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Elegance captured in solid form
Relaxed yet poised ever perfectly
Reaching towards the light of rising sun
In harmony with nature's sounds and sights.

A life growing within the velvet case
Of petals that surround the fox inside
Serene, yet so excited to emerge
A paradox of ultimate perfection.

A murmur barely audible ascends
Into the hopeful silence of my ears
A comfort known only to Nita's soul
The one entwined with mine forevermore.

Written by: Corrupt Harmony

P1. Title
P2. Updates
P3. Story
P4. Stages
P5. Rules
P6. FAQs
P7. Flatsales
P8. Auctions and Raffles
P9. Customs and Cosplays
P10. Breeding
P11. Owners
P12. Pick Ups
P13. Lists
P14. Staff
P15. Affiliates

Shop Mule and all over nice gal: Lotus_Foxes
Owner, Colorist: Teigra
Co-owner, Colorist, Shop Mule Abuser: HelMel
Pet Lineart by Chibizoo
Plushie Lineart by Teigra
Cert and Owner's Pics by Dante-Sayre
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Secret Santa thread opened!
-Halloween Event!
The Multi-Purpose Celebration opens for posting! Click here!
Due to an earlier event involving a moonflower, Kenji gives birth to the first two second generation foxes.
Youko-chan wins another 5K coupon from the Page 400 Raffle!
Karalen, Youko-chan, and Tatsudoshi are our winners for the Valentines Day/Cupid fox event!
Youko-chan wins the 5K Discount Coupon for Page 300! Congrats! Also, the Gender-Confusion RP Event begins!
Bribe spot fox arrives
Flatsale was a success, though certain events also resulted in the first Greylisting for the shop.
Regular Custom prices have been lowered. Also, don't forget about the flatsale tomorrow!
SS Plushies up for sale!
Congrats to Female_Death for winning the page 200 Raffle Event!
Minis are being given away at The Black Party!
Congrats to Lumi for putting up with the shoulder sprites and getting Lucien
Congrats to High Princess Sioned for winning the page 100 Event!
Flatsale over! Congrats to darkelementaldemon for winning the Page 50 Event.
Flatsale date set/Contest announced/Winner of Cert contest Picked
Breeding Info has been added.
Banners are up.
Thread's up, but we still need to flesh it out a bit. Banners and the rest of the information are coming soon.
Cert Contest started

Coupon Holders

Sexy Bacon - 1/2 off a Flatsale
Youko-chan - 10K Discount off anything in the store
Tatsudoshi - 5K Discount off anything in the store
xxSila-chanxx - 5K Discount off anything in the store
Karalen - 5K Discount off anything in the store

If you'd like to be on the mailing list, please friend the shop account Lotus_Foxes.
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During this stage, you have a pretty lotus to take care for. It looks and seems in every respect to be just like any other lotus blossom. At this time, your lovely flower needs sunlight, water, and love.

Stage lasts 1 week.

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What's this? At first it seems like the blossom is blooming until you see a little nose peeping out. At this stage, the infant needs guidance. It will need to be taught about the world and taught how to talk telepathically with its owner and other foxes.

Stage lasts 2 weeks.

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Your fox has grown into a child, and like any child it is full of curiosity and wanting to better understand the world around it. Full of innocent mischief, these little cuties can be quite the handful.

Stage lasts 3 weeks.

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Oh no. The fox has hit the angsty teen stage and boy does it show. No longer a child but not yet and adult, it strives to find its place in the world. At this point, the foxes can begin forming closer relationships with other foxes and even start to feel the pangs of love. Some may even claim lifemates and breed at this stage, but this is on rare occasions. For the most part, the most they will do is maybe playful flirting.

Stage lasts at least 4 weeks.

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Your fox is now an adult. It is fully capable of having a lifemate, breeding, and raising young. The adults are role models for the younger foxes and can impart wisdom and guidance.

Stage lasts interminably.


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~Left by shooting stars, this dust has magical properties.~
Allows your Fox to become an adult without RP. (May only be bought in the Teen stage.)
Price: 20K
Availability 0/1

Rain of Saturn
~Magic falling from the rings of Saturn, this rain coats you in more than just dew.~
Lets your fox change color (Any stage)
Price: 15K
Availability 0/1

~A soft petal that touches the very essense of your soul~
Allows your fox to change gender. (Available through Child stage.)
Price: 5K
Availability 5/5

Demeter's Ecstacy
~The joy of a goddess, new life in spring.~
Lowers your fox one stage (May be used at any stage except Blossom.)
Price: 5K
Availability: 3/3

Persephone's Sorrow
~The tears of a demi-goddess exhiled to the pits of Hell every year.~
Advances your fox one stage (May not be used once fox hits Teen stage.)
Price: 5K
Availability: 0/3

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General Rules

1. Be courteous!!! Politeness is a must. Not only should you be polite to the shop owners, but also to all of the other shop-goers. It's just good karma.

