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General Information:
    1. Berserkers, Mages, Witchdoctors, Alchemists, and Rangers are positions, not separate species.
    2. Sales will never be speed based.
    4. Role playing is HIGHLY encouraged, but it's not required.
    5. All breed descriptions are merely for representation of the breeds and should not be interpreted as clear cut guidelines of your character.
    6. Familiars are not necessarily 'pets' to the Fokha here. They are simply one stage characters that are role-playable, just not breedable. Though they can be pets, they don't have to be attached to a Fokha.
    7. We prefer names from Irish, Gaelic, Scottish and Norse cultures. However, you may choose your own name so long as it has some substance. Simple American names are bland and would not fit The Otherworld.
    8. PM all cert requests to the shop mule.

General Rules:
    1. Obey Gaia's ToS and the Breedables Forum rules and guidelines.
    2. Staff word is law.
    3. Please direct shop-related questions/comments/concerns via PM to the mule.
    5. Please be respectful and nice whenever possible! I know it can be hard.
    6. Do not bring drama into the thread, do not advertise in the thread.
    7. Do not direct-link. Save all of your images to your own server, please.
    8. Do not beg or whine for a pet.
    9. Do not steal, copy or alter any of the art work. You will be blacklisted and a Mod will be informed.
    10: Please understand that this is a very liberal shop and we don't need anyone coming in here attacking peoples lifestyles or religion. This is for fun. Don't make it about your personal issues.

Roleplaying Rules:
    1. Roleplaying is not required, but encouraged!
    2. Follow the Daisy Code. <3
    3. Make sure to read on the setting/breed info before you start roleplaying.
    4. Keep it PG-13. Take anything else out of this thread.
    5. Keep OOC separate from IC.
    6. Try to stick with one tense when RPing. Switching back and forth between first and third person is confusing and hard to read.
    7. All RP is to be formal. Meaning, while OOC RP with **’s/etc. in the thread is fine, it will not fly in IC RP.
    8. Do not God Mod.
    9. Be courteous to RPers. If there is an RP going on in the main thread and you are not participating, please put your text in ((brackets)) as to not disturb the players.

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The Otherworld
    The Otherworld sits in a constant twilight and the moon hangs endlessly over the land. Purples and reds cover the night sky while stars fade in and out of view. From The Waylands to The Hollow, fields and forestry with flora of all colors are drizzled throughout. It is not uncommon for Fokha to sit and admire the beauty. The lands have never seen the sun, the seasons never change nor does the night sky ever wane.

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The Hollow:
    A vast forest where life and birth radiate and fill the land. All Fokha have a beginning and every one starts here. From deep woods to small patches of shrubbery, the tree span is vast and largely enclosed by mountains, offering protection and peace to all the younglings as they grow. The Mages claim no lands but most would call The Hollow their sanctuary. Whenever there is cause for alarm, the inhabitants of these woods gather in The Hollowed Ground, a sacred circle guarded by the Mages.

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The Waylands:
    The crossroads of Otherworld. Flat open fields and clear purple skies illuminate the worn roads that lead to every corner of the land. Flowers turn colors as the Fokha pass by and rocks seemingly move by themselves every time one turns around. The pathways are endless and none have ventured down every trail. It is said never to wander too far from the paths in the Waylands as the roads constantly shift positions and one never knows where they may end up.

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The Laughing Stones:
    Wandering the Otherworld can seem Endless and many find it difficult to know when they have reached the end of one land and entered another. But everyone in Otherworld recognizes the playful laughter that comes from walking upon the Laughing Stones. Whenever one enters or exits The Hollow, they must first pass over the playful giggles of faeries that emit from the stone pathway. All types of Fokha journey for days just to marvel in the oddity and joy these steps bring.

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The Wake:
    As the trees from The Hollow expand to the north east, water begins to creep along the forest floor, thus beginning the descent into The Wake. Trees continue to grow along the swampy terrain where the water is as clear as the sky and fae prance in the shallows. As one travels further into The Wake, the water rises up to the shoulders of the tallest Fokha and then the bottom drops into nothingness. No one knows how deep it goes.

