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The answer to immortality is simple: to overcome death, you must simply become death.


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The Wiki and Guild are currently under heavy construction!

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DEC 2009 - SEPT 2011.

Der Pestdoktor

There is now a NON-GRIMM SUBFORUM for Non-Grimm character journals. Please go there if you're interested in having a non-Grimm character, both owners and nwebies may have up to three, and there is now a chance to get a non-Grimm certed artwork.

Our winter flatsale has also ended! Please welcome Cynnybun and The Semblance of Unity, and expect the spring sale soon. Our apologies for the proximity of these sales, but we are a tad behind in our seasonal schedule. The plot point introduced in the flatsale has also reached its conclusion in the results post of the sale thread if anyone even reads those things, I tend to doubt it.


19 DEC 2011
A FRESH START!! WHOOOOOO! Let's make it a good one!

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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I. Terms of Service!
II. No stealing. No stealing anything at all! Especially not art and characters.
III. No fighting/drama/harassment. Please try to keep yourself from, you know, wrecking absolute hatred in the thread. Hatred tends to fester and leave the thread smelling like s**t. If you have any issues pertaining to anyone concerning harassment, please notify the Gaian moderators.
IV. No bumping/spamming. Maybe one or two emoticons are okay once in a while, but please, keep bumping and spamming to a minimum.
V. Read all of the first page! Please! It'll spare you from being extremely confused and us from answering any unneeded questions.
VI. Still got questions? Please direct any and all questions via thread post!


I. No co-owning. This might or might not change as the thread moves along, but for now no co-owning-- things will just get too haywire.
II. No more than one Plague per owner. This rule might come and go depending on how hectic things get, but as of right now one person is limited to one Plague.
III. No selling. Do not sell your pet under any circumstances! If you want to abandon/give up your pet, you must relieve the pet to our staff.
IV. No PMing. DO NOT PM any of the people listed in the Staff section UNLESS you have permission to do so.

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Panyma herself is speaking through the vestige of her Great
Name to tell her Empire one thing-- she has cursed herself with
her Holy Name and the letter P, for with it follows Words that
mean only the vilest of things. Putridity, pestilence, poverty,
politics, Plague, pandemonium-- these are the things that Her
Land suffers. We have remained faithful yet she leaves us to
doubt amongst outselves the nature of our existence and the
abrupt ending of what was once the Golden Age of Man. The
Center of Profugus suffers indefinitely during this time, and
despite our Need none come to us. Is Panyma questioning the
Nature of our existence? Does she tell us to rest-- is this our
body's ultimate undoing? Perhaps man was Created only to be
destined to an insufferable Peril. Perhaps Paradise does not
exist, merely Purgatory as sinning Men rest in eternal regret.



It started with a hanging.

A world littered with controversy and magic has recently fallen in chaos with the rise of the Black Death, as thousands die with every blinking hour. A mysterious man named Diefendorf claims to be a doctor of unknown origins, and proposes a radical idea to the house of sciences: The only way to cure death is to be death. This, coupled with evidence of inhumane experimentation on the ill, children, women and men alike, Diefendorf's title is stripped and his laboratory is burnt. After five years in prison, he's sent to the gallows to be hanged, showcased in front of the miserable crowd of diseased citizens. They look confused, bloodthirsty, blank. Just as he died before the ungrateful people he promised to cure, he let out a deranged laugh and looked to the cynical crowd. With halfhearted smile, he uttered one thing:

"I have found a cure."

It's been a mere six years after his execution, and death tolls have been rising. Desperate for a cure, some scientists across the nation regret the execution of Diefendorf. At the same time, conspiracies and riots are on the rise, and chaos reigns over Panymium's conscience. Was killing the only man with a cure truly worth it, and was the lives of a few worth lives of millions?

Just what was the cure?

Just how many people fell into Diefendorf's hands?

What have they become?


The Black Death. The Great Pestilence. The Black Plague. The Bubonic Plague. The Plague. Whatever the disease is, it's been spreading like wildfire throughout the isolated continent of Panymium, and three main parties have been looking for a cure... in this new age of technology and reason, who will win?

