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Welcome to Theia!
This B/C shop is a home of deer-kirin like creatures. It is a world where humanoids live in perfect harmony with nature.

–RL Commissions–

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12/18/13 - We are still here but RL has caught up with staff. Working on getting thing back together.

06/19/13 - We have 2 new kilen edits available...see details here.

04/15/13 - We would like to welcome Thine Gilded Lily to the staff as RP Manager! Hopefully we can get some more RP going in Theia. We have also had some colorist changes in Theia and are working on Hiring more colorists. So if you have not yet checked the Hiring Thread please do so and tell your friends. Advertise for us and you could have a chance to win a Kirin mare.

03/7/13 - Theia is Hiring Colorists and a RP Manager! Check it out User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

01/30/13 - Sya is rehoming 2 of her eggs. If you want to win one, enter her Plot Contest Here. Closes the 4th.

10/1/12 - Preparations for celebration of the day of the dead are slowly starting. A time when when those living are remembering of their ancestors, when the stories of their lives are told and their ascension to the land of dead is celebrated.
Because it is the time when the barrier between the two worlds is the thinnest it is tradition that the youngest ones dress up to scare of any malevolent demons.

If you'd like to grab some grams for your friends, be it pre-made or custom ones, proceed HERE and grab some.

9/12/12 - We have two new colorists joining Theia. Please welcome Moxxiie and Ultima Vita to the coloring team

9/11/12 - There are two free egg events going on in the guild! Go get yourself some freebies and become a part of some great families!

By Moxxiie

By Thalea

6.25.12 - New stock edit options in the guild

5.7.12 - RL Commissions and Neza's Custom Shop Graphics - Here

4.11.12 - Shop Grand Opening

3.26.12 - Preparing the layout for the new thread

Major Shop Changes:

Yes some of these lines are familiar, but this shop is *new* Here are some highlights that are different from the shops older predecessors.

- Familiar lines are different. If you have old ones, they are still considered part of the family, but at this time we do not have access to them.

- Kirin still can not have homosexual breedings ( as per the original artists request ), however, Kilen can!

- Theia is opening *all new*. We do NOT have access to anything left from Aerithe. This includes certs, uncerts, records, etc. Please do not ask or harass staff or attempt to stir up things from the past or from a shop that is no longer around. If you haven't gathered things from Aerithe/Early Theia back they were open, then we apologize but there is nothing we can do for you.

- Theia is an UNEDITED/MINOR EDIT shop only. There are no exceptions. You can enter breedings with ANY level of edited pets, but if we do nott have their original stock templates, they will only produce offspring that fit into the new shop guidelines.

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It might look tiring to do so but all of your possible questions can be answered by doing so. If for any reason there is still something not clear to you, please send a pm to the mule with 'Question' as the subject. Do not under any circumstance pm staff!

2. Obey all ToS rules, shop rules and guild rules at all times.
In other words everything that has a rule in the sentence. Doing otherwise might get you a warning and if you persist in ignorance even blacklisted and banned.

3. Do not be a bad sport!
Please no begging, whining, flaming, fighting, cheating or anything similar to that in the thread or guild. If you are in a bad mood, it might be better not to post and come back when you've calmed down, rather than having to apologize for something you said when that could have been avoided. Remember there will always be new events and new opportunities for winning a pet of your own. Also do not ask other owners to give you a pet or co-own any with you, if they want to do that they will contact you.
Remember this is a place to run away from RL for a bit and have fun.

4. Avoid all possible drama!
Fighting or being unpleasant in threads makes everyone uncomfortable and should be avoided. If you have a problem with someone try settling it privately first.

5. No art theft!
Do not under any circumstance steal any art from this shop and sell it or claim it as your own! It will get you blacklisted (banned) from shop and reported to mods.
Those who worked on pets worked hard to make them. Those who own them gave a lot of effort and a lot of gold to obtain them. I assure you none of them will be happy if you try something stupid like art theft.

6. Please be literate.
Please do not use AOLspeak, l33tspeak, netslang and such in your posts. Not all people may understand what you would be trying to say and we will not bother decrypting your posts as such.

7. Keep your post styles clean and readable.
Avoid all page stretching, image heavy, text confusing, advertising of any kind post styles. If people can not see what you posted in your post from the flashing jungle of everything in it, don't be surprised if they do not answer to you. It just might be that they can not figure out what you want rather than ignore you. As for advertising there is a thing called a signature.

8. There will be no refunds without a REALLY good reason!
A good reason would be if you did not get your purchased pet within 6 months from when it was ordered and then you got rushed out version of it. Refunds will have to be approved by the shop owner first.
This rule does not count for event purchased pets -> raffles, auctions, flatsales and such. If you are not ready to spend a lot of gold and still not get anything don't participate. Also it is not possible to refund a pet you won in event if for some reason you don't like it -> if that is the case don't try for it.

