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“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.”
-Susan Polis Schutz

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Table of Contents

1 + +Introduction
2 + +News & Updates
3 + +Rules
4 + +Events
5 + +The Goddess
6 + +The World
7 + +Leawyn
8 + +Elders
9 + +Critters
10 ❧ +Customs
11 ❧ +Breedings
12 ❧ +The Unknown
13 ❧ +Affiliates
14 ❧ +Staff
15 ❧ +ReservedUser Image
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01.11.12 ❧ +The ranks of the Familiars have gone up! Introducing Wander Sprouts! Hermit Crabs in acorns. What more could you want? Please check the familiar listings for more information. smile

01.08.12 ❧ + We are rolling along. Congrats to our new staff members, Astraea Pandora, Blade Kudora, and Pykichi!!! We will be hiring again in the future because Puddle realized that we are growing quickly and he miiiight need not to attempt to kill his colorists. . . . And we apologize for the shredded wrapping paper this holiday season. OH! ITEM EDITS AND MUTATION EDITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! LIMITED QUANTITIES PER MONTH!
12.05.11 ❧ + Eevee is taking a breather for a bit while she gets her RL in order. Puddle is stepping up to the plate and he really needs your help guys! MANAGERS, COLORISTS, RP FOLKS! please check out THIS THREAD as soon as you can. <3 Thanks!
11.05.11 ❧ +We are hiring more people! Colorists and event manager positions are available~ Another event is also in the works, and you can expect two surprises in it!
8.01.11 ❧ +August Scent Event Open~ Lots of chances to get a Leawyn, so bring your friends along :>
7.2.11 ❧ +Hiring Ends, Congrats [A.V.] (manager), PuddleInk (F/T Colorist), Quiftan, and Satin Doilee (Part-Time Colorists). Also Congrats to Eternal Newbie (Referral Winner), Aryvane, and SillyAngelKitty (Advertisement Winners) 6.7.11 ❧ +Grand Opening Event is over! Congrats winners! Hiring is open~
5.29.11 ❧ +First flatsale went off without a hitch! Congrats Annora, Chibi, Astraea, Silly, and Lirende
5.27.11 ❧ +First auction closes, congrats SillyAngelKitty for winning the first edited Leawyn!
5.22.11 ❧ +RP contest ends, please welcome our first growing Leawyn for Laconai and PuddleInk!
5.19.11 ❧ +emothunder wins the first ever Leawyn biggrin Congratulations~ Games will continue, get those bids and tickets in!
5.16.11 ❧ +Grand Opening Event in the works~ The theme is Flowers (Let's hope it's not as lame as it sounds...)
5.16.11 ❧ +Shop Open

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+Please follow the Gaia ToS
+Do not steal the art here or claim a pet that does not belong to you.
+Do not beg for a pet or gold here.
+Do not advertise anything in this thread or in the guild without my (Evelastina) permission
+If you have a problem, pm the shop NPC or Evelastina. Don't complain in thread.
+Do not bring drama into this shop.
+Do not spam in this thread or in the guild.
+Try and be as literate as possible and keep cussing to a minimum.
+Please do not pagestretch.

Just be good, okay? :3User Image
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Starts: Friday, 5/19 at 9 am
Ends: Sunday, 5/20 at 9pm
[b][color=brown][size=20]Good show. I say there, be a good sport and sign me up for yon Wild Flaffle! Pip pip!
Prefs: (Fox, Zebra, Okapi, Panda)[/size][/color][/b]

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This confused fox has been wandering around the forest, and can't seem to remember who it is.
It's up to you to remind it of what it is, what it's like, what it likes, and dislikes.
And if your information is a bit... mixed up... who's to say it'll find out?

Starts: Now!
Ends: June 2 @ 9pm CST
[b]Preferences[/b]: [likes and dislikes]
[b]Other important information[/b]: [be creative]

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There is a Goddess named Sylvia. She presides over nature, abundance, fertility, and beauty. This forest has no name, but home. She walks amongst its tree's, its glades, it's hills, and it's rivers. For this is her domain.

And yet with all the woodland critters and grand foliage that surrounded her, she grew lonely. She desired the company of creatures as intelligent as herself. And so from her brow she plucked a leaf, and placed it in the sacred soil at the center of the forest. With her tears of solitude, she watered the earth there. And from that spot a small sapling grew. It grew in size until it was a majestic oak tree. Strong and beautiful. It produced several strange seeds that fell to the ground.

The Goddess picked one up, and a small, furry creature burst forth from it. These were the first Leawyn. The small pups bounded from their shells, and surrounded Sylvia with eyes full of childlike wonder. She raised them with all of the care and love she could until they were old enough to fend for themselves.

Some left to explore and populate the rest of the forest.