2. No arguing with the shop owners' decisions! We have our reasons for any decisions we make.

2. These are NOT RP intensive. In fact, they are not even RP required. HOWEVER, you can't just snag one and run off into the sunset. You must stop by at least once a month to let us know you're still alive. We both love to chat and would love to have you all hang around. If you disappear completely, your fox may feel unloved and run away.

UPDATE: A new addition to this rule is that you need to be present in the thread AT LEAST until the fox is a teen. If you disappear after that, then fine, it wasn't going to grow any further in that case anyway. Perhaps you and your fox have gone on a long journey together...yeah, that's it. If you don't drop in once a month until the fox is a teen, however, your fox may run away.

3. There are, however, perks for RPers. *winkwinkhinthint* Your fox will only grow to adult stage unless you are an active threadgoer and/or RPer. It's only fair that those who care enough to hang around get a reward.

4. NO 1337 SPEAK OR NOOBSPEAK!!! NONONO!!! BAD! *slaps wrist* It's allowed as a joke, though.

5. No art theft of ANY KIND!!! Chibizoo drew this lovely art and deserves all of the credit for it. Art theft could resort in banning from Gaia and MOST DEFINITELY BLACKLISTING in this shop and all other shops run by either Teigra or HelMel. Just don't do it.

6. For all Out-Of-Character chatting, please use doubles parentheses or brackets if RP is going on.

7. Direct link until the Foxes are teens and then host on your own servers. Bandwidth is precious. If your fox grows to adult, then you'll obviously be around the thread to see this. You may then save the image and upload the new adult to your own server.

8. NO ADVERTISING!!! We don't go to your shops and advertise; do not do us that discourtesy.

9. NO BUMPING!!! Feel free to chat with people in the shop or even RP, but we have no need for bumpers at this time.

ATTENTION: It is important to note that you must be IN the thread for your fox to grow. That means you should stop by. This is not contradicting to the optional RP rule. You do not have to RP the growing; just post in the thread when the time span is up and see if it grows. If not, try again later. Of course you are more than welcome to RP the growing; in fact, we encourage it. Growing in the thread is to both show off your fox to the shopgoers and to ensure you don't disappear completely.


1. NO GODMODDING. It's just wrong and actually quite dumb.

2. You do NOT have to own a fox to RP. You can RP as yourself hanging out in the shop.

3. Foxes don't have any special powers. Don't give them any.

4. No abbreviating words with letters: "u" for "you", "r" for "are", etc.

5. Contractions are fine: "don't" for "do not", etc.

6. There is no formal setting at this time for the Lotus Foxes. That means you can either RP without specifying location, or pick a reasonable location. Nothing illogical like the moon or inside of a volcano. Foxes like to breathe and don't like to burn to death.
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Q: OMFGROFLOLAFKBBQ!!!1!!13213!!blue! GIB MEH 1 4 FR33!!!
A: Hahaha, no.

Q: *coughs* Sorry for the n00bspeak, but could I possibly have one of the lovely foxes?
A: Sure.

Q: Well... where is it?
A: You have to get one in a flatsale, auction, custom slot, or raffle.

Q: But you gave Joe the Stickman one for free...
A: So? I fail to see your point. If we want to give one away, we will. End of story. It's obviously a good friend or deserving lurker.

Q: Well, fine then. Can color/work for you?
A: No, if we feel we need to hire someone, we will.

Q: Can I guest color then?
A: See above answer.

Q: Ooook... so can I get a custom?
A: Sure, if there's a slot open. If not, just wait around.

Q: Can we bribe you for a fox then?
A: You can try if one of us announces that we're taking bribes. OR if the bribe is insanely (like Devil Tail) high.

Q: Can I pm one of you?
A: Depends. If you have a legitimate question or concern OR you're offering a pet trade, then PM Lotus_Foxes. NEVER EVER EVEREVEREVEREVEREVEREVER PM EITHER TEIGRA OR HELMEL; it's a oneway trip to the Greylist.

Q: Can my fox have super, godlike powers?
A: I know you didn't just ask that... *growl* NO!NONONONONO! Your fox is the same as the other foxes. You should go back and read the RP rules.

