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Monday, September 1st
xxxxxxxx Item Creation Contest Opens
xxxxxxxx Advertising Contest Opens

Saturday, September 8th
xxxxxxxx Newcomer Prompt Contest Opens!
xxxxxxxx Recruitment Contest Opens!

Thursday, September 25th
xxxxxxxx Advertising Contest Ends
xxxxxxxx Newcomer Prompt Contest Closes!
xxxxxxxx Recruitment Contest Closes!

Tuesday, September 30th
xxxxxxxx Item Creation Contest Ends
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Neued has fallen to the advancing Oban troops and the resistance has scattered throughout Jauhar; some even falling back to Tale. Could this be the fall of Tendaji?

|| Starts: Saturday, September 13th
Ends: Tuesday, September 25th ||

|| This event is open to Newcomers only!
|| Refer to the
Newcomer Guide and History of Tendaji to get a feel for the setting.
|| Got an idea for a character in mind? Pick the prompt below that corresponds to that race and respond with a minimum of 500 words (more is great but not required, quality over quantity).
|| (OPTIONAL) We encourage you to write a Character Quest for the character you would like, who is answering the prompt. This not only lets you get a feel for your character, but also increases your chance of receiving a Quest Fairy from this event! ( Refer to the Newcomer Guide, link above, on how to set up a Character Quest).
|| The prize for the contest is a CUSTOM SLOT. There will only be one prize rewarded, but if an artist likes your prompt they may decide to be your Quest Fairy, and draw your character anyway!
|| When you're ready, PM the thread with your prompt response to Suhuba! Thanks for participating!

Alkidike Prompt –

The Loyalists and Oban forces have pushed their way into Tendaji. As most of your elder sisters prepare to defend their land, your parent(s)/guardian(s) have you to think about. After gathering a few of your belongings, your parents/guardian(s) huddle you onto a boat to the Chibale islands; home of Mother Aisha.

What is your reaction to leaving your home to the Obans?

How do you feel about being on the Chibale Islands?

Shifter or Leaf Prompt –

The Oban forces have taken over your home, or are on the verge of breaking your borders, and like so many others, your parents have gathered what little they could and traveled north to avoid the conflict.

Do they choose to settle in Zena or Sauti?

What do you think of the change of scenery?

Is it your first time visiting these lands, or have you been here before?

Wind or Ice Prompt-

As the Oban forces take over southern Tendaji, you are beginning to see an increase of traffic through your settlement/in your travels; many Shifters and Leaf Earthlings have fled their homes in search of sanctuary in Sauti and Zena.

Does the intrusion of other races bother you, or are you welcoming to their presence?

Are you worried the Obans will make it as far north as your settlement, or are you confident in your settlements' defenses?

Oban Prompt-

Oban forces are advancing further into Tendaji, and all signs are pointing towards total victory. Many of the Oban troops are already celebrating as if they have won, and morale is high.

As an Oban prentice in the war camps, how do you feel? Are you as overjoyed and filled with victory as your comrades, or do you have misgivings about something - your people, or the conquest of these strange new lands?

[color=#909638][b]Newcomer Prompt Response[/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Race ||[/b]
[b]Appearance and Personality OR Quest Thread Link ||[/b] [Describe how you imagine your character, or link to their Quest Thread. This will be what the Tendaji Artist works from, so make sure this is the appearance you want before you send in your prompt!]
[b]Referred by ||[/b] [Not required, but if you were referred by someone, or followed someone's signature over, let us know ! Thanks!]
[b]Prompt Response ||[/b]

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|| Starts: Saturday, September 13th
Ends: Tuesday, September 25th ||

|| We didn't forget our lovely loyal thread frequenters!
|| If you recruit a newcomer to participate in the prompt above, to frequent the thread, or participate in other events, then you can be entered into a raffle to win a Custom Slot (regardless of full slots).
|| A prompt entry will net you 5 entries. [Make sure they put you as the referrer!]
|| Getting someone else to put the link in their signature will net you 3 entries. [Post in the thread, PM us their username, or have them list you as referrer in the Advertising Contest thread, if they participate.]
|| Event Participation grants you 1 entry per day of activity.
|| Having a Quest Thread approved grants 3 entries.
|| We encourage every user to invite friends into our guild - in the end we want everyone to have fun. However, do not ask friends to enter the prompt or post in the thread just for raffle entries - and DO NOT pay them to advertise. If we find you doing this, you will be disqualified from the raffle.
|| The difference between 'Recruiting' and 'Asking friends to enter or post just for entries' is this: Legitimate Interest. If you talk to a friend about Tendaji and they seem uninterested, that is absolutely fine! But if they are uninterested, don't ask them to enter or post just to do you a solid. However if they are uninterested but don't mind advertising in their signature that is perfectly acceptable.

