as explosive and careless. Tine's form is likely made of fire or lava, and he is sometimes associated with dragons.

Gaoth controls the skies, and has power of the air, clouds and wind. Gaoth also controls the weather. Gaoth is only affiliated with a few Gods, but they reside entirely in the aerial domain. Little is known about Gaoth compared to the other creators, which is interesting as Gaoth controls that which cannot be seen, the air itself. Gaoth is represented as lighthearted and wise. Gaoth's form is likely made of clouds, rain and lightning. Gaoth may be a shapeshifter.

Uisce controls both water and ice. Despite having very few Gods, Uisce has exercised power over the Dewi world recently by creating the Aquatic Dewis, all of which have an affiliation to Uisce regardless of their colours. Uisce's domain is the oceans. Uisce is represented as calm and soothing, indicating a stronger affiliation with water than ice. Uisce's form is likely that of a sea serpent made of water, ice and scales.

Spiorad's domain is that of the Universe and of the Spirits. Spiorad controls three known realms, Dorchadas Thuas, Dorchadas Thios and Solas Thuas. There is no known Solas Thios, but it may exist. Spiorad shares two small regions, the Sun and Reflection of the Sun, with Tine. Spiorad seems to grant power to Gods not affiliated with him, indicating the he is the parent of, or has power over, some of the other creators, most notably Tine. Spiorad has power over death, but is more frequently associated with the Universe. Spiorad is represented as omniscient and powerful. Spiorad's form is likely made of stars and planets, and possibly takes the form of a Dewi-beast.

Fiain is notably different to the other creators, and is depicted as wild and chaotic. Roaming the world as a spirit beast, Fiain likely takes the form of a cat-like creature, and is often associated with spotted cats. Fiain does not seem to have a domain, roaming that of Talamh's, and Gods affiliated with Fiain often reside in Spiorad's territory.

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Talamh controls the world's center, reachable through Burrow Ithir. Burrow Ithir is guarded by Era. The surrounding forests are the home of Ostara, Goddess of the Earthen Forest. Above the forests flies Zanna, Goddess of Winged Life. Her domain is the Life Skies, which seems to be a link between the domains of Talamh and Gaoth. Deep within the Earth's Core lies Sontalak, guardian of the Earth.

User Image

Tine controls the fiery magma within the world. The entrance to his domain is the volcano Bolcan. Also in Tine's domain is the Sun, Solar, and Reflection of the Sun. These are located in Spiorad's realms. Tine's affiliated Gods reside in Spiorad's domain.

User Image

Gaoth controls the skies. The Maps of the Gods show a castle, Aimsir Caeslean the Weather Castle, in the center of Gaoth's domain. This appears to be the home of Oberon, God of the Air. The Goddess Nouva races across the clouds in the rest of Gaoth's domain. The Gods of weather are currently unknown, but they too would reside within Gaoth's territory, possibly in Aimsir Caeslean, meaning Oberon may be guarding a different castle.

User Image

Uisce controls the seas and ice. The Maps of the Gods refer to a place deep within the ocean called Atlantach, but what exactly this is is unknown. Uisce has very few affiliated Gods, but has an entire subspecies of Dewi, the Aquatic Dewis. Lorelei resides in the oceans, but not Atlantach, it seems to have another guardian. Additionally, Uisce has at least one unknown ice God residing in Sioc Caeslean, the Ice Castle.

User Image

Fiain controls the wild and allows its chaotic existence. Fiain does not appear to have a sole domain. Affiliated Gods of Fiain seem to reside exclusively within Spiorad's territory. The only mention of a region related to Fiain is Toil Shaor, which translates to Free Will. It is likely that at least one animal God resides in Toil Shaor.

User Image

Spiorad's Domains are stretched across at least three realms, and can be accessed via portals in two temples, the Temple of Dor'thua and the Temple of Sol'thua. Additionally, the cave Dragan Uaimh is in his territory, and is located in a dark part of the world. This is the home of Drache, Goddess of Dragons.

The Temple of Dor'thua is located in a sandy desert, and only those with darkness in their hearts may enter. Darkness does not seem to relate exclusively to evil in this context. The Temple of Dor'thua contains two portals, Oscailt and Duin, which loosely translate to open and close respectively. The Temple of Dor'thua has a gatekeeper, Bast. It is rumoured that her daughter Kali resides deep within the temple.

