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Rabbits being Rabbits!

Doe's cert and link to Uncert:
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Link to Doe's Stat Cert: (Only needed if there's an FFF that affects breeings)

Buck's cert and link to Uncert:
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Link to Buck's Stat Cert: Link

Links to RP (if available):

User Image User Image
User Image User Image

Female - Male
Female - Male


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Omnipresent Loiterer

*Perks up and clings to Puddle, her newborn* Activity!
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Omnipresent Loiterer

Also I'll make sure Buffy gets over here for you. xD

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Cluttered Bibliophile

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Tipsy Bloodsucker

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baby bunnies!! ;A;
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Omnipresent Loiterer

Never not bbies
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Handsome Loverboy

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Familiar Fatcat

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Mewling Tipper

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Omnipresent Loiterer

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