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As some of you have noticed, Derp's certs have changed.
Some certs have already been switched over, but not all of them.
If you have a cert that is old, and would like your derp on the new cert, please follow this link:
[ New Cert Request Thread ]

Drop-offs and Certs
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Shop Concept: [ Lady Kiya ]
Lineart: [ Lady Kiya ]
Cert: [ Lady Kiya ]

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Dino News
Jan 29, 14: Derps is back!
May 4th: Soon is our 1 year anniversary!
January 23th: Welcome Moomoolattecha, Buffy The Bloody, ChaosTheories, and Samus x as Colorists.
June 12th: Please welcome Moxxie as a new colorist to Derpasaurs!
June 9th: Welcome Day Dreamer427 as our new Colorist and Certer and Daijonakain as colorist!
June 6th: Semi Customs are open. =D
June 1st: First ever Auctions!
May 22nd, 2012: - New breeds! Carnotaderpasaurus, Triceraderp, Derpolophus, and Derpactyl
May 20th, 2012: - Derpasaurs are open!
May 17th, 2012: - Derpasaurs were made into existence.

Shop Rules and Information

- Be nice!
- Don't steal anyone's Derpasaur
- Do not harass anyone, it's not nice.
- No begging
- Be silly, cause that's what this shop is about.
- Do not be rude to anyone. Makes us sad derpasaurs.

This is not a serous shop, meaning we aren't here to judge anyone and call people names. We're here to have fun and a good environment. Derpasaurs are suppose to be silly, and make people laugh. I do not expect anyone to rp any of these, but you're more than welcome to derptastic rps. This is more just for me to enjoy seeing people have fun.

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Egg: All Derpasaurs started as an egg at some point or another. They all look the same, except the color of the egg, of course. They are simple things, and very easy to break. Be careful! Only takes about a week to grow.

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Derpasaurus-Rex: The kings and queens of Derpatopia. They are mean, and are at the top of the food chain. This doesn't mean there aren't a few exceptions, but don't expect them not to be picked on by other Derpasaurus-Rex.

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Derparaptor: These little sneaky dudes, are the brains of Derpatopia. Vicious, and almost as bad as Derpasaurus-Rexes, but they lack the size that matters. Doesn't mean they can't take down a Stegoderpasaurus or a Brontoderpasaurs. They are dangerous.

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Brontoderpasaurus: Happy giants. Though they can be mean if the situation puts it. They eat plants, and there's no changing that. They don't have the teeth for meat. They are the biggest Derpasaurs in Derpatopia.

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Stegoderpasaurus: Gentle giants. Though they come with some power behind them. Fill equip with spikes... Lots of them. Doesn't mean they can't be taken down though. Lets hope these guys don't think they're too untouchable.

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Derpactyl: The King of the sky, though not the king of the land, obviously. They tend to make fun of their land-only dino friends, but they do have to land sometime. Perhaps they should watch out what they say. They are the pranksters of the land.

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Derpolophus: These tend to be the clueless type, or perhaps they just act that way to stay out of trouble? Who knows? They don't eat meat, there's nothing that can change that. They are strong, when they aren't being clueless, of course.

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Carnotaderpasaurus: These guys give D-Rex a run for their money, but they are smaller, and weaker than their relatives. But that doesn't mean they don't get along! These guys like to party, and party they will with their fellow dudes. Though, don't think them harmless. They're far from that!

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Triceraderp: Talk about grumpy! These guys are more likely to start a fight than become friends. Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't a handful that aren't loyal as any. They tend to just like to be grumpy and chase those off who perhaps don't deserve it. Watch out!

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Ichthyoderpasaurus: Ancient derpsharks, Ichthyoderpasaurus' aren't to be messed around with. They take their swimming seriously, like fo shizzle. They're more likely to smack you in the face with a fin, then try to make friends. Though, there is known to be a few odd-balls.

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Plesioderpasaur: Better known as the Nessderpie, Plesioderpasaur is mostly misunderstood and taken as a monster. In fact, this fish-eater, sea-dwelling creature is kind and gentle... Most the time.

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Owner: [ Lady Kiya ]
Certer(s): [ Lady Kiya ]
Colorists(s): [ Lady Kiya ], Samus x, Mia Lovasz, ~Moomoolatecha~

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