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Augh! I bet their purty...<3 My fav colors are blue and black 3nodding Ooh, and I know several people who'd want the last egg. They are complete purple and black fanatics...
*cough*kamiki*cough* biggrin
Sango! XD yeppers....along with HelMel and co. ^w^;
razz heeh I really like the black and blue one I did acctually but the sunny one ish purty too **looks about** I said nothing XD!! **hidus**

**shnuggles da chibbi**
E.T.D.O.! hehe I'm not good at egg designs, the pups will look a lot better with mine sweatdrop
D= Now I can't decide which blue and black egg to go for...-has some time to think about it-

Ooh, yeah. The pink and black would look awesome. And the blue and green one reminds of a turtle...I'm weird.
I like the black and red one
LOL I always go backwards I start at adult and work down to egg that way I know what I can put on the eggu that will relate to the other stages.
The first egg reminds me of a very feminine Sesshoumaru...not that he's very feminine already ninja
**spots nanaki and steals him away**
OnionGrump's avatar

Tricky Loiterer

Mmm, my favorite one I did is the gray and red one. >3
I'm going to be jealous of who ever gets him. XD
Nanaki: why does this always happen? gonk *uses his... erm... materia to get away*
LOL cause Red XIII is my most favouriite ff char of all time? XD!!!

I have a faekat cosplay of him from back in '04 some time XD! one of mah fave kats.
-won't know what they look like till the eggs hatch- ooh...mystery~~~Whichever one I get, I'm gonna stalk down the owners of the blue and black eggs XD not in a bad sense of stalking tho.

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