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The Abyss:
    Home to the Berserkers. Shadows blanket these desert lands where no wind dares creep. From the cracked and worn entrance path, guarded by stone figures of the barbaric keepers, to the sweltering heart of these desolate lands, not a sound is made for fear of capturing the attention of the fierce guardians. Few Fokha travel through these canyons, and those that do come with a single purpose: to prove themselves worthy of joining the Berserker clan. The Abyss is the first and last line of defense in the Otherworld against the unknowns of the Deep End, and only the bravest and strongest are permitted to call it home.

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Mad King Nuadha
    The Otherworld is timeless, and as such the history of the land is infinite. From the annual festivals around The Hollow to the legends of invisible creatures that walk The Waylands, lore and tales are in abundance. But few events shook the realm like the time of the Mad King. The Berserker clan head Nuadha was a powerful, yet benevolent leader and, during his reign, brought prosperity to his clan and the surrounding lands. He took the Oracle Elsa as his mate and with her visions and wisdom at his disposal, his influence was known far throughout the world.

    One day, Elsa told her King of a vision of his death at the hands of an Oracle. Fear gripped him tightly and seeds of doubt and distrust began to weave their way through his mind. His dreams slowly became flooded by nightmares and soon he found no peace in slumber. The strain became too much for him to bear, so much so that one day he ordered all the Berserkers to hunt down every Oracle in the land and bring them to be judged. The Oracles fled into hiding from the brute advances of the Berserkers and those that were found were put to death at Nuadha's command. He became obsessed with finding them and even began to distrust Elsa.

    Seeing the threat his warpath could cause to all the Fokha in The Otherworld, the Mages contemplated removing him from power. Elsa loved Nuadha dearly and it pained her to see the strength in him consumed with fear of mortality and know that her love could never break this suffering. Traveling through The Waylands, she encountered a group of Mages who spoke with her about Nuadha's torments. With great reluctance, she ultimately agreed to help them end his suffering. Elsa told him to head to The Wake where he could find the last of the Oracles. Determined to bring about their end himself, he traveled alone only to find Mages in waiting. They cast him into the deep waters of The Wake and sealed him away.

    Elsa disappeared from the tribe that fateful day and it's rumored she was with child. To this day, the Oracles are a rare sight and none will ever forget the reign of the Mad King.

A New Berserker King
    The Berserker clan never recovered after the loss of the Mad King Naudha. With no clear successor to rule in his wake, chaos spread through the tribe as warrior after warrior attempted to prove himself worthy of being King. By the time the fighting had ceased, there was nothing left to be King of. The Berserkers scattered across The Otherworld, living roguishly wherever they could find solace. Their home was forever changed, desolate and barren becoming what is now known as The Abyss.

    Rumors are beginning to stir of a Fokha gathering the Berserkers together again. Whispers can be heard of a horde moving across the Waylands; of a fierce, scarred warrior recruiting Fokha to return to the Abyss, laying waste to small settlements along the way. His presence is intimidating and his glare stirs fear in even the most ferocious Fokha, causing many to fall in with his faction. Few defy him, and even fewer have the courage to whisper his name. Destruction is all that can be found in his wake and from afar, chants can be heard of the return of the Berserker King...

The Birth of a Leader
    Near the beginning of King Nuadha’s descent into madness, there was born a pair of twins. As they grew, their parents quickly realized that both of the children were gifted with the Oracle’s Sight. The mates were happy for their children, yet they were wary, as well. Tales of Mad King Nuadha’s rampage had already begun to ride the winds across The Otherworld. As rumors turned to horrific accounts of his approach toward their village, the parents decided to separate and hide their children, hoping that such measures would protect them. Nerys, their daughter, was sent with a small band of Fokha to be hidden in The Hallow. Fenis, their son, was to be sent the very next day to The Wake.

    However, fate had other plans.

    On the morning of Fenis’s departure, Nuadha’s clan descended upon the peaceful little village, throwing it into utter chaos. The Berserkers destroyed any Fokha who attempted to protect the young Oracle.