Or, perhaps, the Grimms shall be the only ones to come out of this alive... Plagues have been notorious for the spreading of the Black Death, but it seems that its owners have an odd immunity to it.

More information on the Black Death is here.


... Assisted by a meek orphan boy, Georgie Malt, and his Plague, Adal, The Plague Doctor seeks out and records all sightings of Plagues across the Continent. His origins are mysterious and it's only possible to communicate to the Doctor through the boy or the Plague, but there are many rumors about him... they say he rides the winds to travel across the provinces freely. The only way to tell if the Plague Doctor is around town is by the creaking of his wooden haul, a small, movable building that's said to be his personal laboratory.

No one knows what it looks like, save for the boy and his Plague. We recommend avoiding the place...

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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*Just because the Terrain map maps certain forests, bodies of water, and mountains does not
mean that these are the ONLY forests, bodies of water, and mountains. They are merely the
major ones in Panymium. The same, of course, applies to the political map-- those are not
ALL of the cities in Panymium, merely some of the major ones!


Welcome to the world.

The people of Profugus live in a world of magic and bountiful culture, where countries separate themselves due to racial differences and political tension. Profugus, a world of beautiful tales and gruesome consequences; Profugus, a world that has yet to blossom to its fullest. It's people latch on to the beasts and creatures of myth and many depend highly on their religion and piousness to protect their welfare and health. While magic has grown its technological potential to strange, unseen heights, its sciences are where the men of Profugus lack.

Perhaps the Black Death shall teach them a lesson.

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Panymium is the continent in which The Plague Doctor is situated: with a variety of ecosystems and living styles, it's not surprising that its people have been divided in both beliefs and ideals for a very long time. Even then, Panymium's ancestors came from a religious people called Panymisians that settled the land in the name of practicing the freedom of religion, thereby welcoming all types of cultures into its Emprie. In the past decade, the Panymese have been forced into an abrupt need for unity after their long divide to fight against the Black Plague, and to remember what the founding of Panymium was truly about-- but will they be able succeed?


For a Plague to evolve from Stage 1 to Stage 2, it is absolutely required for their Grimm to join a major Faction. How, you may ask? Once you believe you're ready to start your way into getting into a specific guild, please PM Der Pestdoktor with which alliance you want to join. You'll be given a mission task to proove your worth.

The Plague Doctor guild has four sections for roleplaying: Panymium (General), The Fellowship of Mages (Mage), The Council of Sciences (Science), and The House of Obscuvos (Cultist). Any and all faction members -- and soon to be faction members -- are allowed to post there if their roleplays elicit visiting each respective faction base, whether it be a meeting, an infiltration op, and so on.

More information on each faction is in their respective sections over at the Guild!

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LEADER ❧ Emperor Rine VIII
REPRESENTATIVE ❧ The Emperor's Audience -&- The Panymese Military (The Imperial Guard)

The average and wayfaring citizens of Panymium; citizens of Panymium have been filled with fear by both the woesome results of The Black Death as well as the recent rise in the Plague population. Unfortunately for them, the Panymese Empire has been suffering from political turmoil where numerous factions have been fighting for power, and the Advisers of the Emperor is used as nothing but a hapless puppet. The monarchies, diided, are all in dangers of falling because of the recent chaos and rise of three major alliances, all with goals of their own. All Grimms start out in the general party, and it does not count as a faction, unless your Grimm joins the Imperial Guard later on.

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LEADER ❧ High Prophet Onfroi Molyneux
REPRESENTATIVERumors have spread-- the Prophet Mandy Young has been burnt at the stake for her heresy. Who would fill her shoes now...?

Though the House of Obscuvos once started as a harmless sect in Panymesian, they are now stereotyped as religious fanatics under a feared High Prophet Onfroi Molyneux. These people, known as cultists for its religion's extremist tendencies, believe the Black Death is a message from a higher God and Messenger of the world, Obscuvos, who will save the material plane from all heretics. With a sudden increase in the Plague population, Obscuvians have been ordered by the High Prophet to collect as many Plagues as possible. Just what is he planning?

