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~Within each being are the seeds,
To grow whatever life it needs,
And through that life evolves a bond,
Between this one world and beyond,
And so it's been since time has dawned~

~Good Things Come To Those Who Wait~

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:1: Welcome
:2: Updates
:3: Rules/Lists
:4: F.A.Q.
:5: Story
:6: The Goddess/NPCs
:7: The Noodles
:8: The Familiars
:9: Availability
:10: Breeding
:11: Customs
:12: Important Links
:13: Staff
:14: Affiliates
:15: Thanks/Credits

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We're terrible at keeping this updated, but at least we keep the shop title updated!

User Image [12-27-2013] - Holy! Front page getting a little update! No promises that this post will stay updated, but WOO!
User Image [05-o2-2012] - Flaffle going on right here!
User Image [04-o2-2012] - Musica's holding a raffle in the guild!
User Image [02-24-2012] - Di is holding customs!
User Image [12-03-2011] - There's a CYO Plushie event going on here! A chance to win a free Noodle for yourself and friends!
User Image [12-01-2011] - There are a couple things going on the guild right now! First is a My Little Pony themed raffle, followed by an end of November, Man-vember themed raffle.
User Image [10-15-2011] - Halloween festivities have started! Everything will be located in the game section of the guild for your pleasure.
User Image [08-07-2011] - Kyle's hosting a Rune event here, and there's a mini-event in the guild here!
User Image [08-05-2011] - Are you a newbie? Do you have zero noodles and really want one? Then now is your time! Go enter the sponsor-a-newbie customs now!
User Image [07-23-2011] - Flatsale and Flaffle in the guild this weekend. Also lots of other games to take part in!
User Image [07-08-2011] - I'd like to welcome x blame it on the --- x to staff as well as a familiar/unedit colorist!
User Image [07-05-2011] - So we have a few new people on staff this month and a lot planned for the future. I'd like you all to welcome the following to staff;
Lady Argentum Draconis
Geyser Eelborn
O L I V Extract
x_Faux Affliction_x
And Pixel-x-Bunny making a return to us.

That's not all though. There is currently a My Little Pony event running in guild for a week or two, plus a flatsale and raffle coming featuring pets from everyone's hiring applications.
User Image [06-04-2011] - We are hiring again! This runs from June 4th to July 4th, hope to see you enter.
User Image [06-03-2011] - The RP Information, RP Couple List, Ladies Personals and Men's Personals are all ready for posting. Again any questions, comments and suggestions can be posted in thread or PM'd. Also check out page 20622 for information on hiring and what you can do to help spread the word!
User Image [05-28-2011] - Breeding Info, New Lifemate Info and Master CC List are all open for viewing. I would like all comments and suggestions PM'd to the mule, posted in the main thread or in the feedbacks thread. They will be unlocked June 1st after finalizations and you can post in them.
User Image [05-27-2011] - Custom information has been posted. Please post in the main thread or PM the mule with missing or unclear information. I also want comments on prices in general and the missing prices needed.
User Image [05-26-2011] - The front page is more or less done. Page 2 has been erased and important links to events, sales, breedings and customs sections of the guild are now provided on the first page. Also, as of today re-homing your noodle is no longer allowed. It has caused far too much trouble in the past and is not worth the drama and headaches any longer.
User Image [05-25-2011] - Revamp finally underway. Mameha is back and working in her free time during the days right now to get things back into order. She has asked that you PM her personally with suggestions, questions and concerns. There is also a thread set up in the main portion of the guild where you can discuss changes you want to see.

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User Image Basic Shop Rules
:1: Follow Gaia TOS.
:2: No stealing the art or claiming it as your own.
:3: Respect -everyone- in the shop
:4: Take -ALL- drama outside the thread. Anyone who starts any sort of snark will be gray-listed for up to a week at a time. Continue to do it and we will crack down on you and black-list you.
:5: No pestering colorists about growings and arrivals.
:6: If you have any personal questions for the colorists, PM them unless they ask otherwise.
:7: Please, please, PLEASE be a good sport. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. Stop with the guilt trips and whining.
:8: Please do not ask to help color or otherwise work in the shop unless stated otherwise by Mameha
:9: Do not harass staff in anyway. Do not bug them about growings, customs or bribes at all. You will be greylisted if you do so. Further annoyance warrants a ban.

