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Miss Hiss: Really? *pets the snakes on her head to calm them* Well, I was locked up for 3000 years, so I probably misssssed a lot. *shrugs*
Ivan: Hello, my name is Ivan. What's yours? *gives Peach a fangy grin*
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Zoey- you can easily find the Heart no Kuni no Alice manga series online. It's a really cute series and a number of people have Heart no Kuni no Alice noodle characters or their offspring.
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@Juno- I'll have to look that up as soon as I have some free time from school. It sounds like a good read heart
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Uuughh. <333
He is so pretty.
Great job Mu-y.

*Totes needs those stockings.*
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@Yasha: ...I haz those stockings. emotion_awesome
And purple ones and orange ones [color replacing white, obviously~]
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xD trying to get better at lace, since I suck at it, like most things.

Creampuff: *widens his eyes in surprise* Oh my.. why were you locked up? 8c *glances to the snake speaking to his* her name is Peach. c8
Peach: |>~ *simply flickers her tongue at him, and tiredly blinks, before giving a wiiiide yawn*
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Partying Werewolf

I found the movie online
And subbed so I can understaaaand
And it looks to be based off the game <3333
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Partying Werewolf

15~20 minutes in and Boris is already putting the moves on emotion_dowant
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Musica's lace is pretty i've seen several pretty noodle with lace that musica's done and i've liked them all.
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Lovelovelovelove lace.

Boyfriend is silly though. He says it uncomfortable to the touch so does not think it's any sexier on a woman than anything else. xD

Lace is so sex.
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Miss Hiss: *sighs, but it sounds more like the air hissing out of a balloon* I was locked away by the gods because I am the daughter of the original Medusa. I spent 2000 of those years plotting my revenge, but when my cage weakend and I broke free, I discovered the gods had faded and the world had evolved into something so different from what I remember. With no way to act my revenge, I was forced to simply let go of my anger and try to figure out how to survive in this place. *she glances around as if everything might suddenly shift and transform around her*
Ivan: What a lovely name you have, Peach. *watches her with large glowing eyes* <3
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-goes to try and get some sleep before early morning time comes- e e
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Happy birthday Gey!

Happy b-day, Gey! heart

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Am I alone in your heart?
Have I hope with your heart?
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Apparently someone just robbed the school at gun point.
*lives about 5-10 minutes WALKING from campus*


*hunkers down to hide*

Every time that we meet
I skip a heartbeat.

hides you-

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