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Version .... Lets do it right this time!

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Welcome, to our world.

Welcome to Nocturna, an island home to our race known as "Noct", a people created by the humans to serve them.
We however have earned our freedom at the cost of many lives. Both our kind and the human.
We are stronger, we are faster, we are greater than the human could hope to be.
This is our home, we are one.
We are, Nocturna.

Welcome to Nocturna, a shop which utilizes both unique lined pets and pets on standard and set lineart.

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• Important Links For The Shop •

The guild
Clans Guild
Owners List - By Username
Owners List - By Class
Certing Area
Staff Contact

Growth Forms

Set Line Phase Out

• Basic Shop Links •

Noct Info
Questing Area
Privet Roleplay
Breeding Den
Customs Area
Event Suggestion
Sales and Events Area

• User/Staff Run Shop Related Links •

The Nocturna (DeviantArt Group)
The Adoption Center (Unhomed infant nocts)
Lovers Cove (Noct Plot/Couple Searches)
Noct Reference Adoption (Earn rights to random noct designs)

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• April 20, 2012 -- New Rule - Breeding parents may breed again after 3 Months time of receiving their previous babies, fully shaded/completed.
• Mar 14, 2012 -- Changes have been made. There will be a new rare breed of noc being the Gypsy-Brute & Breedings have been changed. 6 Babies at once is no longer obtainable. The max is now 4, this doesn't mean you can't have your nocts breed again though to have 4 babies at once. It just to help Juls and the colorists to lessen the load on their shoulders for the future.
• Mar 3, 2012 -- Now Hiring.
• Mar 4, 2011 -- Now Hiring.
• Jan 7, 2011 -- Refined thread "Lets to it right this time!" opens to public.
• Jan 3, 2011 -- V3 Thread reaches 1k pages.
• Feb 7, 2009 -- Shops main thread opens to public.

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• Above all, be respectful of your moderators, the staff, and your fellows. Do not be rude, coarse, or unkind. Do not complain, bully, or cheat. Conduct yourself like a proper Gaian.
• Save your drama for your mama, take it up outside of Gaia. We don't want it.
• Do not steal art! You will be reported to Gaia if caught doing so. Nekoya will eat your face if you do as well.
• Events will be done in their own time. Do not pester the staff about the shop, customs, etc.
• You may not resell a pet or its offspring. They may however be rehomed after speaking to Nekoya.
• Do not ask for a free Noct! Free Nocts will come in their own time.
• RP is not required, but serious, intelligent RPing is highly encouraged.
• Spamming and trolling will be reported.
• Co-owning is not allowed, under any circumstance.
• Send all trades to the mule.
• Prestige customs must obtain the permission of Nekoya to make sure it will not be used in an event.
• RP is 100% welcome in the guild and has designated areas for it.
• Unless it is a CYO event, nobody but a colourist is to colour on shop lines.
• Please try to be welcoming. How else is the shop to grow?
• Absolutely under no circumstance is talking about shop drama allowed in other threads. This goes against rule number two.
• Breeding parents may breed again after 3 Months time of receiving their previous babies, fully shaded/completed.

Rules are subject to change at any given time.

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•Q. May a same sex pair breed?
A. Yes though there is an item that must be bought in order for it to happen.

•Q. Do I have to RP?
A. RP is not required, but has it's perks of course. Also, if you have a growing noct, human or halfbreed, thread activity OR RP is required for it to grow since it is custom lines for their growths.

•Q. What are some RP perks?
A. There are a few such as...
.......*First 2 babies in a breeding are free.
.......*Quad form of your noct is free.

•Q. May I be a shop artist for unique lines?
A. As much as the help would be nice, I prefer just me. You may be a colourist though if we are hiring.

•Q. Can any pet become a Royal?
A. No, only a Royal can be a Royal. As for breeding only Royal x Royal children will be dubbed as Royals. Royals are meant to be a RARE type. By RP with Lucus (Nekoya must be contacted for this) he may allow a suitable candidate to become a Royal though. Conditions of this are that the noct must have no criminal record and must have a high level of involvement with Royal nocts.

•Q. What is considered a newbie at Nocturna?
A. A user who has 2 or less Noct.

•Q. You aren't hiring but I'd like to apply, what can I do?
A. PM LadyNekoya, she will talk to you about this.

•Q. Do I ask permission before or after I begin questing for a Prestige Noct?
A. It's best to do so before questing, as it saves you time and work if that cosplay is reserved for an event.

•Q. What is a "perma child" Noct?"
A. A perma-child noct is not necessarily a child. They are a noct that has been stunted in growth my the conflicting DNA of a large humanoid and two small animals. Their bodies are full developed in most cases. Only Nocts will be able to be permas.

