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Unsealed Glitch

*shakes fist at technological issues* >(
I feel like I've been wrastling with bitchy computer all day.

Anyway. Hello! =D
Hi, dear!
What's wrong with your computer?
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Unsealed Glitch

Near as I can tell, there are some registry errors (rootkit virus? wouldn't be surprised; I had IE and no FireFox for about a day or so) that showed up after I did a factory re-install of the system, then re-installed all my programs. The programs that have the worst issues are Word and Illustrator. Word is probably the program I use the most other than the browser. And I haven't had time to find all the serial numbers and reinstall everything again, so I just have to tough it out through program crashes and system hanging. xD;

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Lady Aria Starstone
Oh no. That sucks, Melo.
My anti-virus pops up a lot to warn me about ads Gaia and Photobucket have.
It's sad that you have to be scared to even go on to the sites you think are safe. D:
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Shirtless Lunatic

Guys. Adblock.

I know a lot of sites hate it, but seriously.

also OMG RAEYA! She is SO PRETTY! AND PHFFFFFFFFT Lunaris! Oh goodness he is sexy!
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Unsealed Glitch

I use AdBlock AND NoScript on FireFox. I never view Gaia's built-in ads because they ruined my sister's computer two years(or so?) ago with a real nasty virus. They can plead all they want, I am not disabling it so that Gaia can get some more cash. I was using IE because it comes with the computer and you can't get FF without it. Of course I probably could have just saved a backup copy, in retrospect. xD; I was also curious to see if IE actually had Add-ons (and it does) but some seem to be attached to malware. Go figure. rolleyes

The only downside to NoScript and AdBlock are that you have to through trial and error figure out what's wrong when a page loads incorrectly. I think it's a small price to pay. :3

So yeah... one of these weekends when I have two days off in a row (ha! I've been living with this issue for three months, you tell me when my next weekend off will be lol) I'll sit down with a back-season of Walking Dead or something and reinstall everything on this thing from the ground up. xD
also OMG RAEYA! She is SO PRETTY! AND PHFFFFFFFFT Lunaris! Oh goodness he is sexy!
Too bad they are twins. ;.;

@Melo: The Walking Dead! Gil loves that show.
Everyone I know is addicted to it. I'm scared to start watching because I would never finish anything. xD;
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Shirtless Lunatic

xd Yes, it's a shame. But also not! They can meet others and spread their GORGEOUS GENES faster ;D
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Unsealed Glitch

We don't have television, but my uncle saved it all to disk for us, so last summer we got all caught up... just in time for the new season to start. XD;;;

It was surprisingly good. Even if you don't finish it, you should check it out. :3
Well, I am sure I will finish it, but it will be at the expense of something else I should be doing.
That is what happened to Gil. He would stay up all night watching it and would have to get up early to go to work. xD;
I cant wait until the walking dead starts up again
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Unsealed Glitch

Maybe... watch one or two episodes per night? You could make it a "dinner" thing, since... two episodes is nearly an hour and a half or so. dinner/dessert? xD

*waves to Sango* :3

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