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LEADER ❧ Grand Magus Sage Estratus
REPRESENTATIVEPanymium is stricken with tragedy as the news of the Grand Magus Waldgrave's death looms the air and leaves an unfortunate mark on the Fellowship. Would the woman they so trusted truly have betrayed her Empire in such a way, or is it just rumor...?

Men, women, and children practiced in the traditional ways of Panymese magic. Considered the scientists of the Old Age, they look to the traditional methods of research and scholarly practice such as alchemy, sacrifice, summoning, and runecraft. The rulers of Panymium are all powerful and affluential mages themselves, though the recent blame of the Black Death against the warlocks and wizards of the land has led to a general avoidence of the Fellowship. Alongside the Council, of whom are looking to clear their tainted title, many Mages have collected Plagues in order to find a way to ease them of their infamous state and restore honor to their once reverred names-- but how?

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LEADER ❧ Sir Sedgwyck Kirkaldy
REPRESENTATIVEEven the noble Sir Simon Rockwell has fallen to the madness of these dark times. Sir Erasmus, a Plague, would dare take his place, but has not filled the shoes of a human once looked up upon by many of the young students of Trisica University...

Considered as the witches and wizards of the New Age, Council scientists look to solving problems with logic, proof, evidence, analyzation and reasoning, and reject the Fellowship's overuse of Magic. Though they reject magical practices Scientists have yet to reach its potential, just barely grazing the surface of discovery in biology and mathematics, and the young scientists of Panymium have recently made headway in creating theories to help save the ill state of their Empire. While highly organized, the execution of Diefendorf by the head of the Council has left a sour taste in the Council's mouth, and many consider the wrongs of Kirkaldy's decision. In recent days, scientists have reported cases of Plagues frequently haunting their grounds, and are spending endless nights researching the nature of these ephermeral creatures that seem to defy all logic.

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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"The Black Death manifests its aura around a specific object or animal; it has
no powers for now, save its ability to stink of pestilence. Beware of how you
treat it, for it might just grow."

Usually an animal, though other things can be effected by this as well. These Putescos
have the ability to move and may be permanently affixed into performing the same
action continually. (IE- An eternally rotating pinwheel.)

An inanimate object, whether it be a corpse of a once-living thing, a natural object,
or a man-made creation.

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"A newly grown Plague, barely resembling human form. A Plague is about as
big as your hand, rarely more than half of a foot, and now has the ability to learn,
move around, and of course, speak and interact with the world around it. It has
no abilities pertaining to the Black Death yet, but little sparks of basic elemental magic
are said to manifest around it."

The seven virtues of human nature reflect on these beings. Their body is lighter and
their features, dark.

Human curiosity and worldly spirituality are vital to a Phasmas. Their appearance
widely varies in nature, but none of them have a set of eyes.

The seven sins of human nature reflect on these beings. Their body is darker and
their features, light.

User Image

"Now grown to to a fully humanoid form, some Plagues gain the ability to
spread or heal the Black Death, usually in association with the item from which
they manifested. Their magical powers have now grown to a controllable

The essence of order. Save for their eyes, the Locos are completely human in
appearance, save for the occassional tapered ears. They have the ability to heal
the Black Death, but the ability is often extremely difficult to tap into and is
difficult to master.

The essence of unity. Despite their namesake, the Quietus tend to be the strangest
in appearance. Depending on the color of their eyes, they have either an affinity
for Black Magic or White Magic. THey often have extraneous body parts- more likely
for a White Magic Quietus-- or a lack thereof of body parts-- more likely for a Black
Magic Quietus. Their powers are not associated with the Black Death in any way.

The essence of chaos. With a body meant to harm and powers that inflict the Black
Death, the Infitialis share a likeness to their Caedos predecessors. Many have
pointed fingers and strange feet, as they did during their Excito days, as well as
features meant to harm and, ultimately, kill.


"...It's a surprise."

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When a Plague suffers great mental or physical change, they might experience
a shift in growth. What might once have been a Caedos might turn into a
Locos unexpectedly, or vice versa-- Nonlinear growth is rare, but it is not

User Image


Stunted Plagues are Plagues that are stuck at the Excitos stage -- they are
usually smaller than your regular Excitos, and are grown en masse, usually due
to a mass plaguing or et cetera. These Plagues cannot grow, as they had no
real Grimm during their birth, or their Grimm might have disappeared some time
after their growth, through death or other circumstances.

