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Welcome to the Serengeti Plains!

Shanra and Fafnir are very happy you decided to stop by and take a look at the shop.

Feel free to stay and chat with the other visitors, patrons and staff for as long as you like.

Please take a moment to look over the Rules of Conduct in the next post, so you don't find yourself expelled from the Plains unduly.


Certing Forum

Breeding & Customs

Owners List
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All the rules for basic good behavior, as listed in the Gaia Online Terms of Service, also apply here. Do not flame, harass, abuse, troll, spam, or in other ways break the TOS.

Be sure to read and follow all shop rules.

You can only win one Leeuw per contest in an event. {Perma Leeuw do not count toward the one pet limit.)

You have 24 hours from the end of a contest to send your trade to the mule if you owe for the pet you won.

You have 48 hours from sending your trade, to put your pet in the certing thread, or your gold will be returned, and your pet awarded to someone else.

Do not advertise your shop in our thread without permission.

Pets belong to their owners, and may not be stolen, resold, placed in your own signature, or otherwise claimed as your own in any way.

Even if you are a pet owner, you may not resell pets.

If your Leeuw requires a new home, please contact the shop owner for instructions on how to find one.
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In the time before man covered the whole of the earth, creatures thrived in many of the uninhabited lands. However, there was one area of the earth where the creatures were so numerous that the land itself was suffering. God looked down at the work of his hands and decided something had to be done to correct this imbalance.

He came to the conclusion that he needed to create a creature that would keep the lesser creatures populations under control. This creature would need strength to overcome the creatures that were larger than itself, as well as speed to bring down the fastest creatures in the land. Cunning would be needed in order to out maneuver the sly creatures.

After much thought, God created the Leeuw. He created both male and female and named the males Sere and the females Geti. He placed them in the land and called the land the Serengeti Plains, after His new creation. The Leeuw thrived in the new land, and before long were numerous enough to divide up into individual prides. These prides spread out over the plains and only came together once a year at Lake Zabala. It was at this gathering that Leeuw could chose to switch prides, or males could choose to begin their own pride if they were lucky enough to find enough females to join them. However, after a meeting of the Pride leaders, it was decided that the annual gathering would cease, and all pride members were welcome to visit other prides as their hearts dictated.
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Males on the left lllll Females on the right


Baby Leeuw will grow to Teen 2 weeks after birth.

Teen Leeuw will grow to adulthood in 1 month.

New Adult Leeuw are not eligible to breed for 2 weeks.
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Prides are ruled over by one "pride leader", and each pride has its own "territory". When determining if your Leeuw will belong to a pride, you can find each prides information in the guild by clicking on the tribe name below.
Each pride is also represented by the symbol on the chart below:

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Savala: Leader: Darksky User Image Sciathan: Leader: FafnirUser Image
Thundara: Leader:GheyonUser ImageColo'arwa: Leader FrostUser Image
Nasatti: Leader: UpocorUser Image
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The Spring Hare has arrived, and will be making it's appearance very soon. Also on the itinerary, is the Golden Crown Eagle and the Dik Dik, which are delayed at the moment.

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Flatsales: Speed/Flaffle/RP
- Leeuw cost 10k each
- Trades must be sent to the mule within 24 hours or you lose the Leeuw!
- Flatsales will typically be done via Flaffle or Speed.
- Do not harass other owners to make them less likely to participate or root for others.
- You may have someone proxy for you if you cannot be present during the Flatsale.
- Your proxy can also enter in the event that they are entering for you as well.

[A note on Speedsales: In this type of flatsale, the first person to post for the specific pet they are trying for will get the pet and pay for it. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST IN A SPEED SALE. This is considered cheating, and will get you disqualified from the sale or banned from the shop. You may acquire additional cats for 2 other people who can not be online at the time of the sale, but you can only acquire one for yourself, unless otherwise stated by the staff member hosting the sale.]

[A note on Flaffles: A flaffle is a raffle-style flatsale. In this type of flatsale, anyone who wants the pet offered must post within a certain timeframe to get a ticket. The tickets will then be randomly drawn to determine who will get the pet and pay for it. In a flaffle, you do not have to pay unless you are drawn to get a pet.]

