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Welcome to Subterranean.
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[ JAN 25 12 ]
We are still working on growths and shop updates behind the scenes.
Once everything is done, we will re-launch with new events and sales. Yay! :3
In the meantime, we will be hiring colorists to help us liven up the shop.
If you are interested, please stop by our hiring thread to apply.

If you are a current owner, please join the guild so you can receive guild announcements for future events!
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» General Rules
    » Do not claim any of the lineart as your own.
    ___It is copyrighted to OnionGrump (previously 'Chibbit'), and violation is a bannable offense.

    » Read the entire first page, including the FAQ, before asking any questions.
    ___If your question has not been answered, post it here and wait.

    » Do not ask us about availability.
    ___Watch the thread for information regarding sales.

    » Absolutely no spamming.
    ___If you accidentally double post, please edit the second post.

    » Bump only when necessary. Do not bump if others are active in the thread.
    » No fights, flaming, or drama.
    ___If you feel the need to yell at someone, do so in a PM, not here.

    » Type intelligently. No 1337 speak or sTiCkY cAps.
    ___That is annoying and hard to read.

    » No advertising or begging for charities! This is not the place.
    ___If you would like to plug a link to your thread, ask permission first.

    » We allow suggestions on anything.
    ___We reserve the right not to accept and you will not be paid for your ideas.

    » Don't ask to work here.
    » Do not ask owners for their trast or eggs.
    » Always respect the staff, as well as others in this thread!
    » Never send PMs to the crew directly!
    ___Post all questions here.

    » Don't quote any post on the front page!
    » If you are told to do something by the management, follow it as if it is a rule.

. ______________________________________ . . . .

» Ownership Rules
    » Owners must study the front page well!
    » Owners are expected to join the guild.
    » Trast are currently unlimited, meaning you can own as many as you please.
    » Absolutely no discrimination against other owners or non-owners. Everyone is welcome here.
    » Direct link your trast unless notified otherwise.
    » Do not hint or bug us to make your trast grow. That will be decided by the colorist.
    » If you don't want your trast anymore, post here, and we will rehome it for you..
    ___You are NOT permitted to resell your trast!

    » Roleplaying is optional but highly encouraged, especially if you are looking to mate your trast.
    ___All formal RP needs to be done in the guild.

    » If you choose to roleplay, please do so appropriately.
    ___Roleplay rules are listed here.

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[ Background - Coming Soon ]
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[ See next post for pack information. ]

» The Beginning: EGG
    Every trast in existence has been born from an egg. While inside the egg, the baby is protected by his/her mother religiously. She will never leave her nest, no matter what the reason, for it is her duty to protect the eggs and help them to hatch. During this time, the safety of her offspring is most important to her. Usually, while the mother is preoccupied with her eggs, the father and the rest of the pack protect her, her nest, and hunt for food in her place. At this stage, the egg makes very little movement with the exception of shaking and wriggling

» The Birth: NEWBORN
    Once the egg hatches, it is not necessary for the mother to always be near; however, the newborn is still vulnerable for it cannot open its eyes or move very much and most of its time is spent sleeping. The mother keeps a close eye on her newborns and is very protective of them, but she leaves them for small periods of time to go hunt for food. During these time periods, other members of the pack watch over the newborns. At this stage, the newborn can travel very small distances within the nest but tires very quickly and prefers to rest. He is helpless and unable to survive without the aid of the mother, father, or other pack members.

» The Childhood: PUP
    Finally, the trast has grown up enough to begin fending for himself, with the exception of gathering food. He is able to run around and play with the rest of the pack, but he is not to travel very far away from the nest. Pups tend to be very playful, naive, and mischievous. They have no manners, patience, or understanding of the outside world, so the adults must watch them closely. At this stage, the pup begins to develop his personality and establish some relationships (usually with others in his pack).

» The Adolescence: TEEN
    As the trast grows older, he wanders in to the adolescent years that fall between childhood and adulthood. It is during this time that he develops thoughts and feelings that he really doesn't understand. These are the years that the teen will become rebellious, emotional, confused, and often will lash out at others in his pack, including his parents and siblings. He will try to understand the world outside of his pack lands, but more so than not, it will overwhelm him for he is not quite mature enough. Teens also have a tendency to begin developing strong feelings for other trasts, whether it be family, friends, or love interests. Often, they long for answers and yearn to explore.

» The Maturity: ADULT
    Coming Soon
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[ Packs/Terrains/Join - Coming Soon ]
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» Next Grub Dig: TBD
    What is the world without a lovable and squishy friend?

    Grubs are the almost mute, squishable familiars that trast often befriend. There is one out there for every trast, but how does one obtain this little friend? There will be annual events, called
    Grub Digs, that happen here at Subterranean. During this event, an adult trast, that does not yet have a grub, will go on a scavenger hunt to find one. All grubs live out in the Amicus Agri, an open field also known to be the land of the grubs. This field is the host to many grub digs every year.

