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◈ Fire Earthlings! ◈
Post-Meta Event

The battle has ended and it seems that some Obans are a little more curious about the rest of Tendaji than they should be...
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Monday, March 31st
xxxxxxxx RP Flatsale Begins
xxxxxxxx Raffle Begins
xxxxxxxx Auction Begins
xxxxxxxx Choose your Side Begins

Friday, April 11th
xxxxxxxx RP Flatsale Ends
xxxxxxxx Raffle Ends
xxxxxxxx Auction Ends
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Nobility Auction
This little fire girl comes from a seemingly well-off family.
Auction Thread

|| Starts: Monday, March 31st
Ends: Friday, April 11th ||

|| This auction is for the fire prentice above.
|| HB will start at 20k. There is no AB. MI is 5k.
|| You will need to come up with a brief explanation of her position of power before you can start bidding.
|| Please post all auction related posts in the thread linked above.
|| To win this character you must have available character slots.
|| Before you can bid, you must submit the form below into the auction thread linked above.


[color=#909638][b]I Wanna Be Royal![/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Character Name ||[/b] [What would you name her if won]
[b]Background ||[/b] [What kind of royal is she?]

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RP Flatsale
What do these two Obans think about what's going on?

|| Starts: Monday, March 31st
Ends: Friday, April 11th ||

|| This FS is prompt driven.
|| Please respond to the prompt with the form below and PM it to Suhuba.
|| The cost of one of these characters is 35k.
|| To win a character you must have available character slots.
|| Once a winner is announced they will have 24 hours to start the trade with Suhuba.

The war is fully underway and Oba seems to be winning. There is hustle and bustle in the streets of Oba, but what is the news? And how does it make you feel? Is there a depletion of supplies while the war is on? Are you eager for the prospect of conquering a race, or rather a whole slew of races, basically the world? Are they ashamed, sad, confused, happy, angry? Do they even know what's going on? Is there family and friends fighting? Did one of them not make it in the first round of battle?

Give us a snippet of their life on the winning side of things.

[color=#909638][b]Oban Territory...[/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Flatsale ||[/b] [Which character you're after]
[b]Character's Name ||[/b] [What you would like to name them]
[b]Prompt Response ||[/b] [Less than 1000 words if possible, we look for quality over quantity.][/size][/color]

|| Entries

xxxxScarlett Arbuckle (girl)
xxxxDuke Edward Drake (boy)
xxxxFluffesu (boy)

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Fire Raffle!
He doesn't seem too happy about being raffled off.

|| Starts: Monday, March 31st
Ends: Friday, April 11th ||

| Each ticket is 1,000g. You may purchase as many as you'd like.
|| To purchase tickets, just post in the thread with the number you would like to purchase and a trade to Suhuba for the necessary amount.
|| To win this character you must have available character slots.
|| A winner will be chosen through RNG at the end of the game and will receive their new character.
|| Use the form below to purchase tickets in the main thread.

|| Tickets :

xxxx1-100 || AnhikaJeanine
xx101-200 || Reoakee

[color=#909638][b]Gimme the Goods[/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Username ||[/b] [Your Gaian Username]
[b]Character Name ||[/b] [What would you name him if won]
[b]Tickets ||[/b] [Number of tickets]

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User Image xxxxx User Image xxxxxxxx

Choose Your Side
The war is far from over, and the lines have been drawn.

|| Starts: Monday, March 31st ||

|| Tendaji seems to be splitting into two factors: Those who side with the Obans (Loyalists/Renegades) and Tendaji (Resistance).
|| The renegades have turned against their friends and family in Tendaji to support the King of Oba. Their reasons are as varied as being afraid of losing to being angry with Tendaji for not choosing the right course of action in the first place.
|| All members of Tendaji have the opportunity to take their stance.
|| Fire earthlings at this point are still Loyalists and will have the symbol of Oba in their journals.
|| A symbol like the ones above will be added to the journals of all characters.
|| To declare your allegiance use the form below in this thread here.


[color=#909638][b]I'm not Afraid![/b][/color]

[color=#4b2c22][size=11][b]Character ||[/b] [Name]
[b]Side ||[/b] [Loyalist/Resistance or Renegade]
[b]Reason ||[/b] [Briefly why]

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kaname423 – Co-Owner, Artist, Concept, Quest Manager
Satin Doilee – Co-Owner, Shop Manager, Writer
jayoku - Familiar & Fauna Artist, Character Artist, Battle Manager, Quest Manager
Orpheus Solon - Assistant Manager
Elf Princess Flannery - Character Artist
Scarlett Arbuckle - Character Artist

Shop Accounts

Suhuba – Main Account for Announcements, Shop Purchases, and Drops
BeastTamerFreya – Account for Beast Taming
=3 New thread is officially open!
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*Gets some loving*
I should like to dress up in my finest suit and sip my finest brandy whilst I congratulate Satin for cutting the ribbon on this bad boy. Happy Rebirth Tendaji!
xD I appreciate the ultra classy celebration, kvon!

/snugs Lural/
Yay new thread! :dances about:
/cuddles Cerri/ o3o

I find the new thread much more appealing
/pets it/
But, if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to PM them to Suhuba - everything is, in the end, to make y'all happiest, so let us know if there's anything you'd like to see changed. =D
Ooooooo it looks sooo good emotion_awesome
I'm so happy! Now just time for the reopening to start whee
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Cannot wait for fun times!

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