[A note on RP Flatsales: This type of flatsale is a contest. An RP prompt (a set roleplay situation to which all the people trying to win will respond) will be posted, and a set time given. The people running the flatsale will read over all the roleplay entries posted within that time, and the pets will be sold to the people who the judges feel have posted the best responses to the prompt.]

- Opening bid is 10k.
- There will be no Autobuy option.
- Minimum bid increment is 5k.
- "Snipe guard: 20 minutes"
- Pure gold only, sorry.
- Trades must be sent to the mule within 24 hours or you lose the Leeuw!
- Do not bid what you do not have, or you will be placed on the blacklist.
- No harassing other owners not to participate or rooting for bidders.
- Forward trades to the shop mule, Sere N Geti Mule.

[A note on the snipe guard: 20 minutes is the time that must pass without a new bid before the auction is over. If someone bids right before the end of the auction, the auction time will be extended by 20 minutes, to give other people a chance to put in another bid. If someone else bids during this time period, the auction will then be extended by another 20 minutes. This will continue until someone's bid has stood unchallenged for 20 minutes. At that point, the auction is over and the final bidder wins.]

In a raffle, you will buy tickets to get a chance to win a pet. You pay for as many tickets as you want and can afford; your name will be put into a list as many times as you have paid for, and at the end of the time set for the raffle, the person running the raffle will randomize a winner. The winner doesn't have to pay anything else. You are not guaranteed to win, unless you're the only person in the raffle. What you're paying for is the chance to get the pet.

- Raffle tickets are 100g each.
- Unlimited raffle tickets.
- You can buy tickets for other people, just put their name in the form.
- Follow the instructions for raffles so we don't lose track of your tickets.
- No harassing or rooting once again.
- Trades must be accepted before the end of the raffle, or you lose your tickets and your chance to win!
- Send trades to the mule, Sere N Geti Mule.

- Games are free!
- Each game has its own rules, so pay close attention.
- Don't be a sore loser, or you will be put on probation for games in the future.
- No rooting for certain players, it's not fair!

Periodically throughout the year there will be events in the shop. Most will be themed events, and will be posted on page 2 of the shop.

The Adopting Center located in the guild has Leeuw from breeding that are seeking new homes. Since only 2 babies from a breeding may be kept, owners need to find homes for the rest. These Leeuw are free to adopt, providing the current owner agrees. Please follow ALL the rules listed in the adopting thread.
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- Male Leeuw can mate as often as the urge overtakes them!
- Female Leeuw cannot mate again until their cubs reach adolescence.
- Matings are 15k for unedited and 30k for edited.
- Leeuw normally give birth from 2-4 cubs. If the pair is Life Mated an extra cub will be added.
- Markings on the parents will transfer to the cubs at the discretion of the colorist.
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Custom/Breeding Shops

Semi custom - (Nongrowing) 50k
Semi Custom - (growing) 75k

Full custom - (non growing) 75k
Full custom - (growing) 100k

Edited custom - 150k (+25k for growing)

Check each colorists shop for their pricing.
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Any similarity to Disney's The Lion King is purely coincidental.

Shanra the Dragon Bard: Owner & Certist
Sere N Geti Mule: Shop Mule
DefauIt: Full-time Colorist/Part-time Certist
Nefarious Muse: Full-time Colorist
iSweet_Kitten: Part-time Colorist
Jaded Sunset v2: Part-time Colorist (customs only) and Edit maker
Lunar Mirage: Part-time Colorist (breeding's only)
Leonaenae: Guest Colorist
vincent_pimp_kid-: Guest Colorist
Poe-tae-toee: Part-time Certist

BrittleBear: Most current Lineart as of 1/8/2015
Nefarious Muse: Lineart Artist for the New Lines as of 10/2014
DefauIt: New Cert for 2015
Overfiend Katsumi: Lineart Artist for Original Lines
Keliptis: Inker & Templater (original lines)
Mausoleum: Re-Inker (original lines)
Manasstalker: Cert(old) Designer
Cherry Atomic Cupcake: Map Designer
Zakiax: Shop Graphics & Opening Event Cert

Brush credits:

Blood brushes by KeRin-R on DA

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Please feel free to help us out by putting our banner in your sig, or in your shop, or wherever you think it might get some attention.

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