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Welcome to Tales of Watership Down! Feel free to hang around and chat, and don't hesitate to ask any questions! Thank you for stopping by!

Watership Down, the theme, any material from the book or movie, is strictly the property of Richard Adams and this shop in no way challenges or threatens that copyright.

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1. Introduction
2. Navigation/Links
3. Calendar
4. Rules and Guidelines
5. Story/FAQ
6. Basic Stages
7. Alternate Stages
8. Availability
9. Cert Previews
10. Owners
11. Map/Roleplay/Lapine Dictionary
12. Breeding
13. Customs
14. Affiliates
15. Lists/Credits

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Thread Guidelines
1. Please respect the Gaia TOS.
2. Please keep the art where it belongs - altering and outside use of the art requires permission.
3. Do not beg for a free pet, gold, or items in this thread.
4. Display good sportsmanship and do not whine.
5. Please respect your fellow shopgoers and shop staff.
6. Please try to keep fights and arguments to a minimum. If you have a conflict, take it to a shop staff.
7. Please save and upload your own images.
8. PM questions and comments to the shop mule, or ask in thread.

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Sale Guidelines
1. Please read everything, otherwise you might miss out.
2. If you don't get a rabbit, that's okay, there will be other chances.
3. Proxying is allowed as long as you specify who it's for.
4. Prompt payment is expected, and payment plans are not accepted. Please use only gold for sales other than auctions.
5. Send all trades to Tales of WD unless otherwise specified.
6. The shop staff members solely responsible for the sale of any rabbits.
7. Adults are typically 4K, and kits are 6K, unless otherwise specified.

Roleplay Guideines
1. IC actions have IC consequences.
2. Rabbits are never on friendly terms with elil.
3. Rabbits are not immortal or invincible, and can be killed, no matter how you paid for the rabbit.
4. You may not, however, kill another owner's rabbit unless it has been approved for RP reasons by both owners beforehand.
5. WD does have a lot of violence, and thus there will be violence in RP, but please keep it at a PG-13 level.
6. Play fair! Nobody likes a godmoder or powerplayer.
7. Elil are not to be RPed by anyone other than staff.
8. Each warren is limited to two full-blood Giant breeds. If they happen to have FG offspring they will grow onto the hlessi adult lines. Part FGs will be permitted to stay so long as their numbers remain in check or they're on the smaller scale. A warren simply cannot support more than that.
9. Each warren is limited to two full-blooded Dwarf breeds. Should they breed they may only do so during the mating season, and will only ever have two kittens.

Naming Rules
1. Rabbits in this shop need to be named within the Watership Down theme or reasonably close.
2. Names from plants, natural objects, the lapine language, some characteristics and simple words are acceptable.
3. No exotic human names or words that only humans would use. (Ex. Chocolate, Betty, Cutie Pie, Sir RoadRoamer, Aishiteru, Ichigo, etc) Some rare exceptions might occur with rabbits previously owned by humans, but a reason for the name and background is required. Some English, Scottish, Gaelic, and Irish names can be used.
4. Please use common sense! Think of what a doe would name her kit. A mother isn't likely to name her child Inle, Death, or something like RabidMauler.
5. Please do not be offended if your name is turned down.
6. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts! Also, you can take a look at our list of suggested rabbit names for ideas. You can find the list in the guild, here!
7. Names cannot be repeated, the only exception is if the rabbits live in separate warrens or if it's a name that's passed on down a family line.
8. Please avoid complex names. Single worded names are preferred, but if you really want two words in the name its best to fuse them. Rabbits are simple creatures and generally have simple names.
9. When a rabbit dies their name is 'retired', it cannot be used ANYWHERE in the shop, even if the rabbit is in another warren. This is done out of respect. You can, however, as the owner of the dead rabbit for permission to use the name. Also the owner of the rabbit that's passed on may use the name themselves if they choose to.

