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Should we have a herd system?

Yes, it should allow herds to gain goodies such as unique lineart bases for that herd through RP! 0.47368421052632 47.4% [ 9 ]
Yes, it should allow herds to have unique line bases and their own RP subforum gained through RP 0.052631578947368 5.3% [ 1 ]
Yes and it should allow people to gain unique lines AND their own forum and other stuff through RP. 0.31578947368421 31.6% [ 6 ]
No 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 19 ]
This poll closed on July 29, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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||Owners Album || Guild || NOW HIRING

Welcome to the Lights of Ha'Raidu shop!
This is a shop of magical horses and their lantern spirits.
Feel free to chat, make friends and have fun!
If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask.


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Page One
‣‣1 Welcome post and Contents
‣‣2 News
‣‣3 Rules
‣‣4 Story
‣‣5 Stages & Species
‣‣6 Customs & Breeding Links
‣‣7 RP Information
‣‣8 Sale Rules and descriptions
‣‣9 Q & A
‣‣10 Links out
‣‣11 Credits & Staff

Page Two
‣‣1 Flatsales/Flaffles
‣‣2 RP contests/Advertising Contests
‣‣3 Seasonal Grams/Auctions
‣‣4 Free Games
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‣‣ Latest News

07/22/2012 : We are now holding a FREE raffle in the guild HERE! We are giving out six rare horses so get em while you can!

‣‣Old News

6/27/2012 : We are now HIRING again! Looking to hiring some more colorists and a manager or two. Please take a look!
5/31/2012 : From now until 6/25 we are hosting a Color-Your-Own plushie event in the guild! Click here to check it out!
6/02/2012 : We are holding an Advertising contest from now until 6/20! The prize is an extremely rare Asmo'Dikan x Gabri'Ali halfbreed! See page two for more information and how to play.
5/24/2012 : We now have a FREE RAFFLE happening in the guild!
5/08/2012 : There is a flaffle now open in the guild!

5/01/2012 : Our lines are being redone and we will begin using them as they are complete, see page 325 for more information!
4/30/2012 : Halfblood RP contest has been opened on page 2! A halfblood is a very special kind of Rei that can have two RP powers instead of one!

We will also be having quite a few sales and games next month for Shad's birthday, be on the look out for "Quote Me" horses, flaffles, free games and more! =D
4/01/2012 : Want a FREE semi custom? Click here to go to the guild where from now until april 30 you may apply for a free semi custom native adult!
4/05/2012 : Bunny Hunt game now open on page 2! Happy Easter everyone!
3/30/2012 : We now have an item shop open in the guild!
3/28/2012 : Flatsale opens tomorrow. See post 9 for the sale! We now have fetlocks for native horses! When ordering a custom you may now choose to have fetlocks. For now there is only one style but there will be more in the future along with more manes and tails!
3/21/2012 : A give away is now available in the sales post on page one! All you need to to claim a horse is doodle a raidu'rei. Artistic skill doesn't matter.
We now have a new cert! Here it is! All Raidu'Rei from now on will be certed on this cert. If you have the uncerts you may PM a request to recert your horses on the new cert.
3/12/2012 : Advertising contest added to page 2!
A New poll has also been added. We're trying our best to be noticed and once we get a little busier we will start having our big events! =D
3/06/2012 : After a short hiatus we are back in business! Breeding is now open and there is a dice game happening on page 2! Welcome back everyone!
2/22/2012 : The RP contest has a winner! Congratulations to Shanra the Dragon Bard! Thank you to all who participated.
Our next flatsale will be opened on Friday February 24 @ Noon Central Standard Time. See the availability post for more information!
2/18/2012 : Raffle is now open in the availability post and flatsale #2 will open later tonight.Is now over! Thank you all who participated See availability post for Flatsale information! Advertising contest will end tonight @ 5PM CST!
2/15/2012 : Our second flatsale will be opened on the 18th, this Saturday! Sale has been added to the Availability post on page 1! I have also added a new poll to help decide what event we should have as our first! Please take the time to choose which one you would like to see. If no clear winner appears then the pick will be randomized. =D
2/14/2012 : Shad-O's customs are OPEN! 2 slots available!
2/14/2012 : Happy valentines day from all our staff! The first flatsale has been completed and thank you to all who participated. The Ad contest on page two is ongoing, try it out for a chance to win a free semi custom! RP Contest is now open on page two! take a look and you might win three beautiful boys for you and two friends. =D
2/12/2012We now have a Guild which is still in the process of setting up but you may make a journal in the journal forum for your Raidu'Rei
2/12/2012 : First flatsale is now open! See availability post for more info!
2/12/2012 : Shop Is setting up, flat sale and dice game will be started once everything is set up and i open!

‣‣ Ha'Raidu Calendar

This is a the set schedule for every month not including month long events. This is subject to change in the future if the need arises! please note that free games and such still happen at random!

