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Best thing about spring time?

Flowers 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 12 ]
Rain Showers 0.26470588235294 26.5% [ 9 ]
Warmness 0.17647058823529 17.6% [ 6 ]
Bugs 0.088235294117647 8.8% [ 3 ]
... 0.029411764705882 2.9% [ 1 ]
CurrentlySeeking: Colorists! PM Shanra the Dragon Bard for info. 0.088235294117647 8.8% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 34 ]
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Currently Hosting: Spring time Faires/ Egyptian themed pets.
Come enjoy the games and activites!!!
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Flatsales: Flaffle
- Leeuw cost 10k each
- Trades must be sent to the mule within 24 hours or you lose the Leeuw!
- Flatsales will typically be done via Flaffle or Speed.
- Do not harass other owners to make them less likely to participate or root for others.
- You may have someone proxy for you if you cannot be present during the Flatsale.
- Your proxy can also enter in the event that they are entering for you as well.

[A note on Speedsales: In this type of flatsale, the first person to post for the specific pet they are trying for, will get the pet and pay for it. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST IN A SPEED SALE. This is considered cheating, and will get you disqualified from the sale or banned from the shop. You may acquire additional cats for 2 other people who cannot be online at the time of the sale, but you can only acquire one for yourself, unless otherwise stated by the staff member hosting the sale.]

Sere N Geti Mule rolled 0 100-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

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Take this quiz on Day of the Dead trivia. When you finish, post a screenshot of your score along with which leeuw you want in the thread. You can take it as many times as you want, but your score matters less than how quickly you post your score.

wahmbulance Taken Pets: Golem, Mummy, Vampire Bride
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[quote="Sere n Geti Mule"][/quote]
[color=darkblue][size=18]Count me in on the Free Raffle![/size][/color]
[color=blue][size=18]Prefs: [/size][/color]

M1 - Yunachu
M2 - iSexyGoddess
M3 - elvenprincess001
M4 - Tenko72
F1 - Tenko72
F2 - DefauIt
B1 - Yunachu
B2 - DefauIt
B3 - Strawberri Stardust
B4 - DefauIt

Ticket List:

Shanra the Dragon Bard: Prefs: B4, M1, M2, B2, B3, M3, F1, F2, B1, M4
Yuri2476: Prefs: M4, F2,B1,F1,B4,B3,M3,B2,M2,M1
ShadowbaneKimikaro: Prefs: f1,b4,f2,b2,b3,b1,m1.m2,m3.m4
Dragonrider Flar: Prefs: M1/M2/M3/B4/B3/B2/B1/F2/F1/M4
Xe-mu-na-su: Prefs: B2, M1, M3, F2, B3

Suspended for this raffle.
--Raffle ticket will cost 100gold each, unless marked 'free'.
--There is no limit on the number of tickets you can buy.
--Please Send trades to the mule with the number of tickets wanted in the title.

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- Opening bid is 50k.
- There will be no Autobuy option.
- Minimum bid increment is 5k.
- "Snipe guard: 20 minutes"
- Pure gold only, sorry.
- Trades must be sent to the mule within 24 hours or you lose the Leeuw!
- Do not bid what you do not have, or you will be placed on the blacklist.
- No harassing other owners not to participate or rooting for bidders.
- Forward trades to the shop mule, Sere N Geti Mule.

[A note on the snipe guard: 20 minutes is the time that must pass without a new bid before the auction is over. If someone bids right before the end of the auction, the auction time will be extended by 20 minutes, to give other people a chance to put in another bid. If someone else bids during this time period, the auction will then be extended by another 20 minutes. This will continue until someone's bid has stood unchallenged for 20 minutes. At that point, the auction is over and the final bidder wins.]


*Post the below code to bid:

[quote="serengetimule"] [/quote]

HB: ???
0 gaia_gaiagold


: gold
: gold

Sere N Geti Mule rolled 0 4-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

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