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Looking for RP partners? Check out--


JOURNAL REQUIRED. This B/C is journal required. Please fill it out.
Show thread activity every 2 MONTHS. Roleplaying, posting in the thread, whatever; if you don't show any means of activity within the B/C, you will be warned.
One RP or Solo every 3 MONTHS. This isn't a hard bargain: if you RP at least once every twelve weeks or so, you're clean. Any form of RPing (public, private, journal, whatever) is allowed as long as it's recorded!
6 MONTH Hiatus allowed. You must notify staff if you plan on being absent from the B/C.
NO POWER-PLAYING/GOD-MODDING. While god-modding/power-playing is very hard to judge, just remember the limits of your characters and stick with it. Challenge your characters but keep it in-character, and validate any hefty actions with fellow RPers. YOUR CHARACTERS CANNOT KILL FELLOW PLAGUES/CHARACTERS.
3 STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT. If you fail to comply with any of these rules whilst having a Plague, you will be gray-listed or banned, depending on the severity of your conduct.
As of April 2, 2012, if you receive your third strike, your Plague may be rehomed without your express permission if your reason for inactivity is something the staff cannot fix, you failed to make efforts to be active, you failed to reply to activity notices, and you failed to try to participate in the community. However, if you offer your Plague for rehoming willingly, your greylisting for any inactivity reason will be overturned.
PM THE STAFF IF YOU NO LONGER WANT YOUR PLAGUE! We don't mind! If you feel that you no longer wish to RP within PD, please contact the mule notifying us of your resignation and about whether or not you want your Plague to be liquidated for future sales or remain RIP'd. This will help you avoid being greylisted.

IF AFTER LOSING ONE PLAGUE, you eventually qualify for and obtain another, failure to meet activity levels with your second Plague will result in you being permanently blacklisted. This is just to ensure that if you don't have time in your life for Plague Doctor, you don't kill yourself trying to enter over and over, and to ensure that people who can provide a more active home get a chance to get a Plague!


READ OVER ALL OF THE PLAGUE/WORLD INFORMATION. Before you dive into character creation, let alone planning out what they might look like, PLEASE make sure you check out and know all of the stuff you need to know! It'll keep you from making illogical mistakes! If you have any questions, do NOT be afraid to ask!
START YOUR JOURNAL. Your journal doesn't have to be fancy in any way! Just describe to us the essential things we should know about your character and its Plague. All of the
essentials MUST be filled within 12 weeks of your purchase!
CONTACT PEOPLE. Contact people and talk about your plots, what you'd like to do with your character-- don't be shy! Get yourself out there and start RPing. Remember that there's always the RP Availability Directory posted at the top of this post that you can refer to to contact others.
TENSION IS PROMOTED. Yes! Panymium is going through a series of political upheavals, and you are part of it! Tension is everywhere, folks!
INTER-PARTY CONNECTIONS. Don't be scared to have inter-party connections! Just because you're in a party doesn't mean you have to be isolated into befriending just people in that group (of course there's going to be some pressure if there is, but where's the fun in no pressure anyway?)-- if you're a Mage you can most definitely be friends with a regular Panymese citizen, if you're a Cultist you might even befriend a Scientist. Just remember to keep things in-character!
INSPIRE YOURSELF TO BUILD THE WORLD. There's a reason why continents outside of Panymium aren't named! YOU, THE RPERS, shape this world and Panymium; don't be afraid to pool ideas for your character from all parts of existing cultures!
ASK QUESTIONS! If you're in doubt about anything, ESPECIALLY if you're making a character for this B/C, please ask! Do not hesitate, our staff will most definitely answer! Just remember that this RP is far from modern.