9. Do not assume things!
If something is unclear ask! Assuming things will only get you into unnecessary trouble. When RPing you could confuse those you are RPing with. It will also cost you points from your pet's experience meaning it will take you longer to acquire bonuses that go along with RP activity.

10. This is not an RP-required shop.
Although it is not required that you RP your new pets, it is highly recommended. RPing earns your pet experience points which brings some bonuses like: more offspring in breeding and possibility of getting the elder stage for your pet.

11. No limitation on number of pets.
Although we would love to see all pets be active instead of collecting dust, there will be no limitation on how many you can own.

12. You can win no more than four pets in big events.
Meaning you can win one pet in auction, one in raffle, one in flatsales and one in free events.

13. Monthly Freebies, Customs, and Breeding Limits
You can only win 1 Freebie, 1 Custom, and 2 Breedings per month.

14. Old Pets will NOT be re-certed!
This is to make it clear. Pets from Aerithe will not be set onto the Theia cert. They will remain on the OLD cert, and are welcome to be played here, but a cert change will not happen. You had one year after Aerithe closed to get your pets sorted, and that year is passed. This goes ESPECIALLY for those that have an uncert but no cert proof that the pet was your own in the first place. There is a risk there that it might, just might, be the pet that belonged to another patron, that we cannot take. So to avoid any drama, we are stating this for PATRONS and STAFF both!

15. Please do not try for pets you don't intend to keep.
You may not 'gift' or 'give away' a pet until after 6 months of ownership. We believe in giving everyone a fair shot in Theia and trying for a pet you dont really want takes that chance from someone else who does.

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Grey List:
((List of those that have been warned. People that found themselves in here can not acquire new pets or participate in any shop events and activities until they're grounding expires. Which will usually be period of three months.))

Black List:
((Those that end in here are banned from all threads and guilds that belong to this shop. They will not be able to get any more pets from here ever!))

angelgirl2345 - Harassment/Trolling/Inciting Drama via Gaia Forum/PM/AIM
Keliptis - Harassment/Trolling/Inciting Drama via Gaia Forum
iHibariKyoya - Inciting Drama via PM/AIM
OrliDeppgrl1526 - Harassment/Trolling/Inciting Drama via Gaia Forum

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World of Theia consists of 5 continents: Teana, Tahu, Elkas, Gradak and Morston.

A land of frost, ice, and snow, Tahu is home only to those that can truly survive such extreme climate. With temperatures that can dip below freezing, it is the harshest climate seen, and holds little to no inhabitants. To the south, it is connected to Teana.

A diverse home to the oldest of the forests seen upon the landscapes of Theia. Humanoids, gifted with the art of magic, have been sighted her at one time, but it is now only held as a rumor or legend. It is here that Goddess Theia is sometimes seen. It is also this place where the harsh dessert is seen to take place, inhabitable even with its temperatures.
Meadows hold home to the smaller creatures, as well as the lushest breeding and feeding grounds that are to be offered to the organisms of the land.

With a small mountain range with snowy peaks, and nothing but water touching every side, it is a small secluded place in the land. The inhabitants here are gifted with the protection of the caves within the mountains and the surrounding forest.

A sister of Teana, this land holds elements of frost and forest, as well as meadow-land. Though the marshes that are sometimes found between the snow and the forests are something that set this continent apart from its sister, able to call such a thing its own.

Once a land of thriving life and beautiful scenery, time has changed it into a natural monster, lava overtaking the northern land while a dessert of only the harshest heat takes up the southern boarder. And still, between both these dangerous climates, there are scattered swamps, deadly from their humidity and heavy atmosphere.

Lost Island
Apart from the rest of the lands and almost unchanged by time, the unique foliage here is not found anywhere else. It holds its own life as well, and is rarely seen by any not native to the land surrounded by water that it holds its own.
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Goddess Theia

Youngest child of the Goddess Sol, the sun mother that gives the light needed for life to flourish on the planets her daughters claimed as their own. Goddess Theia claimed the second planet from her mother and made lush habitats with various plant life for her live creations to flourish in. She can be seen walking through the landscapes she created and lucky are those that get close enough to get her attention.

Favorite food: white apples and honey beer
Activities: walking through nature watching her creations evolve, telling stories and teaching young ones about the world of Theia
Personality: Loving and joyful. She likes to play with others, sometimes taking the form of those she watches over to provide more entertainment.
Role: creator of everything living on Theia

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Ajanta the Record-Keeper

Goddess Aerithe's ex-right arm. She moved to Theia along with most of Aerithe inhabitants after the big migration. Now she is Goddess Theia's right arm leaving more free time to goddess for freely roaming around. Being a book worm she spends most of her time in Theian libraries. When she is not there she tells the stories she has read to young ones.

