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Friday, January 30th
xxxxxxxx Feel the Fire Auction Opens
xxxxxxxx Slavers' Children Flatsale Opens
xxxxxxxx Lost In Oba Flatsale Opens
xxxxxxxx To Death and Back Flatsale Opens
xxxxxxxx Family First Flatsale Opens

Monday, February 16th
xxxxxxxx Feel the Fire Auction Ends
xxxxxxxx Slavers' Children Flatsale Ends
xxxxxxxx Lost In Oba Flatsale Ends
xxxxxxxx To Death and Back Flatsale Ends
xxxxxxxx Family First Flatsale Ends
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Family First Flatsale

Jawaad is the little sister of Ruelash. Will you help her find a home again?

|| Starts: Friday, January 30th
Ends: Monday, February 16th ||

|| Please respond with the form below and PM it to Suhuba.
|| Cost of Jawaad is 50k.
|| Owners may opt to change some things about the character if they so choose (including choosing whichever class for her the new owner would like), but she must be Ruelash's sister and should plan on discussing their relationship with DraconicFeline
|| Jawaad's prior information:
3 Base Traits: Responsible, Gentle, Selfless

When Jawaad was young her mother taught her to be a responsible, and gentle young lady. Her mother was her favorite family member in her younger years, they would take walks often, she even taught Jawaad how to shoot a bow. There were even some rumors that Jawaad was her mother's favorite child. Unfortunately, not long after Jawaad turned seven years old her mother became sick and died. Jawaad was crushed, but kept her head up, since she saw it as her duty to take care of her younger brother and set a good example. She was even more crushed when Relash's violence fared, but she refused to blame him for anything. She thought that if anyone was to blame it was her, just because she wanted her brother to take his anger ut on her rather then others. She doesn't remember all the little details about her mother, but she has a good memory and thus a good grasp over her mother's general being. However, she frequently goes hunting in memory of her mother, and aspires to be a hunter as her mother was.

Jawaad's wish to care for her family soon turned into a dangerous selflessness when her older brother died and her younger brother was suspected for murder. Jawaad soon began to protect her brother with all her being when people began speaking of murder, even if Ruelash wasn't present. Even now, she will defend anyone regardless of the consequences she receives.

Father (Travelling): Jawaad's father, like her deceased brother, is a scout and is often abroad, making sure the known paths through the wastes are clear, safe, and current. He's rarely home, but when he is he is a fairly amicable guy. He loves to play with his grandchildren. Jawaad doesn't care much for him due to him being gone so often, but she respects him and when he is around she gladly treats him like he was never gone.

Mother (Deceased): Her mother was a hunter, and very protective of her children. She died of illness when he was young, around 7, she didn't know her very well, but she is thankful for the memories she has.

Ruelash-brother: Jawaad's brother Ruelash is very violent, which definitely opposes her gentle personality, but she puts up with him, only rarely speaking to him, since he is her brother and she knows that family has to stick together. She even asks to go on expeditions with him from time to time, in attempts to turn her tolerance into more of a relationship. But, regardless, lack of communication is usually her answer. She, unlike many of the villagers dose not fear or despise him, however, she is slightly afraid she will hurt someone and is always ready to protect some one from him if necessary, but she would simply take the blow if he were to try to hurt her.

Veshki - brother (deceased): The only male Earthling that her younger brother Ruelash could be said to have liked and respected, and she respected him for that. She knows that Ruelash loved Veshki, and dose not belive in the least that Ruelash may have killed him, since she knows, if anything, Ruelash probably would jump off the cliff himself before letting his favorite person die.

Ranla – Sister-in-law: Ranla was Veshki's wife. Jawaad dose not particularly like Ranla, especially how she treats Ruelash, but she knows that she loved Veshki, and is upset. Jawaad thinks Ranla should be kinder, but she tolerates her by ignoring her for the most part.

Niece 1:
A very energetic girl, since she prefers Ruelash she doesn't really talk to the girl, because she knows that if she trys she is ikely to get her ear talked off.

