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(All stages and genders are found on page 1. They are by color on their species images. Green is Male. Pink is Female, and Brown is Unisex meaning you get to choose the gender if it doesn't say for you down below.)
--- Normal Flatsales are first come first serve
--- Proxys are allowed
--- No co-owns
--- You may only get one pet every 24 hrs
--- Trades must be sent within 24 hours or you will lose the pet
--- Send all trades to Isaac Fenrir Parker for this sale.
--- Post Cert Information Immediately in the Certing thread.

    Commons species- 5k
    Uncommon species- 7k
    Rare species- 9k
    Epic species- 10k

    Familiars- 3k

All trades send to

♂♀ Common


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--- Do not bid more than what you own
--- Co-owning is allowed *can change depending on the pet auctioned*
--- You may bid with items. We go by the lowest market price.
--- Items you bid must be wearable by an avi, be a bundle, or a Chance item that will give you wearable items. All items must be worth more than 50k
--- I have the right to deny any item that is bid
--- There is always a ten minute anti-snipe guard *means if you bid ten minutes before the auction ends or less, then the time will be lengthened depending on the pet auctioned*
--- Trades must be sent within 24 hours or you will lose the pet
--- Send all trades to Isaac Fenrir Parker.
--- Post Cert Information Immediately in the Certing thread.
--- Do NOT Edit any of your posts for any of the above categories. FS you could be potentially disqualified for.. Raffles.. it makes things confusing.. and Auctions don't do it either just to have a higher bid than someone after you..


SB- 10k
BI- 1k
AB- 4 mil

To bid post the following code.


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--- Each ticket costs 100g Unless otherwise stated.
--- You can buy as many tickets as you want unless otherwise stated.
--- When a certain number of tickets are bought another pet can be added *also depends on the raffle*
--- Send all trades to Isaac Fenrir Parker. you have 24 hrs to post a trade or else your tickets will not count.
--- Post Cert Information Immediately in the Certing thread if you do not in 3 days you will lose your pet whether you paid or not. These are the rules.
--- You are to tell which pet you want in 24 hrs or else your pick will go down to the next person and they will have their pick before you. after 8 more hours and you still haven't posted which you want, then the raffle will be rerolled and you won't get one at all.

Send trades to

(Preview images)

Please post the following code to enter
[b][size=20][color=crimson]I'll send ___ candles and gifts for one![/color][/size]

Current ticket list:

Past Raffle:

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We will have two instead of one winner so two pets will be made with one being rolled and the other being made randomly from the information that was listed.

Please allow up to 3 days for completion if RL throws a curve ball at me.

Please previous winners participate but I ask that if you win when raffle of winners comes to either gift it to one that hasn't won yet unless you really feel as if you can't part with it. I'm doing this to give those that haven't won a chance at getting one.

Begins- September 30th @ 2:00pm CST
Ends- October 1st @ 2:00 pm CST

Previous BAW
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You pick one of these if you win a 100 page pet
RNG 1-50 and get either a 1 or 50 and you can win one of these pets. You may do this at anytime you wish and as many times as you want.
You may pick one of these if you wish to spend 1,000 Ip
You may pick one of these for a gift to someone else
If you win something that allows you to pick from the pet pot, you can pick any one of these pets to be yours.
These are all pets that are being rehomed or were not chosen in events.
All pets here were not found in the owner's list, photobucket, or certing thread and all illegible to be given new owners.
These are all extra pets, Colorists may choose to move any one of them to use for something else.
This is the only way to get Gyrah and Jackalope outside of their yearly events
Please wait 24 hours before beginning to roll for another to give everyone a chance after you've won one.

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No Longer Available

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