User Image Breeding Rules
User Image Custom Rules
User Image Role-Play Rules

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User Image Blacklist

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User Image What the heck -are- the noodles?
Foxes. To put it bluntly. Foxes born from ramen noodles.
User Image How do I get a bowl?
Pick one up in a flatsale, auction, raffle, customs or any free events held by staff.
User Image Do you accept IRL money for payment?
We did in the past and may in the future, but for now you can only pay in Gaia gold/items.
User Image Can I have one for free?
Only if you win one in a free game or event.
User Image Can we co-own?
No. I mean, would you really want to share your food with someone else? Also co-owning tends to turn nasty between owners.
User Image How long will it take for my bowl to emerge?
Average times are a week for bowl to kit and usually another week for kit to adult.
User Image Can the bowls breed?
...bowls don't have genders. When they emerge and become adults yes, but bowls, no.
User Image Can same gender noodles breed?
Yes they can actually. Male/Male and Female/Female couples are not uncommon here.
User Image How many babies do they tend to have?
On average, 2-3. There are other ways for a couple to have more than 3 at a time though.
User Image What about life-mates?
If the noodle wishes, they may mate for life. Lifemates are often gifted with more children.
User Image Is there a limit to the times a noodle can breed?
As of July 1st, 2009 - All noodles now can only breed 3 times in their lifetime.
User Image Can I resell my bowl for my own greedy profit?
No. That bowl will be taken back to the stand and you will not be placed on the blacklist. You may however, gift your bowl to someone else.
User Image Can I re-home/give up a noodle I have owned for a long time?
No, re-homing is no longer allowed. It has caused far too much trouble among owners of mates in the past.
User Image Do you do pet trades?
Depends on the colorist.
User Image So I don't -have- to Role-Play?
That's correct. You can up and disappear for years, we don't like it, but it happens a lot. People who RP get extra perks though.
User Image How do I get a familiar?
They will pop up every now and then in games, for sale or just given away.
User Image I want a cosplay but it's already taken. Can I get that cosplay as the opposite gender?
No. Only one of that particular character can exist.
User Image How come there are so many Gen 1 Spartans? Can I have one too?
Nope. As of January 1, 2009 no more Gen 1 Spartans will be made.
User Image How do I get a God/dess?
Same way you get normal noodles. They are rare however, so don't expect to just see them pop up in every event.
User Image What's the big deal with God/desses?
What isn't? They've been sent to protect us by the Goddess of the shop herself.
User Image Do they God/desses have territory issues?
Some might, but mostly they're just protective of the family they watch over. That's about it.
User Image Is the stand looking for any further help?
Not currently no. If anything ever opens up, there will be a notice here at the stand.
User Image I have a question, but it's not listed here. Help!
Anything not listed, feel free to ask directly.

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Once upon a time there lived an old woman in a deep and dark forest. She lived alone in a wide hallowed tree. She dedicated her life's work to the spirits of the forest, keeping them entrained, healthy and fed for the spirits loved to eat. Her specialty was a bowl of noodles boiled and spiced to perfection served with care. So pleased with her kindness and delicious food a spirit left her a precious gift; a supply of the most beautiful chopsticks that would never run out.

One cold and gloomy day when no spirits dared to roam the old woman received a very special guest. A Goddess of old, having heard of the woman and her delicious meals from a traveling imp. The Goddess requested the noodles to be served in the finest clay bowl.

The old woman hurried to comply. Gnarled and knobby fingers added each spice and ingredient with practiced expertise. Filling her finest bowl full to the brim she tucked in a pair of the chopsticks and brought it before the Goddess.

The Goddess stooped over the steaming dish taking a delicate sniff. And then. . .

"HACHOO!" The old woman's house shook with the noise.

The Goddess looked at the noodles eyes glazed with sadness. "Woman," she said, "come near. I cannot eat these noodles and neither shall anyone else."

Stricken by the comment the old woman asked why. The Goddess smiled placing the bowl into the woman's shaking hands. "I mean no insult for it is by accident these noodles have been blessed. Within a matter of days they will cool and grow into my true likeness."

The Goddess turned to leave the befuddled woman, for upon hearing the sneeze the woman became old no longer, but stopped to make on last request. "Never stop making the children of this Goddess, even as you grow old once more." Only then did she leave.

The woman continued to make her noodles and the village surrounding the forest grew. She married, bared children, taught them her art and passed on from this world to the next. The village has since become a bustling city and her wooden home transformed into one of the world's most popular noodle carts.

The world over will soon know of these creatures this Goddess created.