Duin leads to Dorchadas Thios, Darkness Below. Its gatekeeper on the Thios side is Anubis.
Oscailt leads to Dorchadas Thuas, Darkness Above. Its gatekeeper on the Thuas side is unknown.

The Temple of Sol'thua is more of a mystery, as its location and gatekeeper are unknown. Only those with light in their heart may enter it. The Temple of Sol'thua contains a portal, Doras, meaning doorway. The gatekeeper of Doras on the Thuas side is also unknown.

Doras leads to Solas Thuas, Light Above. Its gatekeeper on the Thuas side is unknown.
It is unknown if there is a Solas Thios.

User ImageUser Image

Dorchadas Thios contains the Underworld, domain of Diablos, as well as the Eternal Darkness where his son Set roams. Their domains appear to overlap to a degree. In the deepest part of the Underworld, past the Gates of Hell lies the lair of Anteros, God of Hate.

There are a number of notable regions and structures in Dorchada Thios. Two such structures are Dor'draiocht, the Mausoleum of VooDoo, and Dun Cogadh (Fort War), the home of Ares. Additionally, the Reflection of the Sun where Balthazar rages is situated deep in the sky of Dorchadas Thios. Another notable region is the Void, deep in Set's territory, where his son Miharkula broods.

It is believed that Lucens roams Dorchadas Thios, searching for fallen Gods and other great beasts so that he may claim their domains as his own, or helping to ensure their demise. Lucens' numerous lairs are scattered across various realms, not just Dorchadas Thios. It is unknown how he travels between them, it is possible he uses his father's runic magic to do so.

Dorchadas Thuas contains a darkness that was chaotic until the ascension of Vorel, who now guides the shadows in Thuas. Citlali is the guardian of the stars that are scattered across the realm.

Dorchadas Thuas contains a number of regions including Codial, the realm of sleep, where the Gods of Dream and Nightmare reside. Lume is the Goddess of Nightmare. Dorchadas Thuas contains Twilight and Dusk, controlled by Lunitari and Vermilion respectively. It also contains Lunar, the moon controlled by Badru, and Solar, the sun controlled by Eithnara. Solar also exists in Solas Thuas, Light Above.

Eilian is somewhere in Dorchadas Thuas, guiding time.

User Image

Solas Thuas is home to Athena and her daughter Solaris, who guards the inner regions. The innermost sanctum is home to Eros, God of Love. Solas Thuas also contains Dawn, controlled by Aurora.
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Shop Owners
Dragon_Bluey and Harperking are the official owners of Tribal Dragons: Dewis. In early-mid 2006, Dragon_Bluey took over as full time manager, however Harperking is welcome to come back and manage at any time!

RapidashTrainer: Common Dewis, Evolved, Elder & God Lines
SunFireDemon: Aquatic Dewis, AquaKittens
Dragon_Bluey: Feral Dewis, EverKittens, Hybrid Edits

RapidashTrainer is the original lineartist, and also created the egg stage, which is no longer in use. SunFireDemon has generously donated lineart to the shop. Dragon_Bluey has created a few pieces as well, over a numbers of years.

InfinitiesOfSoules organised the Dewis to be reshaded (because Bluey's original shading was not so good). Unfortunately, the shader is no longer a member of Gaia.

Isnook2 shaded the Aquatic & Evolved lineart, and Dragon_Bluey has shaded the Elders, Gods & AquaKittens based on her style. Bluey also shaded the EverKittens.

Dragon_Bluey, Harperking, Lady Aria Starstone, Female_Death, Amy_Andy, InfinitiesOfSoules & Foalen all have colourists rights within the store. If colourists are missing any pieces, they can feel free to contact Bluey.

Other Staff
Special thanks to Eagleyes and Female_Death, and other users that have helped Bluey keep TROD (The Registry of Dewis) reasonably updated! Special thanks also to Lady Aria Starstone who has helped keep the shop going when Bluey goes AWOL. And of course, special thanks also to the many thread regulars who keep the thread in order, answer questions and are overall helpful people!
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Owners List
The Registry of Dewis (TROD) can be found in the Guild.

White List - people we love dearly.
All Staff & Thread Regulars! heart

Grey List - people we aren't happy with, who may have restricted purchase/roleplay rights.
No one!

Black List - permanently banned people. Thieves, noobs, flamers & troublemakers.
No one!
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Link here!
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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14962149] [IMG]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a359/TribalDragons/2007/Banner1.jpg[/IMG][/url]



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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14962149] [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a359/TribalDragons/Shop_LinkBanner1.jpg[/img][/url]



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