Rules are always subject to change as seen fit.
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Watership Down is a book by Richard Adams on the adventures of Hazel, his brother Fiver, and several other rabbits. They journey from their birth warren to escape a bad danger that Fiver predicts will happen. Along the way, they face many hardships, strange warrens, and countless dangers. Eventually they reach Watership Down, a high place with few predators and where men hardly ever go. They form a warren beneath and among the roots of a beech tree, but are faced with the dilemma that they are all bucks, not a single doe among them. This results in them trying to find mates. They free some hutch rabbits from Nuthanger Farm, a farm not far from the base of the down. Also, they meet a gull named Keehar who helps locate an overcrowded warren named Efrafa and led by the tyrannical leader, General Woundwort. With many of them heading for Efrafa, they manage to free several does, only to be pursued back to their warren where a standoff occurs. Hazel manages to defeat Woundwort by leading the farm's dog back to the warren. General Woundwort's body was never found. Is he dead? Or does his legacy still live on somewhere else? An alliance was formed with the remaining members of Efrafa and a new warren with members from both, was established between the two.

Our story happens several generations after the story of Hazel and his rabbits. Their legacy lives on as adapted stories of El-ahrairah, the rabbit folklore hero. Right now, the story is centered on the warren of Watership Down, but later other warrens will be added to the mix. Many traditions from the book are in effect here. Adventure seeking rabbits can often go on wide patrols, which was an Efrafan invention, but they are dangerous ventures. Its mostly members of the Owsla that go on wide patrols, but some others may go as well if they are seen as suitable. Owsla members also engage in raids on Nuthanger Farm to bring back flayrah to the warren, another tradition picked up from a warren on Hazel's adventure.

While life is pretty easy going on Watership Down, the rabbits do have many enemies as rabbits always do. The rabbits are prey to many elil and must always be on guard and watch themselves, and use tricks to avoid and get away from them. This is what makes raids on the farm and wide patrols so dangerous. Cats, dogs, snakes, fox, badgers, stoats, hawks, owls, and man are all enemies of rabbits and won't hesitate to kill them.

Q: Do I need to read the books to roleplay or own a rabbit?
A: Nope! While reading the books are highly recommended (they're good books!), it is not required to participate in this shop. Just read everything on the first page and you should fit in easily. You can also watch the movie to gain a better understanding.

Q: What sort of names can these rabbits have?
A: English names, or names from any other United Kingdom language (Irish, Welsh, Scottish, etc) are acceptable. Rabbits are also commonly named after plants, trees, and other natural things they often come into contact with; i.e. names like Hazel and Blackberry. Sometimes a rabbit will get a name because of some distinguishing feature they have, like Bigwig getting his name from the extra tuft of fur on his head.

Q: Can I have a pink bunny with wings?
A: Sorry, no... Watership Down is a realistic theme. We stick to realistic colors and edits. Pink bunnies would stand out too much and would be easily picked off by predators. And rabbits don't have wings.

Q: So wait.. my bunny can die?
A: Yes it can, rabbits are afraid of death and being eaten. Death is a real threat to these rabbits. Here, IC actions can have IC consequences, however that doesn't mean that we can just zap them dead on a whim. However, for those rabbits that do die, there may eventually be the option to have them in the afterlife and RP among other rabbits there. Spirits may also appear to rabbits here, but mostly just to Seers.

Q: I want my rabbit to be in the Owsla!
A: Well, that's awesome! However, you need to RP to gain a position. Owsla are elite rabbits, and a spot isn't easily acquired. See the rules for acquiring an Owsla.

Q: Is Roleplay required here?
A: No, it's not. However, roleplay will be required to earn and keep the alternate lines.

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The males are called Bucks and the females are Does. This is the final stage for your rabbit, unless you are able to get an alternate adult stage through RP. At this stage, your rabbit is fully grown and able to breed!

