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Next event?

Bright colors 0.30612244897959 30.6% [ 15 ]
Dull colors 0.12244897959184 12.2% [ 6 ]
Treat appropriate (Cupcakes colored as cupcakes, fruit bat as fruit, etc) 0.36734693877551 36.7% [ 18 ]
Random 0.10204081632653 10.2% [ 5 ]
Another idea.. I'll post it! 0.040816326530612 4.1% [ 2 ]
Pollwhore 0.061224489795918 6.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 49 ]
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Hope you feel better, Tenko. c:
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Amorous Firestarter

BF got a sweet job today =DD And he's off to work! Short day today, 12 hour day tomorrow!

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Omnipresent Rogue

*rolls in* Hello everyone!
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Tipsy Humorist

yes it is ^ ^
you need to make a turtle!
o 3 o
Jaded Sunset's avatar

Amorous Firestarter

Turtles =DD

We will have some Turtle lines wink

Should be online a bit more tomorrow to get everything tidied up!

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Prism, thanks! I'm feeling a little better today. smile

Jaded, that's awesome!

Turtles're delicious. Turtle turtles would be cute. 4laugh
That's good to hear! ^^

Fantastic to hear, Jaded. c:

Also, turtles are delicious. <3 Then again, so are parfaits. Campus cafe makes this awesome three-pudding parfait with oreos on top every now and again.. Now I want some. xD
Jaded Sunset's avatar

Amorous Firestarter


Can't say I've ever ate a turtle before.

Jaded Sunset's avatar

Amorous Firestarter

Me neither. xD
I have eaten gator before... oxo;
Jaded Sunset's avatar

Amorous Firestarter


I was chased by one once .. In the middle of the night, lol.

That would frighten me, seriously.
I was chased by a goose, and I'm still afraid of them.
Jaded Sunset's avatar

Amorous Firestarter

Silly goose o.o;

And, yeah, it was so frightening! Just heard something running through the brush. Yikes!

Eep. o__o That is frightening.
Jaded Sunset's avatar

Amorous Firestarter

Indeed =p Crazy animals!

We are not food... lol.

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