Niece 2:
She is very quiet and sweet, Jawaad still dose not talk with her a lot, but she will occasionally help her make food for Ruelash.

Nephew: a mere infant, because of Jawaad's gentleness he likes her, and, consequently, she is commonly in charge of baby sitting him.

|| Ruelash's information.
|| Once a winner is announced they will have 24 hours to start the trade with Suhuba.

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[b]Will You Give Her a Good Home? ||[/b] [Short reason for being the new owner][/size][/color]

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To Death and Back Flatsale

Did Ikkio actually kill Ikuri? It would seem that it isn't so...

|| Starts: Friday, January 30th
Ends: Monday, February 16th ||

|| This FS is prompt driven.
|| Please respond to the prompt with the form below and PM it to Suhuba.
|| Cost of Ikuri is 75k. Ikuri is 75% shifter and 25% ice earthling.
|| Owners may opt to change some things about the character if they so choose, but she must be Ikkio's twin sister and should plan on discussing their relationship with DraconicFeline
|| The solo in which she "dies".
|| Ikuri's prior information:
Name : Ikuri
Race : 1/4 Ice Tribe 3/4 Shifter
Gender : Female
Aspirations : Sorcerer
Personality :

History :
Ikuri was born with her twin sister Ikkio to the loving parents Zuri and Biroki.

Ikuri fell over the ledge and hasn't been heard from since. What is her story? How did she survive? Does she remember her life before her fall? (Ikuri can have amnesia, or remember everything, the choice is up to the entrant).

[color=#909638][b]I Lived...[/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Prompt Response ||[/b] [Less than 1000 words if possible, we look for quality over quantity.][/size][/color]

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Feel the Fire Auction
Another Alkidike mystic has come out of the shadows in Tendaji.
Auction Thread

|| Starts: Friday, January 30th
Ends: Monday, February 16th ||

|| This auction is for the extremely rare Alkidike Mystic above.
|| HB will start at 100k. There is no AB. MI is 5k.
|| You may not bid more than 100k over the previous bidder.
|| Please post all auction related posts in the thread linked above.
|| To win this character you must be serious about using and growing her. She will be used in future meta plots. With this means that if you are inactive for more than 3 months, staff can decide to rehome her to fit the needs of the shop meta.
|| Before you can bid, you must submit the form below into the auction thread.

|| This Mystic's Information:
This mystic was not naturally meant to be. While in his quest, Rishima - a hybrid Alkidike - was sent to Sauti to collect Suruhama feathers in order to heal the fragile youngling that had been born premature. Upon his return with the feathers, Eshe prepared the medicine and the infant seemed to steady and get better.

It wasn't long before her markings began to change their sheen and shift themselves on her body. By the time she was supposed to have been born, the shift was complete. She was imbued with the Suruhama's magic. She was still in Eshe's care when the knowledge of her power became known and was immediately passed on to Eshe by her mothers for permanent keeping, raising her in the ways of the Alkidike mystic alongside Kadriye, though she was years younger.

Growing up and into her own person, she seems to have taken on a bit of a fiery temper and strong will, perhaps a side effect of the Suruhama's magic...

|| Alkidike Mystic Information:
Every so often, perhaps 30 or so years, a mystic is born. Mystics are born from a lotus like all other Alkidike, but are known to give off a small aura that sets them apart from the other lotus flowers around them. Eshe, as the current mystic of the Alkidike was taught by her predecessor what to expect from a mystic lotus. The appearance of the lotus is the same, but with the given aura of the flower it is watched over and cared for carefully until bloom. The Alkidike mystics, while most look exactly the same as normal Alkidike women, are known to sometimes be born with lighter markings, a sign of their potential to become in tune with Aisha.