    Fenis, meanwhile, managed to slip past the rampaging Berserkers and make his escape. He ran as fast as he could, spurred by the screams that echoed in his ears and the images that had seared themselves into his mind. He ran and ran, and knew not where. Having never left his village, the child had no way of even guessing where he was going, but he continued onward in hopes of finding a Fokha who could help him.

    As he stumbled forward, near starvation, he was happened upon by a group of Mages and Alchemists who nursed him back to health and took him on their journey, not yet knowing of his gifts or why he was all alone. They brought him to a refuge and began to raise him as one of their own. Fenis, too young and isolated to know all that had transpired on that chaotic, fateful day, grew up believing that his entire family had been killed by the Mad King. This belief would shape the person he would become.

    Eventually, the Mages came to learn of the gifts that Fenis had, and forbade him from traveling away from the sanctuary they had created. The Oracle grew angry at this and vowed to one day return to his homelands and bring justice to the Berserkers for their heinous crimes.

A Clash of Titans
    After the downfall of the Mad King, and the subsequent collapse of his entire kingdom, the Berserkers were a broken people, leaderless and scattered throughout the Otherworld. But they have not been idle. The clan, still feared and despised by many, has been quietly gathering its forces and regaining its strength. Now, the Berserkers, so long banished from their own home, are making their way back to The Abyss in hopes of restoring their kingdom to its former glory. One Berserker in particular has been the driving force behind this. Rhaego. The leader of his newly-gathered clan. It is his greatest ambition to reclaim The Abyss for his people and thus win the right to be named King of the Berserkers.

    However, whispers from the spirits tell tales of a gathering in The Abyss: a great host that lies in wait for Rhaego and his Berserker kin; an ominous group of dark Fokha with strange scales growing chaotically across their bodies and eyes that glow in the night. They are said to have crossed over from the Netherlands and have been named Nethers, not only for their place of origin, but also because of their forbidding appearance. These dark beings are reputedly led by an Oracle; one who seeks to wage a righteous war against the Berserkers for their many crimes.

    This Oracle is called Fenis and he will not rest until he has had his vengeance.

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Fokha are a strange creature to gaze upon. With their cat-like eyes that glow in the night, unusually large ears, scales on their underbellies, thick armor on their shoulders, strangely articulate hands, and tails as long as their bodies, one wouldn't guess these creatures are goblins. But these are far from the strangest creatures of The Otherworld. Mischievous by nature, the Fokha are the main inhabitants of The Otherworld. Fokha never truly die. Their essence passes on to another creature, to continue their journey as a spirit of The Otheworld.

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Child - Adult

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Oracle - Berserker

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Mage - Witchdoctor

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All Fokha are in tune with The Otherworld and possess a limited amount of magic that reflects their mischievous nature. Every Fokha has a chance to grow into one of six positions: the Berserker, Mage, Witchdoctor, Alchemist, and Ranger, which they choose when they are adults; and the Oracle, which is decided at birth. Certain requirements must be met for any Fokha to achieve one these positions. Each position is mutually exclusive. In other words, a Berserker cannot become a Mage, an Oracle cannot become an Alchemist, and so on. However, one clan may have Fokha from various ranks within its fold. For instance, it is not unheard of for Berserkers and Rangers or Oracles and Witchdoctors to live together. As for the Nethers, they are a separate race, so a normal Fokha cannot become one.

Nethers (Rare)
    From behind the veil of the Netherlands come the Nethers, a dark and magical variation of the Fokha. Aside from the legends of their origin, their history is as mysterious as is their nature. Covered in large abnormal scales across their lean bodies and ridges that protrude like lanky bones, these Fokha are born with darker colors than any other Fokha. Rather than the teleportation that is used by normal Fokha, Nethers can move through the very shadows using the Shadow Step. They are also stronger than the average Fokha. However, Nethers cannot achieve any rank save for the birthright of the Oracle, though even that is as rare as in any normal Fokha.