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• The Map •

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Stellar Coast - A large black sand beach said to be sprinkled with the dust of the stars.
Bone Coast - A wasteland covered in the bones of the dead.
Sunji Grasslands - A quiet area, great for farmland.
Bourge Swamp - A wasteland covered in mud and waters.
Cliffton Mountains - A rocky area filled with mineral.
Dlay Desert - A sandy wasteland.
Mists Lake - A lake where the souls of the dead are said to gather.
Kalhi Forest - A deep and eerie forest.
Sear Island - A bare island, nothing special.
Lost Seas - Dangerous and threatening waters.

• The NPCs •

Coming Soon.

• The Story •

I greet you with a weary welcome to OUR world...

Our world is our sanctuary... Many lives were shed for our freedom.

We have come to know ourselves as "Noct" a race as human as yourselves, yet above you in skill an ability. Even if you created us... We have broken our chains.

A many great years ago, long before my time we Noct fought a great battle for our freedom against the human. Because of this we are not all on good terms. Many lives were lost on both sides but in the end the creation of the humans was the victor. We Noct prevailed.

What are we? Who are we? We are creatures who were created to be watch dogs and toys to the humans. Slaves to them for our eternal lives. Created of the blood of a fox, a bat and a human. We bare the body of a human. Our legs slightly mutated from the animal genes, wings bore on our backs alongside a tail and ears stand tall upon our heads. A thin layer of fur coats part of our bodies.

My name is Lucus. I am the lone survivor of my families name. Roughly 8 years ago we were attacked by one of our own. An outcast known as Acheron. While I was away he had planned to destroy my name completely and drag me to the ground in his servitude. I arrived home early.. What I found was blood, flames and destruction. My life was gone before me. Confronting Acheron we battled for many great hours.. in the process I lost sight in one of my eyes. That day.. changed me forever as I lay there in the house after Acheron had fled... He shall forever be a damned soul to me..

In the time after I was to meet Ca-Talia and Ooy.. Ca who I purchased off of some slave traders to bring her into my care and out of the life she had. She is an extraordinary woman and has.. somewhat become a mother figure to me in that time. Ooy I found alone.. scared while traveling. She is astoundingly strong.. I was the first to extend my hand to her and offer her shelter..

Looking back.. I realize.. if it wasn't for Acheron I probably would have never down any of this.. But he showed me what a leader truly has to be..

For a great deal of years. . . Since the beginning of our creation, rather, we Noct have detested the existance of human-kind. Of course originally not because of who or what they are or what they’ve done to deterierate mother Earth’s health, instead our hatred of them came from the humans bringing us into existance.

For many, many generations we Noct have taken refuge here on Nocturna. We have even created our own way of life and living. Of course, because it has been such a long time, some of us have grown out of our feelings of hate against the humans. For others, especially the Royals like myself, these emotions have been bred into our very beings. A companion of mine (sister of my enemy Acheron) once told me, “Lucus, our feelings for the humans hold almost no ground in the modern day. If we Noct hated what we were so much, we would not have continued our race. We would not have brought children into this world. This is something we cannot blame on mankind.”

I, truthfully, have thought hard for many days on her words. Yet Ca-Talia has seen what humans can do. . . knows what they have done to her, and yet she doesn’t hate them. I will never understand, however, how a Noct can choosingly mate with a human. Their children, the halfbreeds. . . are the real freaks - not we Nocts.

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• A nocts entire body is not covered in fur. Most of their legs, their arms and their backs as well as a small part of their cheeks is all. Aside from that their body resembles a human.
• Nocts teeth are far sharper than a humans and made for cutting through flesh.
• A nocts nails are like retractable claws.
• Though all noct have wings, some may not know about flight so they may not use them.
• A noct has the ability to turn into a small bat like creature.

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• The Common Noct •

Common Nocts do not have any special skill or appearance to set them apart from the other classes. They are considered the middle ground, less than the Gypsies and Royals but viewed in higher light than the Brutes and Outcasts. Theses Noct may train to be other classes, however, through hard work and training. However, a Noct may never become a Royal as the Royal class is only awarded to Nocts through birth.

An exception to that last bit is a noct must have a clean slate, they must have also been raised by a royal or royal family. With the approval of that family and an RP with Lucus (Played by LadyNekoya), a commoner may become a Royal.

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• The Gypsy Noct •

The Gypsy class in the Noct social system is highly respected for their help with doing things that were not originally available to the Noct. Some of the advances that are thanks to the Gypsy are: same sex couples being able to reproduce without a surrogate, a litter size being increased from what is normally considered possible, and helping transgendered Nocts become their desired sex with fully functioning sexual organs.

Born Gypsies normally are gifted with one special talent from the time they arrive to the world. This talent normally has its limits as well as its downsides. Their gifts are commonly referred to as magic. Learned Gypsies occasionally have powers from birth, but other times they either develop them or are learned.