DON'T FALL BEHIND ON YOUR ACTIVITY CHECKS. PD is for fun and games, but the staff doesn't enjoy sending out warnings to people. Be sure to stay on top of your activity checks-- and PD's are fairly loose, so long as you check into the thread once in a while-- and if you think you just can't do it, issue a hiatus.
DON'T SHY AWAY FROM THE THREAD. We don't bite, we promise! If you need any help with anything, be you an owner, quester, or flatsale entrant, we are here to talk about whatever you want to talk about. Get cozy!
DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK THE STAFF AND THREAD QUESTIONS. Really! I say again, we don't bite; if you have ANY questions we're sure that we can answer them.
IF YOU FEEL UNINSPIRED, TELL US. If you're stuck in a particular part of a plot, came back from a long hiatus with little clue on what's going on with everyone's characters, and simply can't seem to find the motivation to RP or write a solo... tell us! We'll do our best to help you get out of your block and back into shape to the best of our ability.
PLAN YOUR MEETING AHEAD OF TIME. Scheduling a meeting and knowing loosely what will happen will never hurt in expediting your growth. Find out what you want out of your Doctor's meeting ASAP and schedule one with Roo!


You may not start on your pet's next stage requirements until you have received artwork of your pet's current stage. (for example, you may not start your requirements for Stage III if you have not received your pet's Stage II artwork.)


☑ Set up journal (Fill out all of the required information or you won't be able to grow your Plague!)
☑ 1 mission (MUST join an alliance (Fellowship, Imperial Guard, House, Council)
☑ 2 RPs or solos* (as of 02/19/13)

*This means a combination of either 2 RPs, 1 RP and 1 solo, or 2 solos.

Fairly simple. If you show a good knowledge on how PD functions and you have the bare basics of your journal entry done and finished, our staff will look over your entries and see if you qualify for a stage-up.


☑ Staff constantly reviews your preparedness for growth
☑ 1 meeting with the Plague Doctor (PRP)
☑ 1 mission
☑ 1 complete plot arc. This must be approved by a staff member, and is simply a narrative plot that develops your character to a certain point which will trigger the growth to anhelo.
Our staff will be constantly checking your progress to see how you do. Just because there are fewer RP requirements does not mean you can slack on your dedication-- if you aren't active with your pet, don't expect it to grow!


☑ ???
☑ pray 2 satan

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Q: What are Plagues, exactly?
A: They are the living reincarnations of the Black Plague, stuck inside of an item. Later on in life, after the first few stages of their 'conception', they have the ability to spread and heal the Black Death itself.

Q: Can Plagues breed?
A: Technically, yes... but let's not go into that.

Q: So I want my Grimm to have neon green hair, pink eyes, and blue markings...
A: While our setting is fantasy, we would like you to stray away from having too... unearthly qualities to your character. As in, strange eye colors are okay, strange hair colors are... eh, but your character can't be an elf or an orc and whatnot.

Q: What time period is this based after?!
A: It's mainly set after the medieval era, with very small touches of 1700s politics. VERY SMALL. There are influences of thought and technology from the 12th century renaissance, but influences can technically be drawn from any period between 500 CE-1500 CE, and a little further into the early modern period.

Q: What about steampunk?
A: Nope! Please do not refer to Victorian history or steampunk for this B/C.

Q: I don't have time to roleplay!
A: Well, our B/C is RP required. Our RP -- actually, our writing requirements in general -- requirements are actually quite small, and your rate of activity thereof is actually quite small. Again, if you really don't have the time to roleplay, this B/C might not be right for you.

Q: How much does a Plague generally cost?
A: 20k for a regular flatsale/seasonal Plague, and 500k for a semi-custom Plague.

Q: Is there a way to RL-commission a Plague?
A: No no no. Absolutely not, the artist will not accept real money for Breedables.

Q: How tall is a Plague?
A: Rarely more than half of a foot and rarely under three inches!

There are more questions answered here! If you have any inquiries that have yet to be answered, please feel free to ask in the thread.

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Plagues that are essentially up for adoption, as the previous Grimms have given them up. These Plagues are 100% cost free, though you must fill out an application for them within the week you submit you form, and are subject to critique afterwards.


Standard flatsale Plagues sold at base prices for the average B/C goer! There are also special seasonal Plagues (with linear growth only), with storyline progression and Plagues based around the four seasons; be sure to check these out for special guest artists! Are you feeling up for some tense prompt action?