[color=#909638][b]Recruitment Response[/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Recruited Member ||[/b]
[b]Recruited Activity||[/b] [Are they advertising? Participating in a contest? Writing a prompt?][/b]

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|| Starts: Monday, September 1st
Ends: Tuesday, September 30th ||

|| This is an item creation contest! It's your chance to get an official item made for Tendaji.
|| It can be something to change the appearance of a character or familiar, change/improve stats and weapons, items for battle, or anything that you can think of. Anything at all. Let your imagination run wild.
|| You can submit as many times as you would like. There is no limit.
|| There will be an undefined number of winners. We will accept any and all items that we feel are a good fit for the shop.
|| If your item is accepted, you win a copy of that item free of charge just as thanks for a great idea!!
|| To start creating, submit the form in the item creation thread HERE

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|| Starts: Monday, September 1st
Ends: Tuesday, September 25th ||

|| Help Tendaji by advertising!
|| Grab one of our advertising links below and pop it into your signature (or PM Scarlett Arbuckle if you'd like a custom banner made for one of your pets)
|| For each day you have the banner in your sig, post the following form HERE to enter!

Your choice of 1 Versatile Point, 3 Shop Items (including Fairground items), or a Custom character (regardless of full slots).

Every advertiser will have their choice of a Premade Familiar, regardless of winning the raffle, just as thanks for helping us out! (Prizes to be received at the close of the event. RNG will determine order of picking Familiars.)


[color=#909638][b]Been spreading the word!![/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Days Advertised:[/b]
[b]Prize Desired:[/b]

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Event Over
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RP Flatsale
What could possibly be going on with these two?

Monday, May 12th -- RP Flatsale Begins
Wednesday, May 28th -- RP Flatesale Ends

|| This FS is prompt driven.
|| This is a custom contest, which means that it does not count against your quest character count.
|| Please respond to the prompt with the form below and PM it to Suhuba.
|| The cost of one of these characters is 100k.
|| One custom is a prentice, the other is a youngling!
|| Hybrids are not allowed for this event.
|| Once a winner is announced they will have 24 hours to start the trade with Suhuba.

Youngling version: This little one is so very young and already has suffered something terrible. What was it? Did they lose a parent? Did they lose both? A brother or sister? Or maybe it's something not as bad, like moving away from a friend, or losing a favorite stuffed animal. What is wrong with this little one and how did it all come to be? How do they feel about it?

Prentice version: Barely old enough to know how to take care of themselves in the world and they're already being forced to do so. What happened with this prentice that they're now on their own? Did someone pass away? Or were they kicked out? Maybe it's happier, like they left for adventure and broadening their horizons. What happened to this one to get them to where they are today and what is their everyday life like?

|| a pet dino (youngling)
|| a pet dino (prentice)
|| Scarlett Arbuckle (youngling)
|| robot kitten (youngling)
|| Pidgeons Go Meow X3 (prentice)
|| Pidgeons Go Meow X3 (youngling)
|| akuma_kessaku (prentice)
|| jayoku (youngling)
|| Fluffesu (youngling)
|| Fluffesu (prentice)

[color=#909638][b]Give me a Chance![/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Flatsale ||[/b] [whether your character is a youngling or a prentice]
[b]Character's Name ||[/b] [What you would like to name them]
[b]Brief Character Description ||[/b] [What do they look like? Race, gender, and general appearence. If won you can consult with an artist to pick their specifics]
[b]Preferred Artist ||[/b] [list your top two here]
[b]Prompt Response ||[/b] [Less than 1000 words if possible, we look for quality over quantity.][/size][/color]

User Image
User Image

Event Over
.||Tendaji’s CYO Plush Event||.
Take the lines for the familiars provided and color them to your liking. Edits are allowed but do not completely alter the lines please~ You can Gift the plushies to other users of Tendaji, Create them for yourself, or gift them to inspire new users to come join the fun! Post your plushies in the event thread before the closing date to have a chance at getting them converted into real familiars. Please include the To: an From: Tag in all your plushie art.