Q: Fair enough. Can the foxes talk?
A: The foxes Do learn to communicate with each other and with their owners via telepathy. They can growl and bark, but that's more for intimidating enemies than communication.

Q: Umm ok then. I understand, but do I have to RP?
A: You really didn't read the rules did you, young n00bish one? I suggest you give it a once over. It's there to help you.

Q: Can my fox die?
A: No, but it can run away if you get one and never come back.

Q: Is there a limit to how many foxes I can own?
A: At the current time, the limit is four. This may change, however. Not anymore. Build an army if you wish. ^__^
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Time Zone Converter

Flatsale prices are 5K.

ALL TRADES GO TO LOTUS_FOXES. Any trades sent to Teigra or HelMel will be considered donations.


There will be three types of flatsales: speed sales, RP prompt sales, and Raffle-ish flatsales.


~The previews will be up AT LEAST an hour before the sale.
~GO will be posted in BIG GREEN LETTERS by the shop account.
~All posting must cease 5 minutes before the scheduled GO time so that people will see the post.
~Once GO is posted, post "I want number ___." First come first serve.
~You must state before the sale whether or not you'll be using a proxy and your proxy's username.
~After buying one blossom in a flat, you MUST wait at least an hour before attempting to buy a second, no matter who you are buying for. If the sale lasts that long, you may buy a third blossom after 24 hours.
~Payment must be received within 24 hours of claiming.
~Naming must be done within 42 hours of claiming, so that we can get the cert to you as soon as possible.
~If we think people aren't reading the rules first, we may make speedsales trickier, so make sure you read the entire front page.

RP Prompt:

~Prompts will be posted in a flatsale thread along with required response length.
~After GO is posted, you will have a specified amount of time to respond to the prompt.
~Please use proper grammar/spelling, or you'll make us cry.
~Winners will either get to choose which one they want OR they will get the one they tried for DEPENDING on the type of sale specified.
~Payment must be received within 24 hours of claiming, unless the event is free.
~Naming must be done within 42 hours of claiming/winning, so that we can get the cert to you as soon as possible.


~At GO, participants claim a spot in the sale depending on the number of foxes being offered by posting "I'd like a spot." Then the foxes are assigned at random in a raffle fashion to everyone participating in the flatsale.
~Payment must be received within 24 hours of winning, unless the raffle is free.
~Naming must be done within 42 hours of claiming, so that we can get the cert to you as soon as possible.


Tentative Time: None Right Now...

User Image


~Pure is preferred. The only items accepted are donation items at mid-LD.
~No discouraging other bidders.
~DO NO BID MORE THAN YOU CAN PAY!!! This will Greylist you!
~DO NOT BACK OUT OF YOUR BIDS!!! This will Blacklist you!
~No sniping. If someone bids within the last fifteen minutes of the auction, the auction will be extended another fifteen minutes until the bidding stops.


None at this time.


Normal Raffles:

~Tickets cost 100g each.
~You may NOT claim numbers.
~There is no limit to the number of tickets a person can buy.
~You MAY buy for a friend granted the friend will read the shop rules.
~If you win, you may NOT give it to a friend. (To hinder entering with mule accounts)

Free Raffles:

~You may claim 1 ticket per person.
~No claiming for friends, but you may refer them to the raffle. There is no reward for this.
~If you win, you may NOT give it to a friend. (To hinder entering with mule accounts)


None at this time.
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So you have a plan for your Lotus Fox and you're tired of waiting to find it in a flatsale or auction? Never fear; Customs are here!

Note: Lineart edits are ONLY allowed for either cosplays or other special Foxes that we auction or that are ordered as custom.

From Blossom 35K
From Infant 30K
From Child 25K
From Teen 20K
Adult Only 20K

So, if a slot is open, you must PM the order form to the shop account with the slot name as the subject. (ie. "Teigra's Custom Slot 2" wink If you PM Teigra or HelMel, greylist! If you post the form in the thread, we'll ignore it. After you PM the orderform, wait for a reply giving the OK before sending the trade.


Lineart edits are allowed for cosplays, but tastfully. So no "big gaudy wings" etc. Nope, sorry. You can't "Pimp My Fox". domokun

You can request a cosplay; however, we reserve the right to decline it. Also we'll randomly color cosplay sets, so, if you get turned down, you may not be completely out of luck. ONLY ONE OF A COSPLAY CHARACTER WILL BE RELEASED! Follow the same steps when ordering as a normal custom, checking the custom slots for openings first.