This is the adolescent stage of your rabbit. They are no longer dependent on their mothers, but still isn't quite fully grown yet. Your rabbit is still trying to find his or her place in the warren, and would probably be hanging around siblings and other rabbits their age. As the name implies, they are often seen around the edges of the warren, since they have yet to make a name for themselves.

A baby rabbit! Flatsale kittens will start at this stage. They are able to come out of the burrow, but are dependent on their mothers and stay very close to her. This is when stories and lessons play the biggest impact on your rabbits life as they are still naive and impressionable, not to mention extremely vulnerable.

You can only get this stage through breeding. Blind, deaf, and completely helpless, these newborns stay underground until they reach the kitten stage.

Growth timeline

Newborn ------& Kit ------& Outskirter -------& Adult
1-2 weeks | 2-4 weeks | 2-4 weeks
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Request a Rank Change

In a warren there are several ranks and roles for a rabbit to choose from if they have certain talents. Below are the current roles that a rabbit may hold. Some require RP to obtain, while others may be recieved through special events or just circumstantial. If you recieve an RP required rank/role, you will need to continue RPing your rabbit. Othewise, your rabbit may be demoted or dropped from its rank/role without warning.

The Leader

The Chief is the leader of the warren and the ultimate say in all decisions. He, sometimes she, oversees the Owsla and the general functions of the warren. The rank of Chief can only be obtained when starting a new warren or if something happens to the previous Chief of an existing warren. RP activity for a Chief is a must. There are no set lines for the Chief, as they will all be on original lines.

The Owsla

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Captain of Owsla:
The highest rank any rabbit can reach, aside from Chief. Depending upon the size of the warren, there can be more than one captain. They report directly to the Chief, and oversee the operations of all the other owsla officers. Or, in the case of several Owsla captains, can command an assigned squad of officers. Their word is second only to the Chief's.

Captain Requirements:
Extensive RP will be needed to gain this position, and the rabbit must have already served as an officer in the Owsla and then be promoted, in-character through RP, to Captain by the Chief of the warren. Captains must have at least 15 points in Fortitude.

Owsla Officer:
The Owsla are the elite members of the warren, and are typically the smartest and strongest rabbits. Most Owsla officers are bucks, but it is not unheard of for does to be officers as well (this is, however, rare). The Owsla oversee order and the safety of the warren, and report directly to their captains or the Chief.

Owsla Requirements:
At least 10 completed RPs, of 2 pages or more, are needed before you can request your rabbit to be an Owsla. Some of the RP requirements can be by-passed by cashing in Flayrah. Owsla officers are required to participate in at least one event (Raid, Race, rp event) or have 1 completed rp every 6 months, or risk demotion. Owsla must have at least 10 points in Fortitude.

Roles in the Warren

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Only the swiftest and fleetest of foot may occupy the basic role of runner in a warren. A few usually go on raids or wide patrols to carry out tasks that require speed such as leading away elil. However, the rabbit must not only be fast, but also have a great amount of endurance. They can also be used as messengers for quicker communication between warrens.

Runner Requirements:
At least 5 completed, of 2 pages or more, are needed to make your rabbit a runner. Some of the requirement can be by-passed by cashing in Flayrah. Runners must participate in at least one event (Raid, Race, rp event) or have 1 completed rp every 6 months, or risk demotion. Runners must have at least 5 points in Speed.

Storytellers are the imaginative and creative members of the warren. They help pass on lapine and warren history by telling it in the form of stories, usually of El-ahrairah. Listening to stories is a favorite pass time for many rabbits, young and old, and a storyteller can draw crowds, especially on a rainy day. They are not just limited to stories though, and will often compose their own songs and poems.

Storyteller Requirements:
For your rabbit to become a storyteller, you must have at least 2 completed RPs of your rabbit engaged in telling a story to an audience, of at least 3 rabbits or more. Half of this requirement can be bypassed by cashing in Flayrah. Storyteller's are not eligible for demotions unless requested by the owner. Story tellers do not have a stat requirement, but will have an easier time holding the attention of kittens with a higher Luck stat.