.||START DATE: July 18 12AM CST||.
.||END DATE: August 9th 12AM CST||.
.||Plushie Raffle Date: August 9th Time Unannounced||.

.||Plushies Avaliable||.
.||Example Plushie||.
User Image

.||Plush Tag||.
Mammu .||.Poscuta.||.Aldabuck.||.Scorra.||.Spitrog.||.Capramel.||.Sailscale.||.Radaku.||.Kinfa

.||Raffle Slots Avaliable: 5||.

Check out the Events Thread to post your plushes and for more details on the event, or click this: Link
Questions or Feedback on the event? Post in the thread provided by this: Link

.||Raffle List||.

1.robot kitten
2. Elf Princess Flannery
3. Pidgeons go Meow X3
4. The anesthesia
5. Scarlett Arbuckle
6. Phineaus
7. Duke Edward Drake
8. Manga_artist303
9. DraconicFeline

Our Winners Are:

1: DraconicFeline
2: Robot Kitten
3: Elf Princess Flannery
4: Pidgeons go Meow X3
5: The Anesthesia
5.5: Scarlett Arbuckle

User Image

Event Over

The shuddering of the ground during the battle has caused a massive stampede of familiars!

|| Starts: Monday, May 12th
Ends: Wednesday, May 28th ||

| Each ticket is 250g. You may purchase as many as you'd like.
|| To purchase tickets, just post in the thread with the number you would like to purchase and a trade to Suhuba for the necessary amount.
|| This is a grab bag of sorts where the winners will be able to choose from any of the back stock familiars that we have.
|| Winners will be chosen through RNG at the end of the game and will receive their new familiars.
|| There will be 15 winners!
|| Use the form below to purchase tickets in the main thread.

|| Tickets :

xxxxxxxx1-10 || a pet dino
xxxxx11-1010 || grasshopper pie
xxx1011-1110 || robot kitten
xxx1111-1210 || Reoakee
xxx1211-1240 || Elf Princess Flannery
xxx1241-2240 || AnhikaJeanine
xxx2241-2740 || Smerdle
xxx2741-2840 || DraconicFeline
xxx2841-3840 || Pidgeons Go Meow X3
xxx3841-4840 || Nilah44
xxx4841-8840 || Fluffesu
Familiar Back Stock

Rose || Blue || Green

Blue || Pale

Green || Teal || Blue

Green || Gray || Blue

Tan || Orange

Teal || Orange || Salmon || Green

Copper || Gold || Tan

Ice || Sunset || Green

Caramel || Tan || Orange || Rose

Maroon || Purple || Indigo

Gray || Maroon || Gold

Blizzard || Blue || Gray || Pale

Cream || Pastel || Beige

Brown || Ash || Toned || Beige

[color=#909638][b]Look Out![/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Tickets ||[/b] [Number of tickets]
User Image

kaname423 – Co-Owner, Artist, Concept, Quest Manager
jayoku - Familiar & Fauna Artist, Character Artist, Battle Manager, Quest Manager
akuma_kessaku - Quest Manager
Elf Princess Flannery - Character Artist
Scarlett Arbuckle - Character Artist

Shop Accounts

Suhuba – Main Account for Announcements, Shop Purchases, and Drops
BeastTamerFreya – Account for Beast Taming
Satin Doilee – Co-Owner, Shop Manager, Writer (Hiatus/Quit?)
=3 New thread is officially open!
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*Gets some loving*
I should like to dress up in my finest suit and sip my finest brandy whilst I congratulate Satin for cutting the ribbon on this bad boy. Happy Rebirth Tendaji!
xD I appreciate the ultra classy celebration, kvon!

/snugs Lural/
Yay new thread! :dances about:
/cuddles Cerri/ o3o

I find the new thread much more appealing
/pets it/
But, if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to PM them to Suhuba - everything is, in the end, to make y'all happiest, so let us know if there's anything you'd like to see changed. =D
Ooooooo it looks sooo good emotion_awesome
I'm so happy! Now just time for the reopening to start whee
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Cannot wait for fun times!

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