And yet others stayed behind. They spoke to her and kept her company. They protect her from the dangerous beasts. And they keep a vigilant watch over their domain for unseen threats. They remain with the Goddess to this day, her undying council of Elders.

[Insert dinky little image here]

Those that left her side found homes of their own in the forest's glades, living peacefully under the loving eyes of their Goddess and her Elders.
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The forest is vast and bountiful. The Leawyn live in the center part of the forest, where there are rivers, meadows, and clearings amongst the oaks, maples, and pines.

[Insert dinky map here]

A great lake is found at the center of the forest, with an island in its own center and a small stretch of land connecting the shores. This is where it is said the Goddess lives.

A sheer cliff is found on the southeastern border of their domain, and beneath it lies the endless sea. Nothing can be seen on the horizon.

On the northeastern border, great black mountains tower over the forest, with gnarled bare trees reaching up from the snowy stone. Stories of death are told amongst the Leawyn about this region, and no Leawyn ever ventures that far north.

To the east, the trees thicken, the glades all but disappear, the rivers thinning into trickling streams, and the terrain becoming hilly, descending lower for some distance before leveling out. The trees on this lower terrain eventually disappear, and the grass fades slowly into dirt, then sand. Only one Leawyn has ever ventured far enough to see the sand, but the lack of greenery made him nervous, and he returned immediately.
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Leawyn are fox-like creatures. They are larger than normal foxes, roughly the size of a german shepherd. Upon their heads grows a single leaf, sometimes more, or of varying shapes and sizes. On rare occasions flowers my sprout from that spot. Their tails also consist of leaves, intertwining with the fur.

They are agile and graceful, capable of deft speed when traversing their forest home. They are capable of speech, using a wide vocabulary. Their intellect does not match that of a human from our day and age. For instance, they are capable of adding and subtracting, but please don't have your leawyn doing calculus.

Leawyn are omnivores, feeding on small mammals, eggs and sometimes fruit or berries.

They live either alone, in pairs, or in small family units. They rarely gather into large groups.

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Growth Periods (total growth from pup to adult is a little under a month)
Pup ❧ Pups are newly born Leawyn and are very small in size. They are shy and frightened by their new surroundings, instinctively covering themselves with their bushy tails. They are born with the leaf on their head and some foliage in their tail, which is mostly fur while they are young. Pups found without their mothers generally manage to live until they are yearlings, when they can fend for themselves better.
(Lasts ~3days)
Yearling ❧ These Leawyn have made it past their first year of existence and are a little more curious now, walking and speaking a little with their parents, littermates, and other acquaintances. They are still a little shy of the world and stick close to familiar faces if raised in a family environment. If alone, they learn how to hunt small prey on their own, but are wary of predators.
(Lasts ~1week)
Adolescent ❧ The young Leawyn has now made it past a few years, gaining a greater base of knowledge and experience of the world around it. It's in a rebellious stage of life, and while not quite at the age of leaving it's mother's side, it makes its own ventures out alone often now. If found alone, the adolescent is in almost every aspect capable of adulthood, save the fact that they are smaller, weaker, and unable to reproduce yet.
(Lasts ~2weeks)
Adult ❧ The Leawyn has reached adulthood, and is fully capable of taking care of itself now. It has a well-rounded vocabulary and is even able to breed at this age. Although this is the last automated stage of breeding, it's progression is not necessarily over.

Flatsale Leawyn cost 5k as an adult, and 10k as a growing.

Leawyn names are fantasy names. There are no Bob's or Sally's. The only English name is Sylvia's. She's special. Yanno, being a goddess and all. But even that was because it was close to Sylvan (meaning 'associated with the woods') and Sylvanas is kind of taken by some dead elf chick..
Names can originate from three things ❧
❧ Completely made up. These names generally build the Leawyn language.
(ex. El'Myntari, though this was based on his color "mint". It means "of mint leaves" in Leawyn)
❧ Obscure foreign names. No spanish or french names, as they are too common. Things like Egyptian names, or old latin names. Greek names work too, but preferably not uber famous ones like Zeus or Aristotle.
(ex. Gyasi, egyptian boy name meaning 'wonderful')
❧ Word compounds. Two english words (or even three) put together to make a phrase-name.
(ex. DyingDream, Redcap, Windfallen, etc.)
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Elder Leawyn are specially blessed by the Goddess, given several gifts including immortality. The first Elders were those Leawyn that stayed with the Goddess at the beginning of their existence. They are completely devoted to her, acting as her messengers, guards, and closest friends.

A Leawyn can happen across the Goddess in their travels, and if the Goddess pleases, she may bless them with eternal life and special powers.