Seers are exceptionally gifted individuals. Their talents usually lie in that of the supernatural. Having anywhere from strong intuition to even paralyzing visions. There is generally mixed feelings regarding rabbits that have this rare ability, from disbelief to awe. They also have been known to see or even communicate with spirits. Seers typically can not see direct visions of the future, but rather symbolic images that have significant meaning. Its often difficult to determine these visions, the rabbit simply being guided by what they have seen as well as what they feel.

Seer Requirements:
This stage is the rarest of them all, and can only be required through events or a very lucky turn of the dice. Seers do not have a stat requirement, and by their very virtue will have a penalty to Fortitude.


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The Marli:
Marli means mother in lapine, and as such, it often refers to does that are pregnant. This stage is limited to does only. Any doe who successfully breeds will be transferred to this stage to show that she is pregnant and will be having kittens soon.

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Hlessi are essentially the rogues of the rabbit world. However, don't let this fool you; it is far from glamorous. Hlessi have no holes or burrows in which to seek shelter, living out in the open with the constant threat of attack from elil. It is a very stressful life, as rabbits prefer to live in warrens, where there is safety in numbers. More often than not, Hlessi are rabbits that left a warren for whatever reason, and are seeking to join another or make their own. If you wish your rabbit to be a Hlessi, then you may make a request to the shop mule. However, please keep in mind that Hlessi are fairly uncommon. It is preferred that most rabbits are in a warren. If there is an increasing amount of Hlessi, they may become unavailable. Hlessi do not have a stat requirement, but good stats will increase the livelihood of a Hlessi.
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Flatsale date:
Price: 4k

There are many ways we conduct flatsales at this shop including....
1 The RP Way- A prompt will be under the idol. You have 20 minutes to write out at least a paragraph in response. Whoever answered the prompt the best will get the pet.
2. The Speed Way- As the name implies, we post 'go' and you dash to claim your pet. Speed sales may or may not have additional specific instructions, so pay attention!
3. The Trivia Way- Again, pretty self-explanitory.

Flatsale Rules
1. Do not whine if you don't win..just try again next time.
2. Be kind to others and do not guilt trip anyone out of trying
3. Only one per person, per post.
4. You can get one for someone else, but make sure to let us know beforehand.
5. Payment is due ASAP after the sale. If in 24 hours the trade isn't confirmed the pet goes up for sale again.
5. These are not RP required.
6. Only 2 people may co-own flatsale pets

None at the moment.

Raffles have an unlimited number of tickets and can last up to a week. The price per ticket is 100g. There is no ticket limit, but please do not gamble away your Gaian savings. Please note that there will be only one winner, although more prizes might apply if there is a considerable number of tickets.

None at the moment.

1. Don't bid what you don't have, and please do not withdraw your bids once posted.
2. You may bid using items, but only Monthly Collectibles before 2006. No store items or Cash Shop items.
3. Items are priced at low-Tektek value for the day you bid the item. Once the bid-value for that item is set on the day you bid it, the item will remain at that value
4. Co-bidding and co-owning is allowed, but please keep in mind that should you co-own, only one person is allowed to RP the rabbit.
5. Please do not plan co-bids in the thread.
6. Tally up your own totals.
7. No sniping; you must show interest in the auctions at least an hour before they end (meaning no new bidders in the last hour of the auction).
8. A 10-minute snipe guard will be implemented if bids continue past the specified ending time.
9. If you win an auction, please send the trade to the mule within 24 hours of the auction's end.
10. More rules will be added as needed.

None at the moment.

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If you get a rabbit, you can choose to have it on any one of four different certs!

User ImageUser Image
The Dawn Cert ----------- The Day Cert

User ImageUser Image
The Night Cert ----------- The Rain Cert

You are free to choose any one of these certs at the time you get your rabbit. There is no extra charge for having either cert! However, if you wish to change the type of cert you have, there will be a fee of 1K.

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The Owner's List has been moved here!