1st, 15th, and 25th : Flatsale/Flaffle
25th: Raffle (free or pay)
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‣‣Main Shop Rules

PRIMARY SACRED RULE: Acknowledge that this shop is managed and ran by TWO people and a few colorists. This being the case things will take time so please do not ask when things will be done. We're like the tortoise: It might takes us a bit but it's worth it cause we get it done right.

‣‣1 : Be polite and respect your fellow gaians. This is a shop not a war zone. If you have a problem with someone please set it aside before you enter or you will be asked to leave.

‣‣2 : Do not beg for a horse or whine if you do not win one in a game or sale. We have free games and plenty of sales so you will get one eventually if you're giving even a half arse try at it. Do not beg someone to give you their horse, get your own.

‣‣3 : Do not trace, alter, or claim as your own any art in this shop. You will be banned from this shop and reported to a moderator for art theft. Just don't do it. I still have the original sketches beck when the art sucked so I can prove I made these and not you. XP

Note : You may wish to resize your cert before putting it in your signature, i'm not sure if these follow the limits and I am not responsible if your sig is deactivated. You are free to resize your cert however you want to.

‣‣4 : Do not quote the front page. Ever. Period.

‣‣5 : Read through all rules and ask a question if you are not sure.

‣‣6 : Please refrain from telling me how to run my shop. Suggestions are loved but if i choose not to respond to your input then please don't push the matter.

‣‣7 : Please do not direct link images in this thread. I like to tidy up our PB to keep it organized and if i move your uncert to your folder after a sale your link will break. Please save all images to your computer. If you find that you have a broken link then please check your folder in the owners album for it.

‣‣Gold Sale Rules
( Gold sales include but are not limited to: Flatsales, Raffles, Auctions, and Flaffles)

‣‣1 : Please complete the sale form entirely before posting. Forms missing information will be ignored. This includes forms missing the name.

‣‣2 : Never for any reason alter a sale post. If you misspell a name or something then quote Shad-O 1315 with the correction and it will be seen to. Anyone caught altering posts will be gray listed. Period.

‣‣3 : Do not complain if a sale does not start right on time. We do have lives outside of Gaia and they do like to kick our butts from time to time.

‣‣4 : Do not post a form until you see a giant red underlined GO! If you post before this you will be barred from that sale.

‣‣5 : Do not whine, b***h, grumble, or complain if you do not win a horse. You can always try again next time.

‣‣6 : Never in anyway try to discourage people from participating in a sale. This includes declaring how rich you are or boasting about how you can buy so many horses for all your friends. You don't appear kind, you appear to be a jackass.

I reserve the right to add more rules if the need arises.


( You couldn't behave and now look where it's gotten you.
Users on the blacklist are banned from this shop and will never be allowed back in.
If you are here and you post you will be reported to a moderator for harassment.)

No one yet...
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A story, long passed down by the Elves tells the tale of how the Horses of this land, known as the Raidu'Rei, came to be our eternal companions and watchful guardians... These words are ancient and you must listen well....

Long ago this land was in chaos. War's beasts ran amok and sickness with his love of death lay waste to the land and it's people. We the elves found our entire race staring into the black vortex of total annihilation. All hope seemed lost as day by day our lives were swept aside like leaves before a rolling storm. our world was a hell from which only death could save us.

It was by pure chance that a lonely god happened upon our dying world as they traveled the heavens. Taking pity upon us this god used their powers to grant life to the steed of one of our great heroes who had fallen. The god gave to them a sacred lantern which would house their soul and prevent death from taking them once more as long as the lantern was unharmed. With this blessing the steed, a powerful stallion, was able to over throw War himself and with the help of the elves and all the races of this land he was able to banish Sickness back to the underworld, never to return.

The stallion was hailed as a hero and through the power of the god he was granted speech and told his tale to all who would listen. Peace once again reigned and as the years passed the hero stallion took a mate and much to the surprise of everyone the mare came to be followed by two of the lonely gods blessed lanterns. Once the foals were born the lanterns stayed by their side. As it came to be every generation of the stallions bloodline was granted a blessed lantern to shield them from death. As the bloodline splintered and spread so to did the variety of Raidu'Rei

And that is how the Raidu'Rei came into being. Now in this time of peace their race and ours thrives, comforted in the knowledge that the lonely god still watches over us through their blessed horses.
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Raidu'Rei have three stages of life: Bundle, Foal, and Adult.

A Bundle is an infant Raidu'Rei that has been wrapped in a blanket handwoven by the elves. The lantern that came to follow the mother now rests seemingly asleep by the bundle until the Rei inside becomes strong enough to emerge once it has grown into a foal. When that happens the lantern will awaken and follow the foal, keeping it safe and warning it of potential dangers. Eventually the foal will grow into a strong adult and will be able to fend for itself. The lantern will continue to follow it for it's entire life. An adult Rei can find a mate and start a family of their very own.