From Blossom 60K
From Infant 55K
From Child 50K
From Teen 45K
Adult Only 40K


Kirara (Inuyasha)
Pokemon (event in the works)


Teigra: Lloyd Irving / Gatomon / Reno

HelMel: Red XIII


Name of Owner:
Name of Pet:
Gender of Pet:
Beginning Stage:
Main Body Color:
Secondary Body Color:
Accent/Marking Color:
Markings, if any:
Flower Petal Color:

Name of Owner:
Name of Pet:
Gender of Pet:
Beginning Stage:
Series/Game/etc. of Character:
Flower Petal Color:
At least 3 Reference pics (One must be full body.):


Normal Slots:
Slot 1: Magical Werefox
Slot 2: Closed

Cosplay Slots:
Slot 1: Closed
Slot 2: Female_Death -- Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha) (On hold, but will get to ASAP)
RL Slot: ---


Normal Slots:
Slot 1: Closed
Slot 2: Closed

Cosplay Slots:
Slot 1: Closed
Slot 2: Closed
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Stipulations for breeding:

1. Foxes must be at teen or adult stage.

Since the foxes will only reach adulthood through RP, breeding may occur starting from the teen stage. However, since the teen foxes aren't as developed as the adults, the birth is more risky at the teen stage, resulting in fewer offspring.

2. Foxes mate for life, and may only breed twice.

The only potential exceptions:
~ If a fox is taken away from an owner, its mate will go through a mourning period before even considering finding a new mate.
~ If an owner is granted another breeding slot by the shopowners as a reward. These are NOT to be requested but earned in one way or another.

3. Foxes must belong to two different owners.

If you own two foxes, you may NOT breed them together. This is to discourage elitist RPing and encourage group RPing.

4. Foxes MUST have shown some sort of relationship.

This is crucial. Breeding cannot be forced between two foxes who do not love each other. The closer and longer two foxes' relationship is, the better chances they have at breeding and the more blossoms they can possibly conceive. We read the RP in the thread, so we'll know how long your foxes have been mates. We frown on "Love at First Sight" rushes to breed and those resort in fewer offspring.

Teens will produce 1-2 blossoms depending on the type/length of relationship between the parents. Some breedings have even produced 3 blossoms before, but those instances have been VERY rare.

Adults will produce 3-4 blossoms depending on the type/length of relationship between the parents. Some breedings have even produced 5 blossoms before, but those instances have been VERY rare.

5. Must occur between a male and a female.

Due to physiological differences between the genders, same-sex breeding cannot take place. That's not to say that homosexual relationships are not allowed; homosexual couples wishing to be parents must either find a willing surrogate or adopt offspring at Adoption Events.

EXCEPTION TO RULE 5: In the case that one fox wants to willingly take a moonflower for the term of the breeding, same sex breeding is possible. The difference will be reflected in the price and in the fact that the blooms will look more like the fox giving birth than the "Father." Surrogates and Adoptions are still valid ways.

6. Do NOT roleplay any sort of breeding process that would raise the thread's level above PG-13.

This is self-explanatory. What your fox and its mate want to do behind closed doors is no one's business but your own.

7. Both partners must give consent for breeding to occur.

When you decide to breed, PM the shop account and request a breeding slot if there is one open. Then your partner must also PM the shop account confirming the request. Both will then send the trades to the shop account BEFORE any blossoms are posted.

8. Once blossoms are posted in the thread, both owners will decide what to do with the blossoms and post their decisions in the thread.

Blossoms may be kept, given to friends, or sold. If you give a blossom to your friend, make sure the friend will be aware of the shop rules. If you decide to sell a blossom, inform the shopowners and WE will set up the sale for you. We will get 50% of the profit from the sale and the owners of the parents will each get 25%.

9. No inbreeding.

Foxes that have the same parents CANNOT breed.

Types of breedings:

Normal Breeding: 4K per owner

Surrogate Breeding: 4K per owner (including both mates' owners AND the surrogate's owner)

Moonflower Breeding: 4K per owner + the cost of the moonflower

Note on Surrogate breeding:

For surrogate breeding, all three participating parties are ensured a blossom (meaning that the breeding will produce 3 blossoms at minumum). When PMing for a slot, all three must confirm intent and make clear which is the designated mother and the designated fathers or which is the father for the two mothers, etc. Colors and/or markings on the offspring will come from all foxes involved, being that the littermates will have different parents. Being a surrogate parent does NOT count toward your two breeding slots; however, it does count as a breeding slot for the owners of the homosexual mates. In the event that the shop sells an unwanted blossom for the group, the shop will keep 49% of the profit, the owners each receive 17%.