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Extended Lapine Lexicon

Lapine Dictionary:
Bobstones - A traditional game among rabbits. One rabbit covers a group of stones with their paw, while the other tries to guess something about them. One or two, dark or light, etc.
Efrafa - The name of the warren founded by General Woundwort
El-ahrairah - Hero of rabbit folklore and the father of all rabbits. His name, (Elil hrair rah) means 'enemies thousand prince' or Prince with a Thousand Enemies.
Elil - The enemies of rabbits. Fox, Cat, Dog, Hawk, Owl, Stoat, Badger, Man, etc.
Embleer - Means 'stinking' as in the smell of a fox. Often used in exclamation as in, 'Embleer Frith, you fools!'
Flay - Food as in grass or other greenery.
Flayrah - Really good food, such as lettuce or cabbages.
Frith - The sun personified as the god of rabbits. Frithrah! meaning the lord sun, used in exclamation.
Fu Inle' - After moonrise.
Hlao - A dimple or depression in the grass, such as formed from a daisy or thistle plant, that can hold moisture.
Hlessi - A wandering rabbit that lives above ground without a burrow or warren of its own.
Homba - A fox. (Plural, hombil)
Hrair - A great number or uncountable many, any number over four.
Hraka - Droppings or excrement.
Hrududu - A car, tractor or any other sort of motorized vehicle.
Inle' - The moon or moonrise, also connotates darkness or death.
Lendri - A badger.
Marli - A doe, also means mother.
M'saion - "We meet them."
Narn - Nice or pleasant.
Ni-Frith - Noon.
Owsla - Strongest rabbits in the warren, the elite ruling clique.
Pfeffa - A cat.
Rah - A prince, leader, or chief of rabbits. Usually used as a suffix in the name of the chief rabbit, such as Hazel-rah.
Roo - Used as a suffice to denote a diminuitive. Used in names primarily such as Hrairoo.
Silf - Outside, that which is not underground.
Silflay - To feed outside. Also used as a noun.
Tharn - Stupefied or distraught, paralyzed with fear. 'Deer caught in the headlights.'
Thlay - Fur.
Vair - To excrete or pass droppings.
The White Blindness - A disease greatly feared by rabbits, myxomatosis.
Wide Patrol - An invention of General Woundwort's, rabbits going on long scouting missions for days and covering long distances while roughing it outdoors.
Yona - A hedgehog
Zorn - Used to denote a catastrophe. Destroyed, murdered.
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Rabbits breed...well, like rabbits, as the saying goes.

Breedings for the shop work in the form of slots. A colorist can open slots at any time, although most will probably be announced beforehand. The slots can go in a variety of ways, including first-come-first-serve (speed slots), raffles, RP-prompted, and colorist choice. Here are some other rules and important information to keep in mind:

Rules & Information
1. Rabbits must be adults to breed.
2. There must be at least one male and one female involved to make a litter. You are welcome to rp your rabbits in whatever form of relationships you like, of course, but a same-sex couple will need a surrogate in order to breed.
3. Your rabbit does not need to mate for life in order to breed.
4. Breedings will yield 2 offspring standard, but up to 6 can be born to a standard litter. Sometimes items or special circumstances can increase the max litter size, but this is extremely rare.
5. The more a rabbit has been RP'd, the higher chance it has of having more kits!
6. A female can't breed if she already has a litter at kitten stage or younger.
7. The standard cost for a breeding slot is 50k.
8. A doe may only win one breeding slot at a time, though she may be entered several times. As soon as she wins, all other entries for her are crossed off.
9. All owners (so this includes co-owners) of both rabbits must approve of the breeding before the colorist takes the pair.
10. Warren cross-over breedings can occur, but the kittens will be raised in the warren their marli is a part of. If the kittens wish to join another warren, they must be adults and meet the requirements for a warren transfer.
11. Throwbacks are only available during breeding bribes.
12. In the case of a hlessi, if the doe is female there is a 15% mortality check on the kittens; as a wanderer's lifestyle is hard on both marli and babies. Hopefully that's not so high as to discourage, but high enough to be realistic about hlessi life.
13. If your rabbit has a stat cert, and has an FFF that affects breedings, you must post the stat cert as well in your form! Info on Stats and FFFs.
14. When a colorist rolls or picks your breeding, you must send the trade directly to them, not the mule!