    Before a grub dig begins, there will be a
    24 hour waiting period while trasts sign up for the event. Once the 24 hours are up, the crew will make an announcement and all the trasts participating in the event must race off to find grubs! All grubs hiding in the fields will be uniform in color, looking like little blobs of flesh. Once a trast catches the scent of the grub, he/she is to commence digging for it. There will be many failures before success and not every trast that signs up and participates will win a grub.

    If a grub is discovered by a trast, something wonderful will happen! That grub will soul bond with the trast that finds it and its boring flesh color will begin to change to match the colors of its trast! In some cases, the grub may even gain the mutations of the parent trast.

    These events are
    roleplay-required, meaning you have to RP to receive a grub in a grub dig. There is a minimum of four posts; however, you are more than welcome to post more than that. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged. The more RP, the more fun the event becomes! Your four minimum posts should be: your trast at the start of the dig, two posts during the dig (looking for grubs), and the final post, once you actually find the grub.

    Now, finding a grub isn't as easy as making an RP post stating you found one. You actually have to find one before you can make this post! There will be a certain number of grubs scattered through the threads of Subterranean: the main one and the guild pages. You have to be the first one to find one of the grubs to win it, so you will need to be fast!

    Once the crew makes the announcement stating the event has begun, you will need to immediately make your RP post of your trast beginning his/her search. After this post has been made, you will need to make two more posts while searching for a grub. Once you find the grub in the threads and have posted the
    minimum of posts prior, you will need to post the grub as well as where you found it. If you are the first person to find that particular grub and you have fulfilled the RP requirements, the crew will give you the go ahead, and you will need to roleplay your trast discovering the grub.
    Congratulations! You found a grub!

. ______________________________________ . . . .

» Grub Dig Rules
    » All packs and rogues can participate, except Malum.
    ___Unfortunately, the Malum trasts are too vicious to befriend a grub.

    » Only adult trasts can participate in the grub dig.
    ___Newborns, pups, and adolescents are welcome to join in on the fun; however, they are unable to find a trast.

    » Trasts that have already found a grub cannot participate in future grub digs.
    ___They will only befriend one in their lifetime.

    » If you own multiple trasts, you can only use one per grub dig.
    » You must sign up your trast for the grub dig to participate!
    ___There is no fee to sign up. This is a free event!

    » You do not have to be present the entire time the grub dig is taking place.
    » If a grub is found, you MUST follow the RP rules to win it!
    » Everyone is welcome to RP, even if you are not eligible to participate!
    ___Each post must be at least two paragraphs long and in proper format.
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» Next Flatsale: TBD
Each trast's flat price will be 8,000g, with a limit of one per buyer. If you'd like to buy one for your friend, you cannot buy one for yourself. There will usually not be that many newborns in a single sale, so we want everyone to have a chance at getting at least one.

Almost every flatsale will be based on speed, that is first come, first serve, but there will be a few sales that will be different. For those types, there will be a unique set of rules that will apply. The amount of newborns per flatsale will vary, and they will always be put up for previewing at least 24 hours before the sale begins.

  • Do not constantly ask when the next flatsale will be held.
    The date and time will be posted in advance.
  • Do not attempt to reserve a spot. You will have to wait with everyone else.
  • Everyone must wait until the "Go!" post has been made or their request will be ignored.
  • Do not edit posts!
  • Make your request visible.
  • Flatsales will end after 24 hours, regardless of how many are sold.
  • Send trade after your name has been posted in the list of winners.
    Be sure to title the trade in correspondence with the flatsale.
  • Trades will be accepted as soon as they are received.
  • Confirm trades immediately. They will not be certed until the gold is in possession.
  • Make sure to send all trades to the shop mule.

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Special events may or may not happen as often as flatsales. These events could include (but are not limited to): auctions, raffles, contests, and scavenger hunts. Smaller events will be held in the guild. Large events, that include all colorists, will be held HERE.

Events will usually be announced at least 24 hours in advance.

. ______________________________________ . . . .

» Auction Rules
    » All auctioned trasts will start at 10,000g.
    » Items accepted as bids will vary per auction.
    ___Items will be valued at low-tektek.

    » Everyone is allowed to bid, as long as he/she has the gold.
    » Do NOT do anything to discourage someone from bidding, directly or indirectly.
    » Co-owning is permitted with a maximum of two owners.
    » Post all bids in the event thread. Do NOT PM them!
    » Do NOT edit bids after they are posted.
    » Do NOT try to snipe the auction. You will be disqualified.
    ___You MUST show interest at least one hour before auction close.

    » Winner has 24-48 hours after auction end to send payment.
    ___If it is not sent within this time frame, the auction will be reopened with the runner-up at high bid for 24 hours.

. ______________________________________ . . . .

» Raffle Rules
    » Raffle tickets cost 100g per ticket.
    » Tickets are unlimited. You can buy as many as you like, whenever you like.
    » Post how many tickets you want in the event thread.
    ___Send trade immediately and title it appropriately.