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User Image Kuon Yin
The Goddess is the divine watcher of the shop. She is the reason the ramen recipe is blessed to give life to young foxes. Without her the shop would be nothing more than a simple noodle stand. She watches over the shop, blessing patrons and foxes alike, sending her own to watch over and protect each family.

User Image Hou Lai
Hou Lai assists the Goddess and is known for being her right hand man. He once provided games for patrons and noodles alike, but has since moved his priorities to keeping track of families, children and growths.

User Image Nameless
The first noodle born of the blessing from the Goddess. She has grown old, but still graces the gardens with her youthful presence. You may regard her as the blessing that helps foxes age gracefully.

User Image Zero
The twin-tailed, fox colored feline living inside the demonic couch. He was brought home the same day the couch was, only because Mameha had no idea he was living inside of it. He never seems to come out, and only those who venture inside the couch know he's there. Zero often kidnaps foxes, toys and other odds and ends and hoards them inside the couch until someone dives in to find them.

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User Image Bowls
Bowls are hand painted and each mixture of ingredients, flavors and spices are used to make each one unique. Most commonly each bowl reveals one kit when they are ready to come out into the world. Very rarely, cases of twins have been reported born from a single bowl. There is no known way to draw a kit out early, when they feel comfortable and are developed enough the bowl will emit sparkles and a single sneeze (a blessing) will draw them out.

User Image Kits
When the time has come, and a blessing received, a small kit will crawl from the bowl where noodles once resided and keep only one chopstick with them. They are tiny, usually normal bigger than most young puppies, and can wedge themselves into anywhere if they so desire. The majority of kits are very energetic, but will start to show their personality as the days wear on. It's not unusual for them to want to play constantly then fall asleep anywhere they may be.

User Image Adults
Finally the kit grows out of it's soft baby fur, find a collar and have their chopstick attached to it. An adult noodle is never seen without a collar, even if they are wild and have no home, owner or family to go to. An adult noodle is also old enough to start a family of their own, if they so desire.

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User Image

User Image

A variety of drinks are available for your noodles to obtain, care for and befriend. Each (with only a handful of exceptions) turns out looking just like the noodle caring for it.

User Image Coffee Bears
A simple can of cold coffee. Gives quite a boost of energy or completely drains the energy of the kit it is with until life emerges. The change in energy is temporary and will become normal once the can has been opened. Once revealed, each can is home to a sun bear who is often very lazy despite the caffeine.

User Image Ramune Piglets
A sweet, carbonated drink sealed with a marble. Usually flavored by fruits or candies, and a very special treat for any kit to love. Once the marble is popped, a young piglet reveals itself and love to get into everything.

User Image Lemon Kirins
A lemon drink with 77 lemons in each bottle! Most kits find the smell amazing, others find it too tart for their liking. When the bottle is finally opened, a kirin emerges. They tend to be very playful with others harboring very simple magical abilities.

User Image Hot Tea Tanuki
There are actually two brands of hot tea carried here. Green Tea with Ginseng is the most common and will be stocked most often. Wong's Gold Branch Tea is a more refined tea and will never hold the same color as it's kit. When the tanuki comes out, they are well known for being very mischievous, get into everything and steal for fun and games. Green tea sports a large green leaf upon their head, while golden tea picks up a gold leaf.

User Image Sake Dragons
An alcoholic drink served in the shop, and the only one. It will be served to those with adults only as we can't let children go around drinking after all. When the dragon reveals itself, it tends to stay quiet, refined and often hang around the neck or body of their guardian noodle. Very rarely do dragons get into trouble unless led there by their noodle.

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User Image

There are a variety of ways to obtain a bowl or noodle in this shop. Here are just a few suggestions to watch for and get you started on your way to happiness.

User Image Flatsales
Flatsales are most common and usually held in the form of a speed sale, or a two-day raffle. There are usually anywhere from 3 to 6 or more bowls or noodles to lay claim to. Just be sure to check the rules for each flatsale set up before you enter. Flatsales cost 5k if you win, no matter if it's a growing bowl/kit or a full adult.

User Image Auctions
Auctions are held for very special noodles or groups of noodles. They are often angels and demons, edited in some way or on the rare occasion a god or goddess. Auctions tend to get pretty high, starting at 10k and recorded rocketing into the millions depending on the prize to be won. Just be sure you read the rules and can pay should you get lucky enough to win.

User Image Raffles
Raffles can be free or require some sort of payment to enter. Tickets can be limited to one per person, a few per person or as many as one person can afford. Raffles also usually contain a wide selection of pets to choose from. There have been recordings of 20+ noodles in a single raffle before. Bowls, kits and adults of varying edits, species and colors can be found here most often. Prices for tickets do vary, so be sure to check before hand.