Breeding Bribes
Bribes for breedings are similar to regular bribes. If you're willing to pay extra, a colorist might be willing to take on a breeding pair. In a breeding bribe, you would pay by the rabbit, and depending on the bribe amount, can choose the number of kits in the litter (up to 6), as well as all genders and how each rabbit looks. However, please keep in mind that these are breedings, so trying to custom in colors, markings, or edits not present in the parents (or anywhere in the rabbits' ancestry) will not be allowed.

To make an offer, check and see if a colorist has a bribe slot open, then follow their directions.

Generic Breeding Form

[b][color=Green]Rabbits being Rabbits![/color][/b]

[i]Owner and name of Doe[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to her Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Links to RP (if available)[/i]:

Special Breeding Circumstances

Sometimes there's more to a litter than a buck meeting a nice doe. Here we'll cover all the other situations that might arise since rabbits are... well, rabbits.

Multiple Bucks, One Doe

It is possible, as it is in nature, for a single litter to have multiple fathers. This is rather abnormal since males will fight rather viciously over mating rights of a doe. But in a shop with a semi-realistic nature and slightly more intelligent rabbits, it's possible to have unique circumstances, or a rather promiscuous doe.

This will be handled two different ways in the shop.

..... - In the case of a doe being a surrogate for a same-sex couple...

People are free to rp their rabbits to have whatever orientation they desire, but if a pair of bucks would like to raise kittens of their own, they'll have to find a doe willing to be a surrogate.

Rules for this particular breeding

1. All owners must consent to this breeding and the living situation of the kits -before- the breeding occurs.
2. Newborns must stay with their marli until they're at least kittens (only a marli can produce milk, after all).
3. Not all breeding slots will be open to this breeding type, please check each individual event for restrictions.
4. The males must be an established couple, and not just happening to breed with the same doe. If this is the situation, check the other section of a doe breeding with multiple partners.
5. All parties involved cannot breed again until the offspring are at least Outskirters. (The marli naturally needs this cooldown, and if the bucks are raising the kittens they'll have their paws rather full and should focus on raising their kittens before engaging the service of another doe.
6. The cost will be 50k per buck involved, rather than just 50k for the slot.
7. Litter size will be between 3 and 6. (In the event that it's a trio of bucks in a relationship that are engaging the services of a surrogate doe, the litter size will be between 4 and 6).
8. In the event of bribing for this type of breeding, it is up to the colorist whether or not to produce more kittens. The absolute max for this type of breeding is 10 kittens. If more than 6 kittens are produced, all parties involved are on breeding cooldown until the kittens are adults.
8. The kittens will have characteristics that are a blend of all parties involved, including the doe. (This bends the laws of nature a little, but is in the interest of making rp enjoyable, which is the point of a B/C shop in the first place.)

Use this form when entering a breeding that allows doe surrogates

[b][color=indigo]Surrogate Situation![/color][/b]

[i]Owner and name of Surrogate Doe[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to her Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of First Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of Second Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Link to RP (if available)[/i]:
[i]All parties understand and consent to the circumstances. Here is how we plan on handling this litter[/i]: (Will the kittens stay with their marli, or be raised by the bucks after they're old enough? Will the parties stay involved with each other or part ways? As long as you all agree it's your choice what happens, but this is to stop any potential disputes later.)

..... - In the case of a doe having several mates...

Sometimes you can have more than one love, or your doe is just a big flirt. But hey, what happens in your burrow, stays in your burrow.
... Unless you get pregnant. WHOOPS.