    » If your ticket number gets drawn multiple times, the second, third, etc. ticket will not count.
    ___You may only win one trast per raffle.
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[ Breeding - Coming Soon ]
User Image

[ Please disregard this post. ]
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[ Crew - Coming Soon ]
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» Sister Shops
    Below are the shops closely related to the crew. These shops have been hand-picked and the rules for affiliation do not apply. Do not ask to be placed here. If you would like your shop linked, please read under Affiliation.

User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

. ______________________________________ . . . .

» Affiliation Status: OPEN
    Our policy on affiliation is quality petshops, meaning we are a bit picky. Read the set of rules below, carefully, before applying.

      » Only Breedable/Changing Petshops will be accepted.
      ___Sorry, but no pixel petshops.
      » Your shop must be neat and organized.
      ___Beautiful graphics are a plus.
      » You must have had at least one flatsale/contest.
      » Your shop must have at least twenty pages.
      » Activity/interest is a deciding factor.
      » Absolutely no shops full of bumping.
      » The shop owner must be polite and on task.

    If you think your shop follows all of the prerequisites, please fill out the form below and PM it to the shop mule.
    NOT post in the shop thread!

      » Shop Title:
      » Shop Owner/s:
      » Shop URL:
      » Shop Description:
      » Extra Comments:

    If you'd like to link us, please use the button or banner below:

User Image
User Image

. ______________________________________ . . . .

» Affiliates
    Below are the B/C shops that have been hand chosen by the crew to become affiliated with this shop.

User Image

» General FAQ
    » Can I create some pets similar to these?
    ___That would be theft of the concept so no.

    » Nice layout! Can I use the skeleton?
    ___Absolutely not, Renari works very hard on her thread layouts.

    » Do you accept affiliates?
    ___Check the affiliation post for openings.

    » Do I have to be an affiliate to link your shop?
    ___Of course not. Grab the button or banner in the affiliates post.

    » Are you planning on hiring more crew members?
    ___At this moment, no. We'll let you know.

    » Do you accept guest colorists?
    ___Not at this time.

    » Do you have a mailing list?
    ___Sure. Just join the Guild, and you will receive our guild announcements.

    » I joined the guild, but I am still not getting announcements! Why?
    ___Check your Account Settings and make sure 'yes' is selected in Announcement Notifications under Guilds.

    » Do you take customs or bribes?
    ___Yes. Check the crew's work center for availability.

    » Is roleplay required?
    ___No, but it is highly encouraged.

    » Why isn't my trast growing?
    ___Each trast's life cycle is slightly unique. Please, be patient.
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» Dec 20 10
    The first Harvest Festival is over! Congratulations to the winners: Lural, xx - shadow requiiem, Haisyn Fierra, MoogerMint, Lady Aria Starstone, and emothunder. In addition, we started a hiring thread and are awaiting applications for a full time colorist to join our team.

» Jan 31 10
    After a long hiatus/closing, Chibbit decided to hand over ownership of Subterranean to Renari, Melomar, and SangoTaijiya08. The trio put their heads together and created an exciting reopening event, as well as a new tradition. On its 4th year anniversary, Subterranean hosted the First Annual Gathering of the Packs. It was a great success thanks to the help of all the devoted Subterranean regulars! Congratulations to Sinbari, Cricket2008, Le Franz, xx - shadow requiiem, Haisyn Fierra, Lural, MoogerMint, Path of the Dragon, x x m a n g o----, Hitsuzen, and Dreaming Wide Awake on winning the twelve animals of the zodiac! We would also like to congratulate Lural, Haisyn Fierra, and x x m a n g o---- on finding a grub for their trasts in the first ever grub dig! This event is an annual event, so look for it next year!

» Jan 01 08
    Subterranean turns two! Congrats purplesmoke and Sodashi-chan on winning the two aquatic pups! Happy new years everyone! <33

» Oct 11 07
    Halloween event up and running!

» Jul 22 07
    The date and previews of the rogue/wild cat themed trast has been revealed! The event will take place, August 1st.

» Jul 01 07
    The layout update has begun.

» Jan 01 06
    The shop was created.
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_____Subterranean was created by a very talented gaian, OnionGrump (previously Chibbit'), who has since retired from the crew. All of the lineart, templates, and certificates were created by her, as well as the original story, including creation of the packs, grubs, etc. Syrius Lionwing added to the wonderful idea by coming up with the original design for the Malum pack. Now, after the shop has been closed for nearly two years, Renari, Melomar, and Sangotaijiya08 have happily taken over ownership of the Subterranean shop per OnionGrump's request. Renari has reformatted the layout of the shop and guild, as well as made any new graphics necessary.

All graphics, artwork, and concept are copyrighted to their respective owners.
Anyone who claims credit to any of these will be reported.
Theft of anything related to this shop will not be tolerated.

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