NOTE: There are certain abilities that Nekoya will not allow. These restrictions are often associated with the laws of witchcraft and what is allowed and isn't. Potions can only persuade emotions, they cannot control them. The dead can be manipulated, but they can never be brought back to life. Alchemy can change one item to another, but personal gain will cause this gift to be nullified. If you have a question about your gypsy's powers, feel free to contact LadyNekoya or the shop mule.

• The Brute Noct •

The Brute class in the Noct social system is regarded as the lowest possible accepted standing. A lot of times, Brutes will be discriminated against by the other classes of Noct. The Brutes are the Nocts that have been mutated due to their unsuccessful combination of the Noct DNA. Brutes always have something wrong with them. Ooy, the NPC Brute, has wings much too small to fly while other Brutes have multiple tails, a third eye or other anomalies. Ghosts are also seen as Brutes as they are Nocts that have died but not passed on deeming them unacceptable to most Noct. However, any injuries that result in body augmentation do not make a Noct a Brute. Akita, an important Gypsy, has a prosthetic arm and a wing that was cut very short but she is not considered a Brute.

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• The Royal Noct •

The Royal class in Nocturna society is viewed as the very highest, as they are the nobles of the race. Royals are never created, only born from two Royal Nocts. A Royal may mate to another classed Noct, but their children will never be Royals. The Royals also have their own social standing within the class, sort of like the aristocracy. Vempyremon and Lucus are the highest standing Nocts with their sons Lance and Devri coming shortly after. Any other Royals are below them socially as this family rules over the other Noct.

• The Outcast Noct •

Outcasts are considered by most to be the lowest of the low. They are usually criminals, the mentally unwell and those who go against the social ways. Of course not all outcasts are bad. Some have only had the title placed on them by birth right. Those who can prove themselves better than what the outcast nature is like can be accepted into other groups such as the Gypsy, Commoner and Brute.

• The Gypsy-Brute Noct •

The Gypsy-Brute is as the name says, a cross between the gyspy and the brute. Of course, there are some specifics when it comes to the new class.
Their magic is far weaker than that of a Gypsy. They as well will carry the Gypsy band.
3/14/2012 - Gypsy and Brute that are owned at the moment CANNOT become a Gypsy-Brute, this class is not... 'backwards compatible' only pets obtained from here on out have the possibility of becoming one.

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• The Perma Noct •

Perma, like prestige, is a secondary title for a noct, meaning while the noct is a perma they will belong to a proper class such as Commoner, Gypsy, Brute and so forth. The perma noct is not considered to be a brute despite their defect. A perma noct is a noct who suffers from dwarfism and whose body will grow to be nowhere near the size of the average noct. Like a normal person who suffers from dwarfism their body may remain looking like a child where as with others they may become more developed and simply look like an extremely short adult. This will all very and will depend on the noct themselves and their bloodline.

• The Prestige Noct •

The prestige is a secondary title, this title is reserved for a cosplay. This means that a noct who is a cosplay can obtain a duel title, such titles as.... Prestige-Commoner, Prestige-Gypsy, Prestige-Brute, Prestige-Outcast and Prestige-Royal. When a prestige noct breeds, unlike a perma which the child has the chance to continue the bloodline as a perma, the title of prestige CANNOT be passed on to their children under any circumstances.

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• The Halfbreed •

The halfbreed is the result of a human and a noct barring a child together. It doesn't matter what parent is the human and what parent is the noct it is the further tainting of a nocts blood by a human that results in this sub race. A halfbreed is notable by their elongated, elf like ears which are covered in a fine coat of fur, claws and their sharper teeth. It is also possible for a halfbreed to have a short bobbed tail as well as wings. Their wings however are far too small to be able to fly with.

• The Human •

The human holds no special features to them, they are as average as could be. While for the most part human are frowned upon by the noct there are some noct which are trying to promote peace and well-being between the two races. A relationship between a noct and a human is also highly frowned upon as the resulting child, a halfbreed, is seen by most as lower than even an Outcast simply because their blood has been tainted further by the 'human scum'.

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• Lineart & Concept - LadyNekoya
• Banners & Thread Layout - LadyNekoya
• Map - Gilded Dragon
• Cert - Kiara Lime

heart Shop Success - Loyal Posters / Owners~ heart

• White List •

• Gray List •

• Black List •
Saint of Revenge

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Julian_Makoto LadyNekoya, now JulianMomo - Shop manager, artist, colorist.
Kiara Lime - Manager/Head Colorist.
Sage_the_vampric_Angel - Assistant
Leez0rz - Colorist.
Ginza Ichibugin - Colorist.
Frezir - Owner List tracker.
Dark Hikari - Certist.
Lita Rutherford - Colorist.
Keppit - Colorist.

Guest Colorists

purplerosesbeauty - Colorist.

Past Colorists/Staff

Princess Vempyremon - Colorist.

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