User Image Games
Games are always free and held by anyone on staff, or sometimes owners of parents who just had children. This is always a stroke of luck and usually in the form of RP contests, dice games, search games, quote games and anything else you can possibly think of to have a good time. Games aren't always announced and are usually a surprise and sudden thing, so keep an eye open.

User Image Customs
Each colorist is allowed to open as many custom slots as they can handle in a months time. Sometimes you'll go a month or two without seeing them before one or two custom chances pops up. Here you can get a noodle and make it look like anything you could dream of, with restrictions within colorist rules of course. You must pay attention as everyone is different and will only open slots for certain things each time. Prices vary greatly and more information can be found in the guild on how to fill out your form and what you can expect to pay.

User Image Breedings
Breedings are usually only open to owners with adult couples who want children. This is one of the harder ways to get a noodle if you do not have one. You usually have to hope for extra bowls to be raffled off, gifted away or placed in games of chance to win. For the owners of the parents, they choose what to do with the children. More information on how breeding works and pricing can be found in the guild.

User Image
User Image

User Image

Having children and starting a family is always a blessing, even if only one parent remains in the children's lives. Hou-Lai has taken great care to help developing families and kits, making sure things go smoothly until they are ready to be on their own. He is no stranger to how things work and has set up special rooms on the upper floors of the shop for a family to get settled in a temporary setting before finding homes and lives of their own.

A couple will now always have at least two bowls at a time, with the off-chance that three can show up. If a couple is life-mated, it's common for them to always have three, with a chance at four and sometimes five depending on circumstances. More information can be obtained in the guild breeding section. Everything is listed in great detail, pricing included, for a couple to start a family of their own.

You never know, a single parent might even get the chance for a miracle child to call their own...

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User Image

User Image

Customs are the only chance to get a noodle that looks a specific way. Every detail is determined by the requesting patron and they even get to choose who makes it for them. Customs also tend to be very pricey, ranging from 30k to over 500k and more. It's usually worth it, as most are harder to make over others. Just be aware of your price range and ideas before going to a colorist to get one.

There is a wide variety of choices to pick from. Any colors, edits, markings etc are all available upon request. Some things may be harder to get, or in a different category which may not be open at the time. A detailed guide of each species and range of edits and prices is available in the guild customs section. There you can also check to see if any spots are open to try for.

User Image
User Image

The following is a list of links to vital information. They are provided here for ease of access, that way you don't have to go hunting and digging through the guild for a particular piece of information. Please be sure to check here first before asking around the thread, patrons and staff.

User Image Events and Games
All current flatsales, auctions, raffle, games and other events will be located here.
User Image Breedings
All information on breedings and open events to win a spot can be found here.
User Image Customs
All information on customs and open events to win a spot can be found here.
User Image Colorist Work Thread
All colorists have a post in here to keep track of their current work loads and progress

User Image
User Image

Pre-Hiring Note - All lists here are rough, there will be more or less each position. Don't just assume there will be 1 or 3 of anything; 5, 6 or more could be hired. This is just to roughly expect what positions are going to be available.

User Image Mameha Otome Owner/Manager and Colorist
User Image Lady Argentum Draconis Part-time Colorist/Co-Owner
User Image icy serenade Certist/Colorist/Manager

User Image bullterrierlove Colorist
User Image ChibiWrites Colorist
User Image mewmew kittykat94 Colorist
User Image Mia Lavinia Colorist
User Image -Yasha Alchemist Colorist

User Image Crimsoncutie666 Familiar/Part-time Colorist
User Image iMoony Familiar/Part-time Colorist
User Image Zoeybird92 Familiar Colorist

User Image Lollipop x L u x u r y Guest Colorist
User Image Lupicula Guest Colorist
User Image PixelDeerest Guest Colorist

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User Image

Please! Feel free to link to us, we'll be glad to place your shop here in return.

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User Image

Noodle Lineart/All Templates (c) Karoish
Neutral Noodle Lineart/Template (c) Dihydrogen.
Familiar Lineart (c) AnimeJet
Shop Concept (c) Mameha Otome and Frey Ghreyston
Old Employee Art (c) BeyondAlgo
Banner Art/Old Cert Art (c) Ririka
New Cert Art (c) Tsukiora/Cypran

Quote Source Journey to the West Musical
Font Source DaFont

I want to thank all our patrons as well for keeping this shop strong and alive!

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