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Welcome to Trash Bandits, home of the adorable raccoons known as Bandits. What makes them different from normal raccoons? They can talk to each other like something out of a Disney movie for sure, and they're way awesome of course! Enjoy your stay! Grab a bandit! But be careful, those lil critters may steal your fridge! Also, as you may or may not know, we have been a shop before, and we gained quite an amount of you guys out there, so if you have a bandit, please step forward! We'd love to see you again!

We're proud to announce that we're re opening the shop! Our re-opening event went well, stay tuned for our spring event.

heart I'd also like to dedicate this reopening to Akira-Kisho. He made this shop shine and he will be missed. heart

Drop Offs
Hiring [Closed]

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1. Welcome!
2. Rules
3. Map & Story
4. The Bandits
5. Availability & Events
6. Breedings
7. Customs
8. Owners Spotlight
9. FAQ
10. Affiliates
11. Staff and Credits
10. Reserved
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Follow Gaia TOS
Respect all staff and those visiting the thread
Do not beg/pester for a bandit
Do not quote the front page
No page stretching or quote trees
Do not steal the art
Do not advertize in thread
Enjoy the cuteness we have to offer
General rules subject to expand or change
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Come patrol the alley ways with the bandits as you explore the shadows and the delicious garbage just waiting for you! Watch out for those humans though! Just over the fences, you can see the swaying trees, just dancing in the wind. Sick of being a city bandit, then go out into the forest and explore all the wonder of nature in its raw form!

*Insert a story here when one is obtained*
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Bandit Bag -
XXXXXXX]Someone threw this out...shame on them! (1-2 Weeks)

Child Bandit -
XXXXXXX]Oh uh! The start of a mischievous thief! These little guys are cute, however,
XXXXXXX]I suggest you keep your hands in your pocket if you happen to see one of these sneaking around.
XXXXXXX]These raccoons don't look like your typical brown raccoon, you can see them in all types of colors! From pink to green,
XXXXXXX]you never know what you'll get! (2-4 Weeks)

Adult Bandit -
XXXXXXX]Oh snaps! They've done a bit of crime and have grown up!
XXXXXXX] The Adults of the Trash Bandits in Barton are walking trouble, just waiting for you to turn your head before they start their
XXXXXXX] next scheme to take over World Barton. (Forever?!)
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- 6k per Trash Bag 5k per adult

1. Only one trash bag per person.
2. You may proxy for one person.
3. Payment is due no later than 48 hours after winners are announced, if there is no trade from the winner, the bag will be re-sold to the runner-up.
4. Do not beg for a trash bag please!
5. Do not whine or complain if you lose a flatsale, there will always be other changes to win!
6. All trades to the colorist running the flat please.
7. Other information will be posted when flatsale is to begin.

Auctions - Auction "Starting Bid" differ from auction to auction. Please refer to auction information when bidding.

1. You my co-bid (only up to two).
2. You can not retract your bid.
3. Only Gold and Donation Items are accepted. Maximum of 12 items per bid. All items will be excepted at lowest market value and must be at least worth 10k.
4. Payment is due no later than 48 hours after winner(s) is/are announced, if there is no payment, next highest bid will receive the bandit.
5. Starting bid differs auction to auction.
6. If there is a new bid 30 minutes of ending time, 15 minutes will be added to the ending time.

SB :: 20k
AB :: 1mil
bid increases: 1k minimum!

Raffles -

1. There is always an unlimited amount of tickets. One ticket for every newbie referred.
2. You may buy for yourself and friends.
3. Trades always go to Trash Bandit with the number of tickets in the title and page number. The new trading system should have a place to label trades, please label your trade "Raffle Purchase."
4. Winner(s) will be chosen using Gaia’s fantastic Die Rolling feature.
5. If there is no response from the raffle winner(s) in 48 hours, we will re-roll.
6. Tickets are 100 gold each.

Flaffle - Flatsale + Raffle = Flaffle!

1. You may claim one free ticket for yourself
2. You can not claim any tickets for your friends. They must come into the thread and post for their ticket.
3. Winner(s) will be chosen using Gaia's fantastic Die Rolling feature.
4. Winner(s) must respond within 24 hours.
5. Flaffles are free to enter, however, if you win, you must pay the flatsale price.
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1. Your Bandit must be an adult!
2. Same sex bandits can breed, but there is aide from an opposite gender, "in theory." Meaning they will have markings or colors not of the two original pair as well.
3. Single parent breedings will always produce one child, no matter what. Two parent breedings will produce a minimum of 2 - more may occur due to RP. See below for details.
4. You may not sell children from a breeding or otherwise profit from them. You can gift freely, hold contests, and obviously all parties involved may each keep a baby, but only ONE baby each. This is to encourage more shop participation.
5. If two bandits are roleplayed as related (customs/etc.) or ARE related through breeding, they cannot and should not mate.
6. Changes/additions as needed; generally use common sense however like breeding only with someone who is okay with it and such.

Cost: 5k per parent
Number of babies:
*for a single parent breeding: always 1
*for normal breedings 2-4
*for breedings between bandits with rp logs of more than 2, 3-5

Additional Information on determining breeding results!

Genders are determined CC. Bribed breedings will have more a say on gender ratios.

Same Gender Breedings:
They CAN happen. However, here's what will happen there.. since raccoons are natural creatures... they do require some manner of dna exchange from an opposite sex for fertilization etc...So a surrogate is needed.

Single Parent Breedings:
Yes, you can breed without a second parent. You pay normal one parent fee, but you only get one offspring. Also, since Bandits don't reproduce asexually there must be a "donor" of DNA. Thus, your single offspring will have some random genes thrown, so it will have some different colors and maybe even a few different markings.

Edits in breedings are up to the colorist's ability and discretion. They may choose to put edits on ALL the babies, or none of the babies, or obviously, some of the babies. We try to carry edits down the generations, but ultimately, it comes down to the colorist.

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Ever wanted that little Bandit with the pink nose? Or with a some wings, maybe? Well this is the place to get 'em! So make sure there are some slots open and fill out that form!

Custom Growing - 100k
Adult - 50k
Perma Baby - 30k

NOTE** If you want edits, they will cost a bit more. Just ask the colorists what they are willing to do.

for complicated coloring +10k.
for small accessories +25k
for full body clothing +100k and up
for weapons or various accessories you might have to draw out fully (if colorist approves) another 50-100k.

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This post is for Bandit Spotlighting. Maybe your Bandit will be showcased!

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How do i get a bandit?

~ lots of ways. Aside from the typical flatsales, raffles, and auctions. There are also sometimes games and other chances to win one for free.

Can I guest color?

~ if we want you to; we'll ask

Can I give you items instead of gold for a bandit?

~ we accept items at the lowest market value; albeit, they must be valued at 10k or higher for auctions; occassionally, some event or sale pieces will be purchasable by sealed letters or EI items.

How do I name a new Bandit?

~ Follow this link.

Heard there was a new Hopeful List! Where can I go to sign up?(The longer you hang around the shop the more likely it is you'll be chosen)

~ Hopeful's List Link
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Please PM your shop's link or affiliate banner to be added to the list! Please make sure your banned is no bigger then 300x300 or it will be put in link form.

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Squirrel Lines: amy d
Squirrel Templates: slimycrow

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