Up for applying for your own semi-custom Plague? With 500k and a good application, you'll have a chance to get entered into the semi-customs roster every 3-6 months. More information here.


The only time you can get 100% custom-made Plague is through auctions! These will happen every once in a blue moon.

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Everyone who has stopped by and have shown interest in the B/C, as well as the staff members and pet owners here that have shown eager dedication in developing their characters and their Plagues. Artists and volunteers who help shape PD in any shape or form, hired or not.

Any and all posters that help the shop get off on its feet any day, whether progress is slow or fast, and are absolutely hilarious and fun.

Thank you all!!

User Image


Those who have elicited poor attitude and conduct and have received warnings of their misbehavior. Banned from participating in events and have lost their chance in receiving a Plague-- people on the Warned list may be taken off if they show a change in heart.



Those who are completely banned from any and all things relating to this shop and cannot be redeemed.

None yet-- let's be sure to keep it that way!

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User Image

Want to be part of The Plague Doctor's mailing list? Be sure to friend Der Pestdoktor for notifications on new features, events, flatsales and auctions to come!

Owlied, X Purple--Platypus X, FallenSiren,
Celestriakle, Amor_de_Luna, Lord Wilmore,
Bear-Garden, Eyulra, Arana Kamina,
Urimian, The_Great_Book_Wyrm, Less Than Human
pistolsys, Roadkill, lulu kamu,
fried bear, Chaos Flutterby, desolette,
forever bones, Faewynd, Plain Pandora
kotaline, hellotea, Umbrology
Ninjagami Ryo Kage, Hedjrebl, Exhalt
Arte Lune, Plain Pandora, Poveglia Dottore
Faille, haliekins, Gekokoko
Patmos of Endtimes, Subobo, DraconicFeline
Tasinei, The Semblance of Unity, OrionDeltaOmega
Le Franz, Koalie Bear, non valeur

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Want to affiliate? We'll link 200x40px banners; if your dimensions are off, we'll link you in text form! Thanks!

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Der Pestdoktor

User Image



Respect these guys more than the owner! They handle RP management and keep everything under control, among many other things!

ex o ex Snoof ❧ knife effect ❧ kotaline


Look for these amazing artists in future seasonal events!

Amadeus Mozart ❧ Artbone ❧ NeonMace
WINTER 2010 - WINTER 2010-11 - SPRING & FALL 2010

haliekins ❧ kotaline ❧ Storei ❧ Ka-ray-zee
SUMMER 2011 - SUMMER 2011 - FALL 2011 - WINTER 2011-2

knife effect ❧ shushida ❧ Ka-ray-zee ❧ Hedjrebl
SUMMER 2012 - FALL 2012 - WINTER 2012-3 - STUNTEDS

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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Plague concept © Zanaroo
Story concepts © ex o ex Snoof, Ravina Loki, Slanndalous, & Zanaroo
Art © Respective artists
Characters © Their respective owners

I. • II. • III. • IV. • V. • VI. • VII. • VIII. • IX. • X. • XI. • XII. • XIII.

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"A sickly season," the merchant said,
"The town I left was filled with dead,
and everywhere these queer red flies
crawled upon the corpses' eyes,
eating them away."

"Fair make you sick," the merchant said,
"They crawled upon the wine and bread.
Pale priests with oil and books,
bulging eyes and crazy looks,
dropping like the flies."

"I had to laugh," the merchant said,
"The doctors purged, and dosed, and bled;
"And proved through solemn disputation
"The cause lay in some constellation.
"Then they began to die."

"First they sneezed," the merchant said,
"And then they turned the brightest red,
Begged for water, then fell back.
With bulging eyes and face turned black,
they waited for the flies."

"I came away," the merchant said,
"You can't do business with the dead.
"So I've come here to ply my trade.
"You'll find this to be a fine brocade..."

And then he sneezed.

Do you have any feedback for the B/C about anything in general, or complaints? Please feel free to PM the mule, Der Pestdoktor, with any concerns or suggestions. We would love to hear them!

Thank you!

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