Favorite food: sweets
Activities: Working upon Events, Setting Journals up and Maintaining them, Keeping the Book of Knowledge accurate
Personality: Quiet, kind, and knowledgeable. She will do anything to assist the goddess whom gave her and her charges a place to call home, and is forever grateful.
Role: keeping track of everything

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Svebor - Theia Arrivals

An assistant to Ajanta. He helps guide the lost ones to their homes, a kind smile upon his face and warmth in his heart. But if you threaten those he guides you will surely see a sour side to him.

Favorite food: Cooked Fish
Activities: Guiding the newly homed
Personality: A bit outgoing, but kind and will never hesitate to jump to the aid of Ajanta.
Role: Drop Off/guide
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Kilen are small kirinoids that live mostly in tall vegetation where they hide from predators. Their favorite habitats are forests. They are also well known for their fast and agile movement. Because they are quite adaptable, they inhabit almost all possible places on Theia, except the most harsh ones like poles covered with eternal snow and volcanic fields of Gradak.
In spite of their fangs they are herbivores. Carnivore behavior appears only in places where there is not enough food like deserts and places where winters are longer and more harsh, even then they only hunt small animals like mice and bugs.

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Kirin are large Kiniroids, having arrived to Theia very recently, brought to the land by Ajanta the Record Keeper, whom had been entrusted with their change of habitat. They inhabit a wide array of areas, those with longer fur taking up colder climate while those with less fur are often seen in hotter places. Some have been noted to fly, with wings upon their backs enabling them to do so. Their diet is, for the most part, herbivorous. At times they take on eating meats, but this is not an often occurrence. Kirin have been noted to live longer than the Kilen, and in far larger herds.

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All events will be announced at least one week before they start.
Information for shop held events will be posted on the second page and will stay there one week after event ends.
All event trades go to Goddess Theia except for customs, breedings and bribes (those will be sent to colorists working on your commission).

Flatsales will always be held in flaffle style. This means that you will have 24 hours to sign up, usually by posting a form that will be provided for it when it opens and winners will be decided by RNG. This means that first person that gets drawn gets to pick first from available kirinoids/familiars, second gets a second pick and so on until all pets have been homed.
Adults- 5k
Growing(eggs)- 10k

Raffles will be held in a similar way as flatsales with the difference being that you will have at least a week to buy as many tickets you can afford.

Auctions will be open from one to two weeks. The winner or winners will be the one with best offer. Three people will be allowed to co-own auction kirinoid.

Games will always be free and they could be time limited. The are held until one person fulfills all requirements asked for. We will try to make them fun for you.

RP event
RP events will require a bit more work and a good imagination. They are sometimes free and will be open for everyone who wants to try out. Winners will be decided by how original the entry is, how well it fits into the world of Theia and how literate the entry is.

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RL Commissions

If you have a dream kirinoid you would like to bring to life, you can make your wish come true in customs. Customs will open every two months and will be open for the first five days of the month. During this time you will need to enter your forms to participate. After customs close winners will be decided by RNG and CC.
Please be sure to take some time to go through custom rules before entering any.

When you have a pair old enough and eager to get some offspring be sure to visit the breeding subforum. Here all new kirinoids come into the world. Breedings will be held the same way as customs only they will not be opened in the same month as customs.
Also be sure to read breeding rules and prepare everything needed for your form before entering.

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Pet Trade
This section is for those who own or work at a B/C shop. Please be sure to check colorist's portfolios before you ask any of them for a pet trade simply because they might have some of their own rules, shop lists with which they would consider trading and what they like/dislike doing.

If all this is still not enough for you or does not fit into your wishes than bribes are what you are looking for. Bribes are anything goes (up to moderate edits only if the colorist is approved to do so) kind of slots and will be opened when colorist collects enough SC to purchase one.

Mini Shops / Owner Events
Be sure to take a peak in this little subforum from time to time for possibility of participating in owner held events. In here you might find contests for extra eggs from breedings, events in which an owner is looking for co-owner, maybe even some gold contests, etc.

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- Owners -

- Colorists -
Yumitoko II
Ultima Vita
Zee Oddwyn - Guest
Saedusk - Guest

- Managers -
General: SylverStar
RP: Thine Gilded Lily
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[url=][imghttp://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/breedable-changing-pets/theia-no-posting-please/t.79103091/]http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz62/TheiaWorld/Shop Banners/linkT.jpg[/img][/url]

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Banners and Shop Graphics

Original Artwork
tharlossnowthorne- aka Thalion: Kirin*
Agneza: Kilen, Kilen/Kirin Edits
Saedusk: Kilen/Kirin Edits
*small anathomy edits by Felmino and Agneza

- old kirin: Felmino -
- new kirinoid: Agneza -

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