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rofl heart
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Tricky Loiterer

I'll have your eggies up by tonight hopefully, Renari luff.
I'm almost finished all the MC mini's that were posted in the name thread. :3
All FS Egg's have been revealed!
Flat Sale date is to be debated. >3

((*Only realizes Renari's sig now.* Congratulations, Renari luff!! :3 <33))
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Unsealed Glitch

Oh yes, congrats Renari! How exciting! ^^ heart

Hmm, It looks like I have much reading up to do. ;>> Tomorrow tho, after work. x_x;
**shiffles in** morning everyone** eee eggus!
Thanks Chib-Chib and Melo! heart
**shiffles through sleepy like** I swear I DONOT know what I am doing awake XD!
What's the basic growing cycle for these pets?
Mmm, well egg's to pups will probably be around a week or two.
Adolescents would most likely be around two to three weeks and adolscents to adults, would most likely be three weeks.

Though it would really just depend on the artist, there's no time line really. :3

Also I'm setting the flat sale for the 14th, 'cause it will give people time to view the shop and it's on the weekend. ;3
Woo! I'll be here on the 14th, well during the afternoon that is. -hopes it isn't anywhere from 9AM-1PM EST or from 7PM-11PM EST- I hate having Korean school on saturdays. And I have SNF at night D= -really wants a blue and black eggu- and now i'm off to doodle my friend a picture again...
hehe flatsale the day before my b-day!
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Tricky Loiterer

Mmm, the flat sale will most likely be around 3-4pm EST. :3
est is uh 5 hours behind me which makes it attttttt 8 or 9 pm.

hehe i'm not even gunna be buying I just wanna see them get homes ^__^! **really likes her blue n black eggu**
hoom do we have to think up clan names or are there already clan names?? **will have to think oh noas!**

lol bed time now tho laters!!
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Tricky Loiterer

Mmm, I know I love watching them get homes. :3

*Pet's the lil black/brown and yellow egg.*

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