Alkidike mystics are taught at a young age to speak three languages: the common language of Tendaji (that everyone speaks), the language of the trees (which only Alkidike know), and the language of the ancestors (known only to the mystics born into Tendaji). The Language of the Ancestors is a deeply rooted language used when performing rituals and addressing Mother Aisha and is something of a very close secret. Even the elders of the Alkidike do not know how to speak it and rarely anyone will hear it aloud. It is one of the main studies of the Alkidike mystic in training from a young age and is mastered around the age of 6 (it is one of their only studies until learned properly).

From the point that the Alkidike mystic learns to speak the Language of the Ancestors, they sit in on the current mystic’s rituals and duties and watch. When they reach their prentice age, typically 13-16, they will begin to join in on the rituals in small ways until they eventually participate more and more and handle it themselves.

Along with handling rituals, mystics learn to use magic in battle as well, such as water, fire, air, etc. They can choose to focus more on damaging or healing spells, though they learn to use some form of them all.

The mystic’s job duties include caring for lotus flowers, ‘birthing’ new Alkidike from the lotus, preparing the child to be received by the mother(s) (which includes checking the child for health, cleaning her, and swaddling her), speaking with Aisha and the ancestors/fates when the species face some sort of difficult time (doesn't happen often, but includes famine, war, natural disasters, etc.), sitting in on council meetings as the Voice of Aisha, and becoming a council for Alkidike sisters that require it (such as leading them to Aisha to plead for children, acting as medic for the Alkidike, and finding homes for children who have no family to go to).

When a mystic reaches around 30-40 years of age, a new lotus will begin to bloom with a replacement mystic and the cycle will begin again. There is a point of time when there will be two mystics on the island, sometimes even three. When there are three, typically the oldest has already stepped down from position and will live her days as an elder and Matron of the Alkidike. Two Alkidike mystics are uncommon, but not unheard of.

|| Alkidike mystics must still take up a weapon, though their skills include magic from stage 2 forward. Their weapon choices are the normal choices for Alkidike: spear, bow, or dual swords.


[color=#909638][b]Feed the Flames![/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Character Name ||[/b] [What would you name her if won]
[b]Background ||[/b] [Additional background information you may have for her (optional)]

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Slavers' Children Flatsale

What's this? Two mixed breeds have appeared in Tendaji after the end of the war.

|| This FS is prompt driven.
|| Both of these characters are Fire/Water mixes.
|| Please respond to the prompt with the form below and PM it to Suhuba.
|| Cost of each one is 100k.
|| Once winners are announced they will have 24 hours to start the trade with Suhuba.

There were always rumors of the things masters might do with their slaves, given the... temptation. This little one seems to have proven the rumors and whispers right. The youngling hasn't been in this world for that long, but it would seem that they knew at least a little of a slave's life. How did the youngling come to be? Who are their parents? What is their life now that the war is over?

[color=#909638][b]Forbidden Fruit...[/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Flatsale ||[/b] [Which character your after: boy or girl]
[b]Character's Name ||[/b] [What you would like to name them]
[b]Prompt Response ||[/b] [Less than 1000 words if possible, we look for quality over quantity.][/size][/color]

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Lost in Oba Flatsale

This prentice seems to have gotten lost in Oba.

|| This FS is prompt driven.
|| This prentice is a Fire/Water mix. Their gender is up to the owner.
|| Please respond to the prompt with the form below and PM it to Suhuba.
|| Cost is 150k.
|| Once winners are announced they will have 24 hours to start the trade with Suhuba.

Wandering the streets in Oba as a water earthing after the war is hard enough with the suspicious glances of the fire earthlings around you. But as a hybrid water earthling, it could possibly be even harder. The whispers are accusatory, the people of Oba no doubt thinking that a water earthling forced himself onto a Oban woman. There are sneers and glares all around. What is this prentice's story? Where did they come from and why are they in Oba now?


[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Character's Name ||[/b] [What you would like to name them]
[b]Gender ||[/b] [their gender, if female also include why she is on the male base. Is she hiding as a boy for some reason, prefers looking like a boy, or just boyish in figure, etc?]
[b]Prompt Response ||[/b] [Less than 1000 words if possible, we look for quality over quantity.][/size][/color]

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