Welcome to Gaia! ::

And now the egg's for the grand opening flat sale have all been added, except for Renari's as I'm still awaiting her's <33

Aswell as the info on the Grub's. >3 <33
rawar! I finded again tehee ^-^!!!
**coughs** I'm a dog not a pig XD!! the chinese new year starts on the 29th of january so year of the pig ish after that XD!! I'ma year ov the woggy tehee

**flails** will colour tomorrow. btw Jess again with the night walker **loves on that trast**
*peeks in* ooo
With a nice long bone cracking stretch, Inazuma dug her claws into the earth below her. Jaws opened in a yawn, showing pearly white teeth. Licking her maw she stood up again to shake off, before her haunches lowerd to the ground, gazing around with cerulean eyes.
*bad colorist* u.u
Zeb sits in the thread watching people come and go. he lifts a back claw and stratches one of his miss matched ears giving a long toothy yawn.
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Tricky Loiterer

*bad colorist* u.u

No your not luff! *Snuggle huggles you.* <33
*bad colorist* u.u

No your not luff! *Snuggle huggles you.* <33
Gomen ne, Chib-Chib. I've been sick and very busy. *huggles*

I'll get to work on my two eggs ASAP. Please, bare with me. u.u
**shnuggles down in thread**
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Tricky Loiterer

Renari :: Dun worry luff, I know you're busy and I'm the one who requested if you could make two for the flat sale, so I knew that it could take awhile. :3

So dun feel bad, neh? *Snuggles.*

*Sit's on Syr.* >3
-stalks- @w@ Aiyee! I want one of these....I especially like the 2 blue and black eggs ninja
ack no sitting upon **neebles tha cheebit**
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Tricky Loiterer

*Chews on Syr.* >3

Squee, shop stalker! *Luffs on.*

Tee hee, I know what both look like hatched! >D
I love being the owner, I get to see them before they're revealed. >3 <33

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