Rules for this particular breeding

1. All owners must consent to this breeding and the living situation of the kits -before- the breeding occurs.
2. Not all breeding slots will be open to this breeding type, please check each individual event for restrictions.
3. The cost will be 50k per buck involved, rather than just 50k for the slot.
4. The limit is 4 bucks per doe. (And that's insane.)
5. Each buck will sire 2 kittens of the litter, unless only 2 bucks are involved and the is a link to finished rp. In the event of 2 bucks + rp, litter size will be between 4 and 6.
6. In the event of a bribe, it is up to the colorist whether to produce more kittens or not. The absolute max for this type of breeding is 12. If more than 6 are produced, the doe will be on breeding cool down for 6 full months.
7. Kittens will -not- be a blend of all parties involved. Instead, each kitten will be a mix of their marli and of the buck that sired them.

Use this form when entering a breeding that allows multiple partners
If there are more than two bucks involved, simply add lines for the additional bucks. Keep in mind that up to 4 bucks is allowed.

[b][color=Blue]Multiplying Mates![/color][/b]

[i]Owner and name of Doe[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to her Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of First Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of Second Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Link to RP (if available)[/i]:

Surrogate Bucks for same-sex couples

In the event of a same-sex couple involving two does, we make allowances for both does to become marlil at the same time.

Rules for this particular breeding

1. All owners must consent to this breeding and the living situation of the kits -before- the breeding occurs.
2. Not all breeding slots will be open to this breeding type, please check each individual event for restrictions.
3. The cost will be 50k per doe involved.
4. Each doe may have a different buck servicing them if they wish.
5. Kittens will have a mix of characteristics of the two does and the buck that sired them. (This bends the laws of nature a little, but is in the interest of making rp enjoyable, which is the point of a B/C shop in the first place.)
6. Litter size is the standard 2 to 6 per doe, with more kittens being born to does with established rp.
7. The does must be an established couple, and not just two does that happened to get pregnant at the same time.

Use this form when entering a breeding that allows buck surrogates

[b][color=pink]Surrogate Situation![/color][/b]

[i]Owner and name of First Doe[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to her Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of First Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of Second Doe[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to her Uncert[/i]:

- Optional -
[i]Owner and name of Second Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Link to RP (if available)[/i]:
[i]All parties understand and consent to the circumstances. Here is how we plan on handling this litters[/i]: (Will both litters be raised together by both marlil? Will the bucks be involved at all? As long as you all agree it's your choice what happens, but this is to stop any potential disputes later.)


And finally there is this situation, like the sibling-mates Wildwood and Pitchweed.

It's true that rabbits perhaps aren't picky about their breeding partners, particularly in confinement. For those partners that are related, there are consequences to breeding, but we will not out-right prohibit it because, well, rabbits.

Penalties can include: Stillborn, blindness, albinism, deaf, sterile, penalty to health, and color deformations.

Issues will be determined by dice, but if a mutation is rolled, which one is dependent on the colorist's choice. It is also the colorist's choice whether or not to color all newborns, including those that 'died' and will not grow.

In the event of inbred rabbits breeding, if this comes up, it'll be handled on a case by case situation unless it becomes so common that it needs it's own set of rules.

Rules for this particular breeding

1. Rabbits are considered related if they are directly related within three generations of each other.
2. The closer related, the higher the rate of still-births in the litter, and genetic mutations.
3. For 3 generations apart, a d4 will be rolled for each kitten. If the die lands on 3 the kitten is still born. If the die lands on 4 the kitten has a genetic mutation.
4. For 2 generations apart, a d6 is rolled for each kitten. If a 2 or 3 is rolled, the kitten is stillborn. If a 5 or 6 is rolled, the kitten has a genetic mutation.
5. For direct relations a d4 is rolled for each kitten. If odds, the kitten is stillborn. If the die lands on 2, the kitten has a genetic mutation. (Therefore, there is a 50% mortality rate, a 25% mutation rate, and only a 25% of each kitten being born healthy.)
6. Not all breeding slots will be open to this breeding type, please check each individual event for restrictions.
7. In the event of a bribe, you can request 6 kittens, but they will be held to the same dice rolls as a non-bribe. However, your colorist might let you pick which mutations occur if the dice land on that.