Breeding Slots:

Slot 1: Taken (Lucia x Nuko)
Slot 2: CLOSED

Slot 1: CLOSED
Slot 2: CLOSED

Adoption Events:

Adoptions are free RP events to find homes for ownerless foxes. They will always be at the child stage to begin with if up for adoption. If you participate and win the event and your foxes have a homosexual relationship, you may opt to have your fox to OFFICIALLY adopt the child as his or her own and have it recognized as the two mate's adopted child on the owners list (though only the contest winner will have his/her name on the cert). However, this is only allowed in that case. All other winners will not be allowed to have their fox adopted by other foxes officially (due to the fact that heterosexual foxes can breed), though any fox can be a mother figure or father figure to any other fox. You'll have to RP making the adoption official with the mate and such. Rules and other information will be announced at the event.
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Direct link the cert for your fox to grow. Once the fox is an adult, please host on your own servers to help us save bandwidth.

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User Image

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User Image

User Image

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User Image

User Image

Ichimaru Gin Uncerted

User Image

Hisagi Uncerted

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User Image

User Image


If you donate to the shop, we will fluff you forever! We hope to eventually get a guild. As a donator, you're entitled to whatever perks we may at any point wish to bestow upon you. Plus, how can you resist an emoticon like this? 4laugh

Female_Death - 700g 4laugh
Magus_sista - 1000g 4laugh
Tawariell - 1000g 4laugh


You managed to brighten our day and so we honor your awesome smexxiness with a seat on the Whitelist. Let's just say, we wouldn't mind if j00 had our behbehs! heart

Chibizoo - Because Zoo = smexx on a bagel
Atarashii - Because Arii = smexx meh up
Ectava - Because TavaMonster = smexx and candeh
Dante-Sayre - Because Dante = smexx and magic markers
Mintaka - Min = smexx and a half


If you're on this list, we're watching you more carefully than you'd probably like. You've messed up once, but we're willing to give you another chance. You're not allowed to participate in free raffles, page events, or flatsales until we deem you worthy again. However you are allowed to participate in other events and auctions. confused

Tidus45 - (#363733) - PMing Teigra to complain for not getting a pet after not following rules and not reading the front page.

THE OMFG J00 SUXXORS!!!1!23!one!!1 LIST (Blacklist):

Whatever you did, you messed up big time. Not only are you not allowed to own a fox or even post in the thread, you stand a good chance of being blacklisted in any other shops owned and/or managed by Teigra or HelMel. stressed

manga_grrrl (now Aziza_Pyramids) - (#2061097) - Tried to claim stolen clipart as her own in order to trade it for free pets from multiple shops. scream
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~PM the shop account, title "Pet Trade Request for (HelMel or Teigra)" so that we know who the request is for right away.
~We have the right to decline the request.
~Trades must be of equal value (ie. custom for custom, etc.)
~Even if your shop isn't on the wishlist, feel free to offer anyway. We are both addicted to B/C pets, so you have a good chance of getting the trade.

User Image

Owner and Colorist

Teigra likes:
Wolves and Big Cats
Blue, Purple, Black, and Silver
Diet Mountain Dew! xd

Will do Pet Trades for anything on my wishlist in my journal. I'll also look at other offers. Please PM any offers here, to the mule, and put my name in the title or something, 'k? xd

Pet Wishlist for Reference:
[Lab 305] - Raevan ((Yeah, right... gonk ))
Eclipse Ruins - Triune
Feather-Tailed Cat
SOA ((Why not? It's on everyone else's lists! xd ))

Current Projects:
Cosplay Series


User Image

Co-owner and Colorist

Mel likes:
PETS!!!!! *is a very addicted B/C-er*
Black and Purple!!!
Orange soda! heart

Pet Trades:
I would gladly do a pet trade for:

Little Monsters

And others, just try me. whee

Current Projects:
Cosplay set. ninja
Shoulder Angel/Devil auction


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Occassional Guest Colorist

Dante likes:
Cookies, caffine, procrastinating,
doodling & role play.

Not available for pet trades.


Shops That Have Traded With The Lotus Foxes:

Isle of the Velah

User Image

If your shop dies/goes on hiatus, we reserve the right to take down your banner if we choose.

NOTICE: If you were affiliated with this shop and we have taken your banner down, it is because we have assumed your shop is closed. If you would like the banner added back, PLEASE let us know. We'll be happy to put it back up for you. ^___^!


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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


None Currently


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