Other powers granted to them include ❧

Increased litter size by one pup.
The ability to hear the Goddess's voice directly. (RP/Plot purposes)

Requirements for Elder status ❧

30 full pages of Roleplay
A meeting with the Goddess
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User Image

Critters are a sort of mini-pet for the Leawyn. While not capable of intelligent, sentient thought, or speech, they are pretty smart for their kind. They can understand the general emotions and very simple words (such as their names) that the Leawyn say. They are also capable of remembering past events. However, most of their actions are due to instinct.

User Image

User Image Small mammals that have spines growing on their backs for protection. Strange mushrooms sprout from their brows as well. These mushrooms can be medicinal, nutritious, or poisonous. However, only one type of mushroom grows on a specific Shroomhog. Plucking the mushrooms are relatively painless (like pulling out a hair) and they always grow back. The Shroomhogs are generally timid, but caring for their owner. While slow, they rely on their quills for defense, and their mushrooms for distraction or defense.

User ImageFlowerfowl are medium-large birds that spend most of their lives on the ground. They are capable of flight, but usually only short distances or to a low branch. They let their tails, comprised mostly of long leaves, soft feathers, and small flowers, drape behind them as they walk. They are elegant creatures of great beauty, often befriending Leawyn of equal magnificence. Their flowers, while able to give off pleasing aromas that can calm even the crankiest of foxes, are not useful for much more than that.

User ImageIt is a living seed. It gains nutrients for however long the seeed needs moving from place to place to eat. It recently met up with Leawyn and though the two species don't really understand one another, the Walking Sprout seems quite thrilled with the Leawyn's ability to keep scary birds away from it while it germinates. Rumor has it that once the Walking Sprout stops walking and settles down to grow into a tree, the Leawyn are quite loyal to their friend and behavior has been noticed by the Gods of Leawyn even dragging leaf fulls of water to water their friend in a drought!!

User Image
User Image

From time to time, there may be open slots for a custom Leawyn. To check whether there is an open slot, follow this link ❧

Linky link

There are varying levels for customs.

Colorist Choice ❧+ This custom isn't much of a custom. You, as the customer, choose the gender, and maybe one or two colors. The colorist gets to choose markings, color placement, etc. It's all up to them how the Leawyn will look.
Semi-Custom ❧ +This custom is based on your choice of image, song, literature, or idea. The colorist then gets to create a Leawyn based on what was presented to them, and has the freedom of interpretation. They may even add edits if they feel compelled to.
Full-Customs ❧+ This custom is where you can tell the artist exactly how you want your Leawyn to look. It includes any amount of edits (within reason >.> wink but is also the most expensive.

You may also define whether or not you want your custom to be growing (starting from the pup stage).

The prices are as follows and can vary depending on the difficulty of patterns/edits.
growing price / adult only price

CC ❧+ 15k / 10k
SC ❧+ 30k / 20k
FC ❧ + 75k / 50k

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In this shop, you may breed your Leawyn (given that one is male and one is female), to produce a litter of pups. During gestation, the mother Leawyn will get a new pregnant cert and uncert.
User Image

Please check this link for open breeding slots

Linky link

Breeding costs 20k gold, split between the two parents however you like.

A normal litter consists of 2-3 pups.
There are ways to increase the size of your litter.

RP ❧ + a completed RP between the parents will increase the litter count by one pup.
Elder ❧ + If either of the parents are elders, the litter will increase by one pup per elder parent.
Newbie ❧ +If you intend to give one of the pups to a newbie (a person with 0-1 Leawyn), the litter will increase by one pup.

This gives the litter a maximum of seven pups. Each parent is allowed to keep two pups each from the litter, but is encouraged to keep one each and share the rest with others to promote variety, community, and RP :]

You can breed your own Leawyn together, but you cannot benefit from an RP pup. The minimum litter size will also be one, not two.
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To the north, and to the east, there have been sightings of strange-looking Leawyn.
But nothing more on the matter has been discovered. They are simply myths.

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If you wish to become an affiliate, please pm The Goddess Sylvia with the code for your banner.
Please also make sure your banner is 200 px by 40 px. (the same size as our banner)

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Evelastina ❧ +Shop Owner, Moderator, Colorist
PuddleInk❧ +Shop Co-Owner, Moderator, Full-Time Colorist
Astraea Pandora❧ +Thread Manager, Moderator
Blade Kudora❧ +Part-Time Colorist
Pykichi❧ +Part-Time Colorist

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caustic sugar ❧ +Fox Lineart
Evelastina ❧ +Concept, Certs, Shop Graphics, Fox Shading, Critter Templates

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Previous Staff

[A.V.] ❧ +General Manager
Quiftan❧ +Part-Time Colorist
Satin Doilee❧ +Part-Time Colorist
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This thread is now open. yay :3

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