Raidu'Rei over the years have broken into several subspecies and each one had it's own unique appearance and abilities. Please see the RP handbook in the guild for further information.
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CrimsonMaiden21 : CLOSED
Shad-O 1315 : CLOSED

Breeding Threads
Shad-O 1315 : CLOSED
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Please read the handbookl.

>>General RP Rules<<

>>1<< Please be mindful of others when you RP. If you RP in the thread then everyone can join in. if you just want a private RP then you may set one up in the guild.

>>2<< Do not god mode. No one's horse is superman and you must remember aside from their lanterns and ability to speak these are normal horses.

>>3<< Do not RP another's Raidu'Rei or a Raidu'Rei you do not own. This includes ones you're questing for.

>>4<< Keep with the setting. There are no big skyscraper cities or humans.
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All sales will take place on page two or in the guild!

There are several different types of sales and paid games that we have here at TLOHR. Below is a description for each along with their rules. Please take the time to read over these to familiarize yourself with them.

‣‣Cost 5K
Flatsales are the main way to obtain a Raidu'Rei. Flatsales contain anywhere from four to ten horses or bundles and users must be the first to post a completed form to get that horse. Trades will go to Shad-O 1315 unless otherwise stated.

‣‣Flatsales start when a big red GO! is posted and not a moment before. please DO NOT POST UNTIL YOU SEE THE GO. Even if the sale is a bit late you may not post a form until the GO!

‣‣ you must completely fill out the form including the name before you post it. Forms that are incomplete will be ignored even if they are later edited to completion.

Flaffles are a cross between a flatsale and a raffle. Users must post a form to be entered and then at the sale close there will be winners rolled from all the entries. If you wind up winning you send trade but if you do not win you pay nothing. Trades go to Shad-O 1315 unless otherwise stated.

‣‣Cost Depends on the specific raffle. Can be free or pay.
Raffles are either pay or free. Tickets are sold or given out and may or may not be limited. At the raffle close winners are rolled from the tickets and first win gets first pick and second win gets second pick and so on and so forth. Aside form the ticket cost (if any) there is no additional cost.

‣‣Cost Highest bid wins. Starting bid is 5K
Auctions are reserved for rare or heavily edited Raidu'Rei. An auction is where users post bids of gold (or items if accepted) and at the end the highest bidder wins the horse. Auctions may or may not have an autobuy but the starting bid will always be 5K. NOTE: the hosting colorist may not allow items, be sure to read the auction post to make sure.

‣‣ Never discourage other bidders or whine if you are outbid.
‣‣ Never beg someone to co-bid with out, even playfully.
‣‣ No one cares how rich you are so don't tell people about it.
‣‣ IMPORTANT: if you withdraw your bid once you will be black listed unless you are hacked before you can pay.
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Are these RP required?
No. Owners may choose to RP their Raidu'Rei in the guild if they want to but it's strictly optional.

How many can i have?
As many as you would like just remember you will most likely only be able to get one horse per sale/game but you can always try again at the next sale!

Where is the owners list?
Follow the "Owner's Album" link on post 1

Are Raidu'Rei horses or ponies?
The word pony describes a small horse and while the Raidu'Rei are large enough to ride they are just the right size to where they're not quite horses but not quite ponies so you may call them either. They just call each other by their race name when referring to it.

Can my OC ride my Raidu'Rei?
Adults, yes.

If i breed an edited one with one without edits will the offspring have edits?
Maybe. more information on edit inheritance can be found in the breeding information thread in the guild.

Can I RP pets from other shops here?
No, sorry.

Can i get a Cosplay?
Cosplays will be available through events. Customs slots for cosplays will also be given out in event auctions and games. But unless it is a "cosplay" of your Original Character ( OC ) or a copy of a pet from another shop then you can only get slots for them through events.

Are you hiring?
Yes, we are looking for colorists and managers! Follow the HIRING THREAD link on post 1!

Do they have special powers?
Raidu'Rei are allowed to have one of several available powers. Please see the RP Handbook in the guild for more information on optional powers.

Do I have to RP my Raidu'Rei's lantern if i RP them?
Not at all, you could simple have them hiding somewhere constantly but please remember that they cannot venture too far away from their lanterns or the lantern will fall asleep and might get stepped on!

What kind of personalities do the lanterns have?
countless. They're just like any other being, they can talk and do their best to protect the Rei they are bonded to.
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Shad-O 1315 & Hero Rarehart

Shad-O's "Mules"
Stormy4Loko & ShadowHeart1315

Shanra the Dragon Bard

Shad-O 1315
Hero Rarehart
Strawberri Stardust

Lines, cert and banners are by Shad-O 1315

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