Oracles (Very rare)
    The Otherworld is a mysterious land and few know its secrets like the Oracles. From birth, these Fokha have the gift of the Sight as well as other mental powers. As children, their visions are little more than glimmers in their eyes, but as they age, the visions become more vivid. The gift of an Oracle’s Sight varies from seeing the past to the distant future and no two Oracles share the same vision. They also commune with the spirits of the Otherworld and are able to see Witchdoctors while they are Spirit Walking. Often considered the most powerful of the Fokha, they are extremely rare and can be distinguished from other Fokha by their long horns.

Berserkers (Common)
    Strength. Power. Loyalty. The life of a Berserker is easy to comprehend but difficult to follow. Most Fokha view them as unruly savages, but, if nothing else, there is much to be said for the respect and loyalty the Berserkers share for their clansmen. Due to their volatile nature and short tempers, they prefer to live in solitude and there is none greater to be found than in the quiet desolation of The Abyss. Only those who are permitted to join clan or Kingdom truly know the secrets of their ranks and daily lives.

    Berserkers are very pack-oriented. Many travel around the Otherworld, but most consider The Abyss home and are ultimately loyal to the Berserker King. There is always a King amongst the Berserkers, chosen through a combat ritual that few outside the Kingdom have ever seen. Each clan within the Kingdom has a leader, as well, and he is also chosen through combat. The leaders are well respected and their words are highly regarded within the clans, but the Berserkers are largely able to live their lives as they choose. Children of Berserkers are physically larger than most other Fokha.

Mages (Uncommon)
    Elements pervade the entire world as mighty forces of nature. Among the Fokha, Mages are those who are most in tune with the elements and the power that comes with them. They are able to use elemental magic, calling on the very might of the Otherworld to manipulate nearby forces. They are trained to control their skills by other Mages and use that training to sync with all of the elements.

Witchdoctors (Rare)
    Almost as rare as Oracles, Witchdoctors are ritualistic and focus more on their powers than their surroundings. They are more reclusive than the Mages and their other brethren, in part due to their incessant studying, but also because of their darker, more ominous appearance.

    All Witchdoctors are taught a ritual called the Spirit Walk, an out of body experience where they walk amongst the spirits. While in this form, they cannot physically touch anything, and they can only maintain a Spirit Walk for thirty minutes before they become too weak to continue. They are also invisible to all other Fokha except Oracles while using Spirit Walk and can thus travel virtually unnoticed throughout the Otherworld. However, they travel at their normal speed and cannot venture too far from their physical bodies. Using this ability weakens the Witchdoctor afterwards. Because of this, a Witchdoctor will typically wait a few days between uses for fear of not having the strength to recover from the Spirit Walk.

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    The smallest and quickest of the Fae, the Brownie are sly and cunning. With their large wings they are able to travel where ever they please, making them very common in the Otherworld.
    Commonly found in: The Hollow, The Waylands

    Scattered throughout The Wake are the small lizard-like goblins called the Sognath. These nimble creatures are known for moving in packs and swim just as fast as they can run.
    Commonly found in: The Wake

    With rock hard beaks and poisonous tails, many Fokha would sooner leave a Pooka in peace than cross one. These creatures are often territorial and while their appearance may be comical, most know to leave them be.
    Commonly found in: The Abyss, The Wake

Far Darrig:
    Though their appearance is intimidating, the Far Darrig is quite docile and slow moving. They wander The Waylands in solitude.
    Commonly found in: The Waylands

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★ ★ ★

Owners: pinchmonster & troll toll
Shop Manager: -
World concept: Dalean & March Moth
Art & templates: et avis, Shia bean, March Moth
World map: March Moth
Creature concept: et avis, March Moth
Colorists: pinchmonster, troll toll, NinetailedNightmare
Guest Colorists/Part time: March Moth
Keeper of the Owner's List: -
Additional credits: Lethrossen, KasaiLoki, Nyx Argyros
Location images: Folklore (The game) Concept art
Folklore (The game, our muse)
Celtic folklore
Irish folklore

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