Use this form when entering a breeding that will produce inbreeding

[b][color=Orange]In need of an Inbreed![/color][/b]

[i]Owner and name of Doe[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to her Uncert[/i]:

[i]Owner and name of Buck[/i]:
[i]Cert and link to his Uncert[/i]:

[i]Link to RP (if available)[/i]:
[i]How are these rabbits related?[/i]:

User Image

Have a wish to design your very own rabbit? Then customs are the way to go. Every so often, slots for custom rabbits will open.

Each colorist will go about their customs differently. Some might host slots in their workshop thread, and others might simply do a first come, first serve deal. Check the calendar above to see if any custom slots will soon be open, or pay attention to the shop title and the goings on in thread.

Rules & Information
1. Slots for custom rabbits will open when we feel like we can handle them.
2. If there are no slots open, lease do not pester us about opening more; it means we probably have too much other work at the moment.
3. For now, you can only get 1 custom slot at a time.
4. Customs allow you to design your own rabbit. You can pick a gender, the stage, colors, patterns, and edits so long as they follow the shop setting. Below is a list of a few things that we will not do:
- Unnaturally-colored rabbits. This means no bright, neon-pink bunnies. Softer, earthy reds, blues, and yellows will be accepted to an extent.
- Unnatural patterns and markings like words or human-type symbols; sorry, but you can't get a bunny with the peace symbol on it's back.
- Edits that don't fit the shop setting, i.e. no wings, horns, or gun-wielding rabbits.
5. You may not get any of the alternative ranks through normal customs. There will be rare situations where a custom slot for an alternative rank will be open, but it will be announced well in advance.
6. Gold payments only please. Items can only be used in bribes.
7. With Semi-Customs you can ONLY choose the gender and THREE colors. Nearly always, semi-customs are non-edited, the choice is up to the colorist.
8. Only custom rabbits can be ex-pet. Ex-hutches are available through both customs and events, but other rabbits won by other means will be wild-born warren or hlessi rabbits.
9. Giants and dwarfs are bribe-only, otherwise rabbits will have to roll for that status.

Custom Prices
50K - Semi-Custom (adult only)
200K - Adult
325K - From kitten
+15K for complicated coloring
+25-50K for edits

Semi-Custom Generic Form


Rabbit name:
(Up to) Three colors:
Cert type: (dawn, day, night, rain)


Full Custom Generic Form


Rabbit name:
Starting stage: (kitten, juvenile, adult)
Base color(s):
Marking color(s):
Marking style:
Eye color:
Edits, if any:
Anything else?
Cert type: (dawn, day, night, rain)


User Image

Roserain: Owner
Rabid-white-mongoose: Full-time Colorist/Co-Owner
Seruta: Full-time Colorist
Fea Line: Full-Time Colorist

Currently on Hiatus
Aurrie Beaues: Manager, Full-time Colorist
The Concept of Love: OL Keeper

White List:
All of our regulars and supporters!

Grey List:
(not allowed to get any new rabbits)

Black List:
(banned from the shop, cannot post or participate in any manner. All owned rabbits will either be killed or rehomed.)
Moldering Apple - For trying to steal and auction off this shop's lineart.
Captain Wolfe/B E A R A C U D A H - For cheating with a mule.
Lolli-pop Psycho - For deplorable manners, whining, causing drama, and ignoring rules, and slander in other shops
La La Gucci - For being a mule account of Captain Wolfe
Jaded Sunset - banned for excessive rudeness in Pm's.


Richard Adams is the creator of Watership Down. The theme and story all belong to him.
Jaeger Erdarastrix: Lineartist
Slander: Cert and Banner creator

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