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Oooh Avatar the Last Airbender is one of my favorite shows. xD

Bahaha. <3 Cerri. I appreciate that.

The only show that I watch religiously is Adventure Time. >>;; I don't know why it's so captivating... I just love it.

I did read the Hunger Games during school (somehow??). I have mixed feelings about them that I could debate for longtimes! xD Overall, I enjoyed them. I've been debating picking up Game of Thrones as well, since everyone else has been raving about it, and I have to read things before I watch them, so no TV show for me xp

I've heard good things about Once Upon a Time.. I might try to catch up on it.

Kvon, you only watch the scariest things. <3 But I will happily watch Dr. Whos and Pokemons with you. Can we start watching Pokemon from the verrryyy beginning? =D
I can't get into Once Upon a Time to save my life. -_- I even forget if it's the writing that I'm at odds with, or the stories they tell.

Adventure time is captivating because it will almost always keep you guessing. It's charming, with it's nonsensical styling and hideously remarkable characters. It feeds you the lore of the land of Ooo constantly and keeps you wanting to know more, while enticing you with more magic that your hoodoo sack can hold. plus somethings are way way way way too cute. - and inevitably become grotesque- It's story telling perfected and the only show that I will force my children to watch.

Pokemon from the beginning? As in Season 1, Episode 1. That's a tall order missy, but we can try!
Mmmmm Make it or Break it is my guily pleasure. I love that show lol

And I absolutely love the Hunger Games and its movie and want to marry Peeta at this point. And Josh Hutcherson.
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The only reason I won't read Hunger Games is because it's now way mainstream 'cause I'm totally a hipster XD, and I'm perfectly fine just waiting until the movies come out.

Games of Thrones is pretty good so far. I'm not all that far into it, but I've tried watching the TV show and it is sooo boring. The book is much more entertaining.

And I liked Once Upon a Time as well, although it wasn't very good. Really, I just watched it for the little LOST Easter Eggs that popped up every once in a while and made the LOST fangirl inside completely freak out. In fact, I suggest to anyone to watch LOST because it is one of my favorite shows ever and just so utterly amazing. XD

I also recently finished all three seasons of Misfits.
I haven't seen the movie yet, because going to movies is too expensive, BUT

/fangirl moment/

o-o There is this boy... at school... who looks JUST like Josh Hutcherson. I had to tell him how adorable I think he was. Now he's stuck in a play with me ALLLL Semester when we get back.

I swear, I've matured since High School, I swear. xDD;;;;

@ Rose: That's how I felt about it too... and honestly, I think the hype is way too much for what they are. But the author is really wonderful at plot construction, which I appreciated above anything else.

My roommate started watching Misfits... it looked intense. oO;;

@ Kvon: Yes. WE CAN DO IT!!! >3

/mypostsarealwayssolong,I'msorry ;-;
lol I still haven't completely finished it. I stopped 2 episodes short of the series finale.

@ Satin - I haven't fangirled this hard over anything since 10th grade, and now I'm absolutely in love with Josh Hutcherson. If he came into my room right now and said, "Victoria, leave with me right now. I want you." I'd be like O.O "Take me now".
xDD I should watch Lost. I've gotten like 6 recommendations in the past 2 days... I haven't ever watched a single episode, though. Big commitment.

Haha. <3 Oh, goodness. I mean, he portrays Peeta, who is more or less the perfect man... so... I do not blame you.

This boy at school's gonna hafta get used to prolonged stares... x.o
Haha, I would stare too :}
Now, I'm going to shamelessly flaunt our new links while I try to livestream or lurk or something. (I should be doing homework... but eh, I don't feel like it)
If anyone wants freebies of anything at all, come here.
I'll draw your pets, your OCs, your avis, whatever :}
Just opening the possibilities. I feel bored and want to livestream.
=D Wish I could join and watch, Kana! I love watchin people draw, cause I am such a fail ~.~
But, last time I watched a livestream, my computer threw an enormous fit.

That's alright. I couldn't handle the pressure of people watching right now anyways lol
I'm just doing without livestream now
Lol, well, I'm sure all your arts are turning out beautifully either way! xD
I keep forgetting to tell you guys how pretty the new graphics are. They are very pretty indeed. ^.^
Why thank you :} I'm glad you like them.

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